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The Worship Culture Network Podcast

The Worship Culture Network Podcast

By Matthew Eaton
This podcast is a part of The Worship Culture Network, whose goal is to help you build engaging and authentic personal and corporate worship cultures.

My name is Matt Eaton, and I am a worship leader.

Join me and some of my friends and mentors along this journey as we learn together what it truly means to have both a personal and corporate worship culture, fun and techy methods to get there, as well as some of the least painless avenues you can take.

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WCNP 006 | How I Record Talking Head Videos
This is technically a part 2 of a previous episode where I talked about how I record sermons and music at my church. This one should be more technical in nature and apply to more people and contexts.  Canon XA15 Teleprompter Teleprompter App
December 28, 2021
WCNP 005 | Deep Thoughts about "Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey"
This Christmas movie is now one of my favorites, and I had some thoughts I wanted to share with you all. Hope you enjoy them. 
December 23, 2021
WCNP 004 | Bonus: My Methods for Recording a Gathering
Listen in to find out how we record both music and messages for the weekend at my church. 
December 01, 2021
WCNP 003 | Tips for excellence in Creative/Tech for a Wedding
So you've been asked to run the creative/tech side of a wedding. What do you do? Here's some real-world, applicable tips that I hope will help you to do your best in this circumstance. 
November 28, 2021
WCNP 002 | (Bonus) Leadership Lessons from Paw Patrol
Ever glean important life lessons from kids' shows? That's what we're exploring today. 
November 21, 2021
WCNP 001 | Revitalizing Your Worship Culture Pt. 1: Conviction
Giving new life (or revitalizing) your church's worship culture is not easy - but it is doable.  This is part 1 of 3 in a mini-series on this very topic.  Included are some practical steps you can take right away to begin revitalizing your church's worship culture. 
August 12, 2020
A very brief overview of this podcast, its vision, and a little bit about me, Matt Eaton
August 09, 2020