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The Adoption Chat

The Adoption Chat

By Woven Together
The Adoption Chat is presented by Woven Together, which is a non-profit geared to helping all sides of the adoption triad with support, resources and education!
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Claire Culwell - Abortion Survivor + Adoptee
Claire is a well known pro-life speaker and shares her story on national platforms. Claire is an abortion survivor and an adoptee. She lives in Texas with her family and joined us to share the good and hard parts of her story! You can find out more about Claire - Instagram - Facebook -
November 18, 2020
Foster Care and Adoption
Kait, who is a foster mom and adoptive mom joins us for this episode to discuss reunification, foster care adoption, and doing things ethically. She also shares how her family supports one another during hard and happy times. You can find her at: or Instagram at
November 10, 2020
Special Guest - Michelle Thorne
On this episode we have Michelle Thorne, who is a birth mom. She placed her son 20 years ago in a closed adoption, with a recent reunion. We will dive into grief, loss, faith and reunion with her on this episode. You can find out more about Michelle here: Instagram: Fiction books- Birth Mom Journals: Post Placement Curriculum:
November 5, 2020
Mallory's Story
This week we are covering the unique topic of Partial Adoption with one of our co-founders, Mallory! Buckle up, lean in and learn from a side of the triad you probably haven't heard from before! Instagram: @woventogetherforlife
October 28, 2020
Family Preservation: Part 2
This week we dive into part 2 of our discussion on Family Preservation with Jessica (Embrace Grace) and Jennifer (Girls Like Us). Learn more about Girls Like Us: Learn more about Embrace Grace: Instagram: @woventogetherforlife
October 21, 2020
Family Preservation: Part 1
This episode we have two special guests: Jessica Russo from Embrace Grace and Jennifer McCullough from Girls Like Us.  Both assist women who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies find hope and support through their programs. We discuss the importance of keeping families together when possible and providing vital care to single moms or moms with little family support. Learn more about Girls Like Us: Learn more about Embrace Grace: Instagram: @woventogetherforlife
October 13, 2020
Leah's story as a birth mom
Leah is a birth mom of 16 years in a fully open adoption! She has walked through the joys and complexities that come with being a birth mom, while navigating the different stages of open adoption as her daughter has grown. Leah opens up, dives deep and dissects all parts of her journey from finding out she was pregnant, talking with the biological father, telling her parents, seeking counseling, planning on parenting, learning more about adoption and changing her mind, making her plan and more! Find her on instagram: @thegracebond Instagram: @woventogetherforlife
October 6, 2020
1. What's this all about?
We are excited to welcome you into this conversation as we navigate the complexities and joys of adoption. In this episode we share a bit about our stories, Woven Together, and what to expect in future episodes. Grab a seat, and let's have an honest chat about adoption! Instagram: @woventogetherforlife
September 24, 2020