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WrestleFania : It's A Wrestling Podcast!!

WrestleFania : It's A Wrestling Podcast!!

By Fans Not Experts
We talk about Wrestling. And we are the only podcast that does. Trust Us. Don't Look it Up.
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WrestleFania 109: Summerslam 2022 Is Here. Vince McMahon Is Not.
Guess what! I (yes me Mike) watched wrestling this week! I watched RAW on Monday (okay the hulu version on Tuesday), I watched Smackdown tonight - AND I even watched a little bit of AEW Dynamite. I am getting back into the groove of things - and looking forward to Summerslam tonight night! Also - holy crap Vince McMahon retired. I can't wait to hear from Brandon has to say as he did send some audio in for this episode. I guilted him into it - he didn't want to let Gary down... GO WRESTLING GO
July 30, 2022
WrestleFania 108: MITB 2022 Snuck Up On Mike
Since we last met, my Celtics lost the NBA Finals, I've finished watching 30 movies (and 30 podcast) in 30 days, and I've podcasted a whole hell of a lot about Stranger Things. The one thing I haven't stayed up-to-date on is....wrestling! But do you think that's going to stop me from talking about wrestling even for a few minutes?
July 02, 2022
WrestleFania 107: Mike Didn't Realize WWE's Hell in a Cell Was This Sunday
Look, I'm going to be perfectly honest. I have not been paying enough attention to wrestling this past month. I only have a very basic idea of what is going on - but will that stop me from putting up a quick episode talking about tomorrow night's Hell in a Cell show? A show that I might only have on in the background (if that) while my Celtics play game 2 of the NBA Finals? I mean, you're reading this right now, so you already know the answer to that...
June 04, 2022
WrestleFania 106: Mike Spends a Few Minutes Talking About WrestleMania Backlash
Oh yeah, WrestleMania Backlash is tomorrow! Such a memorable show that Mike waiting until Saturday night to put up an episode about it. Which is this episode. The one you're listening to right now. Lucky.
May 08, 2022
WrestleFania 105: Brandon and Mike, Together again and talking WWE WrestleMania 38!
Holy crap, could it be? Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) are both on the show together!? How much did that cost us? Well you can be sure to hear every penny's worth when you listen to them talk about everything happening during WrestleMania Weekend!
April 02, 2022
WrestleFania 104: WWE Elimination Chamber 2022
Mike is back again and flying solo. Again. What else is new? Mike takes a few minutes to talk about this Saturday’s “Premium Live Event” from Saudi Arabia while also taking a few minutes to talk about the news and rumors surrounding “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Stardust, who I guess is also known as Cody Rhodes to some people…. FOLLOW: @WrestleFaniaPod | @WrestleBrand | @WrestleWatcher
February 18, 2022
WrestleFania 103: WWE Royal Rumble 2022
The only actual host Mike (@WrestleWatcher) is back to talk about Saturday night's Royal Rumble PREMIUM LIVE EVENT! He tried to include Brandon (@WrestleBrand) but once again that proved to be fruitless. Go Wrestling!
January 28, 2022
WrestleFania 102: NXT New Year's Evil 2022
Mike was going to talk about NXT New Year's Evil on the last episode, but thought it'd be cooler to break it out into its own episode so he can talk about Brandon not being here yet again! We may need to stop paying this guy.
January 01, 2022
WrestleFania 101: WWE Day 1
A brand new PPV for a brand new year, Day 1 kicks of WWE's 2022, and I think it actually could be a really good show. And the "I" in this case is Mike, because once again Brandon is a no show. It's time to give up hope.
December 31, 2021
WrestleFania 100: NXT WarGames 2021
You'd think a 100th Episode would be this great celebration, right? Well when you can't even get your co-host to record ONE WORD for you to play as a joke of him not joining the show - you start to realize that the only person you can count on is Gary! Thank you Gary for 100 episodes of listening. But you still voted for Brandon. Oh, and I talk about NXT WarGames that takes place tonight...
December 05, 2021
WrestleFania 99: WWE Survivor Series 2021
It's almost Thanksgiving, which means it's almost time for WWE Survivor Series. And sure, while there is a lot to be thankful for in the world of wrestling, there is also a lot to be frustrated with. Mike touches on the most recent WWE releases a bit before talking about Sunday night's Survivor Series event. And Brandon wasn't here again.
November 20, 2021
WrestleFania 98: WWE Crown Jewel 2021
I am not going to lie to you. I will never lie to you...Mike almost forgot to even do this episode - and Brandon? Brandon doesn't care about you anymore. Anyway, Mike talks about how he isn't all caught up on WWE because of Red Sox playoff baseball - and how he might not be that "all elite" after all. Oh and he talks about Crown Jewel.
October 21, 2021
WrestleFania 97: Mike Sings About WWE Extreme Rules 2021
Short and to the point - Mike (@WrestleWatcher) brings you a musical number with his predictions for Sunday night's Extreme Rules. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) was not available for comment.
September 26, 2021
Wait, Is WrestleFania All Elite Now?
Baby, what a big surprise! Right before my very eyes....Did the unthinkable happen? Okay, maybe that's a little strong. But could it be? Is Mike (@WrestleWatcher) an AEW watcher now, and dare we say an AEW fan? With the huge news coming out of Chicago and their All Out pay-per-view, Mike is finding next to impossible to ignore this wrestling company any longer. Oh, and Brandon (@WrestleBrand)? Yeah, he was too busy becoming a father again to be reached for comment. Also, Mike didn't ask.
September 07, 2021
WrestleFania 96: WWE SummerSlam Weekend 2021
The boys are BACK! Yes somehow Mike (@WrestleWatcher) managed to trick Brandon (@WrestleBrand) into coming on for a SummerSlam livestream - which you are now about to listen to - to talk about some recent WWE stuff, including tomorrow night's Summerslam and Sunday night's NXT Takeover. And hell we even talk about probably the biggest story in wrestling right now - tonight's possible/probable return of CM Punk into the world of wrestling on AEW's Rampage. But don't worry, there is a ton of nonsense along the way. Listen with the whole family!
August 20, 2021
WrestleFania 95: WWE Money in the Bank 2021
It's almost a joke to say that there are two hosts on this show, right? I mean, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) hasn't been on an episode since - well to be honest, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) cannot remember the last time his voice has made an appearance. But your trusty Mike is here to talk about tomorrow night's Money in the Bank PPV - because at least he cares. He cares.
July 17, 2021
WrestleFania 94: WWE Hell in a Cell 2021
I am about as excited about watching this PPV as I was talking about it. You can pretty much pick that up right away. Oh it's me, Mike, BTW. Apparently, I'm the only host of this show now. Brandon has given up on all of you.
June 19, 2021
WrestleFania 93: NXT Takeover – In Your House 2021
At least one of the hosts still cares about Gary and all the Garys out there. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) took a few moments to talk about tomorrow's NXT Takeover that will be live on The 'Cock. Meanwhile, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) is nowhere to be found or heard from. Which, let's be honest, Mike prefers.
June 12, 2021
WrestleFania 92: WWE WrestleMania Backlash
Let's be honest. There is only one match that people even remotely care about for tomorrow night's WrestleMania Backlash - and everybody just assumes what the outcome will be. But what if it wasn't that? Mike (@WrestleWatcher) takes a few minutes to talk about the upcoming show, and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) - well Brandon just doesn't care anymore. I said let's be honest, right?
May 16, 2021
WrestleFania 91: WrestleMania 37
It's Friday night. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) just finished watching Smackdown. And guess what - There's STILL not a Brandon (@WrestleBrand) in site. So Mike very tiredly sloshed his way through this weekend's WrestleMania crowd and announced that YES - the tradition continues. WrestleFania Live will return once again on Sunday at 4pm on the Fans Not Experts Youtube channel.
April 10, 2021
WrestleFania 90: NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver
It's Monday night. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) just finished watching RAW. There's not a Brandon (@WrestleBrand) in site. Mike thought it would be a perfect time to turn on the Podcasterator and record an episode talking about the upcoming two-night NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver. So he did just that. And you'll probably hear is marble mouth again before the week is through too. Happy WrestleMania week, jerks!
April 06, 2021
WrestleFania 89: WWE Fastlane 2021
Mike (@WrestleWatcher) is back and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) is nowhere to be found. Hopefully he's safe, I guess. Anyway, today Mike (also known as me) is talking about tomorrow night's big WWE Fastlane show, the first WWE PPV that you can stream on Peacock. I'm sure it will go swimmingly....
March 20, 2021
WrestleFania 88: WWE Elimination Chamber 2021
No Brandon? No Problem. Mike is back and ready to talk about Elimination Chamber less than 24 hours before the actual event. So either fall asleep listening to it late tonight or listen tomorrow. After that, what's the point?
February 21, 2021
WrestleFania 87: NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day
February 14th is a time for lovers, not fighters! Unless those fighters are only pretending to fight, then it's fine! This Sunday night NXT Takeover is back so Mike (@WrestleWatcher) to talk a little bit about it while yawning and drinking Ginger Ale. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) couldn't be here tonight, mainly because he didn't want to be here and Mike didn't want him to be here. So it worked out.
February 13, 2021
WrestleFania 86: Mike and Brandon Talk to Each Other About the 2021 Royal Rumble
Does this episode actually feature dashingly handsome and witty Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and the other guy...I wanna say, Brad? Brendan? Bodie? BRANDON!? Brandon (@WrestleBrand) is on the show too? Holy sh*t it's a miracle! Oh and they talk about the Royal Rumble AND just how up-to-date Brandon is on all things WWE. Wait, could that title be true? Are BOTH hosts of @WrestleFaniaPod in this episode?
January 30, 2021
WrestleFania 85: WWE TLC 2020
Snoop Mikey Mike is back with a new WrestleFania episode talking about the WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs PPV. Brandon supposedly sent in audio too....
December 20, 2020
WrestleFania 84: NXT Takeover: WARGAMES 2020
Hello wrestling fans and WrestleFania fan, it's me Mike (@WrestleWatcher) here to talk about tomorrow night's big NXT show on the network! And guess who is joining me for this episode? NOBODY! I'm all alone again! My co-host cares more about spending time with his daughter than he does this podcast. Can you spell S-E-L-F-I-S-H? I can. I mean, I think that's right. Anyway, you get me for a half hour of your life. But cheer up, it could've been longer....
December 06, 2020
WrestleFania 83: Survivor Series 2020
Here we are, face to face, a couple of silver spoons….I have no idea why I started writing the theme song to the 80s sitcom, “Silver Spoons” because I am not coming face to face with anybody, let alone that (soon to be former) co-host Brandon who didn’t even bother showing up. He did text me during the show though, so I’ll share that. Oh and I talk about Survivor Series. Oh, RAW and Smackdown go face to face – so hey it DOES make sense. FOLLOW: @WrestleFaniaPod | @WrestleBrand | @WrestleWatcher
November 22, 2020
WrestleFania 82: WWE Hell in a Cell
A wise man once said, “Don’t do a podcast with your cousin Brandon.” That wise man was a fool. That wise man was me. I told myself as I gazed into the mirror on the ceiling over my bath tub – don’t do it, he will only hurt you in the end. And look where we are today. Today I am talking about tomorrow night’s Hell in a Cell on the WWE Network – and I am doing in alone. Why? Because the fool won. FOLLOW: @WrestleFaniaPod | @WrestleBrand | @WrestleWatcher
October 25, 2020
WrestleFania 81: NXT Takeover 31
Brandon lied to Mike. He said he would try to send him audio - he never tried. He said he might not be able to because he was going to be with friends - he has no friends. He is a liar. Mike is a giver. And he's here to give you the mediocre wrestling talk you've come accustomed to over the years - talking about tomorrow night's NXT Takeover 31.
October 04, 2020
WrestleFania 80: WWE Clash of Champions
WWE is back with a new PPV on Sunday night and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) decided to call up Brandon (@WrestleBrand) to talk about it. For some reason Mike's audio sounded like shit. Brandon's sounded better - but then you had to listen to his voice, which isn't great. Anyway, they talk a little wrestling. Spoiler alert - this episode is longer than the amount of time Brandon has been watching wrestling this month....
September 27, 2020
WrestleFania 79: WWE Payback? Already?
Mike & Brandon? Talking to each other? For real? ONLY on WrestleFania!
August 30, 2020
WrestleFania 78: NXT TakeOver & WWE Summerslam
It's Summerslam weekend! Not exactly what we were expecting - but Mike is still here to talk all about it. Brandon shows up too.
August 23, 2020
WrestleFania 77: WWE Extreme Rules Talk
Guess what? Once again Brandon is not here to ruin this award winning podcast. Sorry Gary, but you're getting 100% Mike again! Oh and I talk about RAW, Smackdown, NXT, and Extreme Rules. Mostly I just mumble. Still better than Brandon.
July 19, 2020
WrestleFania 76: WWE Backlash Talk
Two weeks in a row WWE has a PPV show on the WWE Network, so two weeks in a row WrestleFania brings to you a subpar excuse for a podcast. But fear not, Brandon is not hear to make your ears cry. It's all Mike all night, bay bay!
June 13, 2020
WrestleFania 75: NXT Takeover - In Your House
Hi Gary. And maybe a few other people. Guess what!? Brandon and Mike took time out their daily routine of locking themselves in the bathroom for too long, but they're fine - they're fine, they'll be out soon. Don't worry about it...Wait what were we talking about - oh they're here to talk about the NXT Takeover In Your House The Reckoning Electric Boogaloo Wrestling show that will be streaming on the WWE Network tomorrow night. I assume this is not part of the free tier right? Want to make sure we're not wasting money...
June 07, 2020
WrestleFania 74: WWE Money in the Bank 2020
What do you get when you take two handsome stallions and ask them to talk about WWE’s latest Pay-Per-View? We have no idea, but we did get to hear from our favorite train wrecks Brandon and Mike – who are still locked away only venturing out of the house to get groceries and meth. Most of the time it’s just meth. We know Gary will listen – will you?
May 09, 2020
WrestleFania 73: WWE WrestleMania 36
Our handsome and courageous hosts Brandon and Mike - whilst having nothing to do but stay home all day while the world goes bananas - got together LIVE on YouTube to go over the massive WrestleMania card for the 2-night event that is going to be the weirdest and possibly most memorable WrestleMania the WWE has ever done. And we can't wait!
April 03, 2020
WrestleFania 72: WWE Elimination Chamber 2020
No doubt about it, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) does't care about your or the show anymore. But Mike (@WrestleWatcher) is still here. He still cares about you. Gary.
March 08, 2020
WrestleFania 71: NXT Takeover - Portland
Once again, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) proves that he cares more about you than Brandon (@WrestleBrand) as he is the only one here talking about Sunday night's NXT Takeover in Portland, Oregon. Brandon cares more about going to his brother's house this weekend to celebrate the man's 40th birthday than he does about all you Garys out there. Don't forget that.
February 15, 2020
WrestleFania 70: WWE Royal Rumble 2020
In this handsome episode of WrestleFania, our important host Mike (@WrestleWatcher) talks about tonight's Royal Rumble Event. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) thinks he's too good to talk to you this month. Let that sink in.
January 26, 2020
WrestleFania 69: The WWE TLC One Minute Challenge
TLC is tomorrow night, so we put out a challenge to Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher. Each do a podcast about TLC in under a minute. This episode is what happened. Don't worry - it's over fast.
December 15, 2019
WrestleFania 68: NXT Takeover War Games & WWE Survivor Series 2019
We're back! Brandon (@WrestleBrand) sorta kinda makes an appearance as your true hero Mike (@WrestleWatcher) takes charge - gives and delivers some audio magic to your ears! Oh and he talks about tonight's NXT Takeover War Games and tomorrow's Survivor Series.
November 23, 2019
WrestleFania 67: WWE Hell in a Cell 2019
To be fair, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) sent in his audio days ago. This time it was Mike (@WrestleWatcher) who waited until the last second. Mike talks about the week that was in wrestling leading up to tonight's Hell in a Cell. We have no idea what Brandon talked about because we didn't listen before posting it. It's probably podcast gold though...
October 06, 2019
WrestleFania 66: Mike & "Brandon" Talk WWE Clash of Champions
This is what happens when Brandon (@WrestleBrand) only texts Mike (@WrestleWatcher) his PPV picks and sends no audio. This is what happens.
September 15, 2019
WrestleFania Special Report: NXT Moving To the USA Network
It's been rumored. It's been talked about. It was said WWE would announce it this past Monday on RAW. Then it came out via an email and a tweet. WWE is moving it's NXT brand to the USA Network as a new live 2 hour weekly show. Why? Let's be honest - to go head-to-head with the new AEW weekly show starting in October. So our handsome idiots, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand), wanted to weigh in with some thoughts for your ears. You can thank us later.
August 21, 2019
WrestleFania 65 : NXT Takeover: Toronto & Summerslam 2019
Garys worldwide rejoice! The sexiest podasting duo in the known universe, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand), are back to talk SUMMERSLAM and NXT Takeover. Brandon talks for an entire 7 F'n minutes. You get what you pay for.
August 10, 2019
WrestleFania 64 : WWE Extreme Rules 2019
Your favorite crime-fighting duo of pure sizzling male sexuality, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand), are back to talk into their phones about a WWE PPV that is happening this Sunday. Gary gets it.
July 13, 2019
WrestleFania 63 : Where The Hell Did WWE Stomping Grounds Come From??
Seriously? This PPV seemed to pop up out of nowhere - and yet, do we actually hear Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) talking about to TO EACH OTHER!? It's True! There was some audio recording trouble - and a lack of overall passion - but it happened. Our two hosts got together....For friggin' Stomping Grounds?
June 21, 2019
WrestleFania 62 : Shortest WWE Money in the Bank Podcast Ever?
Brandon (TWITTER REDACTED) put as little effort into this episode as possible. Mike's (@WrestleWatcher) contribution isn't much longer - but it at least took some effort. Anyway, Money in the Bank is tomorrow night - so better later than never?
May 18, 2019
WrestleFania 61 : WrestleMania 35 & NXT Takeover: New York
Brandon is dead. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) decided that rather than just ignoring the fact that Brandon (@WrestleBrand) didn't have time to record because he's SO BUSY before going IN PERSON to see NXT Takeover AND WrestleMania - his character should just be killed off the show. So now he is dead. Could he come back to life? Well that is really up to you the listener. For this episode we just have Mike - who literally recorded this episode in the bathroom so he wouldn't wake up his wife.  HOWEVER - on Sunday you might hear from a resurrected Brandon when WrestleFania goes LIVE for the fourth year in a row. 4pm on Sunday right before the big show. Mike will be there for sure, and hopefully he can patch in Brandon in the midst of him getting drunk in the MetLife Stadium parking lot. Tell a friend!
April 05, 2019
WrestleFania 60 : WWE Fastlane
Welcome back smart listeners. Are you ready for some smart and thoughtful podcasting? Well we sure as shit hope not, because we don't want to set any expectations. In that way, we can always make sure we deliver what we promise - and in this case it's Mike (@WrestleWatcher) talking about WWE Fastlane alone while sitting in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot. And Brandon (@WrestleBrand) - we just assume he was talking while taking a shit. Listen, subscribe and tell a friend!
March 10, 2019
WrestleFania 59 : WWE Elimination Chamber
In this episode featuring the most handsome podcasters in America, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) pours his heart and soul out to Gary and anyone else who might be listening. He talks for almost 30 minutes. Then Brandon (@WrestleBrand) talked for less than 10 minutes. The end.
February 16, 2019
WrestleFania 58 : Royal Rumble 2019 and NXT Takeover Phoenix
Our handsome hosts had every intention of recording this episode together - but something went horribly wrong when they were recording another show and time got the best of them. That something that went wrong is named Mike (@WrestleWatcher). He basically broke Brandon (@WrestleBrand) last night which lead to this - another episode of the two of them recording separately. Oh we're available on Spotify now! Go Pats!
January 26, 2019
WrestleFania 57 : Brandon And Mike Will Probably Watch WWE TLC
Hello Loyal Garys! We are back with an episode of WWE TLC featuring the heel (@WrestleBrand) and the hunk (@WrestleWatcher). WWE television hasn't been all that great, but that won't stop these jerks from watching TLC tomorrow night. Probably.
December 15, 2018
WrestleFania 56 : Talking WWE NXT Takeover: Wargames AND Survivor Series
Hark the Herald Asshole Sings! Brandon (@WrestleBrand) returns to the show after we almost luckily were rid of him for good. Listen to him and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) talk about tonight's NXT Takeover Wargames and tomorrow's Survivor Series! Or don't, it's really up to you.
November 17, 2018
WrestleFania 55 : WWE Crown Jewel Is Happening If You Like It Or Not
Mike is back with another episode of WrestleFania! Two in one week??? Yes WWE is going ahead with Crown Jewel whether you like it or not. I'll have it on in the background whilst I am working....brutha. Again, no Brandon this time around. Gary he just doesn't care anymore.
November 01, 2018
WrestleFania 54 : Mike Talks About WWE Evolution
Hello Loyal Garys! I have to be honest, I almost forgot to do an episode for WWE Evolution, the first all female PPV from WWE! I've been busy with work and more busy with my Red Sox. Also, I didn't even bother to ask Brandon to record - he's too good for us now anyway....ENJOY! GO SOX!!!!!
October 28, 2018
WrestleFania 53 : Mike Talks A Little About WWE Super Show-Down
In this episode are more handsome host talks a little bit about the Australian Super Show happening tomorrow.
October 05, 2018
WrestleFania 52 : WWE Hell In A Cell 2018
The boys are back in town. Not in the same town. Not even talking at the same time. But they are both in fact in this episode. Together...Separately. Oh and they talk about WWE Hell in a Cell 2018
September 14, 2018
WrestleFania 51 : WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 & Summerslam 2018
Wait what is this? A podcast about wrestling where both the hosts are talking? To each other? And Mike had a camera where???
August 17, 2018
WrestleFania 50 : WWE Extreme Rules 2018
Hello again Gary! Hope you're having a good summer. Here, listen to Brandon and Mike talk about tomorrow night's WWE Extreme Rules PPV. And don't forget to always wear sunscreen when you're out in that summer sun!
July 14, 2018
WrestleFania 49: NXT Takeover & Money in the Bank 2018
In an embarrassing turn of events, Mike is talking into his phone this time around - and Brandon is basically whispering into a microphone. Oh and they talk Money in the Bank and NXT Takeover. Hi Gary!
June 16, 2018
WrestleFania 48: Brandon Forgot About WWE Backlash. Mike Didn't.
The term "Better Late Than Never" is put to the test as Mike attempts to preview tomorrow night's WWE Backlash show. Oh and #WheresBrandon? DOWNLOAD: MP3SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | RSSFOLLOW: @WrestleFaniaPod | @WrestleBrand | @WrestleWatcher
May 06, 2018
WrestleFania 47: Mike Finally Uploaded the WrestleMania 34 Show
Mike finally put up the show. Hoorah. Download MP3 | iTunes | Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS | Follow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
April 08, 2018
WrestleFania 46: Mike Makes All The Right WWE Fastlane Predictions
The real host of WrestleFania is back and he brought all his amazing predictions with him. Won't you stick around and listen to the great @WrestleWatcher perfectly tell you what WILL happen at WWE Fastlane this Sunday? Download MP3 | iTunes | Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS | Follow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
March 10, 2018
WrestleFania 45: Brandon Discusses WWE Elimination Chamber For Almost 11 Minutes!
In this award winning episode Brandon (@WrestleBrand) dicusses WWE's Elimination Chamber that takes place this Sunday night on the WWE Network! Download MP3 | iTunes | Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS | Follow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
February 23, 2018
WrestleFania 44: Royal Rumble 2018, RAW 25, NXT Takeover, and some Enzo Talk...
In this episode Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) talk about the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble, NXT Takeover, RAW 25, XFL, and Enzo.... Well, at least that was the goal. Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
January 27, 2018
The WrestleBrand Christmas Spectacular
The actual real Brandon (@WrestleBrand) hosts his very own Christmas Special. If you haven't lost all respect for us yet, give it a listen! And Merry Christmas from WrestleFania! Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
December 23, 2017
WrestleFania 43: Mike Makes His WWE Clash of Champions Picks With Style
Got 5 minutes to spare? Then do I have the podcast for YOU! There's singing! There's laughter! There's magic in the air when Mike (@WrestleWatcher) goes solo and "talks" about his WWE Clash of Champions predictions. And no, you won't have to hear Brandon (@WrestleBrand) at ALL in the next 5 minutes. We promise. Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
December 16, 2017
WrestleFania 42: Together Again For NXT Takeover and Survivor Series
What in the world is this? Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) together again! The audio quality is awful and the wrestling talk is kept to a minimum, but hey as long as Gary's happy, right? Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
November 18, 2017
WrestleFania 41: Brandon Predicts WWE TLC A Bit Too Early
About 48 hours ago, Mediocre Brandon (@WrestleBrand) mailed Handsome Mike (@WrestleWatcher) a cassette tape of his WWE TLC Predictions. By the time Mike was able to convert the cassette into a digital format, TLC's big matches all changed due to illness! So Mike quickly talks about that in an opening that is filled with road rage (true) and not much else (also true). Then Brandon talks about stuff that barely matters. Enjoy! Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
October 21, 2017
WrestleFania 40: Handsome Mike Discusses WWE Hell in a Cell
Not gonna lie - for two PPV's in a row, WWE has gotten us excited about their show! Hell in a Cell is this Sunday and on this most recent episode of Wrestlefania, Handsome Mike (@WrestleWatcher) is talking about ALL of the matches! And he takes a moment to talk about seeing the overrated Brandon (@WrestleBrand) last week when they got together to celebrate his brother Joe's (WrestleFania contributor @NHPunk) birthday! Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
October 07, 2017
WrestleFania 39 : Brandon Talks WWE No Mercy
Who would've thought that a random RAW branded PPV in September could have such big matches!? That's right, this Sunday is WWE No Mercy and in the latest episode of WrestleFania, the real deal heel himself - Brandon (@WrestleBrand) talks all about Sunday's show - for 10 whole minutes. Don't worry - Mike (@WrestleWatcher) will be back soon to talk Hell in a Cell. Until then, give Brandon a listen (it won't take long) and enjoy the show Sunday night! Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
September 23, 2017
WrestleFania 38 : Handsome Men Talking WWE Summerslam
It's time for SUMMERSLAM! So because it's the 2nd biggest WWE show of the year - Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) obviously got together to talk about the show. Right? Wrong. They both talk about it - but not together. Schedules and lack of trying lead to the MEN - each doing their own recordings talkabout about Summerslam and NXT Takeover Brooklyn! Enjoy the shows! And by that I mean the WWE shows - this one, good luck with... Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
August 19, 2017
WrestleFania Goes To Slayer
Tuesday night, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) missed Smackdown because they were too busy going to see SLAYER in concert. And then they turned on their recorder on the drive home. Of course WrestleFania and SLAYER are forever connected....Just don't tell their copyright lawyers. Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
July 27, 2017
Wrestlefania 37: Mike Eats A Salad And Talks WWE Battleground
Salads are delicious. I thought that you should know. I even ate one while I made This podcast show! I saw Brandon (@WrestleBrand) last night. I'll see him again next week But you get me (@WrestleWatcher) for Smackdown So he can suck my deek. God bless you - and America! AND WRESTLING!!!!!!!!! Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
July 21, 2017
WrestleFania 36 : Goodness Gracious, Brandon Talks About WWE Great Balls of Fire
As a child, if you were to tell young Brandon (@WrestleBrand) that one day he would be doing a talk show about BALLS, well he would've thought you were NUTS! This has been a dream of his for as long as he can remember, and probably longer, though that makes absolutely no sense. Anyway, listen to him podcast quietly into his phone, watch WWE's Great Balls of Fire Sunday night, and follow him and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) on the Twitter. Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
July 08, 2017
WrestleFania 35 : Mike Remembered WWE Money In the Bank Is This Sunday!
Sunday is WWE Money in the Bank, and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) was kind enough to remind Mike (@WrestleWatcher) that he had to do a podcast on it, or he wouldn't get paid this month. He meant to say - AND he wouldn't get paid this month. Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
June 17, 2017
WrestleFania 34: Brandon Talks For A Couple Minutes About WWE Extreme Rules, Extremely Late. So Extreme!
Tomorrow is WWE Extreme Rules, So Brandon (@WrestleBrand) decided to play it REALLY Extreme and wait until the last possible minute to get up a (very short) podcast talking about it. Of course Mike (@WrestleWatcher) had to remind him this morning. Lucky enough for Gary....and for those few not named Gary. So listen to this episode while taking your morning shower - see which one ends first! Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
June 04, 2017
WrestleFania 33: Mike Walks In The Wind, Talks NXT Takeover: Chicago & WWE Backlash....And #MoneyMahal
Mike (@WrestleWatcher) took his dog for a walk in some very windy weather - so the audio is kind've shit - to talk NXT Takeover: Chicago AND Sunday Night's WWE Backlash. Brandin (@WrestleBrand) will be back for the next RAW Brand PPV. Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
May 20, 2017
WrestleFania 32: Brandon Mails In His WWE Payback Predictions. Literally.
Mike (@WrestleWatcher)got a disturbing letter in the mail today from Brandon (@WrestleBrand). Legally we can't go into any more detail than that. Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
April 29, 2017
WrestleFania Presents: The Worst Excuse For A WrestleMania 33 After-Show Ever!
We promised you an instant reaction show - but the show is just too damn long for Mike to edit all the instant reactions - that he forgot to record anyway. So instead, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) turned on his recorder while they walked out of his brother's house and got - something - from Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and his designated driving brother Joe (@NHPunk). Mike lives less than a mile from my brother, so the audio is super short. Overall, we had a fund night. Sad to see 'Taker go. Awesome to see Hardys return. Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
April 03, 2017
WrestleFania Week: NXT Takeover Orlando
It's the Saturday night before WrestleMania and it's NXT Takeover Orlando. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) is joined by his brother Joe(@NHPunk) to talk about the show. But to get to that, you have to listen to Mike (@WrestleWatcher) first. AND LOOK FOR ALL THREE OF THEM LIVE ON YOUTUBE TOMORROW AT 4PM EST! SUBSCRIBE TO THE FANS NOT EXPERTS YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW!!! Who cares? Gary will love it anyway, right!? Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFaniaPod on TwitterLike @WrestleFaniaPod on Facebook
April 02, 2017