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Write From Karen

Write From Karen

By Karen
Write From Karen is an audible day-in-the life diary. I will talk about my personal life, my professional life, news events, book reviews and various topics I hope will be interesting to listeners. I love to talk and hopefully you care to listen. I'm honest, bold and not afraid to voice my opinion; what you hear is what you get. I have a lot to say about nothing. Brace yourselves.
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Hello Preptober

Write From Karen

Where Do You Fall on the Oppression Matrix? Marxism For Everyone!
Antiracism comes to the heartland - Marxism is knocking on our back doors and our teachers are being forced to find where they are on the "oppression matrix." Our world has gone truly mad. Also, why is everyone so obsessed with skin color? What happened to the content of our character? This obsession will not promote unity. This week's book review is "Trust No One" by Debra Webb. (Which perfectly describes our political environment right now). As always, I end the podcast with some story ideas, along with a prompt for romance, horror and mystery.  Mentioned in podcast: “Antiracism” Comes to the Heartland Trump Opens Up His DC Hotel For Men and Women In Uniform COVID narrative shifts with Biden's inauguration Chelsea Handler Goes Topless To Celebrate Joe Biden Officially Becoming President Biden’s 17 Executive Orders and Other Directives in Detail Joe Biden ditches mask at Lincoln Memorial — hours after mandating them Book Review on Write From Karen Intermission Music: Warrior by yoitrax | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
January 24, 2021
Trump is Banned from Twitter - Resorts to Smoke Signals
Censorship is a cancer that seems to be spreading every day. I still can't believe it's happening and we're either unaware of it, and/or are too afraid to stop it. I spend a considerable amount of time trying to wrap my head around this issue. This week's book review is "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes and it's been around for quite some time - I had no idea. I only have a few story ideas for you this week, but they're good ones.  Mentioned in podcast: PBS lawyer suggested sending children of Trump voters to 'reeducation camps' where 'they watch PBS all day' GAB Backed Up Trump's Twitter Account And Restored ALL His Tweets To Its Service ABC News calls for 'cleansing the movement' of Trump supporters following Capitol riots Publisher Cancels Senators Josh Hawley's anti-censorship book (how ironic!) Fox News Ratings Crash: Trailing CNN and MSNBC For The First Time Since 2000 Smoke Signal For 'RIGGED ELECTION!' Seen Rising From White House Lawn Ring found buried  in park 18 years after being lost Man who forgot Bitcoin password accepts fate Personal website: Write From Karen Intermission Music: Dunes by Vlad Gluschenko | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License 
January 17, 2021
Riding the Subway without pants is a thing? ... Why??
This has been a week, hasn't it? I had so much more to talk about but alas, I think listening to me for one hour is way too long as it is, I wouldn't dream of  pushing my luck any further. I had a hard time articulating my thoughts about the censorship that is happening - it's unbelievable to me that America has reached this point. Is this the beginning of the end for our Constitution? Book review is "Burden of Truth" by Robin James. Listen to the end for some interesting story ideas. Talk to you next week! Mentioned in podcast: CENSORSHIP: Facebook Deletes 1.7 Million Member Group ‘Joe Biden Is Not My President!’ With NO WARNING Or Explanation Epidemic of Hysteria NAUSEATING: Kamala's Cry For "FWEEDOM" From Her Stroller - Plagiarizing MLK LA public health officials: 'Any activity outside your home is high-risk' The biggest election fraud of all "I'm Just In The Way": Political Director Of ABC News Talks About 'Cleansing' America Of Trump Supporters Monolith appears next to hiking trail at Wisconsin park Michigan business installs ice shanties for outdoor dining Plywood crashes through woman's windshield on Florida highway Nova Scotia kite-surfer finds message in a bottle with diamond ring No Pants Subway Ride canceled for 2021 due to COVID-19 Write From Karen Blog Intermission Music: Thar by Pratzapp & sakura Hz | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
January 10, 2021
If Someone Offered You $1500 Dollars to Get the COVID Vaccine - Would You?
This week I talk about our family (or lack thereof) Christmas, my goals for 2021, book review "Games We Played" and top headlines along with strange news stories that would make wonderfully strange stories. Grab a cup 'o joe and let's talk! Mentioned in podcast: Would you be willing to get a Covid vaccine in exchange for a $1,500 stimulus check? Non-essential madness 98 Symptoms Coronavirus Patients Say They've Had Pelosi BANS Gender Terms “Mother, Father, Daughter, Son” Foster Family Take In Boy Left Abandoned With His Dog in Ohio Cemetery Before Christmas Man files lawsuit over 'Hawaiian rolls' not being made in Hawaii House for sale in Vermont includes seven jail cells Chairs taken from outside couple's home returned refurbished Man tracks down author of 37-year-old diaries in crawlspace of home Write From Karen Blog Intermission Music: Sweet Dreams by BatchBug | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
January 3, 2021
Cracker Jack Changes Name to Caucasian Jack
Sharing our Christmas with you. My thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine and so-called "experts" and government hypocrisy. I read an excerpt from this week's book review, "Winter's Mourn" by Mary Stone as well as an article on hope - something we all need right now. My blog: Write From Karen Mentioned in podcast: Cracker Jack Changes Name to More Politically Correct Caucasian Jack Wishing someone a 'Merry Christmas' is white supremacy Study: Vitamin D deficiency found in over 80% of COVID-19 patients These Are a Handful of Garbage Items Tossed into the COVID Relief Bill Overdose deaths far outpace COVID-19 deaths in San Francisco What’s in a Word? – Hope Intermission Music: Fractions by Alexander Nakarada | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
December 27, 2020
What Are These Strange Metallic Monoliths That Keep Mysteriously Appearing?
Update on life working as a medical assistant, book review on "The Price of Paradise", and commentary on odd stories this week (that are actually perfect story prompts). Also - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Mentioned in podcast: Texas student dons hazmat suit to take in-person exams 126-year-old message in a bottle found inside Boston wall Woman receives birthday card mailed by her late mother in 2015 Boy Scouts create COVID-19 'hug booth' for Texas nursing home Mystery monolith installed outside Florida bar Intermission music: Santa’s Tricks by Myuu | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
December 20, 2020
Chinese Flight Attendants Are Asked to Wear Diapers
Listen as I list some crazy news stories of the week, read an excerpt and review "I See You" by Mary Burton and answer some fun would you rather questions.  Mentioned in podcast: Singing porta toilets Festive deer rescued from Christmas lights China recommends flight attendants wear diapers "I See You" Book review on 4K Downloader Intermission music: Christmas Is Coming by MaxKoMusic | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
December 13, 2020
Joe Biden's Dog Says He Will Be a Great President!
Listen as I wrap up NaNoWriMo, read one of the nine fiction pieces I posted on my blog during November, give a book review on "Name of the Devil", and talk about Biden's very smart dogs in this episode of Write From Karen.  Mentioned in podcast: Word Nerds Page Nomad Camp NaNoWriMo Intermission music:  California LOUD by Audionautix | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
December 6, 2020
Hazmat Suits for Everyone
Hazmat suits for everyone. 
October 26, 2020
Distracted by Confirmation Hearings
Ugh. I didn't get any prepping done for my NaNoWriMo project this week. Why? Because I spent a large part of my week watching Judge Barrett's confirmation hearing. But it was an eye-opening experience, listen why. I also review "Scorned" and "Bring Up the Bodies." Lastly, I update you on my personal life - bad teeth anyone? Visit for podcast details!
October 18, 2020
Dear Character - Share Your Story
This episode, I talk about encouraging my main character for my NaNoWriMo project to share her tragedy. I dip my toe in politics talking about President Trump's positive COVID testing and Pelosi's determination to use the 25th amendment to further her dangerous agenda. I read an excerpt from this week's book review, "Stories We Never Told" and offer my opinion and rating. Thanks for listening!
October 12, 2020
Hello Preptober
This episode I update you guys on my Preptober goals and to-do list. I talk about setting up a personality survey for your character as well as the importance of setting realistic word goals in the month of November. I offer my opinion on "The German Midwife" (including a small excerpt!) and the importance of having difficult conversations about politics with your friends and family.
October 5, 2020
My Fasting Journey
Hello friends! Interested in fasting? Take a listen as I bring you up-to-date on my fasting progress.  Happy listening!
February 25, 2020