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The Writer's Tavern

The Writer's Tavern

By Melanie and Jerry
The Writer's Tavern Podcast: A serious place for writers and readers to ... not be so serious.
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Problems with Plotting during a Pandemic

The Writer's Tavern

Problems with Plotting during a Pandemic

The Writer's Tavern

The Sweet Spot for Pricing Books?
Price your digital copies too low, and you might make sales, but they may never get read.  Price them too high and you pass the pain point and encourage pirating. Where's the happy medium where you actually make enough money for it to be worth your time and effort? Or, do you even care? We want to know...
October 19, 2020
Yes, You Are Worthy
The ins and outs of producing a newsletter for your readership, and why you should do it, and what to avoid. Also Mel explains to Jerry the difference between having readers subscribed to your newsletter, and readers who are subscribed to your blog. (Even if your blog subscribers get the blog posts in their email, there's still a reason to also do a newsletter.)
October 12, 2020
Book Marketing: Websites, Covers, and Ads ... and Cats
Should you make an author's website? And what should you put on it? And how can you keep it "fresh" in the robotic eyes of the Google bots? We also have some very valuable tips for indie authors about book covers, and also some great inside info on running ads. Readers, you may be interested in this inside info as well ... and also, we talk about cats. Cats are always relevant. Meow!
October 5, 2020
You've Been Smut-Boxed
What happens to your book on Amazon if they arbitrarily decide to categorize it as "erotica?" Also, Melanie tells the tale of why she made the jump from traditional publishing to indie publishing (Melanie to Jerry: do NOT refer to it as "that Amazon thing!") and Jerry asks the question, "How much does an author's photo influence book sales?" Remember, if you have an answer or comment, you can send us voice messages via
September 28, 2020
Special Guest William Ledbetter
Its writer's tavern talk with Nebula Award winning author and aerospace engineer William Ledbetter! We chat about what it was like to win the Nebula and how it's changed his writing career, as well as having his novel Level Five published as an Audible Original. We also chat about book conventions during a pandemic, video games and other distraction, and -- among other things -- character creation and bourbon. But, not creating characters with bourbon, just ... bourbon. And absinthe. And Scrivener (we always seem to end up talking about Scrivener). There's also some marketing talk, and Melanie gives some really nifty tricks which she's using right now and that are bringing in book sales. So come on in, get yourself some grog, and pull up a chair for a fun and informative chat with our buddy Bill!
September 21, 2020
Tools of the Trade: Word Processors, Note Keepers, Databases
Typing, scribbling with a pen/pencil/stylus, or dictating into a microphone? Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Scrivener, or Google Docs? Microsoft OneNote, Apple Notes, or Evernote? Roam Research, or Walling? How about Otter AI? What are your favorite tools of the trade?
September 14, 2020
Problems with Plotting during a Pandemic
More than ever, just about all fiction writers currently face something that has plagued Science Fiction writers for years: how do you keep a story from being overtaken by actual events? Even considering how quickly you can now go from final draft to publication,  writing something set in "Present Day" forces you to predict the future at a time when you don't even know what life is going to be like a week from now. #writersproblems
September 7, 2020