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Writers Pouch Podcast

Writers Pouch Podcast

By Writers Pouch
Writers Pouch is a community established by The Chintalapatis in 2009 for Creators, Artisans, Wordsmiths & Visualizers. The goal of this community is to establish five sub-communities in each of the above-stated categories.
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Burning Beacons
Hello listeners, firstly, we must inform you that this podcast has been edited. One important mention would be the thanking part in the end where Rajiv R Nair and R. S. Chintalapati thanked "Ahna Sahi, Pankaj Tottada, Sree Raj, Tarun Chintam and Sravani Dhulipala." This was taken out due to poor recording. We apologize for such any inconvenience observed. This is the first time we have tried a podcast and we hope all the readers of the book get to know a few of the creative choices taken during the course of this work. If you haven't read the book yet. Buy now at and access the official homepage at Thank you for your time!
June 7, 2020