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Written by Kids

Written by Kids

By MoonHouse
Songs, poems, and stories written by kids,
Performed by professional actors/singers.
Professional sound effects perform the sound effects.
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BONUS: Chimaera Trivia, & Deep Thoughts with Calvin
Bonus episode! Many of you requested to hear more from the author of The Forest Prisoner, Calvin, now 11 years old! So we invited him back to play some trivia, and to share his deep existential thoughts with us. If YOU have a question for Calvin, leave us a message on Anchor or Music: Carefree by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
August 20, 2020
Trailer-The Forest Prisoner Part 1/2
Calvin, 10 years old, wrote an incredible short story about a knight who has to go back to basics. Performed by Eric Poch, who can be seen when it's safe again onstage at the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. First episode (part two of The Forest Prisoner) out this winter! Music for The Forest Prisoner composed by Airtone, published under Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0. All other music for this episode published in the Public Domain. Sound effect, Lion Growl 1, by Mike Koenig, published under Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0. All other sounds effects in this episode published in the Public Domain. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License:
August 8, 2020