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What The Waverly?

What The Waverly?

By Waverly
A true crime, paranormal, and almost everything in between or beyond podcast, hosted by the one and only (and weird) Waverly, a Maine teenager with "weird" interests.

Email is for First Hand Accounts of true crime, paranormal, weird, odd, and unique tales.
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What The Waverly?


What The Waverly?

Episode 1: Hattie Whitten And Spinal Corn
This is a badly told version of the story of Hattie Whitten, a murderer from Maine. Remember to not disturb your spinal corn. Also, send in suggestions and First Hand Accounts to  Sources:
January 4, 2021
Finally - The Moment You Have Been Waiting For... Well, not yet at least.
Okay, Halloween is almost here, so there really is no time to re-vampire my podcast!
September 24, 2020
quick update - and please read episode description
Due To technical difficulties and a few other factors, I wont be able to release the first episode for a little bit. Of course, I am extremely grateful to everyone that has reached out or just listened to the trailer, it means a lot. I am hoping to get the episode out ASAP, but for the meantime hang in there and listen to some other amazing podcasts. For suggestions on podcasts, email me at  Thank you so much, Waverly PS - PLEASE EMAIL FIRST HAND ACCOUNTS
May 21, 2020
The trailer for the hopefully one day a hit podcast, What The Waverly? To get this project even more one its feet, please send you first hand accounts of true crime, paranormal, and most everything in between and beyond. First episode to be up ASAP, and I hope you tune in when it is up! Email is for those wishing to send in your First Hand Accounts morbid, creepy and weird stories! 
April 1, 2020