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Episode 44: What's Your Frequency?

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Episode 46: Biohacking 101 with Derek Metz
Our guest host Derek Metz spills all about his introduction to biohacking. He defines biohacking, gives us some insight into what qualifies as biohacking and how it is done. Derek has biohacked his mental cognition, his diet, and his physical performance all in search of ways to feel and be his very best.  Famous biohackers mention in this episode: Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield
August 11, 2019
Episode 45: Be present + grounded with Melody Masters
This episode with Melody Masters is all about understanding our purpose on the planet. Melody and Andrea talk about our frequency and vibration and how that contributes to the world that we live in. Melody underscores why it is so key to learn to be grounded and present in life and to show up as ourselves. This episode is one great ride, enjoy this deep dive into understanding who you are with Melody Masters.  Learn more about Melody’s work with light therapy at http://halcyonhealth.net/. Mentioned in this episode: The Book of Freedom by Paul Selig
August 4, 2019
Episode 44: What's Your Frequency?
Health is a journey. Take a dive into that journey with Christy Thiel, one of our new guest hosts for The Wunder Life Podcast, a CBD educator, a stress reduction expert, a nutritionist and a wonderful friend of Wunder. Andrea and Christy cover topics around health, stress, the endocannabinoid system, and the difference between CBD and THC.  Mentioned in this episode: Book: Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi
July 28, 2019
Episode 43: The New Man. New guest host, Derek Metz drops a sneak peak on the secrets to men living their best lives.
We are excited to introduce Derek Metz, one of our new guest hosts for the upcoming second season of The Wunder Life Podcast. Derek gets real about what men think, really want and how they can perform, destress and live their best lives. 
July 22, 2019
Episode 42: Reprogramming your life with Anna Marie Frank
Anna Marie Frank, author and brain health specialist, chats with us about developing healthy habits that helped her reprogram her thoughts to change her life. Anna Marie began making significant changes in her life and then began to inspire others to change their mental and physical health through lifestyle change and holistic health and wellbeing. Get Anna Marie’s book, Stop Bullying Yourself, and learn more about her work at Happy Whole You. 
July 14, 2019
Episode 41: When Did Food Access Become A Privilege?
Mallory Garneau, the executive director of FoCo Cafe, joins Andrea and Bryn for a conversation about food waste, access to food, and how a pay what you can model is making a huge difference at one non-profit restaurant in Northern Colorado.  To learn more about FoCo Cafe, visit their website. If you’re in the Northern Colorado area and want to support FoCo Cafe, check out their August 18th Bikes, Brews, and Blockbusters event.
July 7, 2019
Episode 40: Discipline, self care, and processing with Becky Lauridsen
Becky Lauridsen is the founder of IOME, which provides counseling and guilt free self care services. She and Andrea discuss the uncomfortable kinds of self care and being real with yourself so you can become who you are. For more information on the services IOME offers and to take their free assessment, Visit this link. 
June 30, 2019
Episode 39: Becoming Who You Are with Trinity Wilbourn
Go deep into the journey of self discovery with Trinity Wilbourn, the founder and creative director of Arkitekt. 
June 23, 2019
Episode 37: Paradigm of Practice with Victoria LaFont
Victoria LaFont is the found of Paradigm of Practice and an instructor with the Nutritional Therapy Association. Victoria's work is all about transforming the way that healthcare works. She wants a collaborative community of practitioners to work together to make healthcare practical. In this episode, she gives some tips for maintaining your health and also reminds us to tap into the things we love and that make us happy.
June 9, 2019
Episode 36: Tidy + Flourish
Melissa Jean, is trained in the Konmari method of tidying. We chat about the benefits of tidying and the major impact that tidying has had on Melissa’s relationships with the items that she has and what she purchases. Melissa is the founder of Tidy + Flourish, where she helps people as they embark on their tidying journey. Join us for a discussion focused on joy, gratitude and positive life changes. Learn more about Melissa's work at https://www.tidyandflourish.com/.
June 2, 2019
Episode 35: NoTox. Can we really age without chemical enhancements?
Terry Fox, a cosmetic acupuncturist talks with Andrea about the Chinese Medicine approach to beauty and aging. Overtime, our faces express our emotional energy and this is considered "earning your face," but the fact is not everyone loves the lines that come with age. Terry and Andrea discuss fillers and natural alternatives like cosmetic acupuncture and how Chinese Medicine approaches beauty from a holistic health perspective. Terry gets real and addresses men and vulnerability because everyone cares about how they look and health creates beauty.
May 26, 2019
Episode 34: Eating Disorders, Fertility Issues + Educating Yourself to Live a Health Life (part 2 of 2)
Ann Kaemingk joins us on the podcast to talk how she became an environmental health consultant  who is passionate about educating people about the products they use on themselves and in their homes. Her story of disordered eating and infertility is truly inspirational. Enjoy part two of this two part conversation!
May 21, 2019
Episode 32: Understanding Hashimotos + Thyroid Conditions with Megan Anderson
Andrea talks with Megan Anderson a nurse practitioner that works with a functional medicine doctor. They take a deep dive into the thyroid to understand where these issues come from. They discuss Hashimotos and how most thyroid testing doesn't cover the actual indicators for decline. You'll learn a few tips on how to take the pressure off your thyroid to allow it to heal.  Learn more about the clinic that Megan works at, visit balancedwellbeinghealthcare.com. The water filter that is mentioned in this episode is the Aquagear filter. Learn more here. 
May 12, 2019
Episode 31: Love Yourself + Your Life with Adam Poehlmann
Adam Poehlmann joins Andrea to talk about how to truly love your body. Adam is a fitness coach and is passionate about helping people optimize their health, fitness and lifestyle. Learn more about Adam's work at Poehlmannfitness.com or check out his podcast, The PoeCast, on Spotify.  
May 5, 2019
Episode 30: Balancing Your Qi with Dr. Meghan Gray
Dr. Meghan is a doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and is completing a Masters Degree in Functional Nutrition. She works as a general practitioner, addressing a wide range of health concerns for people of all ages and she does cosmetic acupuncture to address the age old desire to look good and feel good (naturally)! She spent her doctoral research working with combat veterans dealing with PTSD. And in this episode, Dr. Meghan helps us to understand PTSD from a western medicine perspective and through the lens of Chinese Medicine.  We recorded this episode in January 2019, since that time Dr. Meghan’s private practice, Balanced Thistle, has grown and she has her grand opening in her new space on May 1st, 2019. At the end of the episode, we detail some of the specials she is running for the month of May. Learn more about her work at balancedthistle.com.
April 28, 2019
Episode 29: Changing the World of Probiotics + Health with Spores
Kiran Krishnan is a microbiologist who studied probiotics and saw several problems: probiotics aren’t well regulated by the FDA, the amount of bacteria in a pill can vary from the time of production to when they are taken, and how are they supposed to survive in the harsh environment of our stomachs? So, he looked to the past and asked where our ancestors got exposed to microbes? The answer was that they got them from their environment. This inspired Kiran Krishnan to look at environmental bacteria that can act as probiotics and survive the journey into the gut. That is how Microbiome Labs ended up working with spores.  This episode will blow your mind! This work is changing the world of probiotics and health. Learn more about at www.microbiomelabs.com If you are a licensed practitioner and interested in carrying the Microbiome Labs line of products in your practice, you may register for a free account here: http://bit.ly/2Jwqycl If you are a patient or retail client looking to order any of our products, you may visit the following link and find a licensed practitioner near you who carries the Microbiome Labs line: http://bit.ly/2JuZqKH
April 21, 2019
Episode 28: Everyone Deserves Access to Health
Joanna Yaromy and Andrea discuss access to health and the changing landscape of health care in this country. Yaromy is a gamechanger working to make integrative healthcare more accessible and accepted through her work as the program director of the Integrative Health Program at Front Range Community College. Her work is challenging the status quo and she is making major positive changes in the world of health care!
April 14, 2019
Episode 27: Addressing Food Insecurity with Sproutin' up
Anne Genson, the founder of Sproutin' Up joins Andrea to talk about food insecurity, the foundation of Sproutin' Up, and how Sproutin' Up has grown over the last 10 years. Currently, Sproutin' Up makes a major impact on the lives of youths in Larimer County who are facing food insecurity, teaches youths of all ages about growing food, and provides job training opportunities. If you want to get involved, on April 12, join Sproutin' Up for the Dirty Boot Spring party and fundraiser at The Botanique in Fort Collins, CO and learn more at Sproutinup.com.
April 9, 2019
Episode 26: Kimsey Self + Intermittent Fasting
Kimsey Self has completed the Master Nutrition Therapy program from the Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) and is currently pursuing her PhD in Natural Medicine from International Quantum University, a school specializing in degree programs in natural and integrative medicine based on the science of quantum physics. She has also completed additional training in functional medicine, including Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Brain Chemistry, and Environmental Toxicity and Detoxification. In this episode, Kimsey and Andrea discuss intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet as a therapeutic short-term solution, toxic overload and how our bodies are designed to heal.    Learn more about Kimsey's work at progressivehealthandwellness.com.
April 7, 2019
Episode 25: Dr. Ed Carriere + Integrative Medicine
Dr. Ed Carriere was a traditional allopathic doctor working in intensive care before he got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and cancer. At that point in his career he did a 2 year integrative medical fellowship and shifted his whole mindset about medicine. He has become a wealth of knowledge for integrative cancer care and he is changing the world of health care with his approach to treatment. We are lucky that Dr. Carriere will be joining us at The Wunder Health Summit on April 6th to talk about inflammation, the microbiome, and how it all relates to disease.
April 3, 2019
Episode 24: CBD is the New Kale
Christy Thiel joins us for the podcast to talk about the what CBD Oil is and what benefits it can bring to the body. As a nutritionist, Christy was looking for something to help people regulate inflammation. When she learned about CBD it was a game changer! Now Christy works with Functional Remedies to help educate practitioners about the uses and benefits of CBD. Christy is joining us as the MC for our Wunder Health Summit on April 6th. She is a brilliant woman and will help to inspire us for this transformative mindshare!
March 31, 2019
Episode 23: Jacki Carr on Boundaries, Accountability + Purpose
Jacki Carr is a speaker, leadership consultant, and co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, a yoga inspired coaching movement. Jacki and Andrea get deep as they talk about transformation, listening to your gut, and how our limiting beliefs can be overcome. This episode will light you up and get you inspired to tap into your potential. Jacki will be joining us as a speaker at The Wunder Health Summit on April 6th, where she will get everyone inspired to listen to their gut. Learn more about Jacki’s work at Jackicarr.com
March 27, 2019
Episode 22: Dr. Philip Blair + The Endocannabinoid System
Dr. Blair talks about the Endocannbinoid System and how it influences nearly every system of our body. Dr. Blair works with Elixinol to provide education and high quality CBD products to patients and practitioners. He also explains how CBD molecules work to up-regulate our system. In this conversation he clarifies the science behind CBD and shares some inspiring information on how CBD is making a huge impact in the treatment of disease and how it supports balanced moods and better sleep.
March 24, 2019
Episode 21: Balance Gut Health = Balanced Mental Health
Janelle Devlin joins us to talk about the amazing work that Amare Global is doing to change the way that mental health is addressed. Janelle was a nurse and then transitioned into a more holistic approach. This podcast is all about the connection between our gut health and our mental wellbeing and how that can be addressed through the use of prebiotics and probiotics, and why it is more involved than just taking any strain of probiotics. Learn more about Amare Global products and Janelle's work, at MyGutBrainAxis.com
March 22, 2019
Episode 20: The Natural Path
Carl and Kimberley Malone, of The Natural Path, join us to talk about their work together as a naturopath and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. They focus on muscle response testing and using a heart sound recorder to get a fuller picture of their patients’ health. We are all energetic beings and Carl and Kimberley are all about using energy to heal both emotional and physical ailments in order to move people towards a space where they are maintaining health. These are the links to the books and movie that were mentioned in this podcast: Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton Movie - What the Bleep Do We Know
March 17, 2019
Episode 19: Your Health Starts in Your Mouth
Did you know that your oral health can impact your overall wellbeing? Diseases that start in your mouth have been linked to damaging effects in your body. This week, Dr. Sharla Aronson, a biological dentist, explains why our health starts in our mouth.  Listen up if you have kiddos, because she gives some great tips for helping them start life with good oral hygiene, and she gives us adults some guidelines for balanced whole-body health. This interview covers heavy metal toxicity, fluoride, bacteria, and brings the discussion of health to the next level. To learn more about Dr. Aronson's practice check out Aronsonfamilydental.com.
March 13, 2019
Episode 18: Dr. Scott Shannon + Innovation in Psychiatry
Sunday, March 10:  Dr. Scott Shannon, inspiring game changer in the field of psychiatry, joins us on the podcast this week. We talk about the use of MDMA and Ketamine to treat trauma and depression. In Dr. Shannon's experience, the tools currently being used in psychiatry are not effective.Depression is about to become the top disabling illness in the world, despite being a heavily medicated nation, the US is seeing an increase in depression and suicide. As a nation, our nutrition has deteriorated, we get less sleep, use electronics more, we spend less time in supportive community environments----we are disconnected. Dr. Shannon wants to use symptoms as call to action instead of an invitation for overmedication. His practice looks at lifestyle diet, relationships, diet, work, work and abuse history. We are excited to be sharing this podcast this weekend right after the FDA has approved a new depression medication that Dr. Shannon talked about in this episode. If you are interested in learning about that new medication check out this article from the New York Times.Listen where you enjoy podcasts or on WunderHealth.com
March 10, 2019
Episode 17: Sonder Grace + the benefits of CBD
Curious about what CBD is? Kathleen and Elaine the co-founders of Sonder Grace, a CBD company, chat with Andrea about CBD, how it helps inflammation, influences neurotransmitters, and the positive impact that it can have on your overall health. These women have created a great product and we are thrilled to have them join us as partners at the Wunder Life Wellness + Beauty Expo! Learn more about their product and find out about becoming an affiliate on their website, SonderGrace.com.
March 6, 2019
Episode 16: In the Defense of Rice and Beans with Dr. Elizabeth Ryan
Dr. Elizabeth Ryan is a leading microbiome researcher from Colorado State University. Her research focuses on how the diet influences the microbiome, some work includes studying rice and legumes and the impact they have on the microbiomes of colorectal cancer patients. Our conversation covers so much information from the importance of fiber intake, to the discussion of grain free diets, and the places that microbiome research is going that could radically alter our understanding of health. Listen to this episode and get a great understanding of what is going on inside of our guts and how our microbiomes can help us to be resilient if they are treated right! We are thrilled that Dr. Ryan will be joining us at The Gut Check Summit and sharing her expansive understanding of this amazing universe inside of us.
March 3, 2019
Episode 15: Building Resilience with Adria Lake
Our bodies are resilient and adaptable. The more we challenge ourselves, the more resilience we can build. Adria Lake’s change in perspective came after her diagnosis with early on-set MS. She had worked in the wellness industry for 20 years and realized that for all of our efforts, we haven’t really prevented much and wellness has become an aspirational and unattainable concept. Adria's work is shifting consciousness for people and companies across the world, by teaching people to be connected to their bodies by not being in constant comfort. Resilience is intuitive and challenging, and those challenges open us up to a more curious, joyful life. Find out more about Adria’s Resilience-based Wellness Principles and Philosophy at AWLakewellness.com and see her designs at AWLakedesigns.com.
February 27, 2019
Episode 14: Eating for Autoimmune Disease + Thyroid Conditions with Janine Martin Horst
Janine Martin Horst is a nutritional therapist and lead instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association. In this conversation, she and Andrea dive deep into the world of eating right for autoimmune diseases and thyroid conditions. Janine dissects the GAPS and AIP diets and enlightens us about what is happening in the gut when someone is healthy and when there is an immune reaction. This conversation will teach you about how our bodies are resilient and designed to heal if you treat your gut right. Learn more about Janine’s work at taprootwellness.com and check out the Nutritional Therapy Association. NTA is offering their Foundational Wellness program for free to VIP Gut Check Summit guests, register for your VIP pass today!
February 24, 2019
Episode 13: The Power of Transformation
Today, Andrea sits down with the founder of Fitness Festival Events, fitness guru and inspiring coach, Rachel Pastor. You will be moved by her story. Find out all about what drives her to help others transform their lives and the world!
February 17, 2019
Episode 12: Sex Your Temple with Stephen Harms
Stephen Harms, acupuncturist and author, joins Andrea for a conversation about SEX! His new book Sex Your Temple is a modern exploration of “left-handed meditations.” These are the once secret and sacred meditation techniques that are meant to move sexual energy throughout the body. This conversation explores the movement of energy to catalyze change, whether it be to hormone cycles or to rejuvenate immunity. Andrea and Stephen discuss the qualities of Yin and Yang energy, the social implications of a sexually repressed society, and the abundance of people who feeling starved for sex, love and attention. It gets deep folks! Join Wunder Health and this inspiring healer in this compelling conversation that may just make you take up meditation! Stephen Harms’ new book, Sex Your Temple, is available through Wisdomvein.com
February 14, 2019
Episode 11: Suzanne Carver + The Empowered Pelvis
Suzanne Carver is a yoga instructor and massage therapist who has studied extensively and now teaches women about the importance of their pelvic floors. After traveling around the world and studying with physical therapists, doctors, dulas, and healers, Suzanne now helps women dealing with incontinence, or pain, helping women who are preparing for childbirth, and beyond. Through her Empowered Pelvis series, Suzanne teaches women about their bodies, how to strengthen the pelvic floor area, and how to get comfortable with themselves. To learn more about Suzanne’s work and find out how to sign up for her upcoming workshops, go to SuzanneCarver.com
February 10, 2019
Episode 10: Leslie Nance + Cultivating a Healthy Mindset
Leslie Nance, radio personality, cancer survivor and cancer nutrition coach, tells us all about her experience fighting cancer and how that transformed her life. She zumba-ed through radiation and then became a plant-based chef, food blogger and a certified holistic nutritionist and cancer coach. When working with new clients, Leslie works on mindset, reducing fear, stress and anxiety around the disease. She works one-on-one, helping clients to create a map to build a healthy lifestyle and change their perspective on cancer. Leslie is an inspiring soul. See her work at go2kitchens.com and check out Fork it Over Radio.
February 3, 2019
Episode 9: Nicole Eckman + Finding Your Healthy Diet
Nicole Eckman joins us to talk about the intricate world of functional nutrition. Through her work at Enlightenment Nutrition, Nicole helps to guide people to the right dietary lifestyle choice for them! She often encourages new patients to keep a log of their food, or take note when they feel symptoms. The key for starting on the journey to finding your healthy diet is to listen to your body and let it provide signals. In our conversation, we get into neurotransmitters and the all important brain gut connection, we talk about finding a balance in your diet between carbohydrates, protein, and fat, and finding what is right for you. Interested in intermittent fasting? We touch on that too. This conversation is packed full of with great information, tune in! To follow Nicole’s work, go to EnlightenmentNutrition.com
January 27, 2019
Episode 8: 100 Miles to Recovery with Jon Van Dyke
We sit down with Jon Van Dyke, an ultramarathon runner, and his wife Brianna, to talk about what makes a person want to run 100 miles, what that is like for a family, and how running has helped him with recovery from addiction. Jon got sober three years ago. He knew all aspects of his life needed to change and that it was time to make some new habits. He joined a local running group and realized that there were a lot of kindred spirits in the community. Besides finding a group of people to help him as he made his journey into sobriety, he also found the inspiration to challenge himself. This August, Jon finished the Run Rabbit Run 100 mile race in Steamboat Springs, CO. We discuss his training, how the commitment of running 12-14 or more hours per week affected his family, what completing this run meant to him and those who love him. This was a truly heartwarming and inspiring story of family and overcoming obstacles in life. Prepare to be inspired and maybe lace up those running shoes!
January 20, 2019
Episode 7: Katie Ortman Doble on Fighting Cancer + Writing a Memoir
We sit down with author and cancer fighter Katie Doble. She tells us all about her upcoming memoir, Love, Your Future Happy Self. Katie tells us about her journey to health during cancer treatments and beyond. Katie gets real with us about how cancer is a bitch and what she has done to deal with the challenges that cancer forced her to confront. We talk about self care, guilt, diet and boundaries. She tells us all about how she has grown to love cooking and develop good eating habits for the first time in her life. Prepare to be inspired by her story. Check in on Katie’s progress, read her blog and keep an eye out for her book on her website, FutureHappySelf.com .
January 13, 2019
Episode 6: Sierra Goldstein talks about being a young beauty mogul + queen of intention & ritual.
On today's show, we chatted with Sierra Goldstein, creator of H2a Botanicals organic beauty line + true queen of intention and ritual. Sierra digs deep about the importance of self love and care and how she developed a product line with high vibration and the intention to be a vehicle to pass on ancient rituals. Find out more at H2aBotanicals.com.   Sierra Goldstein is a highly motivated and successful young entrepreneur. Her lifelong journey of project based learning, international travel, and strategic relationship building has given her the tools needed to be a top expert in her field. After studying with herbalists for over 3 years, Sierra branched off and started her own company, H2a Botanicals, rooted in beauty rituals and ancient infusions. She surrounds herself with the people and environments that foster growth and abundance. Her go-get it initiative has had her featured in a FastCompany article, a PBS documentary, two TEDx talks,  and a panel speaker at SXSW in Austin all about young entrepreneurship and alternative learning.
January 6, 2019
Episode 5: What In The World Do I Eat? Nutrition that works for you!
On the podcast, we are joined by Crystal Melanson, founder of Zen Functional Wellness. Crystal is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, FDN® Health and Nutrition Practitioner & Certified Natural Chef. Crystal and Andrea sit down to talk about nutrition in various stages of life and how testing can help create a clearer picture of what is happening in your gut. They discuss the role of a practitioner as a guide to your health, but how ultimately, people need to learn to listen to their bodies to determine if various lifestyle and dietary shake ups are actually helping. This episode is a great introduction to what you can expect from working with a functional nutritionist and there are some great takeaways on how to approach gut health balance. Find more info on Crystal’s work at ZenFunctionalWellness.com or follow her on instagram @zenfunctionalwellness
December 30, 2018
Episode 4: Terese Shanley on Intuition + Healing
Terese Shanley is an intuitive healer working to channel the light! After 30 years as a hospice nurse, Terese felt the call to move to a different realm of healing. She is yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher and has trained extensively in many different areas of healing. She is transforming the world by introducing people to their souls, to who they are, to showing them their intuitive gifts. In this episode, we talk about the difference between the ego and the soul and what purpose the ego serves in guiding us to understanding who we are and evolving our souls. This is a conversation about energy that created us, understanding the power of surrendering and tapping into deep awareness. Terese created The Holy Spirit Deck with artist Erin Leaper. There is a source of love and from that love comes angels, saints and guides. What is yours? This card deck is an expression of Terese’s and we found this conversation with her to be warm, open and enlightening.  Meet Terese and pick up your Holy Spirit Deck at Unfoldingdivinity.com
December 23, 2018
Episode 3: Dr. Mary Rondeau on Kids, Gut Health & Behavior
In this conversation with Dr. Mary Rondeau, co-founder of The Wholeness Center, an integrative mental health center in Fort Collins, we talk about kids, food, and how food affects their behavior during times of developmental change. For everyone, regardless of age, diet is critical in treatment of any condition. Gut health provides the environment for bacteria that affect mental functioning and development. In our conversation, Dr. Rondeau sheds light on how the microbiome develops in kids’ guts, when picky eating develops and how to handle it. There is an important connection to food that everyone should be supporting in kids, from making meals a social event, involoving kids in prep and shopping and encouraging kids be curious about food. For more information on Dr. Rondeau and The Wholeness Center, go to Wholeness.com or follow Dr. Rondeau on Youtube as the Wholeness Chef.
December 16, 2018
Episode 2: Debi Kennison & the Goddess Awakening Institute
We sit down with Debi Kennison, the founder of the Goddess Awakening Institute, to talk about what it means to heal yourself from the inside out. Our conversation hits on the way that trauma and pain can be passed down from one generation to the next and how for many of us, healing is learning to let go of the trauma that we carry for those who came before us. Debi’s work focuses on connecting people to their inner world through breath and movement. She is inspired to teach people to pay attention to how the use their bodies, what they feel in their body, and what they are thinking. We go deep into the human condition in this episode and we discuss what is would mean to show up and be present in your body at this moment. Tune in and learn to connect. Connect with Debi at balancepointtherapy.net or on Facebook follow the Goddess Awakening Institute.
December 9, 2018
Episode 1: Dr. Shawn Talbott from Amare Global
Dr. Shawn Talbott  Chief Science Officer & Founding Executive of Amare Global Over the past 3-5 years, more science has come out around mental wellness. Science is showing us that mental health is not just our brain functioning. It includes our guts. Amare Global seeks to optimize mental wellness by addressing more than just the chemical imbalances in the brain. They are working to measure what is off and what leads to imbalances and then address the brain and gut issues at the same time. Dr. Shawn Talbott started his career in exercise science, nutrition and human performance. He was drawn into mental health after his brother died of a drug overdose. This drove his career towards where he is now, developing products that help people balance their mental wellbeing. Our conversation with Dr. Shawn Talbott addresses the microbiome, mental health, addiction, stress resilience and our culture’s readiness to discuss mental wellness. We talk about building lifestyle regimes that create mental and physical wellness. Find out more about Dr. Shawn and his work at Amare Global at https://www.amare.com/
December 2, 2018
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