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Wyld Lee Tarot

Wyld Lee Tarot

By Wyld Lee
A podcast with weekly Energy Readings for the People as well as special readings and conversations when Great Mystery requests them. Join Wyld Lee in these delicious Tarot readings for all. May also contain crystal guidance, animal allies and other advice to support your day!
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Moonday Message for the People May -2021

Wyld Lee Tarot

Moonday Message for the People May -2021

Wyld Lee Tarot

🌈 Moonday TAROT Message for OCTOBER 2021
🌈 Moonday TAROT Message for OCTOBER 2021 Happy Moonday and almost Full Moon time!  We have a nuanced and full of feelings week and moonth as we move towards Samhain and the Death season... holding space today for the suffering we are all experiencing collectively in so many ways.  Holding space for the pain of illness, death, loss of job, loss of safety, loss of security, loss of normalcy, loss of access to joy and pleasure and thriving.  May we all begin to SEE one another in our similarities and not our differences... Two of Wands The Fool This moonth is characterized with the essence of The Fool.  The not knowing.  The sensation of leaning over the abyss into the future without a clear picture of where the journey is leading us.  An invitation to remember that is always the truth, even when things seem to be going our way!  And that how we experience Great Mystery is greatly determined by how we think about Great Mystery. Some journal prompts: How does your brain define the unknown? What is your definition of surrender? How does it feel in your body when you are able to just let go? Many prayers to all who are in pain this week for whatever reason.  I see you. You are not alone and I trUSt things will shift...They always do! Self care~ Drink water! Barefeet on eARTh. Rest. Connect with kin. Cry or laugh or both simultaneously!  We are here to FEEL!
October 18, 2021
🌙 Moonday TAROT Message for OCTOBER 2021
🌙 Moonday TAROT Message for OCTOBER 2021 The Void Ten of Swords This is the last week of Mercury Retrograde and we slide from waxing crescent into Quarter Moon... and the energy this week is DENSE.  And THAT"S OK!!!  We spend so much time trying to avoid the feelings and sensations we don't prefer.  We have been taught that the darker or less pleasant experiences are not as valuable, and we gaslight ourselves out of the fullness of being a messy human.  We've been robbed of our ability to simply acknowledge the murkiness and absorb the gold within these denser times in our lives. Because let's face it - the Buddhists were on to something when they said Human life is suffering.  It's a real part of this playing field.  We are gifted desires, longings, dreams and hopes and sometimes we are met with disappointment, loss, broken hearts and death.  This is real.  And our power lies in how we show up for ourselves during these times.  Do we acknowledge the Void as simply a cave where we get to rebirth... even as we grief and rage in our pain.  Can we allow ourselves to let go of the story that these hard times never end?  ALL things end.  All things change.  All things can flow from "good" times to "bad" times in the blink of an eye.  How do we come to a place of peace in this truth?  How do we become the eye of the storm instead of being thrashed by the storm day in and day out? This is where our true power lives... Two more days to join WYLD Moon Medicine Collective for Women.  We are currently investigating Great Mystery and lovingly unraveling it's old stories within our body/mind/heart/soul so we have more space for freedom and personal power.  Join Us?
October 11, 2021
🦉 Moonday Message for October 2021
🦉 Moonday Message for October 2021 The Wilding After the Storm Mercury Retrograde Decks used: Threads of Fate Sacred Rebels Deck The invitation this moonth and this week in particular is to tune in to the deepest essence of wild truth within us and to recognize that we ALL have these wild natures!  Recognizing we have been trained to try and control one another for comfort through control rather than acknowledging and honouring our uniques frequencies which can be very different.  Yet we still have so much more in common as messy imperfect humans than we have differences.  Know that the storm is here, and it can not last forever. Every thing changes.  Everything ends.  Keep your head above water and keep showing up the best you can!  You are LOVE dear Seeker!  Make finding rest and reset a priority...our bodies need it. All the LOVE, Wyld P.S. WYLD Moon Medicine Collective for Women is OPEN but only for 9 more days!  Founding members can hop in to this juicy transformative space for only $28 a moonth - then the Portal closes again until 2022 when price rises.  AND until Dark Moon, all founding members receive a 30 minute session FREE as a welcome gift ($50 value).  If you feel the is time to say Yesssss.
October 4, 2021
🦋 Moonday TAROT Message for SEPTEMBER into OCTOBER 🦋
🦋 Moonday TAROT Message for SEPTEMBER into OCTOBER 🦋 What is already with you Withdraw Six of Cups The World We are invited into gratitude for what we already have within us.  Can we honor and accept this as enough, as the foundation of our lives rather than living in the frequency of lack.  Holding space for those who do not literally have enough, that is definitely truth.  Yet if you are watching this Message, the invitation is to accept what you do have in this moment.  And to accept that as a Collective, we are all in the chrysalis... we are in a monumental rebirthing that is messy, uncomfortable and disorienting.   We are invited to Withdraw - to bring our energy and attention back inward.  During the transition times, it is so potent to take space and be with ourselves.  To reexamine and readjust to what is true in this moment. The Six of Cups speaks to the hooks present this week around the past.  It offers the Medicine of making sure we are remembering what was in fullness and not with rosy glasses on... it can be so tempting to long for the past when we only remember the "good" stuff.  Yet what is here now IS real even in it's discomfort.  How do we hold the nuance of bittersweet without losing hope for the future?  It is always a balancing act... to dream in a positive future without being so attached to it looking exactly one way that we suffer when things are not just so. Finally The World card invites us into the Dance of Devotion with Great Mystery.  Can we move with the unknown gracefully.  Can we be response-able to ourselves and each other in this moment without getting lost future tripping or past longing?  Truth is, we have NEVER known what the future will bring!  Even during the grand year of 2019 we had no idea what the future would be!  Great Mystery has ALWAYS been here...we are just acutely aware of Her at this time. So, I invite you to lean IN to Great Mystery this week.  What would it feel like to accept we have no control?  Is it possible to titrate this truth into the body in small doses so the nervous system doesn't get triggered?  To come back home to our animal body that knows exactly how to move with what is... Lots of LOVE ~ Wyld P.S. WYLD Moon Medicine Collective for Women opens FRIDAY!!!  Hop on the waitlist (in bio) or send my a message to get the juicy details...
September 27, 2021
🌑 Moonday TAROT Message for SEPTEMBER 🌑
🌑 Moonday TAROT Message for SEPTEMBER 🌑 Hermit - Internal Landscape King of Swords - External Landscape Three of Pentacles - Medicine Card September is a transition month, a potent time of opposing energy that can feel edgy if we aren't actively keeping an awareness on the perceptions we hold.  Surrender to some private Hermit Cave time.  Really tune in to how you feel around certain energy/people/stories.  Commit to consuming only the media necessary to feel informed but not activated or triggered. Give yourself some regular breaks and add in specifically curated positive articles, stories, conversations and such to keep a well rounded perspective of life.  The medicine in these times is JOY.  Joy, play, rest, friendship, good food, sunshine, lots of water, nutrient dense food and a second helping of JOY.  This is what resilience is built on...remembering our intrinsic humanity, our fragility under duress and that we are ALL human animals doing our best in turbulent times with whatever skills (or lack of skills) we might possess individually. Also announcing WYLD Moon Medicine Collective for Women!  An online Power Portal for any woman looking to do the work within commUNITY.  We will explore one sticky topic each moonth, enjoy a Vulnerability Practice Circle, a Live Support Circle with Wyld and guided self inquiry as we walk the path of healing together.  WYLD is THE container I have needed and continue to need in my soul evolution during these INtense times.  If you would like to join the waitlist to receive all the details, lease register here!
September 6, 2021
🔥 Moonday TAROT Message for AUGUST + SEPTEMBER 2021
🔥 Moonday TAROT Message for AUGUST + SEPTEMBER 2021 Dearest Seekers, The Message this week is one of FIRE and the Page of Swords. Tempers may rise...remember we are ALL feeling the edge of these weird times. Let compassion + curiosity be your guide this month. Surrender to the truth of your responsibility to the collective by maintaining your own inner homeostasis... journal, cry, rage, sweat... do what you must do to keep the energy flowing.   This could be a crunchy week my friends!  Do you pART from the heART by being the WARRIOR you were born to be! Keep Calm + Perform Exquisite Self Care. All the LOVE, Wyld
August 30, 2021
🌕 Moonday Message for August 2021
🌕 Moonday Message for August 2021 🌕 Four of Cups Patience What a week.... we are invited into deep inquiry and feeling our feelings this week.  This reading offers a plethora of inquiries to support you in diving down deep into the roots of your feelings at this time.  Give yourself some space to contemplate... Big invitation to care for the animal body.  Our nervous systems have been on the edge for 1.5 years now!  They need care, loving touch, nourishment and emotional expression.  When we care for the animal body, we are better able to be responsive rather than reactive. We are ALL uncomfortable right now. Let's do our best to remember that most people are decent and doing the very best they can with what they've got.  Projecting our fear, anger or discomfort onto others does not make anything better... this collective experience is already traumatic.   Take care of yourself and one another. Wyld #tarot #cups #four #patience #gettingweird #freedom #resilience #rebuild #lockdown #hardtimes #lovewins #wholesome #strongertogether grief
August 24, 2021
🐅 🌙 Moonday TAROT READING for AUGUST 2021🌙 🐅
🐅  🌙  Moonday TAROT READING for AUGUST 2021🌙  🐅   Tiger  Seven of Pentacles  Carnelian   There is Kali energy as we head towards Full Moon during this harvest time... what no longer fits who we are?  What would serve us better in it's ending?  Are we giving too much precious energy to things we don't truly feel good about or in accordance with?  Are we continuing to expand ourselves with education, adventure and new ways of thinking?  This month is asking us to reevaluate how we are showing up, how we are shining (or dimming our shine) + taking full responsibility for our ride.  No one can do our tending for us... we are here to tend ourselves so we can radically show up to meet the new world that is emerging.   Calling all the Tiger Warriors!   All the LOVE, Wyld #carnelian #tarot #witchy #seven #chaos #kali #tiger #shine #responsible #showup #yourride #harvest #expand #rideordie #warrior
August 16, 2021
Chasing the Star with Erica Wiederlight
Dive in to this whimsical and refreshing conversation with Erica Wiederlight of We The Light.  This was a yummy conversation about getting comfy with being in our skin, leaning in to the pleasure of shining and how to add the lightness of our sensuality into our lives as a valid true way of being.  She also focuses on how to empower ourselves through the wild ride of Dating...  Erica Wiederlight is a sexual empowerment and dating coach, speaker and expert. Her mission is to help humans feel more alive, embodied and to have an epic relationship with themselves and others. You can read more about Erica and her work at  You can also follow Erica on instagram at @wethelight_llc For a short time, Erica is offering a limited amount of free 60 minute sessions to those who are curious what it would be like to work with her. The goal of the complimentary session is to have you feeling empowered, inspired, and leaving with some tools in your toolbox. If you want to go ahead and book that free consultation, be sure to click here:
August 16, 2021
Moonday TAROT Message for AUGUST 2021
Moonday TAROT Message for AUGUST 2021 For this week + month we are offered the sweet message of Grounded Fire! Ace of Pentacles Lion Track the animal body this week/moonth.  There is a lot of high energy present + we will be tempted to push ourselves in every direction.  Which is wonderful, as long as moderation is employed + rest breaks given frequently.  These can be rest breaks for mind/body/heart + soul.  Rest does not always mean napping!  Perhaps its a tech + screen free day for the mind.  Perhaps it is sleeping late + staying in pjs all weekend.  Or calling your therapist for an overdue emotional check in or reaching out to a healer to reactivate your belief in abundance.  Whatever type of rest + recalibration you crave... remember to weave that support into your life.  This self care is crusial so we don't burn out from the intense solar electric that is present at this time. #solar #leo #lion #ace #pentacles #groundedfire #tarot reading #witch #readingforaugust #highenergy #electric
August 10, 2021
Moonday Message for August 2021
Moonday Message for August 2021 Moonday TAROT Message for August 2021 Four of Swords Knight of Swords Rejuvenation This week we have traversed Lammas and head towards the Lion's Gate Portal.... a potent, activating + potentially tiring time.  Follow the thread of your own energy body.  Move when you feel the pulse, actively rest + play when you don't.  Take time to be with what is...there is a sense of urgency in the popular narrative but we can choose to feel differently.  We can choose ease, slowness + taking our time to feel.  If you can hold this nuance of fire, hold the power of tending our own flame... you will be rewarded with a stronger immune system, a softer nervous system + the clarity to ride this wave of collective momentum with grace. Take care of yourselves + each other friends.  Follow your feet... Wyld #tarot #reading #swords #heat #rest #play #moonday #message #medicine #magic
August 2, 2021
The Empress with Kim Coffin
Join me for a juicy conversation with Kim Coffin as we weave the archetype of The Empress + her work as an Empowerment + Sexuality Coach for women.  Some really yummy gems of self support came out during our chat.  I hope you enjoy! Kim Coffin ~ Trauma Informed Somatic Empowerment & Sexuality Coach and founder of Get Your Sexy Back! Kim is a mama to 3 sexually empowered adults/teens, 20, 17, 15, dog mom to 2 and has been married to her amazing husband of 21 years! She teaches women how to TURN-ON their life, their p♥️ssy, and take their power back through sacred sexuality!! She also helps couples rewrite their sexual story, release shame, build deeper intimacy and open the lines of communication all while creating an epic sensual and sexual relationship! It doesn’t matter where they are at on their journey, Kim shows them how to RECLAIM the areas they have lost themselves, RECONNECT to their bodies and REMEMBER WHO THEY ARE so they can show up as their unapologetic powerful true selves!! Kim wasn’t always this way…empowered in her sexuality. She was shut down, numb and disconnected from her body, her sexuality and herself. First, she healed her own sexual trauma and reclaimed her body, her life and who she was, who she always was underneath. Kim found her way back to WHO SHE IS! She uses her coaching experience, her numerous trainings and her personal journey {including her trauma experience} to help women  {and couples} reclaim and reconnect to their bodies and remember who they are…so they can take their power back and live an embodied, pleasure filled turned on life! Want to learn more about private coaching with Kim?  Hop on a free call to get all the details! Free monthly Sexy-Back Salon Series ~ next event is July 14th ~ Check out all of Kim’s offerings at You can follow Kim here… Facebook - Instagram - Let's Get Your Sexy Back ~ Private FB Group -
July 22, 2021
Moonday Message for JULY 2021
Moonday Message for JULY 2021 The Pillar Ace of Pentacles This month, and in particular this week of July 19-26, 2021, we are still being invited into Taking a Risk.  How have we been trapping ourselves in our routines, assumptions + belief systems? What is no longer true for us but is still affecting our habits + patterns?  Who are we, NOW, in this moment?  What is our personal definition of risk?  Could there be healthy risks in our lives tha expand us, challenge us + get us to lighten up?  These are the questions being asked this Moon cycle... If you would like to dive deeper, I am offering a FREE women's circle Wednesday July 21st at 7pm PDT online to explore this idea of Taking a Risk. More information can be found here -
July 19, 2021
Moonday Tarot Message for JULY 2021
Moonday Tarot Message for JULY 2021 Take Risk Medicine Bundle Dreamtime Bear Catnip This message is all about stepping out of our comfort zones and allowing ourselves the pleasure of taking more risk. It is in those moments where we expand and step over our edge that we grow, learn, express ourselves and find new people and new activities in our lives that bring joy! This July we are being invited to take some more risks, to lean on our support systems and practices, to continue holding the dream of what we want our lives and communities to look like and to remember that we can always come back to our bear cave to take a break and rest whenever we get activated or triggered. This is such a potent and beautiful month and I encourage you to step outside and take in some of the juiciness. #tarot #julyreading #bear #takerisk #medicine #cancerseason #tarotreading #witch #expand #respond
July 5, 2021
Diving in to the Fool with Jenny Lee of The Sacred Wholeness
Join me and Jenny Lee of The Sacred Wholeness in this juicy conversation about life, healing, Great Mystery and the Fool card.  We dive in to some yummy ideas and I'm so excited to share this conversation with you! Jenny is a devotional steward to the human heart by way of the body, of sound, and of integral systems of addressing health and wellness . She has moved through the gates of her own recovery with body hatred and food addiction, as well as being initiated into the Sacred Traditions of Vision Quest and The Way of Council. She is a student and teacher of emergence, with commitment and empathy for truly understanding and integrating root frequencies of dis-ease and dis-order to assist in liberating the wholeness of humanity into a paradigm of radical self love, empowered expression, and intimate relationship with The Higher Self. She offers hands-on therapeutic bodywork, integral health coaching, vocal empowerment, and primal vinyasa that are all humbly grounded in a psycho-spiritual container of expanded consciousness to nourish the soul's longings to feel safe, seen, and loved. She is a full time healer, musician, lover of joy, and devotee to the mystical arts of spirit and stillness.
July 4, 2021
Moonday Message for the People June 2021
Moonday Message for the People June 2021 The Pillar Whirling Rainbow Solstice Cancer season Now is the time!!!  Remembering we are the ones we have been waiting for, we are still dreaming and manifesting the future and it is important we continue holding the vibe of love, beauty and source.  We are being called forward to step into our power, to trust we will learn what we need as we grow and to stop holding ourselves back from some false idea of perfection.  Time to rise, reclaim our personal power and find our people who are in the same field.  Lean on these people, gather your commUNITY, keep braiding together the connections of your soul family.  NOW is the time to hold the dream of the future that we want to create of LOVE and not fear.  Dream that dream with me friends... #tarot #tarotreadingforjune #solstice #remember #dream #power #manifest #timetorise #community #soulfamily #perfectionism #beauty #love
June 21, 2021
Moonday Tarot + Bones Message for the People 6-7-21
Moonday Tarot + Bones Message for the People 6-7-21 Two of Swords Honesty Bobcat claw Black Acorn This week we have a potent invitation to step into the Dark Moon and this brand new Moon Cycle with this theme of honesty & choice.   #tarot #honesty #bones #tarotreading #twoofswords #bobcat #claw #acorn #readingfortheweek #message #truth #choice #darkmoon
June 7, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 5-31-21
Moonday Message for the People 5-31-21 King of Wands Page of Swords Justice Eclipse Portal Mercury Retrograde This week we are invited to work on our personal container; where does our truth reside when we feel in to both our logical side and our intuition?  This is a week to feel in to all choices before action!  There is a big energetic push calling us to get stuff done!  We are craving motion, momentum & change!  Yet we don't want to drop all the lessons of the last year.  We are called to remember rest and space as equally as busyness and socializing.  This week feels like a deep integration... #tarot #justice #king #kingofwands #pageofswords #eclipseportal #mercuryretrograde #momentum #motion #integration #intuition #logic #rest #remember #data #witch #witchy #tarotreader 
May 31, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 5-24-21
Moonday Message for the People 5-24-21 Empress Seven of Pentacles Six of Cups Pink Selenite Egg What a potent week!  We have a Supermoon/Blood Moon/Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this week on the 26th that triggers a need to end and begin again...which leads to Mercury Retrograde!  Very deep week indeed.  It's a time to go inward, focus on how we create our environment to support the shifts that become apparent during this lunation.  Empress tells us to go in, to listen in that well of silence within and get real honest about our lives currently.  To employ patience with the truths that come to light.  We are asked to take notice of our work, what brings us pleasure in that work and what doesn't.  To allow the feelings that arise to be tended to slowly while Mercury holds communication for a pause.  This week is a beautiful possibility of internal rebirthing that will unfold gradually and be ready to bring to light after the Summer Solstice!  No need to rush, no need to be in a hurry... the most lasting and effective shifts happen when we move in cosmic and divine timing. #tarot #tarotreading #empress #pentacles #cups #selenite #pink #supermoon #bloodmoon #lunareclipse #eclipse #mercuryretrograde #patience #communication #pleasure #witch #magic #messages #honest #emotions #rebirth #slowdown #witchythings #tarotreader #tarotreadersofinstagram
May 24, 2021
Moonday Message for the People May -2021
Moonday Message for the People for the week of 5-17-21 Death Trust Healing Very simple message this week...can we surrender to letting go of what isn't alive for us anymore?  This week is all about leaning in to trust, and trusting that actual healing comes when we let go of the things that aren't for us.  It creates the space for the things that truly are for us to come in. And that the things which are meant for us can never be taken away.  Death is a beautiful blessing when we allow ourselves to get comfortable with it. #tarot #death #trust #surrender #weeklyreading #healing #messages #moonday #people #letitgo #leanin
May 18, 2021
Exploring The High Priestess with Dan Arhakos
This is the first of 22 conversations in which I will be interviewing people who INspire me and INfluence me on my personal journey... in these conversations we will be talking life, magic, medicine and one particular archetype from the Major Arcana of the Tarot.  For me, the Major Arcana represent the main life archetypes we, as human animals, move through on our life path in these finite bodies.  These juicy, vulnerable conversations are made with deep love and the intention of normalizing the human experience and our birthright of access to compassion, inspiration, connection and our own brand of spirituality and magic! In this conversation we talk about manic-depression, healing from drug addiction, plant medicine, menstrual blood and relationship to the womb, body shame and truly opening ourselves to being our fully unique and authentic selves even if we receive negative feedback for others. Even Tom Segura comes in! This is a potent conversation that invites us to lighten up and enJOY being in these animal bodies that move and stretch and bleed and create. Please join us and absorb some of this delicious invitation to freedom.  My first guest is Dan Arhakos ~ ReWilder Yoga Teacher Reiki Master Metaphysical Medicine Woman Akashic Record Reader CaCao Ceremonialist Chantress Born + raised within Staten Island, NYC to a loving + caring family who always supported her ways of life. Yet, as the years went on things changed + she yearned for more out of existence with an ache in her bones for a divine connection that wouldn’t stop calling. Starting out with teaching yoga + meditation to special needs students + adults was where her ‘teaching’ journey truly took off. By seeing that in their hearts + minds they could reach inner calmness, peacefulness + continue on executing the rest of their day, they taught her more than she could have ever imagined. Which is why she left those systems to travel + teach the public. She hold’s space twice a month via Zoom for an Energy Healing Circle as well as a Holotropic Breath Work Circle, bringing a community from all over the globe together to be seen, heard + honored. She also, works at an Ayahuasca Church learning alongside other Facilitators of the medicine as well as the Medicine Server’s themselves. Leading guests through breath work mediations throughout the weekend to help deepen their understanding of Self, Others + the Universe is just one of the many multidimensional ways she allow herself to unfold with plant medicine. To learn more about Dan and her work please visit her website at or email her at You can also follow her on all the major social spaces : Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook & Patreon! #highpriestess #tarot #sexy #yoga #reiki #freedom #cacao #tomsegura #medicine #rewild #interview #ceremony #plantmedicine #drugaddiction #manicdepression #depression #meditation #akashicrecords #menstrualblood #authenticity #unique #power #women #discernment #shame #loveyourbody
May 13, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 5-10-21
Moonday Message 5-10-21 Hermit Page of Pentacles Knight of Wands West Shield Dark Taurus Moon as we move into the new Moon cycle... This is a week to follow our personal pleasure, expanding our capacity to be in our bodies, to trust our inner guidance. Some journal prompts for this week... What do I love doing? What is something I've always wanted to try? Where is my edge, and why is it an edge? What is my personal magic? #tarot #tarotreading #newmoon #mooncycle #moon #love #magic #magick #pleasure #intuition #intuitivereading #edge #innerguidance #west #hermit #pageofpentacles #knightofwands #wands #pentacles #moonday #messages
May 11, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 5-3-21
Moonday Message for the People 5-3-21 Get Wild Queen of Swords Knight of Wands Three of Wands Surrender + Play Amethyst point The yummy Message this week is to get wild!  As in get in the wild sensual animal body and own the intuitive impulses that derive from this space.  Follow your YES and fiercely defend your NO!  Not in anger but mere clarity.  Own your needs + consider doing things differently in order to meet those needs.  Take your 15 minute breaks, schedule some vacation time (even if it's a staycation), try having a power nap, make a date with your partner, have a family meeting to clear up confusion around chores, analyze the amount of time/effort spent at "work" and readjust where not in alignment.  This is a week to come back home, to tend to the ways in which we may have let our guard down around our basic needs as an animal and do what is necessary to come back into integrated wholeness.  Surrender to the idea that work can be play and play can have deeper meaning.  Recognize the intuitive hits moving effortlessly through your body and CHOOSE to engage with them.  This sensual week is full of potential delight if we own it! #tarot #tarotreading #daily #wild #getwild #swords #wands #play #surrender #amethyst #message #medicine #magic #sensual #animalbody #animal #taurus #aquarius #wyldleetarot #moonday #moondaymessage
May 3, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 4-26-21
Moonday Message for the People 4-26-21 Ten of Swords Three of Pentacles The Hanged One Lynx The week begins with a Super Moon in Scorpio - this a a potentially crunchy week!  Allow yourself space, discernment and let the feelings flow... #tarot #weeklytarotreading #scorpio #fullmoon #space #triggering #sensational #discernment #laylow #tendyourheart #tendyourfeelings #boundaries #emotional #emotions #truth #alignment
April 27, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 4-19-21
Moonday Message for the People 4-19-21 Page of Wands Two of Wands Emperor Bumblebee Jasper Obedience We are being asked to OWN our truths!  Getting clarity on our honest internal knowing + boundaries + communicating even if it makes others uncomfortable.  Sitting with our inner rebel + follower... are you willing to find the authenticate you instead?   Some journal prompts: How do I react to #discomfort? What are my #patterns around avoiding discomfort? What is your relationship to #obedience? What is your relationship to being #unique or #different? What does it feel like in my body when I feel like I don't fit in? Is that discomfort big enough to make me hide what I think/feel/need?  Or is it just a #habit? What does it mean to me to take up space?  Is that comfortable? If you would like to share space together, you can book a session through my website - all sessions offered on a sliding scale to support us all!  Please check out my Patreon here- Enjoy this electrified week! #tarot #dailytarot #weeklyreading #leanintodiscomfort #beyou #beyourself #wyldleetarot #witch #witchy #tarotreader #magic #dailyinspiration 
April 19, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 4-12-21
Moonday Message for the People 4-12-21 Page of Wands Four of Cups Six of Pentacles Nature This week invites us into a deeper level of compassion & generosity as we navigate differing truths.  Can we honor ourselves while also not judging those whom believe differently than us?  Can we show a generosity of spirit that gives the space for us to all find our way to truth?  In this new Aquarian Age we collectively feel the pull toward a hive mind, one where we come to better shared spaces by listening to all points of view & developing something grander than any of the individual parts could have created independently.  We are becoming more & more aware of how our species is consuming the planet beyond what is possible to sustain.  The energy this week feels like a clashing of the old paradigm way of moving through life (capitalism, colonialism, taking, greed, selfishness) colliding with the emerging new energy of being one species that will need to evolve together to support our struggling ecosystem.  As these two polarities collide, we individually are asked to tend ourselves and refrain from moving into the shadow side of this new hive experience...the place where emerging group politics can quickly turn into social shaming, coercion and hard controlling rather than a willingness to listen & digest each point of view until a cohesive truth is formed that feels good to all. Journal prompts:   Do I value opinions that differ from my own? Can truth look different to people based on their own life experience? Am I willing to not know everything & trust that life is wise? Words to connect to this week: #light #nature #generosity #paradigmshift I invite you to experience more of my work at You can also join my Patreon for less that a cup of coffee!  There you receive much more content to dive deeper into the messages, Medicine & Magic as well as some amazing discounts on products & services.  I look forward to being of service... #tarot #dailycardpull #weeklyenergyreading #tarotreading #tarotreaderofinstagram #aquarianage #emergent #truth #witch #natureheals #healing #listen #hivemind #divisive #journalprompts #oppositesattract
April 12, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 4-5-21
Moonday Message for the People 4-5-21 King of Cups Queen of Wands Surrender Tiger's Eye This week holds the energy of integration and softening of dualistic thinking so that we can fully engagae with & enjoy the richness of life in transition.  We are being called forward to holding things more loosely, defining one another & ourselves less rigidly, opening up to the energy of life expressing itself rather than the story of life as it is supposed to be.  We can't possibly know what life is supposed to be like.  We can only truly be present for what life is in actuality, with clear boundaries and the ability to respond with a cultivated inteGRITy.  Can we Surrender this week just a little bit?  Soften our expectations of ourselves & others?  Allow curiousity of what feels present & true in any given moment.  The Electric & Magnetic of life, the universal attraction & momentum of life itself is what makes living so delicious.  Surrender to the juice Seekers! I have sessions available in April!  If you feel the call, schedule! #daily #dailytarot #queen #king #magnetic #electric #surrender #tarot #dailyinspiration #weeklyenergyreading #weekly #awakening #spirituality #woke #staywoke #human #keepgoing #love #loveyourself #selfcare #selflove #delight
April 5, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 3-29-21
Moonday Message for the People 3-29-21 Two of Wands Two of Cups Underworld This week offers us the BIG energy of push/pull, of things moving in opposing directions and the grand opportunity to recognize where we might be reacting rather than responding due to our own personal preferences and attachments.  Its a beautiful week to reclaim our power, to reclaim our ability to choose where we spend our energy.  Preferences are wonderful, they help define us...and yet if we wholly give them our power we are not truly choosing our ride.   I invite you to explore this idea for yourself this week ~ How do my preferences keep me from experiencing my life more fully? See what comes up for you!  Let me know if this is a worthwhile experiment for you... #tarot #dailytarot #dailyinspiration #awakening #spirituality #choice #yourlife #respond #energy #energyreading 
March 29, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 3-15-21
Moonday Message for the People 3-15-21 The Hanged One Seven of Wands Great Mystery Awakening Carnelian Pyramid This week marks entrance into a new Moon cycle as well as the Equinox portal.  The energy is rising, chaotic, flowing up and down like tree sap...allow space for the inconsistency.  Ride this wave with your truth held’s ok to be uncomfortable! Breathe, move, take space, laugh as often as possible! Welcome in the Equinox with a curious heART. Soon this podcast will be expanding!  You will begin to see some interviews coming out each Moon cycle with people who influence and INspire me...I am SO excited to begin sharing their work and voices with you!   Check out my website at for more information about my work, or to schedule a session! #tarot #daily #cardoftheday #tarotcardreading #weeklyenergyreading #awakening #spirituality #divination #singlemomlife #womenentrepreneur #witch #witchywoman #selfliberation #paradigmshift #befree
March 15, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 3-8-21
Moonday Message for the People 3-8-21 Knight of Cups Page of Cups Seven of Swords Lamb This week offers an opportunity to shed some old stuck emotions...use it wisely! Allow the feels to flow so you can lighten your load, take time to be alone if you are unclear what you feel, notice if you are leaning too heavily on your comforting habits...the release work we do this week into Dark Moon this weekend offers the space to enter spring in a more deeply liberating way.  AND if you choose not to, that’s ok too!!!  We are recognizing that the collective discomfort is present, it’s not going anywhere and we are ALL feeling it whether we are conscious of it or not.  Be gentle on yourselves friends! I have two sessions available this Thursday and then two more last week of March...if you feel the call, I would be delighted to hold space for you! #tarot #dailycardpull #tarotcardreading #witch #witchywoman #daily #weeklytarot #energyreading #healing #singlemom #singlemomlife #magic #release #emotions #liberateyourself #awakening #spiritualawakening
March 9, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 3-1-21
Moonday Message for the People 3-1-21 Two of Cups Nightingale The Outlaw This week holds the opportunity to get more intimate, to allow others to see what our truth is, what is in alignment (and most importantly what is NOT in alignment) for us. This week use the voice, speak what needs to be spoken, an excellent week for that uncomfortable conversation with the partner/boss/child etc.  Your truth is SACRED! #tarot #dailycard #weeklyreading #dailycardpull #tarotcardreading #tarotcardreader #witch
March 1, 2021
Moonday Message for the People 2-22-21
Moonday Message for the People 2-22-21 Ace of Swords Get Wild Skeletal Quartz This week offers a push from behind!  Acknowledge the buzz within, discover what the animal body needs, get back to your roots!  If we don't allow this energy to move, anxiety/depression might be present with the excess flow available to us this week.  The medicine is surrender and get wild!
February 23, 2021
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 2/15/2021
Moonday Message for the People 2-15-21 7 of Pentacles This is a week of building our foundation so the creative fire can rise up!  Adulting...what are you avoiding? What can you clean up, clear up, organize and release? This is the week...Do It! . . . . . #tarot #reiki #energyhealing #energymedicine #healing #joywork #resonance #tuningforks #witch #witchy #pagan #magician #magic #messages  #embody #empath #grief #joy #moondaymessage #energyreadingforthecollective #selfcare  #support #wyldleetarot #wyldliberation #medicine #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotreader
February 15, 2021
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 2/8/2021
Moonday Message for the People 2-8-21 Page of Swords Hawk Spirit Kin The Pillar Use the energy this week in ways that support you into the future! #tarot #reiki #energyhealing #energymedicine #healing #joywork #resonance #tuningforks #witch #witchy #pagan #magician #magic #messages  #embody #empath #grief #joy #moondaymessage #energyreadingforthecollective #selfcare  #support #wyldleetarot #wyldliberation #medicine #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotreader --
February 9, 2021
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 2/1/2021
Moonday Message for the People 2-1-21 Happy Imbolc all!  We celebrate the cross quarter holiday today...midway point between Solstice & Equinox!  Still more darkness, but the promise of spring is near. This week we have Queen of Swords Emperor 7 of Swords Don't get mired in a future not yet arrived...create some healthy space this week to feel your truth, get clear on your boundaries.  Don't let the influence of others rob you of your sovereignty! #tarot #reiki #energyhealing #energymedicine #healing #joywork #resonance #tuningforks #witch #witchy #pagan #magician #magic #messages  #embody #empath #grief #joy #moondaymessage #energyreadingforthecollective #selfcare  #support #wyldleetarot #wyldliberation #medicine #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotreader
February 2, 2021
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 1/25/2021
Moonday Message for the People 1-25-2021 10 of Cups The High Priest 4 of Swords A week of letting the emotional body rest, integrate, get clarity on our actual truth (versus what we hear all around us) and an invitation to remember PLAY! Information on available appointments and Root & Bone Work - Module One - SHAME can be found on my website at #tarot #reiki #energyhealing #energymedicine #healing #joywork #resonance #tuningforks #witch #witchy #pagan #magician #magic #messages  #embody #empath #grief #joy #moondaymessage #energyreadingforthecollective #selfcare  #support #wyldleetarot #wyldliberation #medicine #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotreadersofinstagram
January 26, 2021
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 1/18/2021
Moonday Message for the People 1-18-2021 8 of Swords 7 of Pentacles 10 of Pentacles Tension. What can be released? Medicine- creativity & nurturance Drink water! Body oil! Hug! Self massage! Tapping! Eat soup!  Take care of your bodies friends... ROOT & BONE WORK - MODULE ONE - SHAME IS STILL OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT. DETAILS ON MY WEBSITE AT WWW.WYLDLEETAROT.COM Sending all the LOVE, Wyld #tarot #reiki #energyhealing #energymedicine #healing #joywork #resonance #tuningforks #witch #witchy #pagan #magician #magic #messages  #embody #empath #grief #joy #moondaymessage #energyreadingforthecollective #selfcare  #support #wyldleetarot #wyldliberation #medicine #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotreader
January 18, 2021
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 1/11/2021
Moonday Message for the People 1-11-2021 Nine of Pentacles Three of Wands Seven of Cups Patience This is a week to ground down, get clear on what you need to feel safer, reassess your lane & your business, check yourself if you slide over from preparation into worry & in general focus on the element of Earth.  How can you feel more secure, more creative & more able to meet your needs so you can be of service? #tarot #reiki #energyhealing #energymedicine #healing #joywork #resonance #tuningforks #witch #witchy #pagan #magician #magic #messages  #embody #empath #grief #joy #moondaymessage #energyreadingforthecollective #selfcare  #support #wyldleetarot #wyldliberation #medicine #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotreader
January 11, 2021
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 1/4/2021
Moonday Message for the People 1-4-2021 4 of Cups Ask Body 9 of Pentacles 3 of Wands Play This week we are asked to listen to the body and it’s grief, focus on our needs, cultivate community, being of service and finding some joy in what is. #tarot #reiki #energyhealing #energymedicine #healing #joywork #resonance #tuningforks #witch #witchy #pagan #magician #magic #messages  #embody #empath #grief #joy #moondaymessage #energyreadingforthecollective #selfcare  #support #wyldleetarot #wyldliberation #medicine #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotreader
January 4, 2021
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 12/30/2020
Message for the People for this last week of 2020 The Devil 3 of Wands Queen of Wands Willingness Selenite Egg
December 31, 2020
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 12/21/2020
Moonday Message for the People 12-21-2020 Ten of Swords The Star Rejuvenation Solstice The Great Conjunction The potency of this threshold is very real my loves... lean in! If you would like to dive in to my new offering Root & Bone Work Module One- SHAME... pre-order is available now! #tarot #reiki #energyhealing #energymedicine #healing #joywork #resonance #tuningforks #witch #witchy #pagan #magician #magic #messages  #embody #empath #grief #joy #moondaymessage #energyreadingforthecollective #selfcare  #support #wyldleetarot #wyldliberation #medicine #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotreader
December 21, 2020
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 12/14/2020
Moonday Message for the People 12-14-20 The Moon 4 of Wands 8 of Wands Skeletal Quartz This is a potent week of Great Mystery as we leave the Eclipse Portal on Dark Moon and traverse towards the Great Conjunction & the threshold into the Age of Aquarius... can we relax into trust, into the unknowing? Can it be a playful wild ride? #tarot #reiki #energyhealing #energymedicine #healing #joywork #resonance #tuningforks #witch #witchy #pagan #magician #magic #messages  #embody #empath #grief #joy #moondaymessage #energyreadingforthecollective #selfcare  #support #wyldleetarot #wyldliberation #medicine #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotreader --
December 15, 2020
Moonday Message for the People- for the week of 12/07/2020
Moonday Message for the People for the week of 12-7-20 The Fool 5 of Pentacles Queen of Wands The invitation back in to wonder, curiousity & the freedom of the unknown!
December 7, 2020
Moonday Message for the People- 11/30/2020
Moonday Message for the People 11-30-20 Queen of Swords 4 of Wands 6 of Cups Share Wisdom This week (and upcoming month) are POTENT!  The message...INTEGRATE. It’s eclipse season loves, let’s do it with grace... into shadow work once again so we can free ourselves a bit more. Using Tarot of the Cat People & Threads of Fate Oracle Deck. #tarot #reiki #energyhealing #energymedicine #healing #joywork #resonance #tuningforks #witch #witchy #pagan #magician #magic #messages  #embody #empath #grief #joy #moondaymessage #energyreadingforthecollective #selfcare  #support #wyldleetarot #wyldliberation #medicine #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotreadersofinstagram
December 1, 2020
Moonday Message for the People- 11/23/2020
Moonday Message is an Energy Reading for the Collective for the week beginning Monday 11/23/2020.  This is the week of many feels....4 of cups, Two of Cups, Justice and The Alchemist came to call.  This week is an opportunity to define commUNITY for ourselves, feel in to the idea of reparations & make space in our hearts to think about all not just our own personal fortunes.
November 23, 2020