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The Wyrd Realities Podcast team is made up of writers, podcasters, and content creators who are constantly looking to discover things that introduce exciting and sometimes terrifying ideas, concepts, theories to listeners. Our podcast explores the paranormal, preternatural, and supernatural world we live in that challenges us to think outside of the box of what is normal.

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Sn 1 Ep 14 [WYRD_INK] Marine Monsters & Mysteries with Author Max Hawthorne

Wyrd Realities

Sn 1 Ep 7 [WYRDREALITIES] Cryptid Roundtable
Horror Writers Ink, Author D.A. Roberts./ (author of the Apex Predator and Code Name: Wild Hunt series) and Cryptid Connection, Logan vs. Kenny creator, and Wyrd News Anchor, Logan Craft. Join the Wyrd Crew, families, and friends for this episode. It is going to be WYRD!
September 23, 2021
The Watching Wyrd crew discuss the awesome, unsavory cinematic thrills that make up this week’s Grindhouse theme. They are filthy, edgy, and outrageous! Join Hadley Thorne and those bad boy writers of Horror Fiction, Mr. Allen Gamboa, Scott Baker, and the master of zombie fiction himself, Mr. Rich Restucci.  1. Last House in the Left (1972) 2. Planet Terror 3. Hobo with a Shotgun 4. Machate
September 20, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 004 [WATCHING_WYRD_REALITIES_INK] Writer/Screenwriter/Director/Psychic Joey Madia
Joey Madia. Joey has 31 years of teaching, writing, performing, and directing experience. Join Joseph Hanson, Morgana Calder, and Hadley Thorne and they take a deep dive into Joey's background, paranormal experiences, and the direction he is going. Don't forget to hit that thumbs-up button to show the Wyrd Team some love. You can find Wyrd Realities Podcast on Anchor, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast Spotify, YouTube and more. You can find out more about Joey here:
September 18, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 14 [WYRD_INK] Marine Monsters & Mysteries with Author Max Hawthorne
Wyrd Realities Podcast brings you the Wyrd Ink Sessions, where we talk with some of the world’s most interesting authors, podcasters, and filmmakers about their research into paranormal phenomena, ancient civilizations, myth, folklore, and their own weird imaginations.  #marinemonsters #seamonsters In this episode host, Hadley Thorne has a great conversation with marine horror author Max Hawthorne author of the award-winning KRONOS RISING novel series. In addition to being a bestselling indie novelist, he is an amateur paleontologist, a Blog Talk Radio host, a  world-record-holding angler, and an avid sportsman and conservationist.   You can find Max here:   For a conversation on this join our Facebook group:   or find us on social media
September 16, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 03 [WATCHING_WYRD] Rich Restucci Returns for Hammer Film Time
Credited with the revival of gothic horror, Hammer Films created eerie atmospheres while weaving stories of supernatural mystery. Tonight Allen, Scott, Hadley are joined with Zombie Theories author, Rich Restucci to discuss classic  Hammer Films and the movie that propelled Hammer back into modern cinema.   Films reviewed are:   The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)   The Curse of the Werewolf  (1961)  The Plague of Zombies (1966)  Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter (1974)  Let Me In (2010)
September 12, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 02 [WATCHING_WYRD] Rich Restucci Man Vs. Nature
SHOW LESSOn this episode of Watching Wyrd our special guest is Rich Restucci, author of the Zombie Theories series, the Run series, and a number of anthologies.  This week's theme is "When Nature Attacks," and the movies we will be discussing are:  --Grizzly,  --Rats,  --Snakes on a Plane --Zombeavers!    It will be wyrd.    You can check out Rich's books on Amazon: For a conversation on this join our facebook group:   or find us on social media Wyrd Realities is proud to partner with Horror Writers Ink  "Like to read? Come join some of the best authors in horror.   Links for Allen Gamboa, Scott Baker, and Hadley Thorne can be found
September 8, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 01 [WATCHING_WYRD] Joseph Hansen Guest - It came from beneath...
On this episode of Watching Wyrd, Hadley Thorne, Scott Baker, Allen Gamboa, and special guest host Joe Hansen discuss Deep Rising, The Host (Korean Horror Movie), The Meg, and Crawl on the It came from beneath countdown to Halloween episode. You can find Joseph Hansen's books on Amazon at:
September 8, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 003 [WATCHING_WYRD_REALITIES_INK] The Handmaid's Tale; Series Overview
Wyrd Realities Podcast brings together a group of amazing and insightful women together to discuss the Emmy award-winning Hulu series the Handmaid’s Tale based on the dystopian novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood..     The panel:  1. Wyrd Realities Co -creator Editor and Professor Gracie Ellison  2. Law Enforcement Professional and Post-Apocalyptic Author, Angelique Archer 3. Author JB Havens 4. Graphic Designer, Podcaster, and Author Jenny Ashford 5. Licensed Professional Counselor, Jenna Jordan  6. Author Varla Ventura 7. Graphic Designer, History and Occult Researcher, and Podcaster Morgana Calder  8. Voice Actress, Singer, and Podcaser Finley Jones  9. Hadley Thorne, author and podcaster  The series is set in a near-future New England, in a strongly patriarchal, totalitarian state, known as the Republic of Gilead, and follows the life of a college-educated/professional mother ripped from her career and family to be a slave, in the dystopian United States. The society this series depicts is one without the freedom that is controlled by ultra-conservative extremists with zero tolerance for pleasure. It provokes thought on feminist issues, the fallout of nuclear war, and what people are capable of doing.   If you enjoyed this Special Session of Watching Wyrd Realities Ink please leave a comment below to let the Wyrd Team know so we can keep bringing you the best content we can. Also, if you haven’t already hit that like button, please hit the thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to the Wyrd Realities Podcast channel to get notifications each time we add new content.    For a conversation on this join our Facebook group:  or n find us on social media  SPOILER WARNING - if you have not read the book/watching the series and want to, be warned.   Trigger Warning - the subject matter of this series and discussion may be unsettling to some views.
August 25, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 13 [WYRD_INK] Micah Hanks; Fortean Philosopher, Podcaster, Writer, and Researcher
Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, philosophy, current events, cultural studies, technology, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades. In addition to writing, Micah hosts the Micah Hanks Program, the popular current events podcast Middle Theory and is co-host of The Seven Ages Audio Journal, a podcast devoted to the study of archaeology and ancient history. He is also an amazing musician, and narrator, who has lent his voice to several audiobooks.    #Unidentified Aerial Phenomena #UAP #UFO    You can find Micah at:   If you want to continue today’s conversation or just say hi check out our Facebook page is or find us on social media via /  Until next time know that the team here at Wyrd Realities appreciates your support.  Until next time Stay Wyrd!
August 9, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 12 [WYRD_INK] The True Story of the Outlaw Jesse James as told by Dan and Teresa Dukes
So what does the Notorious Outlaw Jesse James have to do with hidden treasure, Freemasonry, the Knights Templar,  Founding Fathers, and Jewish mysticism? We will find out on this episode of the Wyrd Ink Sessions! Join Author Hadley Thorne as she meets with the brother/sister writing and research team of  Teresa and Dan Dukes, the Great-Great Grandchildren of Jesse James. Daniel Duke, the great-great grandson of Jesse James, grew up surrounded by stories of lost outlaw treasures. For more than two decades he has researched the mysteries involving his family, Freemasonry, and the Knights Templar. He lives in Texas. Teresa F. Duke has spent more than 20 years investigating the truth about Jesse James, her great-great-grandfather, including handwriting analysis, genealogical history, and assisting her mother to compile materials for three books on Jesse James. She lives in Texas Teresa also rediscovered a photo that shows Jesse attending his own funeral.  So who was buried in 1882?  We will be covering the numerous bank and train robberies across a wide expanse of the country.  Of course, we will try to ascertain where the treasures were hidden. .. You will want to listen as they methodically unravel the legend surrounding the death of Jesse James, with evidence vetted by qualified experts and civic authorities. They share the journal of their great-great-grandfather, kept from 1871 to 1876 and verified to be written in James’s handwriting. They reveal forensically confirmed photographs of James before and after his supposed killing, including one of James attending his own funeral. Examining James’s life both before and after his faked death, they provide an account of where he lived and who he associated with, including his interactions with secret societies. They compare the contradictory newspaper reports of James’s death with accounts by his family and associates, which support that the man buried as James was actually his cousin, and reveal how James tricked authorities into believing he had been killed. Further supporting their claim, the authors debunk the DNA test results of the exhumation of James’s body in 1995. The Dukes detail the ways in which the test was fraudulent, an assertion supported by the deputy counselor for Clay County at the time of the testing. Backed by a wealth of evidence, the descendants of Jesse James conclusively prove what really happened to America’s Robin Hood. If you want to continue today’s conversation or just say hi check out our Facebook page is or find us on social media via / . Until next time know that the team here at Wyrd Realities appreciates your support. Until next time Stay Wyrd!
August 3, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 11 [WYRD_INK] Anthony Tyler, Author of Dive Manual
Finley Jones filling in for Hadley Thorne along with newest member of the Wyrd Ink Crew, Ms. Morgana Calder talk with fortean and esoteric researcher Anthony Tyler author of Dive Manual: Empirical Investigations of Mysticism. You can find Anthony Tyler on twitter @divemind667  or Website: If you want to continue today’s conversation or just say hi check out our Facebook page is or find us on social media via / . Until next time know that the team here at Wyrd Realities appreciate your support. Until next time Stay Wyrd!
July 20, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 003 [WATCHING_WYRD_REALITIES_INK] Hilton Ariel Ruiz, Indie Director/Writer Zombie with a Shotgun
Indie Filmmaker Hilton Ariel Ruiz meets with the Wyrd Realities host panel to talk about his road to success, his quest to make Zombie with a Shotgun 2, creating a solid fanbase, and his other projects. (Zombie with a Shotgun is available to watch on Amazon and FREE ON TUBI)  Bio: Hilton Ariel Ruiz is a producer and director, known for Zombie with a Shotgun (2019), Moose, and 6.6.66 Beyond the Halls of Paradise.  You can support Hilton in getting Zombie with a Shotgun 2 made here: You can follow Hilton:  Instagram: hiltonarielruiz  Twitter: @zombiewashotgun and @hiltonarielruiz  Tumblr: Vimeo: YouTube:  The panel is led by Allen Gamboa, Watching Wyrd host and Author of the Operation Zulu Series, Zombie Island, and one of the Five Roads to Texas featured writers.  Those present:  Scott Baker, Wyrd Realities Panel host, and author of This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things in the Zombie Apocalypse, Twilight of the Living Dead, the Nurse Alissa vs, the Zombies series, and more.   Shay Tully, host of Wyrd Ink  Hadley Thorne, Wyrd Realities Creator/Wyrd Ink Host and Author of the Tapestry of Worlds Series   To connect with the Wyrd crew online check out our
July 15, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 10 [WYRD_INK] Marnie Vinge, Author and Podcaster at Eerie Okie
Join host Hadley Thorne as she has a great conversation with Marnie Vinge. Marnie is a novelist, storyteller, and creator of the podcast, Eerie Okie.  She first started writing at the ripe age of 7, creating a science fiction horror story about a monster that lived in seaweed off the coast of Corpus Christi. Since then, she's stretched her wings by writing urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and horror. But her heart has always been in thrillers and to thrillers she has returned.   Books: The Haunting of Solomon House (Blair Graves Book 1)   Eerie Okie Short Reads: Vol. 1  The Way It Ends     Books can be purchased at Marnie's amazon page:  Find Marnie online at  To check out Eerie Okie, search your favorite podcast platform. If you're an Oklahoma ghoul who loves the morbid and macabre, it's the podcast for you.    If you would like to continue the conversation come join us at the Wyrd Realities Facebook group:  Or like our page Twitter: @wyrdrealities
July 13, 2021
Sn 1 Special Ep 3 [WYRD_REALITIES_PODCAST] Scott M. Baker, author Nurse Alissa vs the Zombies
Retired CIA Agent, Scott M. Baker is one of the newest members of Wyrd Realities. Scott has written a number of books from spies to vampires, to zombie-fighting nurses. Sit down and sit for a spell as we get to know Scott Baker.  Follow Scott on social and check out his books  Facebook Scott Baker's Demon Hunters: Website: Twitter: Amazon Author Page:
July 8, 2021
Sn 1 Special Ep 2 [WYRD_REALITIES_PODCAST] Indie Science Fiction and Horror Author Allen Gamboa2
BONUS EPISODE RECORDED LIVE FOR FB AND YOUTUBE. Wyrd Realities Podcast speaks with the most laid-back and cool dudes in Indie horror, Allen Gamboa. In addition to being one of the featured writers in the Five Roads to Texas collaboration series, Allen has written the 3 book Operation Zulu series, Zombie Island, and is working on Deaders. He had been included in numerous anthologies, is a frequent flyer on the haunted Library podcast over at Written Horrors Facebook page and has recently joined the panel of hosts featured on Wyrd Realities podcast where he is even carving our his own successful segment Watching Wyrd with co-host Jeff Thomson. Since joining Wyrd Realities, Allen has helped score interviews with zombie horror directors Glenn Miller and Hilton Ariel Ruiz, as well as secure retired US Army LT Colonel and author Brian Parker as a guest host for the upcoming Wyrd Realities roundtable discussion on Operation High Jump. Hadley and Allen discuss his books, movies, and when Allen guarded Charles Manson when he was a Guard at Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP) in  California. 
June 30, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 09 [WYRD_INK] Eerie Florida with Mark Muncy
Eerie Florida's Mark Muncy joins guest hosts Jaime Hernandez and Scott Baker to discuss eerie legends and mysterious creatures from their volumes of research. Mark has written numerous short fiction and essays for various publications and online services under various pseudonyms and namesakes to keep his name clear for the ever elusive Great American Novel. He has pretty much given up on this dream and now writes openly in his current genres, horror and science fiction, but always with his trademark wit. As the creator of Hellview Cemetery in St. Petersburg he has studied the legends, lore and paranormal in Florida quite extensively. When the city of St. Petersburg banned Hellview Cemetery for being too scary, he devoted himself to preserving the lore behind the legendary haunted house in book form.  Books: 31 Tales of Hellview Cemetery Tales of Terror of Tampa Bay  Eeri Florida Freaky Florida Creepy Florida American Luchadore (His epic screenplay, turned internet sensation, American Luchadore, still begs to be filmed, but is now available in paperback from Dark House Publications. The novelization is in the works as well as a potential comic book series) You can find Mark: and  or on his amazon author page Guest Host Jaime Hernandez can be found here: Guest Host Scott Baker can be found here: Wyrd Realities:
June 29, 2021
Sn 1 Special Ep 1 [WYRD_REALITIES_PODCAST] Jaime Hernandez, Best selling author of Urban Gridlock and Suburban Jungle
Author and Host of Wyrd Realities, Hadley Thorne Interviews the Wyrd Crew's newest member, best-selling author Jaime Hernandez. 
June 16, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 002 [WATCHING_WYRD_REALITIES_INK] Glenn R. Miller Director of Zoombies I and II, Aquarium of the Dead
Real #wyrd conversation with horror/comedy director Glenn R. Miller of #Zoombies #Zoombies2 and #AquariumoftheDead fame as we discuss his ability to successfully navigate low budget filmmaking, the  Zoombie-verse, and his dreams for the future. Great guy and fun interview!
June 15, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 08 [WYRD_INK] Tonya and Joey Madia, A Marriage of Spirituality and the Paranormal
In this episode, Wyrd Ink hosts Shay Tully and Hadley Thorne, author of the Tapestry of Worlds series, talk with the husband and wife research and writing team, Joey and Tonya Madia. Together they have co-authored two books on the paranormal (Roommates from Beyond: How to Live in a Haunted Home AND Watch Out for the Hallway: Our Two-Year Investigation of the Most Haunted Library in North Carolina), and co-host a weekly Livestream called Into the Outer Realms.    Tonya Madia is an author, reiki master, medium, certified hypnotist, yoga teacher, and spiritual life coach. She has been invited to investigate everything from private residences and cemeteries to retail stores and community centers not to mention she wrote “Living the Intuitive Life: Cultivating Extraordinary Awareness, a self-help guide to help awaken your natural intuitive powers and abilities with ease.”   Joey Madia is a screenwriter, playwright, novelist, actor, director, and Escape room, designer. His screenplay The Man At the Foot of the Bed is a paranormal thriller based on a true story and the series he is currently working on, The Stanton Chronicles, combines history, mystery, and the paranormal.  Websites: and  A weekly Livestream exploring Spirituality and the Paranormal Podcast:  Tonya Youtube The Intuitive Life:
May 25, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 001 [WATCHING_WYRD_REALITIES_INK] Movie Review and Panel Army of the Dead Zombie Apocalypse Expert Panel
Wyrd Ink hosts, Shay Tully & Tapestry of Worlds, Author Hadley Thorne are joined by some horror fiction authors who specialize in writing about the Zombie Apocalypse for this special session of Wyrd ink. Joining them to debate, discuss, and dissect Netflix and Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead movie are:   ALLEN GAMBOA - the author of Zombie Island, the Operation Zulu series as well as one of the writers in the Five Roads to Texas series, and has participated in various anthologies such as Bite-Sized Offerings.   DAVID A. SIMPSON-the author of the award-winning Zombie Road Book Series, the Feral Children series, and various anthologies.    JAIME HERNANDEZ - featured writer in  Zombie Road Fan Fiction Collection: Tales from the Zombie Road and author of URBAN GRIDLOCK, Chronicles of the Undead: Book 1)   JEFF THOMSON-host of the Haunted Library podcast and is the author of the Guardians of the Apocalypse series, the Pressure series, Scream Bloody Cheerleader, Demon Fog, and Dark Incubus.    STEVEN KENNY - author of “Infection; Rise of the Undead”
May 25, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 07 [WYRD_INK] Joshua Cutchin, The Brimstone Deceit, Thieves in the Night, and A Trojan Feast
Join hosts Shay Tully and Hadley Thorne, as they welcome Author, Folklorist, and Scholar Joshua Cutchin to the show. Joshua has written extensively on Bigfoot, multi-dimensional beings, UFOs, fairy and witch lore in his books:  - A Trojan Feast: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch;  - The Brimstone Deceit: An In-Depth Examination of Supernatural Scents, Otherworldly Odors, & Monstrous Miasmas;  - Thieves in the Night: A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions; and - Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, Volumes I & II, with Timothy Renner.  - Contributor in Robbie Graham's Reframing the Debate,  - Contributor in David Weatherly's Sasquatch collection Wood Knocks: Vol. 3.  Joshua has been featured on the hit History Channel television show Ancient Aliens, and is a recurring roundtable guest on the Where Did the Road Go? podcast.   You can find Jonathan online at Wyrd Realities, the destination of choice for those inquisitive minds seeking to find that special place where Myth, Science, History, & Folklore Intersect. Where we Interview authors, podcasters, content creators, and filmmakers to discuss their work and projects, as well as deep dive into the wyrd things that capture our imaginations and stimulate our minds. Be sure to hit like, leave a comment, and subscribe to tell us your thoughts about this episode. 
May 19, 2021
Author Vic Ferrari is our featured Guest on this session of Wyrd Ink! Vic is a retired twenty-year veteran of the New York City police department. Using wit, humor, and his real-life experiences from his time as an NYPD Detective Vic has written of Grand Theft Auto: The NYPD's Auto Crime Division, The NYPD's Flying Circus, NYPD Through the Looking Glass, and Dickheads & Debauchery: and other ingenious ways to die.    #NYPD #HUMOR #TRUESTORIES #TRUECRIME #NEWYORK
April 27, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 05 [WYRD_INK] Jenny Ashford, True Crime, Paranormal, and Horror Author
Great interview with horror, true crime, and paranormal writer, and podcaster Jenny Ashford Jenny co-hosts a podcast with Tom Ross called 13 O'Clock, on which they discuss true crime, unexplained mysteries, paranormal weirdness, horror movies and books, and other fun, creepy topics.
April 14, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 6 [WYRDREALITIES] Grab bag episode "2021 the year of the UFO"
Wyrd Realities is where we get together to talk about everything from government conspiracies, paranormal phenomena, urban legends, myth folklore, strange things making headlines, and our own wyrd experiences. Please hit the like button, subscribe to Wyrd Realities, and turn on all notifications so you do not miss any of the content we are uploading monthly.   If you want to continue today’s conversation or just say hi check out our Facebook page is​ or find us on social media via / Until next time know that the team here at Wyrd Realities appreciates your support. Until next time Stay Wyrd! #UFOs​ #SpaceSemen​ #NoahsArk​ #Octopus​ #TacoTuesday​ #JetpacMan​ #
April 1, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 04 [WYRD_INK] CHAZ CCMP author discusses UFOs, Nazis, Psychedelics, & his Expedition to South America
Wyrd Ink is a talk show where Hadley Thorne and James Erby speak with some of the world’s most interesting authors, podcasters, and film-makers about their research into paranormal phenomena, ancient civilizations, myth, folklore, and their own wyrd experiences. This episode meet Author, Paranormal Investigator, and Consciousness Researcher Chaz , as we discuss his book: “Friendship: A story of UFOs, Nazis, Psychedelics, and an Expedition to the Edge of the World.” You can find more out about Chaz here: Website; YouTube @ Chaz of the Dead TV #UFOs, #Nazis, #Psychedelics, #SouthAmerica
March 17, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 03 [WYRD_INK] Wallace WagnerJr. Author Crossing the Crevasse
Wyrd Realities Ink is where hosts talk with creative and inquisitive minds who are writing, researching, and filming the world’s most fascinating, strange, and inexplicable mysteries. In this episode, James and Hadley speak with author, Wallace Wagner, Jr about UFOs, government cover-ups, crop circles, Giants, and how all this relates to modern spirituality. Wallace Wagner, Jr.  author of "Crossing the Crevasse.” Wallace has appeared on COAST TO COAST AM and Featured on WABC in New York and on other major stations such as KMOX, KIIS, KFTK. You can find our more about Wallace and his work at his website
March 4, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 5 [WYRDREALITIES] COVID-19 Year in Review; The Wyrd, the Woo, and the Whhhha?
Hosts Gracie and Hadley discuss how phrases like social distancing, shelter in place, herd immunity, and wear your mask have become common here in the US in the last year, how they personally have handled the challenges related with the COVID-19 reality, US Patient Zero and the current numbers, Mother Nature Vs. Science of the virus, energy flows since the Virus emerged, and thoughts on conspiracies surrounding it. #COVID​-19 #Mother​ Nature #Bioweapon​, #conspiracy​ #weirdscience​ #socialdistancing​ #shelterinplace​ #herdimmunity​ #wearyourmask​   UNITED NATIONS REPORT,​   The COVID-19 Pandemic and Harmful Practices impacting Persons with Albinism: Accusations of Witchcraft and Ritual Attacks (“HPAWR”) July 2020,​   CRIMSON CONTAGION EXERCISE REPORT 2019 (New York Times):​
March 1, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 2 [WYRD_INK] Filmmaker and Producer, Matt Adams, North East’s Historical Stone Sites Investigations & Explorations
On Wyrd Realities Ink Episode 2 James and Hadley interview Filmmaker and Producer, Matt Adams from North East’s Historical Stone Sites Investigations & Explorations. Based out of Boston, Mass, Matt Adams investigates stone chambers, balanced rocks, petroglyphs, and ceremonial centers across New England. He focuses on Native American and Early Colonization all over the North East. For the past 3 1/2 years Matt has been filming a docuseries on stone sites in the Northeast US and Canada. He has traveled to 15 states and filmed at over 210 sites. He’s also filtered through theory after theory in search of the truth. Between the amount of investigations and research he’s done, he’s ready to educate the masses and share what he’s learned with the world. Matt is writing a “Field Guide to Stone Features of the Northeast United States.” This guide will work to educate others on what to look for when in the field, how to collect evidence, and the preservation of historic finds. Find out more about Matt and his team at the North East’s Historical Stone Sites Investigations & Explorations' website   #nehssie #StoneChambers #EffigyWorks #Stone Rows #Perched Boulders #Stone Cairns...
February 24, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 01 [WYRD_INK] The Crystal Skull Explorer Joshua Shapiro; Adventurer and Author
On Wyrd Realities Ink’s  debut episode James and Hadley interview the Crystal Skull Explorer, Joshua Shapiro. In addition to being an author and regular on the radio lecture circuit, Joshua is an international traveler , speaker, and researcher into crystal skulls phenomena.  Join us as Joshua discusses the crystal skulls, their prophecies, Joshua’s spiritual awareness after awakening from a coma, the famous Mitchell-Hedges Skull and the UFO connection and a positive message about the future of mankind.   For copies of the free e-books Joshua discusses on the show please go to: More about Joshua Shapiro can be found at his website Crystal Skull Explorers: or if you would like to contact Joshua Shapiro directly, you can email him at: Joshua would like to invite you to listen to the interview Joshua referred to with Gene Decode here: January 18th: 11th: #crystalskulls #aliensamongus #ancientprophecy #anicentcivilizations #mitchellhedgesskull #UFO #ageofaquarius #hollowearth #paranormal #metaphysical #psychic #aura #newage #awakening
February 16, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 4 [WyrdRealities] Very Wyrd Haunted & Cursed Objects
One very unusual phenomena of the paranormal world is that of the haunted object. Join hosts Gracie and Hadley as they discuss cursed or haunted paintings, statues, mirrors, and more. #CatskillsCrone​ #Murderchair​ #darkmirrors​ #cursedpaintings​ #cursedobjects​ #haunteditems
January 30, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 3 [WyrdRealities] The Great Conjunction & Energy Shift (Rare Planetary Alignment).
Dec 21, 2020 the two biggest planets in our solar system Saturn and Jupiter will have their closest encounter since 1623 almost 400 years ago. Join hosts Gracie and Hadley as they discuss what this could mean as we enter into the Aquarius age.    #ageofaquarius @greatconjunction2020 #planetarybodies #astrology #newearth #newbeginnings
December 21, 2020
Sn 1 Ep 2 [WyrdRealities] Psychics. Oracles, and Wyrd Science
Gracie and Hadley are back discussing where their deep dive into Project Star Gate led them.
November 30, 2020
Sn 1 Ep. 1 [WyrdRealities] The Strange & Mysterious Rh-Negative Blood Types - They Are Wyrd
Discussion and talk about the Strange, Mysterious, and Wyrd World of Rh-negative Blood Types. Host cover alien hybridization, royal bloodlines, ancient civilizations, the fae, psychic power, and medical anomalies.
October 31, 2020