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Mark-Xtreme talks to the Interesting People in Music, Sports, Film, and technology weekly across the world. Every Tuesday & Friday on Ejazz Radio 8-9pm EAT. Listen Live :
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A Conversation with PWR CPL

The Xtreme BPM

A Conversation with KEVIN LYTTLE
Kevin Lyttle (born Lescott Kevin Lyttle Coombs) is a soca artist hailing from Saint Vincent. There’s a reason why they call Lyttle the “feel-good” man. His eclectic tracks can’t help but to make listeners feel warm as he bringswith him the island life, with a touch of SOCA (calypso music with elements of soul) to the dance floor. Lyttle broke through the mold back in traditional releasing of music and breaking into the industry in 2003 with his hit single “TurnMe On,” which topped charts around the world - the U. K., Germany, Italy France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Australia, and on to the United States. After earning spots on MTV, Billboard’s Hot 100, and even signing a deal with Atlantic Records, his album went multi-platinum, selling over 2,000,000 copies in the beginning. He went on to have two more songs, “Drive Me Crazy” and “Home for Carnival,” that hit number one on the charts for 2 consecutive years. Lyttle was, by all definitions of the term, a rising star.On January 1st, Kevin Lyttle released yet another smash hit. The track ‘Slow Motion’ lives up to its name with its provocative lyrics and Soca, R&B and Dance fusion. Kevin Lyttle is still beaming from the success of ‘Midnight’, a collaboration with Latin artist & songwriter, Nengo Flow, which peaked at no.1 on the Billboard Tropical chart in October 2016. Going into 2017, Lyttle has his eyes set on his next few projects. Singles from the Turn Me On 15th Anniversary album are currently being released and fans can expect a remaster of the original single with fellow Tarakon Records artist and original featured artist,Maddzart, as well as international artists features on French & Spanish versions when the album drops. The album also contains the best of the best covers, remixes and remakes from fans. The most notable remake for 2016 being the cover by DJ trio Cheat Codes and Dutch producer Dante Klein, called "Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)" which has already been played over 110 million times on Spotify. Follow Kevin Lyttle here  : Spotify: Instagram : Twitter : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook :
October 03, 2022
A Conversation with CHAPELL
Storytelling drives both Chapell’s writing and his live show. The New York based singer / songwriter recounts real and raw stories throughout a prolific catalog of genre-agnostic songwriting. Streamed over 1.5 million times and counting and fresh off of a wildly successful tour with the Gin Blossoms, Chapell’s live show gushes earnestness and charm. Chapell’s solo performances are gaining notoriety by the minute – having been invited to play with the likes of Gin Blossoms, Everclear, Lisa Loeb, 38 Special, Bighead Todd, Iron Butterfly, Flock of Seagulls and Jackopearce. Alan closed out 2021 with a performance on Rob Reinhart wildly influential radio program, Acoustic Café. In Alan Chapell’s own words, “More than ever, people want to feel like they genuinely belong to something. It’s similar to how you go to church or yoga or whatever you do with a group of people in order to feel a certain thing. For me, the goal is always to draw inspiration from the collective – whether it’s during a more intimate solo concert or with my entire five-piece band. I want to bring the feeling of hope while we have a great time with all of you!” Follow Chapell here  : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook :
August 29, 2022
A Conversation with KENDRA & THE BUNNIES
Kendra Muecke is a singer/songwriter, writer, actress, model, and published author performing musically as a solo act under the name “Kendra & the Bunnies”. Based in Los Angeles and born in Houston Texas, her mission is to create art that reflects society’s positive aspects back onto itself, causing a ripple effect that expands as it is heard. Her intention is to share healing via collaborative experience and understanding through performance. She is for the peaceful gathering of community through means of song, voice, and action; improving the planet one note & one poem at a time. Through music, Kendra & the Bunnies combines song, spoken word, theatrical staging, and healing ritual to transpose the audience into a mystical-surrender of now. Kendra & the Bunnies’ sound combines the musical notes of singing, poetry, guitar (electric and acoustic), percussion, medicine drum, and electronic samples. Kendra has self-titled her genre “Celtic Americana’ that chants from the valleys of Folk, Western-Rock, and New-School Blues”. This brings the listener into thinking about where the roots of folk-americana were founded. There is a lot of storytelling prevalent in the creation and continuation of our country, the key is recognizing what stories we as a society cling to and why. Her style has been said to remind listeners of Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane if she were to be singing Grateful Dead songs. It’s like Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks sat down to play a game of poker and Neil Young were the dealer. Kendra & the Bunnies’ first album, “of Vinyl” debuted on July 5, 2019. “of Vinyl” is a singer-songwriter approach to the allegoric heartlands of love. Her second musical body of work is the EP, “of Always”, released on September 6, 2019. “of Always” is an ode to the muse in the moon, singing she will always listen, relate, and respond. The first single from her third album release, “of Thank You”, is titled Silent Sleeper and hits stores February 6, 2020. “of Thank You” is being distributed by The Orchard (Sony Music Group). Kendra & the Bunnies has performed all over Los Angeles, NorCal, SoCal, Portland, Denver, New York City, Pennslyvania, Austin, and Houston, TX. Notable venues being The Viper Room LA, The Mint LA, The House of Blues Anaheim, Music Inn World Instruments NYC, The Venue ATX, Be on Key Psychedelic Ripple Denver, Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center PA, and a recording session at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings in Brooklyn, NY. Follow Kendra here  :                     Spotify:                Instagram :                Facebook : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                             Twitter :                         Instagram :                         Facebook :
August 23, 2022
A Conversation with Runa from TIMEBELLE
With the power ballad “Apollo” written and produced in Sweden, Timebelle represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine. The band is named after the famous Swiss landmark “Zytglogge” in Bern. However, Timebelle is also a tribute to a “beautiful time” in Bern, where the band has been originally. With the help of a distinguished, world famous producer Soundland, Timebelle released new videos for the songs “Come around”, “Heartache”, “Tócame” and preparing new ones such as “Soon”, “Side love” or “Black Sea”. Timebelle ́s goal is to keep making music, no matter what. There is no rhythm in life without music. As a trained musician and dedicated actress, lead singer Miruna Manescu from Romania is expressing her passsion for art. She always gets involved in the writing process of their materials, because she says “an artist has to be in a direct connection with what she/he performs. Writing music is not easy, is like going to the therapist where you have to open some of the deepest wounds you have had your entire life. But that is also why music is the best therapy in the world.” Emanuel Daniel Andriescu plays piano, but he teaches saxophone and clarinet. The internationally active musician has been living in Switzerland for the last thirteen years. He achieves his goals with a lot of charm and dedication. He has a strong will and rarely takes no for an answer. Follow Timebelle here  : Spotify: Instagram : Facebook : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook :
July 29, 2022
A Conversation with RAINEE BLAKE
Rainee Blake is an Australian-born singer-songwriter, musician, and actress based in Los Angeles. She is known for her recurring role as Alannah Curtis on CMT’s Nashville as well as her original EP Fool for Love (2018). Rainee appeared in the final season of Nashville which included her original composition ‘Treading Water.’ She additionally recorded fifteen songs under the Lion’s Gate Music Label as a part of her time on the show. In 2018 Rainee performed at The Opry alongside the Nashville cast for their farewell concert. Following the show’s conclusion, she released an EP of original music, Fool for Love. She also produced, directed and starred in the music video for the title track.  Rainee will be releasing new music with an accompanying live video of the recording session at Loveboat Sounds (Los Angeles) in January 2020. She recently returned to Nashville to host a sold-out writer’s round at the famous Bluebird Café. Her show Take Me As I Am: An Evening with Joni Mitchell (dir. Joanna Wineburg), has received international acclaim for its “startling honesty and brilliance” (Rewired). Rainee embodies Joni Mitchell in her one-woman show about the artist’s life and music. She first penned this intimate tribute to Joni Mitchell six years ago and has since toured it internationally including at The National Folk Festival in Australia. In 2014 Rainee first released her debut self-titled EP. With influences ranging from 1960s soul, folk and pop, the resulting music combines Rainee’s soft spot for simple vintage sounds with her love of modern R&B. Rainee draws inspiration from classic songstresses Carole King and Roberta Flack as well as contemporaries Sara Bareilles and Lake Street Dive. Check out her website here : Follow RAINEE BLAKE here  : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook :
July 12, 2022
A Conversation with MEADOWHIP
meadowhip is the slinky solo project of singer/songwriter/poet Cara Walkam - one half of Wollongong indie pop duo, Territories. Influenced by artists like Solange, Tame Impala, Erykah Badu and Groove Theory, meadowhip fuses introspective, impatient and irreverent lyrics with pop melodies and elements of psychedelic soul, alt-R&B and jazz. meadowhip is an exploration of self and society from Cara’s perspective. As she puts it, “I’m here to discuss the big three - capitalism, patriarchy, and myself.” Follow MEADOWHIP here :  Spotify : Instagram : Facebook : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook :
July 12, 2022
A Conversation with LEAH HARRIS + New Single "Shine"
Leah Harris is a Canadian singer-songwriter inspired by the sounds of Alicia Keys, Prince, Amy Winehouse and Aaliyah. Leah combines Classic Soul and 90s R&B with a modern twist complimented by a light, inspiring songwriting style. Leah’s unique style has been praised by musicians like Montell Jordan, Kabir Sehgal and Valerie Simpson, and her original songs have received over 350,00 streams on more than 800 Spotify playlists. Leah grew up in Windsor, Ontario, less than ten minutes from Detroit. Guided by musical encouragement from both parents, Leah learned piano from her mother at age four and was introduced to the fundamentals of writing from her father, a Country songwriter, at age nine. By age fifteen, a strong Motown and Blues influence had developed from the nearby Detroit scene, and Leah was performing Soul music at weekly gigs. In 2008, Leah moved to Boston to study Piano Performance at Berklee College of Music. There she met producer Adam Rhodes, who went on to produce Leah’s first EP “I Don’t Believe inLove,” released in 2014, as well as the more recent “Treat Me Good” EP and single “Don’t Blame Me.” Leah then moved to Sweden in 2015 where she joined the Blues and songwriting scenes, before relocating to Helsinki, Finland to work as education designer of the ‘Yousician Piano’ app. Leah moved to Dublin in February 2017, which was the base of a two-year independent tour of 13 countries across three continents. At the end of the tour in 2018, Leah moved to New York City and soon after released her EP ''Treat Me Good,” recorded at Brooklyn's Systems TwoStudios. It didn’t take long for Leah to become a part of the NYC Soul music scene, and within her first month she was invited to perform at such notable venues as Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar, The Delancey, Rockwood Music Hall, Cafe Wha? and Club Groove. After focusing a few years years on musical development in New York City, Leah headed to Nashville in 2021 to record two original songs with producer Sal Oliveri. The first release, “Shine” was released in May of 2022 at Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar and emphasizes the importance of following one’s own creative journey. Leah continues to perform regularly both in NYC and internationally while also preparing to release her second single of the year in late 2022. Follow Leah’s journey on Instagram at @leahharrisofficial . Check out her website here : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook :
May 24, 2022
A Conversation with ARIEL ROSE
Miami-based singer/songwriter Ariel Rose became an award-winning artist at the age of 15 with her single, “My Perfect Day,” which won 1st place in the Pop Category in the Great American Song Contest. Her love for Latin multi-cultural sounds and her classically-trained background caught the attention of multi-LatinGrammy nominated Colombian producer, Juan Vicente Zambrano. Zambrano produced her first album, "Rhythms of Life," which she recorded in English & Spanish. Ariel started developing her fanbase posting Spanish covers, being reposted by many Latin artists, and has garnered over 20k+ followers on Instagram. Ariel Rose released a salsa version of Adele's "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," combining the rhythm & instrumentation of salsa with her strong melodic pop vocals to create a lively, fun & fresh new take on the song. Having performed around the country for various events & galas, her voice has captured the attention of thousands. Ariel released her latest original single & music video, "Somebody Loves You," in May 2020 and partnered with the United Way to raise funds for itsMiami Pandemic Response Fund. "Somebody Loves You" is an inspirational pop ballad featuring uplifting lyrics & powerful vocals that conveys the universal message of love and hope. More recently, Ariel was the featured vocalist on a Suncoast Emmy-winning project, called River of the Last Valley in the musical composition & arrangement category. Ariel Rose is set to release her new Spanglish Visual EP, In Paraíso, on May 20, 2022, along with four music videos directed by Jose Alejandro Gonzalez of JAGProductions. The EP is a fusion of Latin genres with tropical pop instrumentation inspired by her hometown, Miami, and her love for Latin music. In Paraíso will feature original songs produced by the Latin Grammy nominated duo Mike Muñoz & Gio Fernandez, who have written songs for Luis Fonsi, Pedro Capo, & PrinceRoyce, and it will also feature songs produced by the Grammy nominated/Latin Grammy winning Producer of the Year, Tony Succar, who has collaborated withLatin music giants Luis Enrique, La India, Gente de Zona, Tito Nieves and Sheila E. Ariel's new EP features her first original salsa song, "Atrapada," written with Tony Succar and the Latin Grammy winning songwriter and producer, Jorge Luis Piloto. Follow Ariel Rose on IG :                         Spotify :                        Youtube :                      Facebook : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                             Twitter :                         Instagram :                         Facebook :
April 28, 2022
A Conversation with SISTERHOOD PROJECT
'GARDEN OF DELIGHTS' OUT NOW! 'Garden Of Delights', album an ode to the nature and feminism. Inspired by Bosch's painting, the third album of Sisterhood Project is experimental, asymmetrical, modern and melodious. The music of Sisterhood Project is a velvet hand in an iron glove. Marie and Doo met in 2018 to found the project, and began to work on the writing of their first album "Sisterhood": portraits and stories of women as diverse as the musical styles explored (jazz, trip-hop, rap, rock). They then released an EP in 2020 "Brotherhood". They have just finished the creation of their third album: "Garden of Delights", a still feminist work that invites union and sharing. Follow Sisterhood Project on IG :                                      Spotify :                               Soundcloud : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                            Twitter :                       Instagram :                       Facebook :
April 27, 2022
A Conversation with SUNSET + MINE
sunset + mine bursts into the light as the new project of husband and wife duo Valerie and Rocco Repetski. Drawn together by music, the Washington DC-area couple craft a refreshing and upbeat perspective of love and relationship through a novel revelation of their own marriage journey.  sunset + mine tracks are rife with compelling lyrics, bright synths, and a youthful enthusiasm that belies the decade they’ve spent performing as a married couple. January 14th, 2022 heralds the release of sunset + mine’s debut single ‘Honey Let’s Go”, a breezy, sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs anthem that journeys through the blossoming of Valerie and Rocco’s romance and explodes with the wonder of young love, sheer joy and hopeful adventure only imaginable from a couple who grew up a mile apart, fell in love over impromptu jam sessions and now travel the world together.  Los Angeles-based producer Ian Charlie (of Walla) combines a modern approach to highlighting Valerie’s gentle, smooth vocals and Rocco’s hook-laden melodies with driving beats and a catchy synth pop instrumentation that takes off from beat one.  The track resounds with fans of Owl City, Colbie Caillat, and Lauren Daigle. For years, Valerie and Rocco have longed to release a pop project together, taking that leap in 2021 with a series of recording sessions in Los Angeles to create the countercultural breath of fresh air that is sunset + mine.  They can't wait to make you smile! Follow SUNSET + MINE on IG :                                  Spotify :                                 Youtube : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                             Twitter :                         Instagram :                         Facebook :
April 26, 2022
A Conversation with KELSEY GILL
Kelsey hails from the little town of Clitheroe in the North of England. She burst onto the scene in 2018, after collaborating with production duo YellowClaw on their album project "New Blood”; via the song ‘I’ll Be Fine‘ which achieved huge streaming success and captivated the attention of fans as well as other producers & collaborators. Kelsey’s sophomore feature was a collaboration with MRK (the alias of accomplished producer Mark Hadfield) who has collaborated with the likes of Iggy Azalea and Ne-Yo but to name a few. The track dominated playlists nationwide with BBC Radio 1 just one of the many platforms introducing Kelsey to the mainstream. Rapidly establishing herself as one of the most sought after female vocals on dance tracks, Kelsey became inundated with requests from label A&R’s and producers alike to collaborate and went on to release “Back To You” with Mike La Funk and follow up MRK single “Stupid” which both continued to accumulate millions of plays respectively. Kelsey has continued to generate interest from the BBC / media outlets and went on to support serial chart-topper Becky Hill in 2021. 2022 is set to be the biggest and most-ambitious yet for Kelsey Gill with the long anticipated release of solo-material - with focus on both the UK and Stateside. Follow KELSEY GILL  on :                     IG :              Spotify :       Soundcloud : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                            Twitter :                        Instagram :                         Facebook:
April 25, 2022
A Conversation with EVROD CASSIMY
Evrod Cassimy is a TV News Anchor for NBC and Pop/R&B Recording Artist and songwriter. He has opened for Boyz II Men, Tamar Braxton and Patti LaBelle. His music has been played all over radio in Detroit, MI where he can be seen on TV every morning. His most popular song, "Turn It Up" has more than 410,000 streams on Spotify. Evrod's latest album is "E3" and is available everywhere now! Follow EVROD CASSIMY on  :                       IG :                Spotify :               Website : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                            Twitter :                        Instagram :                          Facebook:
April 24, 2022
A Conversation with MIA DELAMAR
Rising superstar and quintessential threat Mia Delamar is a singer-songwriter, musician, choreographer, dancer and actress hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. She currently works with Dubzworld Productions, multi-platinum record producer JDub and Billboard Studios. At just 23 years old, Mia boasts an impressive resume of singing, dancing, and acting credentials. Having studied dance since the age of 2, she holds a Bachelor of Music and a Minor in Dance, from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She currently studies under New York's Award-Winning Producer/Director David Wenzel and showcases her unique soulful sonics on her debut EP Focus already available on all streaming services. Keep your eyes peeled for Mia's next release by following her on Spotify and other platforms. Connect with MIA DELAMAR here : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook :
April 13, 2022
Th.i.a. on her Single Down for Me (feat. Giselle Lily)
Pop/R&B songwriter and producer and I release songs under the name ‘Th.i.a.’, which means Th.rive i.n a.dversity. There are many empowering stories of common people thriving in adversity and my ultimate goal is to be the voice of these people and tell their stories through my songs. Follow TH.I.A on         Instagram :             Spotify :     Soundcloud : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                            Twitter :                       Instagram :                      Facebook :
March 24, 2022
A Conversation with ESTELLA DAWN
Estella Dawn, New Zealand born, US based pop artist, singer, songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist, Estella has the skills to not only have a creative vision but to guide that process through to a cohesive, fully formed, song. Her songs are often about empowerment and confidence and span various genres, reflecting the artist's skill and diverse creative output. She has organically grown her career and following with a consistent release of music that resonate with the personal reflections on life as a mid 20's woman in a complex, and sometimes overwhelming, world. With this growth, there have been many highs, her song 'I Dare You' charted on the media base Radio Top 40 chart, she's been interviewed by and had songs added to many radio stations and some big Spotify playlists.Her music has been compared to Pink, Billie Eilish, Halsey, Sia, PVRIS and other strong, independent minded, artists and she's had many wonderful reviews by global music bloggers: “Estella Dawn brings us another sample of her compositional and vocal ability. "Vixen" is a song that carries, in its poetics, a powerful message. That power, too, is reflected in the instrumental aspect of the song, and in the beautiful intensity of the song's vocal section.” Fernando Nunez - VISUAL ATELIER 8 “Estella Dawn is a talent that needs to get her time in the spotlight. The moment you hear her voice cut through you are reminded almost of an Alicia Keys-esc power ballad.” Hannah Schneider - Unheard Gems Having released a whopping 16 singles since 2020 Estella is currently producing a full length album, recorded in the studio with a band, that is due to be released in 2022. As with any high output artist she is still releasing another singles in 2022, first "Salt" Feb 4th and most recently “Buzz Cut” March 11. Estella is on a mission to live her best life and make music that encourages others to do so as well. Keep an eye on Estella Dawn, she clearly has a deep creative well to draw from. Follow ESTELLA DAWN on         Instagram :            Spotify :     Soundcloud :        Facebook : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                            Twitter :                       Instagram :                       Facebook :
March 24, 2022
A Conversation with LADY SHAKE
LADY SHAKE Mirabelle Elisa Oro más conocida como Lady Shake o Mirabelle nacio el 4 marzo 1993 en Brescia ciudad del norte Italia, es una cantante y actriz italiana de estylo urbano latino reggaeton y trap en español. En Italia desde chiquita estudio teatro cine y tv al academia de los artistas en Milán estudio con la profesora conocida Fioretta Mari, el regista Giancarlo Scarchilli con quien realizo la soapopera Al Cafe y en seguida en la academia Actuemos em Bogotá del famoso actor colombiano Edgardo Roman en Bogotá Colombia con quien realizo la obra de teatro basura de muy buen exito. Trabajo con la famosa Lory del Santo como protagonista del episodio 10 de webserie de you tube The Lady 3 protagonizo tbn la película de cine thriller Il sospetto di Vincenzo Meda Tambien en Colombia hizo parte de la Sin senos no hay paraiso interpretando una criminal americana en la carcel de miami. Siempre se ha dedicado a estudiar su carrera musical estudiando el canto con clases privadas en dos escuelas diferentes en Civitanova Marche ,Scuola musica insieme de Samuele Dutto y Madeitagain & de Angelo Carassai escuelas de canto muy famosas en Civitanova Marche. Protagonizo tbn el Reality Doce chicas en sky canal 828 y directo de la pagina oficial facebook Twelve Girls, dosponible tbn en youtube con el nombre de Mirabelle donde se exibido tbn en la final con sua musicas Party y Imaginandote cantadas durante el programa a capela. Gano disco de oro en Medellín de the voice music award Follow Lady Shake here :                          Spotify :                     Facebook :                     Instagram :                         Twitter : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                            Twitter :                        Instagram :                         Facebook:
March 22, 2022
A Conversation with SHONTELLE
The gorgeous young singer was born Shontelle Layne on the beautiful island of Barbados, the eldest of three sisters, and still speaks with an intoxicating West Indian lilt. While attending a high school, where she served as a drill sergeant in the Cadet Corps, Shontelle met and became friends with another young talent with dreams of making it big - her name was Rihanna. After writing childhood stories with her sister and chants for her cheerleading squad in school, one of the first songs she wrote, Roll It Gal, found its way to Alison Hinds, another prominent singer in Barbados, where the song became a hit. At this point, Shontelle was brought to the world stage by the very same company that discovered Rihanna in Barbados. She went on to co-write Man Down, the sixth single lifted from Rihanna’s fifth studio album LOUD. Shontelle’s role on Man Down awarded her the title as a Grammy nominated songwriter. She released two well-received albums on Universal Motown, Shontelligence and No Gravity including hits like Impossible, T-Shirt, Stuck With Each Other and Say Hello To Goodbye. Follow Shontelle here :                   Facebook :                      Twitter :                 Instagram :                    Youtube :                      Spotify : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                            Twitter :                       Instagram :                        Facebook:
March 22, 2022
A Conversation with SUNSET + MINE
sunset + mine bursts into the light as the new project of husband and wife duo Valerie and Rocco Repetski. Drawn together by music, the Washington DC-area couple craft a refreshing and upbeat perspective of love and relationship through a novel revelation of their own marriage journey.  sunset + mine tracks are rife with compelling lyrics, bright synths, and a youthful enthusiasm that belies the decade they’ve spent performing as a married couple. January 14th, 2022 heralds the release of sunset + mine’s debut single ‘Honey Let’s Go”, a breezy, sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs anthem that journeys through the blossoming of Valerie and Rocco’s romance and explodes with the wonder of young love, sheer joy and hopeful adventure only imaginable from a couple who grew up a mile apart, fell in love over impromptu jam sessions and now travel the world together.  Los Angeles-based producer Ian Charlie (of Walla) combines a modern approach to highlighting Valerie’s gentle, smooth vocals and Rocco’s hook-laden melodies with driving beats and a catchy synth pop instrumentation that takes off from beat one.  The track resounds with fans of Owl City, Colbie Caillat, and Lauren Daigle. Follow Sunset+Mine here :                             Spotify :                          Youtube :                        Instagram :                        Facebook : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                            Twitter :                       Instagram :                       Facebook :
March 22, 2022
A Conversation with MICHELAH DESNAI
Michelah Desnai is an artist originally from southern Virginia. Using her southern roots she has taken many influences and created her original soulful rock sound. Follow Desnai here :                    Spotify :               Facebook :               Instagram :                   Tik Tok : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                             Twitter :                        Instagram :                         Facebook:
March 22, 2022
Isabelle Fries on her Single Scrapbook #EjazzMixShow
“SCRAPBOOK”, the new single from Isabelle Fries, invites us to not only take a look back at our life adventures, but to also look forward, letting us truly “feel along the way. “This song for me is about longing for the past and the all encompassing feeling of nostalgia, emotions we almost all surely experience”, says Fries. “Yet at the same time, it’s also about wanting more for your life and knowing that you are capable, even if it means having to fight off the demons in your head, feeling rather than going numb, and that internal battle to get to where you long and belong to be.” “I wanted to forget, I fell asleep and it’s so cold alone I want to be someone, I want to reach out and touch love and burn all up But they say it ain’t easy… “ ~ SCRAPBOOK Check out Scrapbook here :                               Spotify :                            Youtube :                          Instagram : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook:
March 19, 2022
A Conversation with IMANI
IMANI is a genre-bending artist born on an unknown Planet, Planet X. Her style is a fusion of experimental R&B, Deep House, Jazz , and EDM with a sad edge. Her family left planet X in the 90s and moved to Louisiana. Her love for southern Hip Hop influences her sound with heavy bass and robust drums. IMANI’s hypnotizing vocal style ranges from soft and angelic to gritty and diabolical. She credits her lively stage presence, which includes vignettes of inspiration, to being brought up in a small southern church. On her upcoming album, “YEAR 3076”, IMANI travels to the future where she explores love, loss, and heartbreak all while fighting for her DREAMS against the evil Dreamons. Follow IMANI on IG :                  Spotify :           Soundcloud : Follow Mark-Xtreme here  :                             Twitter :                       Instagram :                       Facebook:
March 18, 2022
A Conversation With Dezvelkito
Uscla Johnny Desarmes aka Dezvelkito, is a peaceful indie r&b New Jersey, USA-based producer, filmmaker, writer and singer-songwriter, who makes that thoughtful music, that he uses to help the world breathe and think about the positive vibrations. Follow Dezvelkito on IG :                         Spotify : Follow Mark-Xtreme here
March 14, 2022
A Conversation With Alex Sandra
Alex Sandra (Aleksandra Marshaniia) is a full time singer and song-writer. Music is her daily inspiration and passion. Growing up in a dysfunctional family could have broken her, but it didn’t. Alex was forced to grow up fast. She became the head of her family and by 18 she took custody of her younger siblings. Music was the one thing that kept her going through the turbulent times. It gave her strength, kept her spirit up and helped her stay focused while pursuing her dreams. Throughout her teenage years, Alex was heavily influenced by rock bands of the early 2000's such as Guano Apes, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chilli Peppers as well as System Of A Down. At age 15 she joined her first rock band. Alex performed lead vocals and gained her first stage experiences. During this time confidence grew and she realised that music was not only her greatest passion but was also something that she wanted to pursue as a career. Alex was given another challenge when she was 19. She became a mother. People judged her and thought “trash comes from trash”. It was expected that her life was over and she had failed. "I knew better and into my early 20's my music was there to help me to stay motivated not only in fulfilling my goals but also in proving people wrong" says Alex. Throughout the years, Alex's musical taste has evolved. It has shifted from rock towards pop. Alex has had opportunities to perform in Europe, China as well as in the States. "I am constantly pushing myself to improve. To be the best artist I can be" - says Alex. "Today I look up to Adele, Alicia Keys, Madonna, as well as Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. These are the artists whose music inspire me the most" - Alex Sandra Alex recently relocated to San Francisco with her Australian husband and daughter. She is also preparing to release her first EP "Supergirl". Besides music Alex runs a very successful TikTok and Instagram, totalling 500k followers. Follow Alex on IG :                Tik Tok :            Facebook :                Spotify :               Youtube :               Website : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :  Twitter :
March 11, 2022
A Conversation with Adam Tsarouchis
Adam Tsarouchis is a Greek singer . Adam Bringing a bold, new sound to ‘vintage pop’. released his first album in 2015 with the title "San Tainia" and many singles has participated in many musicals released in 2021 the cover of Celine Dion "just walk away" experiencing great success in Greece. has appeared in several concerts in Greece and abroad. also took part in the vocals at eurovoice in the participation of Austria 
 ''Just Walk Away'' is a famous cover of celine dion is a song with a Mediterranean atmosphere.The smooth vocal of adam tsarouchis give a sense of lounge and easy listening style.the song was found in N # 4 of the greek itunes charts in sales. also became beloved by several radios. You can listen to "just walk away" on all music platforms The song is already a success in European countries in the itunes charts in the category Easy Listening song. It has already gone N # 1 in Austria N # 26 in Spain and N # 66 in Russia.
March 08, 2022
A Conversation With MARCUS LOVE
Moreno Valley artist Marcus Love is bringing a new energy to our favorite hip-hop sounds with R&B vibes from the early 2000’s. Being inspired by the voices and sounds of his favorite genre, he has shown that consistency and proper execution can put good quality music into the ears of many R&B fans all across the world. Entering the entertainment industry as an actor, Marcus Love has since added music to his resume following the success of his 5-track debut EP titled, “Thoughts After Midnight.” Starting off this EP with his most successful track titled “Good Vibes Only” which landed on EJazz Radio in January 2022, Marcus Love plans to stay consistent in music and providing fans with genuine, soulful, original R&B vibes. Fans are encouraged to follow Marcus Love on social media for upcoming releases, shows and collaborations! Instagram: @dr_love15
February 09, 2022
A Conversation With RONNA RIVA
Carressed by the Black Sea waves, the city of Constanta is a place with a great history behind. It is also known for that special vibe that all the artists born here are carrying with them. Ronna Riva is no different. She loved being on stage since her early childhood. At only 13 years of age she was already touring around Romania with the Viva band. But only after she finished her studies she dedicated completely to her one true love: music! Ronna confesses that music is contagious and once you are taken by it, there’s no way out, it’s in your soul. She wants everyone to connect with her through her music. A few collaborations with international artists like Grammy nominated Will Jordan or the super talented Turkish rapper Pooyan Mokhtari stand as a proof for her incredible musical versatility. Her songs were licensed in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus Check out Ronna Riva's Music here : Follow her on Instagram here : Youtube : Facebook : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
February 04, 2022
A Conversation with SELENA VICTORIA
Selena Victoria Polutnik is a singer/songwriter who stems from a working class family making her the first in her family to achieve and chase such a dream from her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. My inspiration comes from many different things. Be it an experience, or a dream. Could be a quote, one's own story. I draw inspiration from everything and everyone around me. Constantly coming up with new lyrics and melodie's to new songs. I find the best work comes out when I'm truly authentic and fully immerse myself in the project I am working on. That is when the magic truly happens. Listen to Selena's Music here : Follow Selena Victoria on Instagram here : Follow Mark-Xtreme here
February 04, 2022
A Conversation With DREW SCHUELER
2022 follows up on the success of Schueler’s flourishing releases, ‘Best Friend’, ‘Constellation’, and ‘Gold Skies’ that capped off 2021.   Drew spent the past year in his Nashville studio preparing a dozen releases and collabs for this year, starting off with the anticipated heartbreak song, ‘To Know I Hurt You’. (Release Date: 1/21/2022)  Schueler’s collab with Addy Ace and Vic Roz called ‘View’, has over 2 million streams on Spotify alone. His song, ‘Head Start’ is climbing past 1.2 million, as well.   Drew was named a Top 10 finalist of NSAI’s Song Contest two years in a row and a finalist in ISC’s Song Competition. With more exciting releases coming in 2022, Drew is set up for his biggest year yet. Check out  DREW SCHUELER's Music here :
February 01, 2022
A Conversation with SONIA ELISHEVA
British singer-songwriter Sonia Elisheva appeared on the scene in December 2020 featuring as a guest vocalist on swing-hop producer LVDS' debut album: "Golden Days." Sonia's distinctive vocals quickly captured the attention of other big producers in the Electro-Swing world. Working with Berlin based record label "Electro Swing Thing', Sonia went on to feature on several other collaboration singles throughout the year, one of which landed her a place on a coveted Spotify editorial playlist. In May 2021, Sonia earned a nomination at the prestigious Maastricht Jazz Awards in the Netherlands for her cover of Grover Washington Jr's timeless classic: "Mr Magic" By the end of 2021, Sonia had given her Electro-Swing roots a makeover with her debut independent release: "HUMMINGBIRD". The five track soul and jazz EP was recorded completely remotely with various producers from around the world and a guest appearance from grammy-award nominated saxophonist Aníbal Seminario. "There's something about Sonia Elisheva's vocals that are equally as modern as they are timeless." - ( "Once she's got you in a melodic trance, there's no escaping the charm of this silken siren." - (JansensJamz Blog) Listen to Sonia's EP Humming Bird here :
December 16, 2021
A Conversation with YARLIE
19th of November Sweden’s biggest crybaby YARLIE is released her debut EP, ”Stupid With A Sore Heart”, which is a story about all the times YARLIE had her heart broken, as well as all the hearts she has broken. ”This is a letter of forgiveness. Yet It’s a middle finger up in the air, and at the same time it’s a tribute to all the brave hearts out there. The one’s who dares to love, over and over again.” YARLIE explains. A tale starting with the first chapter about YARLIE’s first teenage queer love to the last chapter ending in her biggest heartbreak and break up so far. A tale magically wrapped up in analoge synthesizers, pounding 808’s and YARLIE’s remarkable voice. Being an independent artist, female entrepreneur, as well as a non stoppable force in the body positivism and feminist movement, YARLIE didn’t doubt for a second when choosing the date for the release - 19th of November, the International Men’s day. ”For way too long the music industry has been a men’s world, that’s about to change. Watch me do it.” Yarlie explains unquestionably. YARLIE has gotten attention all the way from north of Sweden to Abu Dhabi. For example playlist placements in Spotify’s ”GRL PWR” and Apple Music’s ”Made In Sweden”. Coverage in Sweden’s biggest newspaper, Aftonbladet. Radio rotation in Namibia (NAM Radio) and being nominated as Best Pop Act in ISR Awards. Started from zero, YARLIE has already gained a stable following on social media with fans who call themselves ”YARLINGS”, been headhunted as a model for Swedish fashion brand MONKI and has been seen on national TV performing in ”SVT Musikkalender”. With that being said, it’s safe to say that YARLIE has made quite the debut, and is more than ready to take 2022 by storm. Check out here debut EP here  : Her website :
November 26, 2021
A Conversation with JORDAN MUELLER
Jordan Mueller is an indie alt/pop singer-songwriter from Tampa, FL. He just released his debut EP entitled "Easy Going" that you can get here :
November 25, 2021
LINDA back on the Xtreme BPM
Linda is a singer, song-writer and pilot, in love with aviation and aircrafts. Her Biography I am a singer-songwriter, and I love aviation technology and old aircrafts.  I had my first music album in 2010 and I started my glider pilot training one year after the album was released.  Since that day, I always had this crazy idea to fly on my own music.   ⚫ I grew up in a small village in Transylvania and moved to Budapest in 2012 for my master studies in marketing and project management.  ⚫ In 2020, after an 8-year break in my music career, I started working on my new album, dedicating each song to a different type of flying, aircraft, or pilot.   ⚫ After releasing the Snowflakes music video, I joined the team Altus as a navigator for national competitions in 2021, and world record attempts. We won 4 national UL navigation races in HU, and flew 3 distance world records with only 7kg of fuel as navigator on the board of the Altus motor-glider.   ⚫ Near my music and flying career, I am working as an agile expert in transportation technology, creating project management processes and methodologies, for innovation projects.    ⚫Singles:  - Chasing Dreams  - Dancing  - My Time  - City Lights  - Best friend  - Losing my mind  - Ballad of Abigail  - Little Prince (next release)   ⚫ Albums Released:  - Yesterdays: Colors Caffé Remixed (2020) - Yesterdays: Japanese bonus CD (2011)  - Yesterdays: Colors Caffé (2010)   ⚫ Other:  - Awarded twice with KOTA International Gold  - Finalist of Voice of Transylvania in 2012 Check out her music here :
November 16, 2021
A Conversation with A.M.L
A.M.L is an up-and-coming artist from Guyana. Check out her Debut Album "Butterfly Effect" available everywhere. Listen to it on spotify here :
November 12, 2021
A Conversation with PEYTON SHAY
Peyton Shay is an 18-year-old Billboard charting artist from Los Angeles, CA. After reaching #18 in the US billboards and #7 in the UK charts she spent several years in the recording studio working on her craft. Inspired by 2000's era pop-nostalgia and modern rock, her confident and unique records reflect the journey of young adulthood. As life comes with uncontrollable hardships, Shay has always used music and songwriting as a way to release tension and express herself. Living life writing songs and making her own lane is where you'll find this up-and-coming artist. Her Debut EP 'Pretty Boi Homicide' was released in October of 2021.
October 18, 2021
A Conversation with LORENSA
Lorensa is a strong young woman with an angelic voice who delivers powerful and real life messages through her music. Born and raised in Israel, her father passed away when she was 8 and that led her to express her pain of the untimely loss by singing and writing. In 2016 Lorensa moved to the USA to pursue her passion. She got lost along the way but found her identity through the downfalls of living alone without her family, no money in her hand, and the feeling of never fitting in as a foreigner. Lorensa started in Miami, moved to Nashville, headed to New York, and now she is in the city of angels working tirelessly on her debut EP. Lorensa always said, “If you want to get to know me, listen to my music".
October 18, 2021
A Conversation with D'SOUND
D'Sound started when three songwriters and musicians, Kim Ofstad (drums), Jonny Sjo (bass) and Simone Eriksrud (vocals) began practicing in a basement in the centre of Oslo in 1993. D'Sound’s music was un-Norwegian, being a mix of acid jazz, soul, R&B, funk, pop and drum 'n' bass. They created an original soundscape that was quickly embraced by the critics and everybody else when they debuted with the single ”Real Name” in 1996. It became the year's most played single on Norwegian radio. Early in 1997 came the debut album "Spice of Life" from which seven singles were released. D'Sound began, slowly but surely, to get attention outside Norway as well. They toured with Roachford in Germany, had a packed concert at the Jazz Café in London and at clubs in Sweden and Denmark. When D'Sound visited Japan on a promotional tour for the album launch, they were the first international band to play live on MTV Japan.   The sequel "Beauty is a Blessing" came in 1998, when the elements of drum 'n' bass and modern soul were even stronger than in the debut. The record was a huge success, debuting as number one on the Norwegian album chart and resulted in Spellemannprisen (often referred to as the Norwegian Grammy Award) for "Norwegian Pop Group of the Year" in 1998. Seven singles were released from this album. One of these was their cover version of Shakatak’s hit, "Down on the Street." In England, the 12" vinyl with remixes of "Down On The Street" went all the way to 11th place on the UK Dance Chart.   In 1999, D'Sound released the single "Disco Ironic," produced by British producer Ashley Beedle (who in 2003 had produced the number one remix of Elton John's "Are You Ready For Love" in 2003).  They wrote the single for the Norwegian-Italian success film "S.O.S." by Thomas Robsham, who also directed the video for it with D'Sound in Rome. The third album, "Talkin 'Talk," debuted in third place on the Norwegian album list in 2000 and received a lot of attention in Asia. The title track became known throughout north and south-east Asia. The music video was played on MTV Asia a lot and was also included in Nokia's big TV campaign in Asia that year. The advertising film was directed by Norwegian director Harald Zwart ("Karate Kid", "Pink Panther 2"). This was also the start of many concerts in Asia, and over the years they have had over 20 concerts in countries such as Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia. With the album "Doublehearted" from 2003, D'Sound showed a new side, both as songwriters and musicians. The album went to third place on the Norwegian album list, was awarded a gold record, and was nominated for the Spellemann Prize that year. The album was produced by Espen Berg and Simen Eriksrud, today better known throughout the world as SEEB (who were behind the world hit "I Took a Pill in Ibiza"). A large number of successful singles were released from the album, including, "Do I Need A Reason" with video directed by Norwegian Ray Kay (Justin Bieber "Baby", Lady Gaga "Poker Face"). In 2004 and 2005, D'Sound toured Europe with both Incognito and The Brand New Heavies. This collaboration resulted in Incognito singer Tony Momrelle joining the duet in the song "Birthday." It was one of the singles from their album "My Today" which was launched in 2006 in many countries and led to new concerts in Asia, Germany and Norway. The album also included the song "Sigh" in duet with the German jazz singer and trumpeter Till Brönner. More here :
October 09, 2021
A Conversation with Natalie Nicole Gilbert
Natalie is a multi-award-winning recording artist who’s acclaimed for her thrilling vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and extensive knowledge of the music industry. Natalie Nicole has thirteen (13) solo albums and an additional seventeen (17) singles to her credit. In addition to her tenure in music, she has more than 10 years in broadcast radio as a radio host and voiceover talent, and has done national commercials for McDonald’s, Cadillac, Quiznos, and other international brands. She built her home recording studio in 2005, when it was still a relatively new practice, and continues to produce and co-produce her own music. She’s also a session vocalist for the Dublin Studio Hub, and film and TV composer with Music + Pictures, whose credits include Law and Order, The Office, and many others worldwide. She brings her extensive knowledge of what is radio ready and what is easiest to license for film & TV to her own acoustic and electric songs. Natalie has called Los Angeles home since 2006. Listen to Natalie's New Album "Recovery"  here :
October 07, 2021
A Conversation with BABY CHEMIST
NYC indie rock band and songwriting duo. Katie Lee Hill and Travis Artz. Known for her work on Apple TV+'s SERVANT and NBC's NEW AMSTERDAM, Katie draws from a 70's SoCal rock background while expounding on what it means to be Asian American in the Americana genre. Known for his work as Transformer "Hot Rod" on Cartoon Network and Netflix, Travis draws from his Jersey boy background while deconstructing what masculinity means in the rock genre. Their single "I'll Still Be Here" (produced by The Cutting Room's Joseph Colmenero) was recently selected as 1 of 58 Semi-Finalists (Americana genre) out of 10,000 worldwide entries in the 2021 Unsigned Only competition. This and the duo's prior releases, including the retro soul "Ride In" and Hank Williams' "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" acoustic cover, have received airplay on four continents and been featured on blogs including The Women of Country.They recently partnered their currently released catalogue with publishing/licensing co. Music of the Sea, and prior collaborations include songwriter/publisher Kirsti Manna (Blake Shelton, Big & Rich) and producer Marley Marl. Travis' original music has also previously been featured at the Beacon Theatre, Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, and Radio City Music Hall. Shared billing on past shows include Jai'Len Josey, Ali Stroker, and Syd & Mike. Katie & Travis individually have performed at the Beacon Theater, Yankee Stadium, Carnegie Hall, and the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden.  Upcoming is the release of their pop-punk update of 4 Non Blonde's "What's Up?" on 9/3/21, coinciding with a single release party and show produced by Times Square Alliance and Broadway Buskers at the Broadway Plaza stage in Times Square later that day, and an EP due in spring of 2022! They will return for another performance at NYC's Little Island on September 29th, following their previous at capacity performance at The Glade stage. Check out more from Baby Chemist here :
September 20, 2021
A Conversation with NEONshe on Her New Album "J-POP"
NEONshe is a British songwriter, producer & musician living in Tokyo, Japan. She is known for her flamboyant costumes, bright purple hair, strong vocal & musical- tech talents & involvement within the LGBTQ+ & vegan community. By composing her art, she hopes to inspire others to share their compassionate truths & express themselves freely & unapologetically. Through sharing her journey with songwriting & producing, she wishes to encourage aspiring creators to be the self- ruling architects of their art, advocating a DIY approach. Listen to NEONshe's Debut Album "J-POP" here :
September 01, 2021
A Conversation with NATALIE CLARK
Scottish singer-songwriter Natalie Clark, who has reaped plaudits from Virgin’s Richard Branson and BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw was selected as a Mercedes Benz KTLA "Artist to Watch” after moving to the US. Natalie was featured in the Mercedes Benz commercial campaign which also included performances at the famous Roxy on Sunset, and The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. She was handpicked to open for the Grammy award winning Indigo Girls tour and has been recording in L.A when not busy touring the US. Natalie received acclaim from multi-platinum artists such as Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton when she appeared on NBC’s The Voice, who praised her voice as ‘cool and powerful’ and ‘incredible’. Since moving to the States, Natalie has opened festivals, toured the country, and was recently named a ‘Hot 100 Live Artist’ in Music Connection Magazine. She is also an official JH Audio featured artist. Her recently released Livewire E.P has already received considerable attention in the sync licensing world, with tracks being featured in several Netflix shows and an international commercial campaign. After giving up her teaching career in Scotland to pursue her dream of writing and playing music, the rising indie-pop artist made headlines in the U.K. when Richard Branson invited her to sing on-stage at a BBC Radio 1 Academy session in Glasgow. Natalie accepted his impromptu challenge, and sang 'Weakness', from her debut EP. It prompted Branson to proclaim: “That was absolutely and utterly stunning – no backing band, no musicians, no forewarning.” He later called her “inspiring”. Grimshaw, who was hosting the BBC Radio 1 Academy event, played ‘Weakness’ and further sang Natalie's praises on his BBC Radio 1 show the following day. Branson has since written several articles about Natalie, including a recent commentary on her record release on  Check out her Music here
August 31, 2021
A Conversation with EĐĐIE
EĐĐIE is a solo singer/songwriter & bassist based in Pennsylvania. He fronts the band "Nothing But A Nightmare" where he sang on multiple EP's and Albums with the group. He gained over 100,000 streams with their most recent album "Kleptomania". Now EĐĐIE takes on the role of a solo artist! His most recent EP "Untethered" gives just a preview of his soaring vocals, catchy music, and grooving bass lines. EĐĐIE plans on releasing an album in 2021 showcasing all of his musical talents, and much more!
August 31, 2021
A Conversation with ISLA RICO
After 4 years of touring the UK and Europe as OFFSHORE, we began a new chapter during lockdown to create music we feel suits the industry and our own tastes. Combining Bedroom Pop Melodies with lively, vibey beats we created ISLA RICO. We turned our focus from touring to really focus on the music. Under a brand new name, a fresh start brings fresh opportunities. ISLA RICO are ready to launch the brand new band, image and sound in June with a good back catalogue of songs, we will be able to release music frequently and to a high standard to keep up with times and demand for more music.
August 17, 2021
A Conversation with Alexis Chapa
Alexis Chapa was a contestant on the first season of "La Voz Kids." It was a privilege and honor to meet the one and only Paulina Rubio, Luis Fonsi, Prince Royce, and Roberto Tapia. Now I am on to bigger and better things! I have worked with Damon Sharpe (Kelly Rowland, Austin Mahone, Big Time Rush), PJ Bianco (Jonas Brothers), Pete Massiti, and more. I was also in the IDA program where I got to work with producer of the decade Rudy Perez, Mark Hudson of the Hudson brothers, Pete Wallace (P!nk), David Frangioni, and Latin singer/songwriter Jon Secada. Traveling the country and even out of the country has always been a dream and it’s a reality because of you all. Thank you!!!  My goal is to inspire people to reach for the impossible. I love to sing, and I hope my music brings you happiness.
August 12, 2021
A Conversation with BASE MOSQUITO
The brainchild of Bulgarian-born music producer Ret Alex, Base Mosquito’s Live Electronica effortlessly glides through fusions of trip-hop, rap, house, soul andalternative music.“Floating in warm with trip-hop elements featuring spacious synths and female lead vocals that create a slick, soothing, confident and chic mood” (Musync) - Music Supervisors hub for big US TV networks! Influences include: Groove Armada, James Blake, Bonobo and Quincy Jones and rappers like Drake Jay Z Kendrick Lamar. Base Mosquito’s core message is to bring people together to find their purpose and to shine a positive light in this turbulent world. For twelve years, Base Mosquito has performed all over the world and enjoyed regular successes on the London club scene playing at Area Vauxhall and Scala Kings Cross. Base Mosquito was delighted to receive support from elite club DJ’s Groove Armada, Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Ferry Corsten and Mike Pickering while signed to an independent record label.At the UK’s “Live and Unsigned” competition, Base Mosquito were voted in the top five bands of the season. “Great mix of sounds matched by an interesting, fun, visual impact. Full on impressive performance and amazing female vocals. Great original tunes, they have their own unique sound” (Live & Unsigned/Radio 1 representatives) What now? Since joining forces with performing artist Gabriela Eva, Base Mosquito and Gabriela have spent an intense three years in the studio and are now eager to share their cohesive fresh material with the world. More exciting artists such as Antarma, Cotton, Marina Avetisian, rappers Kwazi Cort, Luc Skyz, Shauna O’Brian and the rising alternative star Amy Montgomery join the adventure to create a truly global project. Base Mosquito’s new exciting double album JANUS and their live show EVOLution offers the ultimate celebration of human spirit. Releasing in April/May 2021. Base Mosquito’s music demonstrates the human capacity for connection through deep lyrical content and collaborative musical composition. Stream the music here :
August 05, 2021
A Conversation with FOUNTAIN CHILD
Born in Birmingham, UK, Fountain Child is currently based in Shanghai, China.  Creating music and djing under the previous moniker of Inside Out Boy,  Fountain Child has been producing music independently and for other artists  for many years whilst djing across the UK, in a plethora of venues: from Fabric,  to dingy back-alley pubs, to cocktail bars. Bringing together elements of UK Rave, natural soundscapes, and downtempo/ stretched samples, Fountain Child aims to produce music that synthesises  variant environments and emotions. Some recent comments regarding Fountain Child: “This is my first encounter and I quickly became hooked by his mesmerizing beats  and fresh take on combining ambient and lo-fi house.” — Rural Sounds  ( “Moody tracks with sorrowful time-stretched samples” — GIANT ANGRY ROBOT  ( “enigmatic curtailment of the senses…the work brings together the vibe of nature  and heightens the cause with soundscapes that tap the well of self-being close and  closer for examination. Dance? You shall.” — comeherefloyd ( Links: Spotify: ytF7lQLibn8oLZIwd7w Bandcamp: Facebook: Instagram:
July 27, 2021
A Conversation with ZAMMY OSWALD
Zammy Oswald is a Afro-Rican jazz pianist and composer within the diverse independent music scene of Puerto Rico. His use of impressionist harmony, inventive interpretation of traditional jazz repertoire, and block chords are inspired by jazz musicians such as Bill Evans, Robert Glasper, and Dave Brubeck, although his sound also fuses various modalities of Black American Music. 
 Zammy grew up in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, immersed in jazz and various contemporary keyboard styles by his uncle at a young age, and later experimenting with hip-hop-inspired beats in college. While receiving traditional training from his uncle, Zammy has played at many venues and events. Ultimately, his musical path led him to pursue jazz piano and Caribbean music at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. 
 Zammy Oswald is now releasing his new single "Oasis" on July 23, 2021, before releasing his very first EP. He is both soulful and emotional, which is why his songs resonate on the whole spectrum of emotion, but always have a jubilant finale. His pathos is all about feeling full of gratitude, deep relaxation, encouraged, reminding listeners through his music, "Life is like a mountain, hard to climb, but once you get to the top the view is beautiful."
July 26, 2021
A Conversation with ISLA
Born in New York and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, ISLA is a 20 year old up-and-coming independent singer-songwriter who is set to make her debut with her single "Break The Fall" releasing on 9/07/2021. She will explore different genres through her unique songwriting, with new song releases throughout the year. Isla Sutherland ('ISLA') has been making waves in the Cape Town music scene, performing regularly at a multitude of venues across the city. Isla's captivating stage presence, intricate guitar skills and powerful vocals have had a huge impact as she continues to evolve as an artist.
July 20, 2021
A Conversation with Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel
A Flor de Piel was founded in April 2007 by Grammy® and Latin Grammy®  nominee multi-instrumentalist Renato Ceron, AKA Renatonatiuh, and front woman, author, teacher,  musician and entrepreneur Marisol Ceron, AKA Marisol La Brava. The group’s diverse repertoire includes both, traditional music from Latin America fused with influences from around the world as well as original compositions.  A Flor de Piel’s music, and diverse repertoire reflects its members’ rich cultural heritage as well as their fresh and creative ways to make the “old sound new.”  Its multi generational membership as well as their ability to switch from one style of music to another with ease appeals to audiences of all ages and musical tastes. Official website : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
July 15, 2021
A conversation with KTA Mobile CEO Kwasi Twum-Ampofo, Sharon & Olivia
Doing only what has value for the mainstream consumers and giving voice to what matters most are the ultimate goals of KTA Mobile. KTA Mobile Communications, Inc. is a mobile device company based in New York City, USA. Our main focus is to design and develop efficient, user-friendly, and affordable handsets that meet and exceed clients’ mobile life experiences. This reflects our unique point of view, our passion, and commitment to creating value for all. KTA Mobile takes the consumer through every stage of innovation for a higher quality product. We are driven to create products that make communications easier, better, and cheaper for all. For these reasons, a significant amount of time is put into getting the right products to consumers. Our phones come unlocked with Android operating system. They are carefully built with longer battery life, better storage, faster more efficient, high-definition display, clear video and audio, sharp vibrant cameras, and advanced MediaTek chipsets beautifully housed in a sleek case for easy handling. We believe in pushing the limits, challenging the norms, and offering the best mobile solutions for end-users. Find out more here :
June 24, 2021
A Conversation with Glenn Holdaway
Glenn Holdaway is a Grammy-Nominated musician, educator and horn section arranger living in Southern California. Beginning at 8 years old, Glenn has been playing music for most of his life. Glenn is a graduate of California State University Long Beach, and has studied with teachers such as Charley Davis, Kevin Miller and Andrew Carney. ​ Glenn has a successful career as both a frontman and a sideman. In 2020, he released his first single "Reggaematical" which debuted in the Top 10 Reggae Charts on iTunes. His song has been played on radio stations such as 104.7 FM. As a sideman, Glenn & his horn section "Jah Connection Horns" have become one of the most sought after horn sections in the Reggae circuit. He has performed, recorded and written horn arrangements for the top artists in the genre. He has had the pleasure of working with Don Carlos, Save Ferris, Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, Sister Nancy, Wailing Souls, SonReal, Soul Syndicate, Zak Starkey (son of Ringo Starr), Kyle McDonald & Miles Doughty (Slightly Stoopid), and countless others. Glenn performs regularly at massive festivals, often performing with multiple bands on the lineup. ​ Glenn is also an experienced educator, teaching students of all ages in classrooms and in private lessons. He currently teaches music classes at Hopkinson Elementary School, Los Alamitos Elementary School, McGaugh Elementary School, Lee Elementary School, Alondra Middle School and with the Jazz Angels organization. He also teaches private lessons from his home and at Bellflower Music, where he averages close to 10 students a week. Check out his music and more here :
June 22, 2021
A Conversation with Linda
Linda is a singer, song-writer and pilot, in love with aviation and aircrafts. She is composing music, and creates music videos for different type of aircrafts and acro flights, with the support of the top pilots around the world. Her new album of 11 songs will be released in 2021
June 19, 2021
A Conversation with Hemes
" I get a lot of my inspiration from my childhood and growing up in an Arabic household- I was surrounded with a mix of both Middle Eastern and Western music all my life so I try to incorporate that in my sound. This year, I am releasing my debut EP “Matters of The Mind” and the first song will be out this June! I’ll be sharing my experience of anxiety, moving away from home and growing up, I hope you stay along for the ride!! " - Hemes
June 19, 2021
A Conversation with Zaina Berri
Zaina Berri has been writing songs since she was 10 years old. It was something that came naturally to her. The 90s baby would write lyrics in her composition notebook decorated with doodles of cats and Britney Spears songs. "Songwriting is just something that drips out of me." She says. It's the only way I can make sense of the world and how I'm experiencing it." But her songs were anything but simple. The very first song she ever penned, "Free", was about wanting to break free from her straight-A sister's shadow. "It was a pretty emo song for a ten year old, but it was what I was feeling at the time." Zaina states. When the singer entered her teen years, she needed more than just melodies and lyrics in her head to fully express herself. Since her family could not afford music lessons, she taught herself guitar at 15, and picked up piano shortly after. Fast forward to her college years, Zaina found herself studying majors that she was not interested in order to fulfill her family's request to find a "real" career. By that time, Zaina had written over 60 songs she's been yearning to share with the world.  It wasn't until three years ago when she'd find the perfect team to help her music to come to life. "My recording team is incredible. They're my friends and understand my vision and creative direction. I'm immensely grateful for them and owe them so much for helping me finally bring this album to life." Her current team consists of independent producer Jean Kent, who produced the majority of the album, and Mackro who lent his talents on her latest single, a Korean- English ballad, "Stop".
June 19, 2021
A Conversation with BAzzJoke
In 2015 BAzzJoke (BAss and Joker) discovered several DJ sets of big artists such as Hardwell and Martin Garrix online. A few weeks later, fully motivated, he turned his bedroom into a little stage. With only one two-channeled DJ controller, BAzzJoke instantly taught himself to mix EDM. In the following two years, he started DJing in youth clubs around his hometown in Switzerland with great success. In 2017, at the age of 14, he was already booked for the first club gig. After that, various club gigs throughout the german part of Switzerland followed. But the stage was not enough for BAzzJoke. Therefore in 2019 he started producing music and self-released his first song. Because of school, he had no more time for djing. But that did not stop him from producing melodic dance songs. In 2020 BAzzJoke’s online-music counts far more than 100'000 clicks throughout all streaming-platforms. Well, let us see what 2021 brings. Definitely, the journey is going to be continued…
June 19, 2021
A Conversation with GEA
GEA is an ethereal storyteller from the North. She creates unique music through channeling. She calls her songwriting process a divine download. Her music has been heard in Netflix series Happy Jail, and her music videos have won a few awards at film festivals. Yet, her boldest move is her upcoming album, Call For A Snake. It’s a stirring and soothing journey that invites the listener on a spiritual adventure. Her lyrics are often otherworldly and story-teller based; her vocals are angelic and airy; and her music is atmospheric and cinematic, drawing inspiration from EDM, folk, art-pop, electronica, progressive rock, and alt-rock. GEA’s work has been favorably described as “electro-acoustic fairy music.”   GEA released her debut album Butterflies in 2017, followed by Snow EP 2019. She toured in three continents with Snow and met Grammy and Juno winning producer Chris Birkett (Sinead O’Connor, Buffy Sainte-Marie etc) at Indie Week Toronto. They decided to work together with the Call for a Snake album.  The album is bisected by four parts, and each division is dedicated to a phase in our spiritual awakening. These passages of enlightenment  are symbolized by the following spirit animals: a snake, a swan, a crow and a snow bunting. “My message with this album is that all the wisdom you need is inside of you. The snake is guarding this ancient and intuitive knowledge, and you just need to wake up your inner voice to access it,” GEA explains.
June 19, 2021
Oduwacoin is an open-source cryptocurrency. The first indigenous Cryptocurrency designed to empower people of African descent. It is the most viable alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a decentralized ledger using cryptography. Oduwacoin runs on its native blockchain to secure transaction records, control the creation of additional coins, and verify the transfer of coin ownership. Find out more here  : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
June 17, 2021
A Conversation with Koi Anunta (In Love & WAR Band )
Koi Anunta is the sole permanent member of In Love & WAR (#ILAW). The debut 6-song EP, Tessitura, was released June 21, 2019. Tessitura is the first original vocal music ever officially released by Anunta, a Yale graduate and medical doctor who left behind medicine to pursue music full-time. She moved to Los Angeles and became a session/touring violinist for many major artists, still believing she wasn't good enough to be an artist herself, even though she kept writing songs for her own benefit. In 2018, everything changed when a local producer insisted on hearing one of her private song demos, and, convinced of her talent, he urged her to complete a full EP. Tessitura is the result. All tracks on Tessitura were written, performed, produced by Koi Anunta except: drums (Mike Diggs); track 4: guitar (Jake Faun), flute (Ricky Berger); mix: Ali Nikou; master: Andrew Balogh. “Lament For What We've Lost” is the latest single (November 18, 2020) for ILAW, and is a fully instrumental piece featuring just solo acoustic violin and piano (both performed by Anunta). The same soothing, haunting emotions that characterized Tessitura, however, remain. The song is an elegy that mourns all of the loved ones, events, and sheer time that we have all lost as a result of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, and it was commissioned as part of the short film, “2020ism,” directed by Tosca Rivola. Check out Kio Anunta's  Music : Official website : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
June 09, 2021
A Conversation with JUS TRUE
Jus True is an all American R&B/Pop recording artist, musician, model and actress. Born and raised in Youngstown, OH, the young starlet was introduced to her talents at the tender age of 3. Officially launching her professional career in 2010, Jus True kept herself active in the local scene, performing at lounges, community events and opening for national acts such as Jeremih, August Alsina, and Mario. To date, the ambitious artist has performed for many notable regional events such as the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, Ohio Entertainment Awards and the Cleveland Film Fest. With a resume that started at the age of 9, Jus True has credits of opening for and working with the some recognizable names such as Clarence “Dr. Bob” Ross (Saxophone player and Musical coordinator for "The Isley Brothers), J-Stylez (Member of Blackstreet 2), James Worthy (Grammy Award Winning Producer), K. Camp and many more. She has released "No Fucc Boyz" and "Blow It" singles. Now that Jus True is signed to Sky's The Limit Entertainment's label, expect to hear more from her and Sky as a joint effort starting with her single “W.T.F.Y.M” being released this April. With her sights set on national success, she is in the studio preparing to release her debut EP/Album and continues to stay busy with modeling and acting opportunities. Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
June 06, 2021
A Conversation with LEVI LOBO
Levi Lobo lived with over 150 different people In a hippie community when he was young and lived in his 68 VW bus for a year before moving to California, working at a large film studio and then becoming homeless and returning home to record his album. We discussed all that and more on the #XtremeBPM. Check out more about Levi Lobo and follow his journey here : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
June 05, 2021
A Conversation with The Supermoon Team
A long time ago on a blockchain far far away... An unlikely band of heroes decided they had had enough of low quality alt-coins with a short life span. They made a pact between themselves to create a coin that could truly go to the moon and beyond. And so...supermoon was born! We were joined by Captain Moon, Eclipse, Luna, and Titan on the show to discuss the new token "Supermoon" Check them out more about Supermoon : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
June 04, 2021
A Conversation with Karl Wolf
Karl Wolf, is a Lebanese-Canadian musician based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has been a singer, songwriter, and producer since 2001, releasing his first solo album Face Behind the Face on MapleNationwide/Universal in 2006, followed by a second album Bite the Bullet in 2007. His third album Nightlife was released in 2009 followed by Finally Free in 2012, Stereotype in 2014 and WOW in 2015. His biggest hit has been a remake of Toto's "Africa" sampling from the song and providing new lyrics and arrangements. Through his company, Lone Wolf Management, Karl Wolf also manages a number of new artists. In 2015, he announced a new collaboration under the name BAE (Be All Equal) with Show Stephens, Brenda Mullen and producer MasterTrak. Wolf signed a new solo contract in Canada with British Columbia-based Cordova Bay Records as well as two new worldwide deals in Los Angeles, one for a publishing contract with BMG and another Digital "YouTube" deal with Collective Digital Studios. He co-wrote the OMI hit "Hula Hoop". Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
May 30, 2021
A Conversation with NEONshe
NEONshe is a British songwriter, producer & musician living in Tokyo, Japan. She is known for her flamboyant costumes, bright purple hair, strong vocal & musical-tech talents & involvement within the LGBTQ+ & vegan community. By composing her art, she hopes to inspire others to share their compassionate truths & express themselves freely & unapologetically. Through sharing her journey with songwriting & producing, she wishes to encourage aspiring creators to be the self-ruling architects of their art, advocating a DIY approach. 'Future', her recent debut single, established her name globally including within Japan, England, Australia & Turkey as well as gaining online traction on multiple Spotify Playlists.  After the show stopper debut single' Future', 23 Unified Frenzy Records are excited to announce the brand new upcoming track by NEONshe, 'Wrong Boys Attention'. This sassy pop-banger is NEONshe's experience of dodging a bullet & knowing her true worth. This song is delving into NEONshe's love of J-POP music and giving a sneak peek into what is to come... This is the first of 3 singles leading up to NEONshe's debut album! NEONshe is about to go full speed ahead, releasing a song every month and musically blessing your ears before releasing her first album! Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
May 28, 2021
A Conversation with John Wingate from Kishu Inu
Launched in April 2021, Kishu has already experienced significant growth and currently lays claim to a $2 billion market cap and more than 140,000 holders. In a notable departure from many new cryptocurrencies, Kishu is a fully community-owned project with no tokens allocated to its development team. According to the whitepaper, the $KISHU token features a built-in redistribution mechanism that sends 2% of every transaction to existing token holders to reward the Kishu community. Kishu has also announced its 'Kishu Swap' decentralized exchange powered by Uniswap, an upcoming 'Kishu Paw Print' application for token statistic tracking, and a 'Kishu Crate' NFT marketplace, in which $KISHU holders farm limited-edition NFTs by staking their tokens. In June 2021, Kishu will also launch its 'Kishu Swag' merchandise line for community members looking to take their fandom to the next level. Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
May 25, 2021
A Conversation with YSL
Yahsel (also known as YSL) is an artist and songwriter who released his first official album a year ago, following it up with two well-received singles on streaming platforms.  His sound feels big and atmospheric, especially in terms of quality productions and sonic aesthetics. Yahsel has a very distinctive voice, which is melodic and emotional, giving it a very personal vibe. His work is highly recommended if you are a fan of artists such as Daughter, Dead Rituals, Nirvana, or Paramore. His songs showcase the full creative range of this talented performer, by exploring a wide variety of ideas and genres. From the appeal of indie music, down to the energy of alternative, anything goes. This song has a really good, crisp sound which highlights the vocal parts. The singing is beautifully melodic and present, never over powering the instrumental. By contrast, the background track has a full sound, which allows the vocals to stand out without ever making them muddy or buried in the mix. More importantly, this is a song that listeners can connect with on an emotional level. The lyrics are very spontaneous, and they reveal a more personal side to the artist. Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
May 19, 2021
A Conversation with SUNEE
Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, Sunee is an alternative hip hop artist that creatively fuses her sound with elements of neo-soul. Her musicianship began as a toddler, being influenced by the late, great James Brown and continued with artists like Cold Play and Alicia Keys. By picking up her first set of drumsticks at age 9, her skills began to take shape, developing the artistry in music she creates today. Starting out as a drummer, Sunee's passions led her to begin creating beats that would transcend traditional sound. She is presently introducing a new sound for a new era that's taking the South by storm. Building audiences in Florida and Georgia, her style of music has gotten the attention of Reebok, who hailed her as a "Rap Plug Ambassador" in 2019. This artist has performed her original single entitled, "Got It" throughout Atlanta and has also opened for artists like Polo Da Don as well as 24 hours and Quentin Miller at the annual Art Basel, held in Miami, FL. In 2020, she released new music concerning the current state of the world with the socially charged single "Guns Up". Sunee's voice and lyrical artistry shines through every song, whether it's social injustice or maneuvering through life and love. She's bringing her listeners along for this process of creative expression. Her current single "News" is a part of a collection of work from the highly anticipated EP entitled" Fill My Head". In life we fill our heads with the notion that all things possible are out of reach. This project is a blueprint for destiny and inspires us to dwell in the possibilities. Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
May 18, 2021
A Conversation with Anthony Vacanti
Anthony Vacanti is an emerging artist, actor, singer, songwriter, and producer originally from Buffalo, New York. The talented musician is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and style. Through his emotion-filled vocal performances, Vacanti radiates raw emotion via upbeat, feel-good instrumentation. Inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s, nostalgic films, and fashion, Anthony strives to push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a dynamic upbeat style. Now residing in Las Vegas, Anthony seeks to connect intimately through his lyricism with listeners around the world and remove some weight off their shoulders through his feel-good music. Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
May 18, 2021
A Conversation with TRACEY PHIPPS
Singer & Songwriter, Fashion Business Leader, and Non-Profit Founder, Tracey Phipps is a multi-passion R&B singer-songwriter and live performing artist inspiring those around her through her music, faith walk, and career to be true to themselves and their purpose. She has a unique sultry tone with a 90s vibe. Known for her unique harmonic arrangements and airy falsetto, her music is like an instrument taking you on an immersive and euphoric journey. She has graced many stages singing and speaking across the nation, both as a live performer and as the CEO and Founder of her non-profit, Time for Tea Foundation, which aims to equip and empower women and girls to succeed in today’s world. She’s had the privilege of appearing on albums with renowned singers, such as RNBNext Live Volume 2 hosted by Ne-Yo and Ben Tankard’s album, SHINE Connect with Tracey Phipps here :                                Instagram :                                Facebook :                                Twitter :                                 Spotify : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
May 11, 2021
A Conversation with LADY B. BLESS
Lady B Bless is an award-winning humanitarian, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, radio personality, mentor, advocate & consultant for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, women empowerment, and girl child education. As a humanitarian, Lady B Bless is the Executive Director of The Lady B Bless Humanitarian Foundation, which advocates for social change & equality for people in undeveloped & disadvantaged area, whose mission is to actively and effectively engage in promoting human and social welfare, with no prejudice on human suffering on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religious or national divisions. The foundation goals are to save lives, relieve suffering, and maintain human dignity, the foundation primarily works in Ghana, Africa. Lady B Bless is the President of The Global Progressive Women Network (GPWN), a network of women who are committed to the advancement of women-focused companies. projects, business, and organizations. GPWN Mission is to provide a network of women leaders who are mentors, role models, change-makers, community advocates, presidents, chief executive officers, executive directors & boss ladies. A network of Global Progressive Women LEADERS Lady B Bless Conversations Podcast: (Men Mondays, Tech Tuesdays, Women Wednesdays, Teaching Thursdays, and Financial Fridays) features weekly conversations with some of today’s innovators, social entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers, and change-makers, who are making a positive change in this world. Lady B Bless is the recipient of the *2020 African Community Achievement Award, *2019 AB Good Cause Award, *2018 Who’s Who In Black Charlotte, *2018 DDEA Humanitarian Award, *2018 LIBF Goodwill Ambassador of the Year Award, *2018 AWN Special Recognition Award - Lady B Bless is a Nominee for the *2021 iWomen Global Award A true humanitarian at heart, Lady B Bless’s vision is to empower, motivate, educate, and encourage women to be agents of change in their communities. Connect with Lady B Bless here :  Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
May 07, 2021
A Conversation with DÁCOTU
Dácotu is an artist who is very focused, perseverant and charismatic with a unique approach to his songwriting. He has been living in Mexico since 2014, but is originally from Calgary, Canada. His sound is certainly influenced by the warmth, culture and vibe of the latino world and the tropical islands of Vanuatu, where he lived 8 years of his childhood. With his contagious personality, unique charisma, beautiful melodies, exciting creativity, and a focus on Urban music and Pop, Dácotu sets out to create his unique take on music, combining the sound of the old school with the freshness of modern production of various musical genres. With music being the language of the universe, he utilizes it to love, live and connect with others. Check out his new Poesía Album here : The release date of the Poesía album was April the 28th 2021. With themes of love, love lost and positive messages, the songs that make up this album are of the Reggae and Reggaeton genres. The majority of these songs were inspired and created during the quarantine of 2020, a key moment which provided the time and conditions for the realization of his dream to produce and release music in Spanish, such dream he had had since many years back. This musical work of art is his first release under his new artistic name Dácotu, of which said name is comprised of the end syllables of each country (Canada, Mexico and Vanuatu) that has marked his life in a big way. Poesía Track List:  Hola  Poesía  Llámame Franco  Fever  Como Legos Tus Pesadillas  Vales mucho Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
April 30, 2021
A Conversation with ALEXANDRA RUOCCO
Alexandra Ruocco is an English singer songwriter with Italian origins and a soulful contemporary pop sound. Her music is both a blanket and food for the soul. She encapsulates her emotions in her songs, offering these to the listener through smooth tones and harmonies. Alexandra’s deep, heartfelt lyrics offer the listener an emotional experience, reaching out to those who have had an acquaintance with her shared narrative. Thought provoking lyrics and strong morals, are important to her; but a fundamental part of her compositions focuses on appreciating the beauty of life, seeing the silver lining and transmitting positive vibes. Growing up with Italian origins Alexandra has been influenced by a wide range of Italian and Spanish music. One can hear the similar passion, romance and poetic and rhythmic sounds in some of her songs. Alexandra is due to release 2 more singles on April 9th and May 7th called Hold Me and La Belleza. She is currently recording her debut EP called Cognisance with the help of Future Music consultants and producers. Her EP Cognisance is about recognising one’s own flaws, wanting to change for the better and living in the moment. To learn more about Alexandra, visit her website for a biography, more about her songwriting, high resolution pictures and an electronic press kit at Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
April 16, 2021
A Conversation with SISKA's ELEMENT
Hailing from Southern Germany, Siska’s Element is energetic, boundless, and emotional. Together on stage with Michael Ende on bass and Chris Adam on guitar, they thrive to inspire and captivate their live audiences with energetic stirring lyrics, infectious riffs, and danceable beat. Check out Siska's Element Music here : Follow Makr-Xtreme below
April 13, 2021
A Conversation with KEEANA KEE
Keeana Kee is a Latvian-born singer based in New York. As model she moved to the UK as a teenager and began singing at events in London. Keeana quickly took to performing live with a cover band, developing audience participation skills and around a music style which is a combination of Pop and Soul sprinkled with Spanish/Latin influence. Keeana Kee’s soulful vocal timbre is often compared to Sia, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Musically she began to learn piano and guitar to aid her journey into writing her own songs. Inspired by her idols Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Beyonce Keeana realized a dream in 2014, by moving to the US, where she began working on her first EP plus her debut tropical single "Coconut Rum and Coke", a breezy reggae track that mimics the laid back vibe of its title, featuring Latin Grammy-winning producer Maffio. Known for dozens of hits and his collaborations Maffio was introduced to Keeana Kee in Miami in the summer of 2016. He fell in love with her voice on the spot, wrote his own Spanish verse for “Coconut Rum and Coke,” took part in it’s exotically hot music video and a musical relationship quickly blossomed. Backed by a signature Maffio-esque tropical beat, “Coconut Rum and Coke” is a feel-good jam that inspires sunshine lounging and chill vibes. Keeana sultry voice and sexy lyrics take the song from day to night, beach to club, just in time for summer dancing. One of the best recordings of 2018. “Coconut Rum and Coke” was shortly followed by a steamy creation "You're Real" and it’s passionate music video raising the temperature again. “You’re Real” was written in reggaeton style by Keeana Kee and recorded in California by Spanish producer Sergio de Anda. Her seductive single, “Let’s Make Love”, was produced by the greatly talented Davix in California who Keeana knew from his role in the recording of “Coconut Rum and Coke”. With it’s deep sexy melodies and beat “Let’s Make Love” talks about the passionate desire to spend love time with your special love. When that love takes over and you can’t get enough of each other. Keeana Kee has just released tropical and Spanish infused single called "Open Arms" that features a Latin rapper Kid G. "Open Arms" was written by Keeana Kee and produced by Arturo Cabrera Brambilla in Miami. Today Keeana Kee is firing herself firmly into 2020 with her brand new record "Shoot Me Up", an immediately infectious delivery of melody and feelings as she pleads with her lover that "she can't breath anymore" she is losing control of denying her pleasure, that beautiful moment when the heart and body takes over from the mind and the need for release from the intense passion becomes that wonderful expression ‘Shoot Me Up’. It's Keeana Kee’s second collaboration with the producer Sergio De Anda in California who has produced her single "You're Real”. Check out Keeana Kee here : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
April 02, 2021
A Conversation with KING JAMES WORTHY
American Recording Artist, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Musician from Queens, New York, the “Concrete Jungle” where dreams usually come true. Hip Hop is the New York birthed culture that was a catalyst for other regions to follow suit as they took note of the pulse, and movement in the city. James Worthy is another Phoenix that rose from the environment. Not coming from a very musical family his introduction to several genres of music sparked his interest in song making which led to him studying well known musicians, and songwriters. A young impressionable James began his musical journey at age 11 with having the pleasure of meeting the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson backstage at Webster Hall. One of his fondest memories of that experience was Mr Jackson telling him that he would one day be influential in the entertainment industry. The Jackson co-sign secured the young star’s passion for music, and a destiny fulfilled. James later cemented his footprint in the music industry as a Record Producer, and Songwriter. His resume, and discography speaks volumes towards his versatile approach in production style, and artist selection within all genres. As he continued to work The 3X Grammy Nominated Musician had the pleasure of working with artists such as Justin Bieber, 6LACK, Truth Hurts, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Fetty Wap, PM Dawn, J. Holiday, Drag-On, Kurupt, Frankie Beverly, Robin S, and countless others. Check out King James Worthy here : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
April 02, 2021
A Conversation with NADIA VAEH
Atlanta native and IMA “Vox Pop” winner, Nadia Vaeh, found her way into artistry through modeling and an unexpected stint with a local Atlanta circus. She started singing in their productions, but this was not the beginning of her artistic roots. Nadia’s love of music and singing began at the age of two and was nurtured by her parents who placed her into a traveling youth choir when she was in middle school. She created small productions with the neighborhood kids and her sisters while growing up. Her mother was a poet who passed on her love of words, which later fueled Nadia’s talent as a lyricist. Nadia’s life took an unexpected turn at the age of 17 when she lost her mother to suicide. She dismantled her high-school band and strayed from songwriting and singing for years, other than the occasional karaoke. After this tragic loss, she went down a path of self-sabotage and destruction and used relationships and partying to ignore her pain. When she finally decided to begin again with artistry, she was a shell of a person and looking to anyone and anything for answers to deal with her heartbreak. “I made a lot of missteps when I first began my career and had to learn a lot of things the hard way.” With her endless resilience, she has grown into a performer. Her music has been played on U.S. and international radio and has been praised by Wonderland Magazine, Pop Wrapped, Music Connection Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, AudioFemme, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and more. Vaeh loves to pull inspiration for her music through many genres and sounds from all over the world and has been heavily influenced by island sounds from her time spent in the Netherland Antilles island, Curaçao. She also draws from the roots of her father's homeland of Lebanon and has an affinity for middle eastern music. The conscious pop singer also makes it a point to give back whenever she can. Through her music, she has donated proceeds to a number of non-profits including the Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, Peace Over Violence, MusicCares, Alliance of Hope, the Red Cross, Girl Up, and more. She has written well over 100 songs born from the things she has experienced. Her songwriting is not only personally healing, but is also a platform to help others heal and make waves with social matters. Her success is a result of a strong work ethic inspired by the successes of other great artists she admires. Having written in several genres, her fascination lies with pop because as she put it, “You can tell a story with an important message through pop music and create positive shifts in the world around us as well as just a person’s mood.” Check out her music here and keep up to date with what is doing  : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
March 23, 2021
A Conversation with IRIS NASSER
Iris Nasser a Singer and Songwriter from Miami , Florida. Her passion lies in performing and being in the creative side of her music. Iris has 2 albums , her 1st album Tomamé , recorded and produced by Grammy Award Winner Marlow Rosado is a Spanish album with a tropical flavor that resembles the “Criollo” melting pot of The Miami Scene. Her 2nd album , The Studio Diaries , is a more intimate album and was released in 2019. The album is more intimate and has an eclectic , pop and jazzy feel to it. Iris also has written songs for victims of abuse and her latest song I’m Feeling Myself , is about feeling happy and empowered with who you are. She performs in most popular venues throughout South Florida and produces tribute shows , impersonating Donna Summers , Jlo and a popular Latin artist . Iris is very involved in the community and has her own Foundation to help children thru music She’s an advocate for children and is hoping to connect songs that can help others Stream her music here : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
March 23, 2021
A Conversation with CAMILLE MILLER
Born in Germany, and raised on military bases all across Canada, Camille grew up on Motown, Carly Simon, The Carpenters, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and the Rolling Stones.  These artists shaped Camille’s musical tastes at an early age, and were the voices that put her to sleep at night and still provide comfort to her as she brings an updated version of vocal grace and soul of yesteryears to her modern pop sound. Check out Camille Miller's amazing discography here :
March 19, 2021
The JKE is an independent soul-filled singer-songwriter with a unique raspy voice and captivating delivery that connects directly with listeners’ emotions on a deep emotional degree bringing a real raw vibe to this Indie/Folk/Blues Acoustic Performance. Check out the Justin Kelly Experiment here :
March 16, 2021
A Conversation with NDIDI O from BOGA
Two-time Juno nominated Ndidi O is a larger than life figure, a force of nature with a voice that sounds and feels like a long lost friend. Hailing from the wilds of British Columbia she found her voice in the “open mic ‘” scene in New York, discovered her sound in the heart of Toronto’s blues and folk scene, fine tuned her live show across Europe and has now finally settled for the moment back on the west coast where her latest album “These Days” was made. “These Days” finds Ndidi returning to her early blues/soul roots. It is a testament to where she came from and where she is today. Oscillating between upbeat power blues soul tracks like “ No Mercy” and “Hands High” and softer country soul ballads like “Daggers” and “Baby Please”. “These Days“ is album dedicated to the tales of loving, losing then dusting yourself off and trying again. The album was written between Vancouver and Los Angeles and produced with Canadian/ American producer Mischa Chillak, along with co-writes from Grammy award winning Jimmy Harry and “The Fast Romantics” Matthew Angus. “These Days” is an infusion of sounds distilled around this incredibly rare voice. Through her songwriting Ndidi invites us into a musical universe filled with her roots of blues, folk,country, rock and pop music. Check out Ndidi O here : Check out BOGA here :
March 16, 2021
A Conversation with JACKIE CARSON
Jackie Carson is a singer and songwriter from Slippery Rock, PA. Check out her music here : Follow Mark-Xtreme here :
March 12, 2021
A Conversation with DEZVELKITO part 1
Dezvelkito is a growing artist who is making a name in and around the Garden State of New Jersey. While his music may be new, his presence and work in the art scene are a career-long in the making. He’s worked on the business and recording side, worked on lms, and as a writer. Now, with his sights on being an artist, he has quickly grown his monthly followers on Spotify to over 11,000. Dezvelkito has always felt a calling to more in life and that calling and passion is evident in his music.
March 09, 2021
A Conversation with LaRudche
Laura Daniela Rudchenco, also known by the stage name LaRudche, is a singer-songwriter, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She has been based out of Dubai, UAE, for the last nine years. She has traveled around the world and worked out of her field to pursue her dreams. Her love for music and performing arts started at an early age. Despite difficulties with her family's economic situation, she always found a way to take classes and perform. Owner of a soulful voice and under the influence of artists such as Nina Simone, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Barry White, Amy Winehouse, and Joss Stone, she swears to be "born in the wrong era" and dares to bring back Soul and the Blues from its roots to our days with a new and colorful twist. LaRudche released her first single “Slow it Down” online on April 19th 2019, you can find it on Spotify, Deezer, Apple music, Amazon music, Youtube music, Tidal and Napster, and it is also available on Shazam, in case someone wants to search for it . or better still head over to her website :
March 02, 2021
A Conversation with KINGSLEY RAY
Kingsley Ray’s sound is a mix of Rnb, pop, and alternative. The singer/songwriter spent a few years crafting a solid project, from journaling the ins and outs of experiences in love and life. The new single Replay follows Crushin’ an energetic pop tune which was released along with an EDM remix. Replay, a thowback 90's inspired tune, will appear on the full project slated for an early 2021 release. Connect with him here :
February 26, 2021
A Conversation with RYABINA
RYABINA - Sasha Ryabinina, DIY artist with Russian roots based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She creates everything her self. Writes, Records, Plays instruments , Lyrics , Visual content etc. The unique Vein , Sasha records her vocals In one take. The song from the beginning till the end. Like if it would be a live performance. " I want to sound as honest as it possible. I don't have a chance to re-sing a song at the show, so why should I have this chance here?! I love my little "mistakes" they make the song alive "
February 26, 2021
A Conversation with PWR CPL
Los Angeles based Alternative R&B duo, PWR CPL (“Power Couple”) is comprised of multi-instrumentalists Jon Lall and Summer Jasmine. As co-producers, songwriters and vocalists with contrasting musical upbringings and sensibilities, they balance one another in the studio. Phase 1 of their 4 part BLKS (pronounced "blocks") series FEEL was released in 2019, showcasing their jazz, hiphop and electronic influences followed by their their single "Like Fire" celebrating International Women's Day in 2020. The much anticipated Phase 2 of BLKS entitled MIND is scheduled to drop alongside their first short film in 2021. PWR CPL is committed to harnessing the power of music for positive change and dedicates a large portion of their time to creative outreach in underserved communities locally and abroad. Check out their music here :
February 23, 2021
A Conversation with RONNA RIVA
Ronna Riva is one of those artists that is really determined to show the world what she’s got! Ronna was raised and born in constanta, the so-called ‘star city’ due to the outburst of local talents. Her childhood dream has always been to perform in front of a big crowd and she started pursuing a career in music since young. By the age of thirteen, she was already part of a successful group called ‘viva’, a project that was very successful at the time and she was able to go on national tours and perform for big crowds. Things didn’t stop there for this young artist and once she finished her studies and graduated she felt she can focus 100% on music. Ronna confesses that music is contagious and once you are taken by it, there’s no way out, it’s in your soul. She wants everyone to connect with her through her music. Check out more of her music here :
February 23, 2021
A Conversation with JORDANA KALENOVA
Jordana Kalenova is a singer songwriter from Western Canada. Composing and creating lyrics and melody with the goal to inspire and empower her listeners. Her approach to music is to mix a higher level of consciousness and concepts and bring these more philosophical ideas to modern music. Check out her Music here :
February 19, 2021
A Conversation with NADIA VENICE
Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Nadia Venice began writing and singing songs at the age of 6. Her cousin planted the seed when she was young and she continued to hone in on her craft over the years. For the longest time, she kept the songs she wrote a secret but was always known for singing covers. It wasn't until the age of 19 that she decided to pursue music professionally. Over the years, she has performed numerous times and made a name for herself on campus at Georgia Southern University. Amongst other well known performers such as Deonte Hitchcock and Cole Swindell, she hopes to follow in their footsteps by achieving success. Currently, she has 8 songs released and is working on her first ep along with two albums on the way.
February 12, 2021
A Conversation with ABOUTMEEMO
A self-taught bass player, guitarist, and songwriter, Mimmo Ripa, better known by the creative moniker of AboutMeemo is something of DIY talent. After starting to play guitar at the young age of fourteen, he went on to play with a handful of classic punk and heard rock bands throughout the late 70’s, including Gioventù Bruciata, Blood 77, and V.S.A., along with the triumphant indie rock troupe Nulla Tace. It was his last project however, the raucous and defiant grunge hounds, Bleeding Scar, that fully shaped Ripa’s sound, bringing him to his latest invention, AboutMeemo. For Ripa, the guitar has become the key to creating a vast array of worlds, a channel through which he can freely express himself. With the guitar mastered, Ripa had time to spend on his vocals, adding lyrics to his music and adding the finishing touches to his own unique sound. His most celebrated release so far, ‘Souvenirs’ is a twelve-track collection of dynamic alt. rock. Bringing influences from his life growing up in Italy and Ireland, Ripa’s sound is a clear evolution on Seattle’s cult scene. Infused with a heavy grunge vibe, the album is filled with visceral droning guitars, heavy bass notes, and atmospherics that just get heavier as the album rolls on. Tracks like ‘Shapeshifter’, ‘432 Hertz Mind’, and the album’s title track all creak along with the classic Seattle sound, bringing all the old anthemics to the modern era.It’s not all lingering, growling anthems though, and ‘Souvenirs’ knows how to bring the high intensity cuts sure enough. Tracks like ‘Forgotten Lies’ and ‘Short Loves’ hold firm to Soundgarden and Pearl Jam’s unrelenting sounds, packing a punch and leaving destruction in their wake. One of the real gems of the album through is the closing track ‘Up Hear’, a rolling epic that leaves its mark upon the listener without apology or any due care. It’s a heavy, perfect end to the album, bringing to a close one of the most authentic, modern grunge albums we’ve come across.
February 09, 2021
A Conversation with HENNESSEYY
Hennesseyy is a multinational artist whose original and versatile talent is reflected through his diverse cultural background. Descendant of Tanzanian parents, Hennesseyy was born in Ethiopia, raised in Virginia and Maryland, USA, and settled for quite a while in Toronto, Canada. Being raised abroad Hennesseyy returned to Tanzania to get connected with his roots. As a song writer, recording artist, actor and radio host, he has taken his creativity across the globe, performing in North America, Europe and Africa. The power to adapt to various different cultural environments has only amplified his artistry, granting him the insight and ingenuity to pioneer a fresh, uniquely universal sound. His deep passion for music has opened him to the sounds of all musical styles he encounters, compelling him to craft a whole new genre – spacious music. Hennesseyy creatively merges Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Rock, Bollywood, Reggaeton, Pop, Afro Pop and Bongo Flava sounds all with a fluid lyrical technique. This intermingling of rap and singing sets rhythmic melodies over varied beats. With over five hundred songs in his catalogue thus far, Hennesseyy’s spacious music streams from the heart. Through his songs, he invites listeners to step beyond the man and into his life – his thoughts, feelings and experiences. He is currently creating a new a mixtape called “TRANSIT” where he will release eight singles for the East African Market. His first single, “Show Me Love,” ft. his team Elly Da Bway, and Akil the Brain will drop in early March 2018. Cleverly crafted lyrics and appealing melodies emphasize the strong message embedded in Hennesseyy’s songs. His past single, “Fly Away”, and his new single “Show Me Love” highlight not only his immense talent, but also spacious music’s distinctive sound. Hennesseyy has now opened his new record label Spacious Africa which is located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Hennesseyy has signed Elly Da Bway and Akil The Brain two of Tanzania’s dopest producers who are also singer’s. Spacious Africa is the new label that isn’t afraid to do anything that is creative and crazy. In recognition of his lyrical talent, Hennesseyy was also a radio host for the talk show Canadian Shine on CKLN 88.1FM. As a youth, Hennessey was involved in acting and theatre. He has been cast in plays, such as West Side Story, and the Hunch Back of Notre Dame, and featured in TV series and films such as Secrets of Unicorn, and Deep in My Heart. Even with so much experience already, Hennesseyy has only just begun to reveal his artistic potential. With the momentum of recent accolades and a new genre-breaking album on its way, this Tanzanian talent is set to make his mark on the entertainment industry.
January 22, 2021
A Conversation with KELLI-LEIGH
British pop-soul chanteuse Kelli-Leigh made her name as a backup singer for the likes of Adele before the runaway success of two dance tracks on which she had appeared paved the way for a solo career. Born Kelli-Leigh Henry-Davila  and brought up in Selhurst, South London, she dreamed of being a singer, taking her first and only "normal" job just so she could save up to buy a keyboard on which to write. Graduating in the same BRIT School class as Leona Lewis and Katie Melua, the reputation she built up as a talented and dependable backing vocalist landed her a gig with Adele on the singer's tour to promote her debut album. During the tour, Adele's second album 21 was released and became a massive smash hit, leading to Kelli-Leigh performing with her at the Grammys and the Oscars. Following the end of the tour in 2012, she recorded and released her debut EP, I Am Here, but it failed to chart. She moved to Poland, where she lived and worked for a year-and-a-half, and was on the verge of signing to Universal there when she was involved in a serious car wreck which left her unable to walk for months. Despite being in a wheelchair, she showed up when she got the call to do a session vocal for house producer Duke Dumont. The resultant 2014 single "I Got U," powered by her Whitney-esque turn, went to number one in the U.K. and, just months later, another single on which she had provided uncredited vocals -- Secondcity's "I Wanna Feel" -- did the same. This sudden success gave her the boost she needed and she decided to start work again on a solo career. Over the course of the next few years, while working on her debut album, she co-wrote and featured on so many popular singles that one BBC Radio 1 DJ dubbed her "the voice of U.K. dance music." The biggest of these was James Hype's 2017 hit "More Than Friends," which went to number eight on the U.K. singles chart. We premiered her new single "Be Alright" which is available here
January 08, 2021
A Conversation with DEZABEL
Songwriter and producer Bilgi gained his musical background back in the '90s at the ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music). He continued to build up his knowledge in Songwriting and Music Production at Berklee College of Music. He collaborates with songwriters from the US and the UK. The influence of Pop, Jazz, Film Music, and Contemporary R&B is present throughout. With his lyrics, he tells stories in the course of which the listeners find themselves. Check out his music here :
January 05, 2021
A Conversation with IMANI part 2
IMANI is a genre bending artist born on an unknown Planet, Planet X. Her style is a fusion of experimental R&B, Deep House, Jazz , and EDM with a sad edge. Her family left planet X in the 90s and moved to Louisiana. Her love for southern Hip Hop influences her sound with heavy bass and robust drums. IMANI’s hypnotizing vocal style ranges from soft and angelic to gritty and diabolical. She credits her lively stage presence, which includes vignettes of inspiration, to being brought up in a small southern church. On her upcoming album, “YEAR 3076”, IMANI travels to the future where she explores love, loss, and heartbreak all while fighting for her DREAMS against the evil Dreamons. check out IMANI's Music here :
December 29, 2020
A Conversation with GABRIELLE METZ
Gabrielle is a country singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Gabrielle finished high school early to move from Alabama to Nashville at the age of 17. After moving, she started consistently writing with other artist in Nashville soaking up every bit of mentorship that was offered. Gabrielle regularly plays showcases around the southeastern United States and Nashville area. Since moving in February 2018, Gabrielle has written over 150 songs. Her new last three singles have reached over 15,000 streams in the first week, and her new single “Christmas With You” is out now! Check out more of her music here :
December 25, 2020
A Conversation with ALEX SPENCER
Fresh-voiced and clear-eyed, Alex Spencer picks a path through life's rich turmoil with songs of sweetness and grit that reveal a poetics of the everyday. No-holds barred lyrics, mellow, sweet guitar and accompanied by a sumptuous double bass. The place where Jazz, Folk and Pop meet and have an interesting conversation Check out Alex's Music here Bandcamp : Soundcloud :
December 22, 2020
A Conversation with Vi-zion
I'm Aquil Phillip a.k.a. vi-zion an up and coming rapper ,songwriter ,and poet from Brooklyn New York with Trinidadian/Venezuelan descent but raised in South Florida im 33 yrs old with a unique talent of cultivating up and coming artists to reach their fullest potential being an artist myself I know the fire and persistence that it takes. Our voices will transform the people that will rise to overcome the world. I was once a man trapped in the bondage of the devil committing crimes lost in the world but God chastised me in prison and begin to remake me activating my hidden talents but also gave me a concept to develop others people's Talent as well I did a little more than 12 years meeting some of the most talented people on earth now he has set me free to come out and build an army of musical spiritual Giants to release the voice of the gods ,transform lives and give him the glory.I have a new single being release next month dec.11called GOING GT im asking for a play ,interview or feedback on the song thank you for your time!!! .My testimony is in the link above at King JESUS Ministry in miami the church I attend .my song comes out dec.11link above V.O.T.G.R LLC = VOICE OF THE GODS RECORDS
December 17, 2020
A Conversation with Sarah Krimson
Sarah Krimson is a singer-songwriter born in Italy. Sarah started singing at the age of six and took part in various competitions during her early years. At the age of sixteen, she learned to play the guitar. Inspired by the unique and intriguing persona of Lana Del Rey, Sarah started writing her songs.  In 2015, Sarah moved to London to pursue her music career. She has then worked with several producers and performed in various contests and open mics across London. Sarah has signed with Thira Records in 2019 and is currently working on her debut EP. CHeck out here single "Alice" here :
December 01, 2020
A Conversation with PAENDA
Since 2016, the Viennese producer, musician and singer PAENDA, born in Styria, has been working on her own sound, which in recent years and over two self-produced LP's has moved more and more from underground indie to mainstream electronic pop. While the first single releases from EVOLUTION I, “Waves” and “Good Girl”, still intersect gentle avant-garde echoes with light-footed pop, tracks like “Like a Domino”, “So loud” and “Filler” on EVOLUTION II already head straight towards demanding, broad-based pop music with strong hook lines and great melodies. The songs caught attention, so in 2019, PAENDA competed for Austria in the ESC in Tel Aviv. At the beginning of 2020, PAENDA returned with the collab track "Best of it", which was written with Viennese producer G x G. This was followed by her summer single "Want me not to want you" in July and "Perfect fit" in September. "Friend Zone" – a highly-energetic, feel-good track – was released in October. Her latest single "My Heart" will be released on November, 20th – leading up to her EP "My Heart" that is out now. check it out below
November 27, 2020
A Conversation with LEONA BERLIN
German singer and producer Leona Berlin offers an atmospherically dense, Hip Hop influenced Alternative Soul. “My top priority is to be authentic without having to fit in a box. I would like to give an example of how authenticity is needed and demanded, especially in today’s media superficiality.“ She writes and produces her songs herself, inspired and influenced by her greatest role models as well as close musicians and producers from her team. With her unique style, her passionate, multi-layered singing and her open, direct nature, she gives the listener a deep insight into her world. After collaborating with internationally known musicians such as Ray Angry (The Roots), Casey Benjamin and Burniss Earl Travis (Robert Glasper Experiment) for her debut album („Leona Berlin“, Warner Music 2018), Leona is currently working on her second album. Four singles have already been released. Her latest single is “Wrong Lane”, which features Hip Hop icon Snoop Dogg. To date, Leona has been seen live on various stages and festivals (including TEDx Hamburg, Women of the World Festival, Peppermint Club LA), as well as a support act for, among others, Al Jarreau, PJ Morton, Seinabo Sey and Lisa Stansfield. Check out Leona's Music here :                                    Spotify here :
November 06, 2020
JENNY MAYHEM is back on the Xtreme BPM
Jen Mahon (aka Jenny Mayhem) makes honest, relatable pop songs about high hopes and small worries. Her songs have been featured in multiple television series and commercial campaigns and her dance music alias, Nina Carr, has amassed over 10 million streams on Spotify. Born and raised in Barbados, Jenny’s Caribbean upbringing comes through in sunny, dub-inspired tracks like ‘Pickup Boy,’ but her lyrics tell stories forged in the live music and dating scene of downtown Toronto. UK magazine York Calling hailed ‘Pickup Boy’ as ‘carrying on the wave of cleverly written commercial pop’ started by the likes of Lily Allen, but with her latest EP ‘Social Piranha,’ Jenny continues to establish a sound all her own. Check out her new EP here :                             Her website :
October 30, 2020
A Conversation with 7 BILLION HERA
Multi talented artist 7 Billion Hera embodies a soulful and expressive voice with her unplaceable accent. Her music draws from 80s rhythms and modern electronic soul. "Her stage act is energetic and inventive, conjuring up an image of St Vincent. And like Annie Clark she’s super confident, fiercely intelligent and engaging." - God is in the TV, UK "the vocals are just perfect....the wonderful harmonies and well-written lyrics...7 Billion Hera’s music is something different, she’s one of a kind." -Lefuturewave Drawing from a performance background in dance and acting, her shows are described more as singular experiences than concerts. With her first single release slated for 2020, she has attracted collaborations with Pink Fader, Cheap Limousine, Chuckii Zen, El Loco Bedoya and 12Keyz, among others. Deeply inspired by FKA Twigs, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, James Blake and Flume, she's created a sound that is influenced by a myriad of her idols, yet driven by an artistic force that requires her to express authenticity and raw emotion in every track. '7 Billion Hera' embraces the idea that there are 7 billion people on this planet, and everyone is a god. Check out her music here :   Spotify :                                                       YouTube :                                                           Her Website :
October 30, 2020
A Conversation with AUDRIIX
When it comes to pursuing her passion for music, Audriix is nothing less than a force of nature. Growing up in northern California, the singer/songwriter begged for violin lessons at age two and soon moved on to also mastering piano, viola, and singing (eventually adding guitar and drums as well). Having started writing songs at age six, she later self-produced her first batch of material in the midst of earning three degrees from Stanford University. After releasing her debut EP Colors in 2015, Audriix released her full-length debut Status Change in 2019, bringing her voice to a brightly edgy brand of pop built on massive choruses and effervescent melodies. Her new single Deep Breaths continues the theme of empowerment, examining the culture of emotion suppression and silencing, all with a fearless honesty. “None of my songs portray the woman as the victim,” she says. “It’s all about being strong and standing up for yourself. I hope that listeners come away feeling empowered to do whatever they set their minds to.”
October 23, 2020
A Conversation with Silja Rós
Silja Rós is an Icelandic actress currently based in Reykjavík & Copenhagen. Her roles include "Thumbelina" in Thumbelina Musical, "Lady Fidget" in Country Wife and "Sara" in the Icelandic movie "Redux" which will be released in 2020. Silja Rós has been a company member in both Loft Ensemble and Creating Arts Company both located in LA. Silja Rós competed in The Voice Iceland in 2017 and released her debut album the same year which was very well received. Her album was chosen the "Album of The Week" by the Icelandic National Radio Station Rás2. ​
October 16, 2020
Nashville's newest darling, Caitlin Quisenberry, is full speed ahead as she quickly moves up the ranks of country music. Undoubtedly, Quisenberry is blessed with one of the most exciting and fresh voices in country music today. She may be new to the Nashville music scene, but Quisenberry is no stranger to the public eye. She has been singing and performing for more than a decade. At 14 years old, she worked with Grammy-winning producer Robert Cutarella on a four-song EP. The following year, she auditioned for American Idol, where she nabbed a Golden Ticket and was pushed through to Hollywood. In 2013, the vocalist was crowned Miss Colorado Outstanding Teen after singing to a sold-out audience at Denver's Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Quisenberry then decided to attend Pepperdine University, where she graduated with a degree in Philosophy, an emphasis in Vocal Performance and a certificate in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine Law School. While attending the University, Quisenberry pursued a career in acting. Her time spent in Hollywood landed her leading roles in national commercials including Kelloggs Frosted Flakes and Doritos, along with her most notable role in the ABC TV sitcom, "Blackish". Although she loved acting, singing was always her true passion. Quisenberry was given the opportunity her Sophomore year of college to study abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland with renowned opera singer Karine Mkrtchyan. Quisenberry believes her classical background is what has given her an advantage in the sea of incredibly talented singers. Upon graduating, Quisenberry was chosen by her Pepperdine vocal coach to sing lead vocals for the Harbor Unplugged bluegrass concert. As she sang with a Nashville based band, Quisenberry knew that country was the direction she wanted to take her music! Alongside legendary artists, her music has been spotlighted in print, online publications, and major Spotify playlists including: New Music Nashville, Nashville Stripped, CMT, Whisky Riff's New Friday Playlist, The Nash News, Country Belles Radio, 97.9 Kiss Country, KLZ 100.7 FM, Women of Country, Raised on It, Country Note, Westword, ThinkTankNashville, NewBreak, Off The Row Magazine, Pro Country, The Country Note, Denver Westword,, Voyager, and more. Currently, the red-headed vocalist is enjoying success with "Blue", "S.O.S.", "Let Love Die" and "Imogene". Quisenberry continues to write music and check out  her new single  "Get Loud With Me", her most dynamic single yet!
October 02, 2020
A Conversation with CJ FLY
Along with high school friends Joey Bada$$, Powers Pleasant, and Capital Steez, Brooklyn rapper CJ Fly founded the Pro Era hip-hop collective in 2011. As a solo artist, he issued his debut mixtape, Thee Way Eye See It, in 2013. His official debut, Flytrap, arrived three years later. Born Chaine Downer, Jr., the Bedford-Stuyvesant native transformed a childhood love of poetry into a focus on rap in the seventh grade. After the formation of Pro Era, his early career followed the crew's trajectory, with notable appearances on their 2012 effort, P.E.E.P.: The Aprocalypse, and Bada$$'s debut, 1999. In 2013, he joined tours with the likes of Flatbush Zombies, the Underachievers, Wiz Khalifa, and A$AP Rocky before releasing his first mixtape, Thee Way Eye See It. The collection featured appearances by Ab-Soul and Phife Dawg, as well as production by Statik Selektah and Cookin' Soul. Second Pro Era mixtape Secc$ TaP.E. and the Shift EP arrived in 2014 before Downer returned to his own work. His official solo debut, Flytrap, was issued at the end of 2016. The album included the single "Now You Know," as well as appearances by Canadian rapper Devontée and singer Eryn Allen Kane. Hopping back to his duties with Pro Era, he joined the crew for single "King to a God" and later teamed with Flatbush Zombies and the Underachievers to form the hip-hop supergroup Beast Coast. They issued a 2019 album, Escape from New York, and embarked on a U.S. tour. At the end of the year, Downer returned to his solo work with the singles "Bird" and "Rudebwoy" with Joey Bada$$.
October 02, 2020
A Conversation with XTINA JEWELL
Toronto based singer and songwriter Xtina Jewell favours electronic production, vibrant instrumentation, and ethereal vocals. Her latest release "Angel” combines these qualities and delivers an exciting electronic pop vibe. Christina is a compulsive creative who loves to try everything. Experienced in directing, assisting, writing/producing, she has made fashion films, comedy skits, commercials, short films, and music videos. She proudly produced and directed the music video for hit single “Moonlight,” and “Angel.” Xtina Jewell’s eccentric personality, euphoric vocals, and crisp lyrical work flourish in her music. She has been working on so much new music and is excited to expand her discography!
September 29, 2020
A Conversation with GABRIELLE BARNES
Gabrielle Barnes is a 20 year old musician based in NYC. who has been writing songs since I was 12 and performing them within her community and school crowds. She is  so proud to say that she made her debut this summer 2020 with a song that means so much to her, the Black community, and all those who stand for equality & justice.
September 25, 2020
From King To A GOD is the proper debut album by Conway the Machine, as well as his third project of 2020 after the LULU EP with Alchemist and No One Mourns the Wicked with Big Ghost LTD.. Released via Griselda and his own label Drumwork, the album is intended serve as an “appetizer” to his Shady Records debut album, GOD DON’T MAKE MISTAKES, which is expected to be released in the last part of 2020.
September 21, 2020
Alicia  is the seventh studio album by American R&B singer and songwriter Alicia Keys. It was released by RCA Records on September 18, 2020. Written and produced largely by Alicia Keys, the album also features songwriting and production contributions from Swizz Beatz, Ludwig Göransson, Rob Knox, Johnny McDaid, and The-Dream, among others.
September 21, 2020
A Conversation with KRISTINA LACHAGA
Rising pop singer/songwriter Kristina Lachaga, "The Girl With The Big Pink Heart™," has shared the stage with many artists on the scene, including Olivia Holt, Skylar Stecker, Bea Miller, Shawn Hook, and stars from Disney and Nickelodeon at concerts and events, including iHeartRadio & Girls' Life magazine's Shawn Mendes and One Direction Concert Pre-Parties. Having visited over 150 schools across the country spreading her #FollowYourHeartsDream™ and 'Sticks and Stones Anti-Bullying’ messages, Kristina uses her voice to help give teens and tweens the confidence to explore their passions, work hard, and be themselves. She made her television performance debut on CBS/WBTV performing her single “R.S.V.P.” -- inspired by Simon and Schuster/Aladdin MIX's book series You're Invited -- in Charlotte, NC's 2016 Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade. Kristina, a former Girl Scout, has loved headlining Girl Scout QuestFest 2018 & 2019 in Savannah, GA and performing at G.I.R.L. 2017 (Girl Scouts of the USA's National Convention in Columbus, OH), Girl Scout Cookie Rallies and Expos. Kristina's covers and original songs have over 3 million views across Instagram. Kristina's original songs -- including her new summer anthem, "Hot Summer" (over 50,000 streams on Spotify) -- are available on Spotify (20,000+ monthly listeners), Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, and more.
September 15, 2020
A Conversation with CHLSY
Winner of the 2017 John Lennon Songwriting Award, CHLSY continues to use her music and platform to raise awareness of climate change and social injustice. Usually, all proceeds from her music go to but she recently decided to redirect the proceeds to organizations that support the Black Lives Matter movement. CHLSY has also started a series of concert events to raise money for the Colin Kaepernick Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative which provides legal aid to those who have been affected by police brutality and those who have been arrested while fighting injustice across the country.
September 11, 2020
A Conversation with Gabrielle Metz
Gabrielle is a country singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Gabrielle finished high school early to move from Alabama to Nashville at the age of 17. After moving, she started consistently writing with other artist in Nashville soaking up every bit of mentorship that was offered. Gabrielle regularly plays showcases around the southeastern United States and Nashville area. Since moving in February 2018, Gabrielle has written over 150 songs. Her new single “Hear My Heart” reached over 14,000 streams in the first week, and she will follow it up with the release of another single in fall 2020
September 11, 2020
A Conversation with MAUVE
If you ask singer-songwriter Mauve what she feels about creating music, she says it has the ability to take you to an altered reality. Mauve is Toronto’s up and coming pop songstress who has an eclectic and playful sound that touches your soul. Mauve transcends genres to bring you moving Tropical House tracks through RnB and EDM production. Her songs have gained over 550,000 streams and counting on Spotify. This year she performed at over 30 shows across Ontario. Some of these shows include a performance at YOUTH DAY Global at Yonge-Dundas Square, and the 2020 Toronto Music Expo. Mauve also won the 2019 InterContinental Music Award for Best of North America-Pop for her song, “Come Around”. In addition, Mauve was nominated for “Best New Artist” at the Niagara Music Awards. She has also been featured on popular outlets, such as Virgin Radio, CBC Music, IndieCan Radio on SiriusXM, and MediaPro Music (Universal Music Group). A rich voice in a small frame, Mauve was always inspired by theatrical performances growing up, and she turned to the keys of her piano to bring forth that passion into her everyday life. From the age of 14, she has worn her heart on her sleeve as she has learned to play and write her own songs. She gives credit to her home city of Toronto for providing many outlets and opportunities to explore different styles of music through its vibrancy and the diversity of its people. She released her first EP Palette in October 2019. “With Palette, I hope to create an expression of music that people can visualize and evoke different feelings from,” say Mauve. “I am not one to create a song that is dull or meaningless to me, so that is why I want all of my work to feature splashes and pops of colours that sparks life and creativity to those who are listening.”
September 08, 2020
A Conversation with KEEANA KEE
Keeana Kee is a Latvian-born singer based in New York. As model she moved to the UK as a teenager and began singing at events in London. Keeana quickly took to performing live with a cover band, developing audience participation skills and around a music style which is a combination of Pop and Soul sprinkled with Spanish/Latin influence. Keeana Kee’s soulful vocal timbre is often compared to Sia, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Musically she began to learn piano and guitar to aid her journey into writing her own songs. Inspired by her idols Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Beyonce Keeana realized a dream in 2014, by moving to the US, where she began working on her first EP plus her debut tropical single "Coconut Rum and Coke", a breezy reggae track that mimics the laid back vibe of its title, featuring Latin Grammy-winning producer Maffio. Known for dozens of hits and his collaborations Maffio was introduced to Keeana Kee in Miami in the summer of 2016. He fell in love with her voice on the spot, wrote his own Spanish verse for “Coconut Rum and Coke,” took part in it’s exotically hot music video and a musical relationship quickly blossomed. Backed by a signature Maffio-esque tropical beat, “Coconut Rum and Coke” is a feel-good jam that inspires sunshine lounging and chill vibes. Keeana sultry voice and sexy lyrics take the song from day to night, beach to club, just in time for summer dancing. One of the best recordings of 2018. “Coconut Rum and Coke” was shortly followed by a steamy creation "You're Real" and it’s passionate music video raising the temperature again. “You’re Real” was written in reggaeton style by Keeana Kee and recorded in California by Spanish producer Sergio de Anda. Her seductive single, “Let’s Make Love”, was produced by the greatly talented Davix in California who Keeana knew from his role in the recording of “Coconut Rum and Coke”. With it’s deep sexy melodies and beat “Let’s Make Love” talks about the passionate desire to spend love time with your special love. When that love takes over and you can’t get enough of each other. Keeana Kee has just released tropical and Spanish infused single called "Open Arms" that features a Latin rapper Kid G. "Open Arms" was written by Keeana Kee and produced by Arturo Cabrera Brambilla in Miami. Today Keeana Kee is firing herself firmly into 2020 with her brand new record "Shoot Me Up", an immediately infectious delivery of melody and feelings as she pleads with her lover that "she can't breath anymore" she is losing control of denying her pleasure, that beautiful moment when the heart and body takes over from the mind and the need for release from the intense passion becomes that wonderful expression ‘Shoot Me Up’. It's Keeana Kee’s second collaboration with the producer Sergio De Anda in California who has produced her single "You're Real”.
September 04, 2020
A Conversation with NADIA RAE
Nadia Rae is a Singer/Songwriter from North London now living in Milton Keynes. With a powerful sultry voice and cool confidence, Nadia has quickly made her presence known on the music scene. Her South African roots have greatly influenced her love for music and the styles she embraces.Nadia released her debut EP titled 'I Am a Warrior' in 2016 and has since released her second EP ‘YOLO’ in 2018 and Fake Love in 2019. She is back with a new single "No Strings"
September 01, 2020
A Conversation with TANIA VINOKUR
Tania’s main musical inspirations are drawn from Gypsy, Electronic, Pop and Classical music. The subsequent sonic and movement focused creations are enhanced during her live performances. Live shows fully emulate Tania’s triple-threat approach to sharing her artistry with the world portraying her chameleon-like abilities to playing the violin, dance, sing and drum. Her stage presence is therefore simultaneously theatrical and magnetic, transporting audiences to her custom realm of music and movement-driven integration leaving them stunned. In recent years, Tania has performed globally on European, American, Thai and Cuban stages as well as at various festivals throughout her career. Most recently she has performed at the ADE festival in Holland and appeared on TEDx Jaffa during which she received an ovation for the most original performance at the event. This honor praised her distinct combination of dancing and violin playing which Tania states is “…the most natural thing for her to do.” Tania Vinokur is soon releasing her new album Dream Again,recorded with the aclaomed producer Yoad Nevo (Sia, Vanessa Mae, Bond) in his London based studios.
August 28, 2020
A Conversation with ADRIELLE BOW BELLE
Adrielle “Bow” Belle is an award-winning singer/songwriter out of Spanish Harlem, in New York City. This self-proclaimed "Pop Punk Princess," has several notable songs including 2017 International Songwriting Award Recipient (and her debut single), ‘Runaway’ (Produced by Mantra). Her 2019 album release, The Nightlight Visual E.P. has been critically acclaimed (as featured in FosterNation Magazine and IndieMediaReviews) and with every new release she continues to move us through the music with her avid storytelling and heartfelt lyrics. Music helped Bow Belle to find her voice, after it was silenced through a turbulent past spent overcoming childhood physical abuse. She wearied the foster care system and eventually became a homeless teen-runaway, before she "aged out" at 18 years old and finally found a "forever home" in NYC. Her music is, as she states: A “testament for all of those who have had to somehow 'light their own way,' where there was once only darkness.” She writes emotional, anthemic, and inspirational music that can play as the "fight song" for all of the survivors of the world. -"I'm a 'Valentine's baby,' and every song I write is my gift to you: I wrap it up in a "pretty bow," add some spikes and chains for all of the "troubled youth," and make it with lots of love, for anyone who could use a little more."
August 28, 2020
A Conversation with IMANI
IMANI is a genre bending artist born on an unknown Planet, Planet X. Her style is a fusion of experimental R&B, Deep House, Jazz , and EDM with a sad edge. Her family left planet X in the 90s and moved to Louisiana. Her love for southern Hip Hop influences her sound with heavy bass and robust drums. IMANI’s hypnotizing vocal style ranges from soft and angelic to gritty and diabolical. She credits her lively stage presence, which includes vignettes of inspiration, to being brought up in a small southern church. On her upcoming album, “YEAR 3076”, IMANI travels to the future where she explores love, loss, and heartbreak all while fighting for her DREAMS against the evil Dreamons.  Her New single “ Rollin” is available on all streaming platforms and check her out on instagram :
August 25, 2020
A Conversation with SAM JULIAN
Singer/Songwriter Sam is a driven aspiring original artist. Influenced mostly by hit songs from late 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s , and so on, .... Based out of Southern California, Embodies the warm traditional sounds of pop music. His passion for the musical arts began at an early age, as Sam would later pursue studies in music and the performing arts in London. While overseas, Sam performed at various venues, including the London Palladium. Today, the charming expertise of this talented singer and songwriter has grown tremendously. Sam recently released the single 3 Words, a refreshing love song that endears Sam’s presentation and creativity. Over the past few months, Sam has been keeping the melodic torch alive by frequently performing at venues in and around the San Diego and Los Angeles area..
August 25, 2020
A Conversation with JENNY MAYHEM
Jen Mahon (aka Jenny Mayhem) makes honest, relatable pop songs about her dreams and vulnerabilities. Her songs have been featured in multiple television series including MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ and Hulu’s ‘Dollface,’ as well as major commercial campaigns for brands including Reese’s, Minute Maid, and Lays. Born and raised in Barbados, Jenny’s Caribbean upbringing comes through in sunny, dub-inspired tracks like ‘Pickup Boy,’ but her lyrics tell stories forged in the live music and dating scene of downtown Toronto. UK magazine York Calling hailed ‘Pickup Boy’ as ‘carrying on the wave of cleverly written commercial pop’ started by the likes of Lily Allen, but with her upcoming EP, Jenny continues to establish a sound all her own.
August 21, 2020
A Conversation with TRACEY LEE
After graduating from Howard University with a degree in Communications, Tracey Lee inked a recording deal with Bystorm/Universal Records under which he released a solo album entitled, Many Facez (1997). This album included the hit single, The Theme (It’s Party Time), which settled on Billboard’s Top 100 for thirty-seven weeks.  He had the opportunity to collaborate with award-winning artists such as the Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes, and Kanye West. Some of Tracey's performances and appearances included BET Rap City: The Basement, BET Teen Summit, Keenan Ivory Wayans Show, and HBO Original Series: ARLI$$. Tracey's whirlwind music industry experience prompted him to earn a Juris Doctorate Degree from Southern University Law Center making Tracey the 1st former major label hip-hop artist to earn the abbreviation Esq. behind his name. Some of his clients include Eric Roberson (Grammy-Nominated R&B Singer/Songwriter), Invisible Productions (for Kelly Rowland, Solange Knowles and Kobe Bryant), and DJ Young Guru (Tour DJ & Engineer for Jay-Z). In 2014, Tracey returned to the music scene as an independent artist under his LLeft Entertainment label releasing his project entitled ESQ. The Revelation, with appearances by DJ Young Guru, Eric Roberson, and Algebra Blessett. Fall of 2016, he joined the faculty staff of Coppin State University as an adjunct professor teaching The Business of Music. In 2018, Tracey released Expect The Unexpected, an album that brilliantly bridges the gap musically between the new school sound and hip-hop culture's foundation. On July 31, 2020, Tracey released his latest project Glory, which is already being revered as Tracey's magnum opus. Created in the midst of a major societal shift, (Covid-19, Quarantine, Police Brutality, and Civil Unrest), this album is a pure product of the now and the way forward on a landscape cultivated entirely by the production of super producer, Ojizz. Tracey currently sits on the Governor's Board for The Recording Academy Washington, DC Chapter, and is a member of Black Entertainment and Sports Law Association (BESLA), American Bar Association (ABA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).
August 21, 2020