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YAFF Podcast

YAFF Podcast

By Antonin Januska
Yet Another Final Fantasy Podcast

This podcast details a journey of a Final Fantasy fan who has beaten only 1 of the FF games. We go through the games game-by-game chapter-by-chapter section-by-section. We accompany the heroes, deconstruct their stories, compare the different versions of the games, and marvel at the awe that these games inspire.
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Final Fantasy VI: Battle of Narshe
The party is finally all together. But with no time to spare. The group splits up into three small parties and make their way all the way to a fight with Kefka. Join me on this adventure -- and on my rants about war crimes and how women are depicted in these 90s JRPGs. Twitter:
June 21, 2022
Final Fantasy VI: Locke's Scenario
Join me as we travel through our third and final scenario and follow Locke's party. We'll meet a new party member and you'll hear me rant about the patriarchy and the way women are written in fantasy.  Twitter:
June 13, 2022
Final Fantasy VI: Terra's Scenario
Join me as we travel through our second scenario and follow Terra's party.  Twitter:
June 06, 2022
Final Fantasy VI: Sabin's Scenario Part II
Phew ok I took a _long_ break. So here's the second episode to Sabin's Scenario in Final Fantasy VI! Twitter:
May 29, 2022
Final Fantasy VI: Sabin's Scenario Part I
Sabin got such a treatment that I had to split the episode in two parts! Join me on a journey where we meet a new character, run into our main villain, and visit a creepy forest. Twitter:
November 29, 2021
Final Fantasy VI: Returner Hideout
Time to meet the Returners and take a stand with them against the almighty empire. Join me in a quest to meet Banon and then sail on a raft on a river. Twitter:
November 15, 2021
Final Fantasy VI: Mt Kolts
Let's talk family relationships and how to express your feelings to your parents in a healthy way. We get to meet a new party member on this journey, and also, listen to me theorize why Mt. Kolts has so many through-caves you have to visit in order to scale the place. Twitter:
November 08, 2021
Final Fantasy VI: South Figaro Cave
Join me on an episode where I will, once again, revisit Edgar and how I feel about his character. But not only that, I'll also talk about how South Figaro Cave is the perfect best cave for an adventurer as is South Figaro -- our first regular town since Narshe. Twitter:
November 01, 2021
Final Fantasy VI: Figaro Castle
Time for my first predictions and hot takes as we meet Edgar and venture out to Figaro Castle! :)  Twitter:
October 25, 2021
Final Fantasy VI: Intro and Narshe
How much do I know about this game? Nothing! How wonderful. Join me in jumping straight into Final Fantasy VI, or as it was known on the SNES Final Fantasy III.  Twitter:
October 18, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Outro
What? Another Outro? YEP, this is the original send-off I recorded when I finished the game. Enjoy the jump back in time after last episode's up-to-date recording.  Twitter:
October 11, 2021
Final Fantasy V: End of Season Mailbag with Garlyle
I got your responses, and I'm here joined by Garlyle, a fellow podcaster who hosts the "What Am I Podcasting For" podcast where he goes through the Mega Man series. In this episode, we discuss all things Final Fantasy V and respond to your questions. It's fun, I like it. Let me know if you do, too, and I can maybe get some more guests in the future :) Garlyle's links/shoutouts: New Game Plus podcast What Am I Podcasting For podcast WAIPF on podbean Antonin's links/shoutouts: Twitter No One Can Know About This podcast Final Fantasy Weekly podcast
October 04, 2021
Final Fantasy V: The Interdimensional Rift Part 3 Final Battle
The final blow and the epilogue. What a fantastic game this was. Come listen to the rest of the story, and I hope you enjoyed following my journey through this game! :) Don't forget to fill out the Survey! Twitter:
September 27, 2021
Final Fantasy V: The Interdimensional Rift Part 2 Castle
Join me on one of the last journeys within Final Fantasy V and explore a castle where we discuss the importance of consent and where I try to also glorify grinding in a game.  Don't forget to fill out the Survey! Twitter:
September 20, 2021
Final Fantasy V: The Interdimensional Rift Part 1
Time to step into the bizarro world of the Interdimensional Rift. Join me on this journey through reused textures, the rest of the Phantom Village, and an onslaught of monsters. Don't forget to fill out the Survey! Twitter:
September 13, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Pre-Rift Sidequests and Optional Content
Join me on this pre-journey to the pre-end. Finally, we collect the rest of the summons, hang around, and mentally prepare for the end which is coming. Don't forget to fill out the Survey! Twitter: htts://
September 06, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Water Tablet
One by one, we collect all the weapons in preparation to enter the realm that takes us to the last portion of the game. It's time to finally take advantage of the class system and defeat some more optional bosses! Twitter: htts://
August 30, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Fire Tablet
Are we climbing a mountain and entering a volcano for _this_ tablet? Of course, not! We'll do the opposite. Join me on this journey to get the fire tablet and complete another quest that brings us closer to the end of the game.  Twitter: htts://
August 23, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Wind Tablet
Wind tablet? Time to snatch it up. We're halfway through the tablet, gaining experience, and moving forward :) Twitter: htts://
August 16, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Airship and Phantom Village
Now that we have the airship, time to explore the world and see how different it is than it used to be. But wait, what's that? Oh yeah, there's a new secret spot we gotta check out! Twitter: htts://
August 09, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Earth Tablet
Is this a sidequest? Might this be our shortest episode? I don't know! but yeah, probably. Twitter: htts://
August 02, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Back To Earth
Back to the past? Nope, just back to Earth where we'll get to learn some of the backstory we've been so desperately missing. Wait, wait, no way. Wer are officially 2/3 way through the game!!! Twitter: htts://
July 26, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Return to Exdeath's Castle
Time to conquer the fortress of Doom! I mean, Exdeath's Castle. Did Square get licensing from Id to make these levels? Regardless, follow our characters as they uhh ascend to the pits of hell! Twitter: htts://
July 19, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Submarine
20,000 leagues under the sea, our party will roam in a submarine! Join me on an epic journey through the dark seas of the second world. Twitter: htts:// 
July 12, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Barrier Tower
Listen to me struggle with Xezat's name for a whole episode while we continue our attack on Ex-death's Castle! Twitter: htts://
July 05, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Drakenvale
Let's visit the Valley of the Dragons!  Twitter: htts://
June 28, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Moogles
Time to meet Moogles in FFV! Sorry about the lesser-quality audio. I'd like to blame Audacity but really, I gotta pay more attention to which mic it picks when it records. Twitter: htts://
June 21, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Exdeath's Castle
Time to visit the main lair of the main villain. What will Exdeath's Castle reveal to us? Will it be a brand-new lesser villain turned comedic relief? New Game Plus Retro Recap 11 (where I was a guest!): Retro Recap 11 by New Game Plus  Twitter: htts://
June 14, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Meteors
Meteroids: rocks in outer space Meteors: rocks that burn up in the atmosphere on entry Meteorites: rocks that stick the landing ok but what do you call a space rock that survives the re-entry but then can blast off back in space again??? Twitter: htts://
June 07, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Floating Ruins
Time to kick it up a step further and re-armor our little flying battleship so it can reach heights it has never reached before. Join me on this journey where we fly SHMUP-style to the floating Ronkan ruins! Twitter: htts://
May 31, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Shifting Sands
Are we still playing Final Fantasy V or did Bartz's, Lenna's, Farris's, and Krille's eyes turn pure blue and we called for the mighty Shai-Hulud to take us across the open desert? But the party disgraced the sandworm and spilled its blood across a current of sand.  Twitter: htts://
May 24, 2021
Final Fantasy V: The Ocean
How deep is your love? Is it like the ocean? Maybe, maybe not! Maybe it's time to take to the ocean and then see the Crescent Town which absolutely has nothing to do with the Crescent Lake in Final Fantasy I. Twitter: htts://
May 17, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Library of the Ancients
Time to finally meet Mid and explore the Library of the Ancients. Join me on our journey to not only retrieve Cid's grandson but also obtain the power of a firey summon. Twitter: htts://
May 10, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Fire Crystal
Join me and the party when we meet the one-and-only Cid (well, the one and only in this game!) and learn of the Fire Crystal which is causing some trouble out in Karnak. Twitter: htts://
May 03, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Castle Tycoon & Shiva
Time to re-visit Castle Tycoon -- now as a player rather than an NPC. And guess what? It's time to beat our first summon 💪 Twitter: htts://
April 26, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Water Crystal
Let's travel on a muffled journey through the Walse Tower in pursuit of the Water Crystal. Will we get there? Will we get hints about the backstory of one of the characters? Join me and find out! Twitter: htts://
April 19, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Northern Mountain
You know what's really cool? When you do something in the game -- like walk through some poisonous grass -- and it's all fine. You lose some health but you're ok. BUT THEN, if it happens in a cutscene_, totally different thing. That can kill you right away. Anyways, join the party on a journey up the Northen Mountain!  Twitter: htts://
April 12, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Ship Graveyard
Come listen to the spooky shenanigans that the party is up to this time. We will visit the Ship Graveyard, run into monsters, and get a glimpse into Galuf's past. Twitter: htts://
April 05, 2021
Final Fantasy V: Wind Shrine
The journey starts and we dive straight into Final Fantasy V Advance. Join me on a journey of a confused party of heroes that aren't sure what's up. Where one of them doesn't even remember who they are.  Twitter: htts://
March 29, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: Outro
The season has come to an end! Let's recap and rejoice in the journey that Final Fantasy IV took us on.  Twitter: htts://
March 22, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: Lunar Subterranean
The last leg of the journey will take us levels upon levels deep inside the Moon where we will face the true evil that has been manipulating the world _all along_.  Twitter: htts://
March 15, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: The Giant of Babil
What's this? The Tower of Babil spawned a Giant? Don't worry for the power of friendship will help us defeat this fiend! All the civilizations across the world and the under world band together to bring down the Giant of Babil in this episode of YAFF podcast! Twitter: htts://
March 08, 2021
Anniversary Special Part 2 of 2
Let's talk about Final Fantasy I, II, III, and IV!  Twitter: htts://
March 01, 2021
Anniversary Special Part 1 of 2
Uhhhh what? Yep, we're skipping our FFIV quest in order to celebrate a year of YAFF! I'll be going over Final Fantasy: Spirits Within as well as Trials of Mana. Why "Trials of Mana"? Don't ask. 🤐 Twitter: htts://
February 22, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: To The Moon
🚀💎💲 In this episode, we will go to the moon! No! Not the GameStop kind but the one where we will sail a large whale to get to. Happy Valentine's Day! Twitter: htts://
February 15, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: Sealed Cave & Sylph Cave
Side quests? What? Yep! Let's do some fun things on the side before coming back to the main story. :) Twitter: htts://
February 08, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: Second Babil Ascent
Had enough of the Tower of Babil? Glad that's over, right? WELL GUESS AGAIN! Join our heroes and our new hero on an edgy journey up and down the magnificent tower.
February 01, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: Tower of Babil
Let's fly underground! So we can scale a tower! To go back above ground. Then jump underground and fly above ground! We've come a full circle in just one episode Twitter: htts://
January 24, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: The Tower of Zot and Going Underground
First and foremost and before our adventure resumes, go checkout NGP Podcast: New Game Plus ( I did an episode with them about Final Fantasy IV Advance. It was a blast and well worth the listen! I also frequently hang out on their Discord so you can check me out on there, too! :) But for today, join me on an adventure scaling the Tower of Zot and then -- we will venture deep underground into the mines of Mori-- I mean, just underground.  Enjoy the episode!
January 18, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: Dark Elf
I wonder -- if I wear metal armor into a cave that is full magnets, will I just stick to the ground? Well, pretty much! Let's put on some wooden armor, buy some wooden sticks, and go beat the Dark Elf together! Twitter: htts://
January 11, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: Baron
We are back, baby! We're back in Baron, ready to battle. Let's see what kind of person the king really is. Twitter: htts://
January 04, 2021
Final Fantasy IV: Mt. Ordeals
Scaling a mountain is always a good step to redemption. Join me on a journey to redeem Cecil by Deux Ex Machine. Twitter: htts://
December 28, 2020
Final Fantasy IV: Kingdom of Fabul
Wondering if I'm going to recount the fact that Rydia was a child and she was forced to perform the same spell that killed her parents? Wondering if I'm going to _keep_ recounting it? Wonder no more! In this episode, I keep with my FF4 tradition of pointing out the horrendous things characters do and try to justify! Twitter: htts://
December 21, 2020
Final Fantasy IV: Antlion Cave
It's time to start saving people and fighting monsters without _any_ moral ambiguity. :D 
December 14, 2020
Final Fantasy IV: Road to Kaipo
Join me on a quest with Cecil, the mass murderer, as he tries to find some kind of redemption in the utter inexcusable destruction of villages, people, and cultures across the world. And his hand in the genocide of a people, and the murder of a young girl's mother who subsequently joins him on his quest. Twitter: htts://
December 07, 2020
Final Fantasy IV: Intro
So what's FF IV all about? Let's dive into my own experiences with the game _prior_ to this play. And also, let's start talking about the people behind Final Fantasy. 
November 30, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Outro
Come join me as I hash and rehash my thoughts on Final Fantasy III before I set off on the journey to play Final Fantasy IV
November 23, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Crystal Tower and The World of Darkness
This is the end. The end of the road. The final episode of the third season. Without further ado, enjoy it!
November 17, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Ancients' Cave & Land of Eureka
One champion after another, my party proves itself victorious and obtains the weapons it needs to progress further in the story. In a never-done-before fashion, YAFF covers not just one but one and a _half_ chapters of the wiki. This could possibly be the longest episode _to date_. Enjoy my ramblings, enjoy my predictions. And see you next time for the conclusion of this very long game! Twitter: htts://
November 09, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Doga's Grotto
In possibly the shortest episode ever, we'll meet the true forms of Doga and Unei! And then we'll fight them to death. Twitter: htts://
November 02, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Cave of Shadows
Time to do sidequests! After having fun digging deeper into the game, I'm slowly realizing the grim reality -- we're at the end of Act II. The place where we get to see the world, explore it, and be comfortable with our abilities...right before we come soaring into the third Act of the story. Twitter: htts://
October 26, 2020
Final Fantasy III: The Airship Nautilus
And so it came to pass that the long march of Final Fantasy III's steep curve has begun. A several-week endeavor will leave you with an episode missing in content due to poor memory and frustrations at the new grind. Twitter: htts://
October 19, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Saronia
What's this? A civil war in the Kingdom of Saronia? It's time for the heroes to get political! Join me on a journey through Saronia, the largest kingdom in the world of Final Fantasy III Twitter: htts://
October 12, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Goldor Manor
Goldor! Twitter: htts://
October 04, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Cave of Tides
Wait a second, the circular continent isn't the whole map?? Twitter: htts://
September 28, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Hein Castle
Got a few minutes to spare? Then join me for the biggest fumble of Final Fantasy III. The Hein Castle! The mysterious floating castle that amounted to almost nothing, unfortunately. Twitter: htts://
September 21, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Molten Cave
Our heroes went down into the dungeon to fight the Salamand! And then they went down again, and again, and again. The game picks up its grind, so join me on this journey through lava! Twitter: htts://
September 14, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Tower of Owen
All I can do in  this episode description is apologize for the late episode. I was not fighting in the Tower of Owen, I was not even playing Final Fantasy. However, come join me on my journey into the spire that holds up the world!
September 02, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Nepto Temple
Join me on a confusing journey through Final Fantasy III where we meet tiny gnomes, hang out with the vikings, and attempt to stop a god-like monster from destroying every ship that sails the seas! Twitter: htts://
August 24, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Dragon's Peak
Will we reach the Dragon's Peak to accomplish our goals? Or will I forget half of the plot along the way? Hopefully, Luneth, Refia, Arc, and Ingus will help me conquer challenges set before us! Twitter: htts://
August 17, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Sealed Cave
A curse is plaguing our home village and the closest kingdom. The villagers have turned into shimmering outlines!!! I freaked out because I thought they were ghosts. We'll fight against the mighty Djinn to set them free and back into their regular human shapes. Twitter: htts://
August 10, 2020
Final Fantasy III: Intro & Altar Cave
3D or not, what an intro! Jump into the Altar Cave with me and begin the journey toward --- ehhh, well, we don't know yet. This episode features both the FFIII intro _and_ the Altar Cave play-along episode. Enjoy! Twitter: htts://
August 03, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Outro
Will being sick stop me from recording a podcast? Of course not! Join me on a rant about the game's mechanics, plot, and everything else that makes it great and terrible. :) Twitter: htts://
July 27, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Pandaemonium
To enter the all-demon fortress, one has to first venture to the bottom of the lake and make their way through the Jade Passage. Will the blood worms or the void worms stop our party? No, because they're in a different game and no, I didn't edit the episode to inform the listeners with that information. They're actually Abyss Worms. :|  Join me on the journey of completing this game and defeating the king of hell! Twitter: htts://
July 20, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Palamecia
Leon, oh dear, Leon, will we be able to save you? Or kill you instead? Join me and the crew of Final Fantasy II in a legendary ascent up the tower of Palamecia. Listen to me be _actually excited_ about the game after a couple of rough episodes. Twitter: htts:// Youtube video referenced in the episode: (beware, spoilers!)
July 13, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Cyclone
FF2: The Return of the Jed--.... I mean, join me for a fun journey through a quickly spinning whirl of air that might or might not be the home of the Emperor. The heroes will fight valiantly and will finally hit the right stride, defeating mini bosses left and right. Twitter: htts://
July 06, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Mysidian Tower
The collectathon is over, it's time to visit the Mysidian Tower. Too bad there's a mythical monster protecting it! Join the party as they venture through the bowels of the beast, make friends along the way, and ascend the Tower.  Twitter: htts://
June 29, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Mysidia
The end is near! So why not take our party on a world-wide collectathon? Get that crystal, then this mask, go through a deep cave, just to get access to the next area. Join me in rants on FF7, dungeons, and listen to my predictions on how the game will end! Twitter: htts://
June 22, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Fynn Castle
It's time to take back Fynn and drive the Empire out! Our heroes band together in an assault on Fynn Castle where they fight Grottos. After that, we'll explore the creepy basement below. Twitter: htts://
June 15, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Colosseum
The party fights as one against the nightmares of the Colosseum. Will Maria, Firion, and Guy defeat the Emperor's monsters? Will *they* defeat the emperor? Twitter: htts://
June 07, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Deist
The legendary Dragoons, are they real? Let's sail the ocean and find out! Join me on a journey to Deist, the home of the Dragoons. Hopefully, we'll be able to get their in the fight against the Empire! Twitter:
May 31, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Dreadnought
A new character joins the party and together, we succeed in getting all the slew of items we need in order to defeat the Death Sta-- I mean, Dreadnought.   Twitter:
May 25, 2020
Final Fantasy II: The Snow Cave
Join me in exploring the snow cave so we can get the Goddess Bell and be one step closer to overthrowing the empire. In this episode, we get the pleasure of hosting a Monk in the party, a martial arts expert who helps us defeat the evil villain! Twitter:
May 18, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Bafsk
What? The Evil Empire is building  a mobile superweapon that they use to terrorize their own people in order to crush the rebellion? Wait, this isn't Star Wars but yes, the plot is the same! Join me on an episode where we travel to Bafsk and encounter the terrifying machine called Dreadnought which can soar through the skies and lay waste to the towns and cities of the Empire.  Twitter:
May 10, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Salamand
How many towns will we travel through? Many. The world of FF2 is large and populated which is exactly why we take a trip down into the mines by a waterfall. Will we retrieve the mythical mythril? MAYBE Twitter:
May 04, 2020
Final Fantasy II: Fynn
Oh no! The first battle and I lose? Is this the end of the game??? Fear not for...most of us will make it through just fine. Join me on this legendary journey into Final Fantasy II. We start when our heroes are orphaned and killed but then they come back okay. Twitter:
April 27, 2020
Final Fantasy: Season 1 Outro & Season 2 Intro
An unlikely combination of podcast episodes unite to give us Final Fantasy I closure and usher in the new season and the era of Final Fantasy II.  Twitter:
April 20, 2020
Final Fantasy I: The Temple of Chaos
An unlikely enemy makes a reappearance and the Final moments of this Fantasy come together. Join me on this journey to defeating the great evil and bringing the world back into light! Twitter: Strategy Wiki:
April 11, 2020
Final Fantasy I: The Crystal of Air
A floating fortress? So this is where this trend started! Follow me on the journey to beat Tiamat, the Fiend of Wind. Together, we will ascend through the Tower of Mirage and explore the Flying Fortress to get the Crystal of Air Twitter: Strategy Wiki:
April 06, 2020
Final Fantasy I: The Crystal of Water
A monster hides out in the Sunken Shrine where the mermaids reside. Will the heroes beat the terrifying Kraken and find the Crystal of Water?  We'll see! Join me on this riveting episode as I collected the 3rd Crystal and advance in my journey toward saving the world. Twitter: Strategy Wiki:
March 29, 2020
Final Fantasy I: The Trials
What do you get when you upgrade your Thief to a better class? Would you have guessed Ninja? I definitely wouldn't have. Come join me in my trials to prove to Bahamut, the Dragon King, that my party is worthy of an upgrade. Check out my twitter:
March 22, 2020
Final Fantasy I: The Airship
Time to conquer the Ice Cavern and kill the evil eye. Why? Well, of course, to get the Levistone and lift the ancient airship from the Ryukahn Desert Check out my twitter:
March 16, 2020
Final Fantasy I: The Crystal of Fire
Let's visit the Crescent Lake, the sages and then go through Mt. Gulg to fight the Fiend of Fire. Will we win? I mean, yeah, but it's going to be quite a journey! Check out my twitter:
March 08, 2020
Final Fantasy I: The Crystal of Earth
It's finally time to conquer the Crystal of Earth and destroy the Lich who will hopefully never rise again to terrorize the world. We visit the peaceful town of Melmond, the Cavern of Earth, and not only the Titan's Cave but the Sage's Cave as well. With the Lich's defeat and the restoration of the Crystal of Earth, hopefully, the townspeople of Melmond will see their continent renewed. Check out my twitter:
March 01, 2020
Final Fantasy I: The Prince of Elfland
Follow me on a journey through Elfland, into Elfheim, and to meet the prince and the king. Will I be able to wake the sleeping prince? Check out my twitter:
February 23, 2020
Final Fantasy I: The Journey Begins
Follow me on a journey through as my Journey Begins in Final Fantasy. We make our way through Matoya's Cave and onto Pravoka. 
February 17, 2020
Final Fantasy I: The Kingdom of Cornelia
Follow me on a journey through The Kingdom of Cornelia as I head into the world of Final Fantasy! :) Check out my twitter:
February 10, 2020