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yaylive, the loyalty podcast for DTC brands

yaylive, the loyalty podcast for DTC brands

By yayloh
yaylive is a collection of conversations with successful DTC brands founders and industry experts to learn how to create and nurture long-lasting customer relationships, to grow fast and sustainably. Retention is the holy grail of eCommerce growth these days and we are here to help you navigate this with concrete examples, practical advice while being inspired by great brand stories.
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A discussion about caps, inclusivity and brand responsibility, with Asim from Stiksen
In this episode of yaylive we sit down with Asim Khandker, co-founder of Stiksen, a Swedish brand that designs premium caps. It's a really interesting and unique episode where we talk about the environmental duties of brands and dig in on an equally important and often forgotten topic: social responsibility. We also take a closer look at content marketing and how it can be paired up with influencer marketing and collaborations to help grow a brand further. As an early-stage brand, we ask Asim about Stiksen's tech stack and some of the processes they have built to nurture and increase customer retention and foster loyalty. Check out yayloh, return management software Follow yayloh on social media: LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Check out Stiksen Follow Stiksen on Social Media: Instagram Linkedin Follow Asim on LinkedIn
May 24, 2022
Drive loyalty by investing in post-purchase experience, with Paloma Truong from Miinto
In this episode of yaylive we sit down with Paloma Truong, Head of Customer Experience and Intelligence at Miinto, an online marketplace that aims to be the most customer-centric fashion platform for premium, luxury and hand-picked local brands. In this episode, we will use Paloma’s expertise in eCommerce, particularly in customer experience to learn how to be more data-driven in all aspects of the customer journey, which KPIs to focus on to improve CX and loyalty and how to work with them to continuously drive revenue for your business. In addition, we will also deep dive into one of the most overlooked, yet crucial, steps of the customer journey: the post-purchase experience. Paloma will explain why it is so important to deliver a great post-purchase customer experience and how you can nurture your customers during this journey to make sure they come back to your store. --- Check out yayloh, return management software Follow yayloh on social media: LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Check out Miinto Follow Miinto on Social Media: Instagram Linkedin Follow Paloma on LinkedIn
April 28, 2022
How to foster customer loyalty with email marketing, with Céline Dibert from Klaviyo
This episode welcomes Céline, Partnerships Manager at Klaviyo, an email marketing platform created for online businesses — featuring powerful email automation. This episode will take a deep dive into how communication is key for an online business. We’re going to take a close look at email marketing and SMS and how these two communication mediums can help turn one-time customers into customers for life. We emphasised the two most important factors to building effective, meaningful and highly actionable conversations: segmentation and personalisation. In the same way we know things and talk to other people in our lives, brands have to get to know their customers on a similar level to strike a conversation and grow it as time goes by. Check out yayloh, return management software Follow yayloh on social media: LinkedIn Instagram Facebook — Check out Klaviyo Follow Klaviyo on Instagram and LinkedIn Contact Celine at — We're also really happy to share that this podcast has been named one of the best 15 DTC podcasts by Feedspot. 
April 12, 2022
The power of co-creation to launch and grow a brand, with John-Ruben Holtback from UNNA
This episode welcomes John-Ruben, founder of UNNA, a Swedish sportswear brand that launched recently. We’re going to deep dive on the long road to launch day, from the ecommerce platform to choose, how to use social media to your advantage and the must-have tools to grow an online store. We’re specially going to explore co-creation, an activity that is starting becoming popular between the DTC and DNVB space because of it’s many benefits, like customer loyalty from the beginning and creation of products based on (potential) customer’s insight. Related to this episode, we invite you to listen to Astrid Wild’s episode to learn about how to leverage Social Media to increase retention with Jemina Pomoell, CEO and Co-founder of the Swedish outwear brand. Check out yayloh, return management software Follow yayloh on social media: Linkedin Instagram Facebook — Check out UNNA Follow UNNA on Instagram Contact John-Ruben via LinkedIn or Instagram.
March 29, 2022
How to increase loyalty with great Customer Support, with Louis from Gorgias
This episode welcomes Louis, Senior Strategic Partner Manager at Gorgias, to help us navigate how a great customer service is so crucial to drive customer loyalty and give you some concrete tips to stand out from the crowd. We specially deep-dived into the importance of building effective communication channels and how to find the perfect balance between personalization and automation to drive customer loyalty and be more effective. Check out yayloh, return management software: Follow yayloh on social media: Linkedin Instagram Facebook Check out Gorgias: Facebook Instagram  Contact Louis via LinkedIn.
March 14, 2022
How to leverage Social Media to increase retention, with Jemina Pomoell from Astrid Wild
This episode, welcome’s Jemina Pomoell, Co-Founder and CEO of Astrid Wild, a Nordic outdoor wear brand designed for female shapes. With Jemina, we talk about the early days of launching a brand, the importance of creating a community to ensure long-term customer loyalty and the role of social media marketing, paid and organic, when building and scaling a brand. Check out yayloh, return management software: Follow yayloh on social media: Linkedin Instagram Facebook Check out Astrid Wild: Facebook Instagram Pinterest
March 02, 2022
Why & how the right payment solution is a backbone for growth, with Benjamin Lang from Mollie
This episode welcomes Benjamin, Country Manager France, at Mollie, a checkout solution that helps companies scale through effortless payment methods. With Benjamin, we will talk about how the industry is evolving, new trends and we’ll also use his expertise in payments to help you understand how to set up a good foundation for scalability and also very concretely what to focus on when choosing a payment solution provider. 00:00 -1:42 — Introduction of the podcast and the episode’s guest, Benjamin 1:43 - 2:39 — eCommerce is shifting from customer acquisition to customer loyalty. How and why do you think that is 2:40 - 4:20 — Upcoming game-changing trends in the eCommerce landscape in the next few years to enhance the customer experience. 4:21 - 6:56 —  Strong focus points to launch and build a brand 7:57 - 10:14 — Examples of brands that are doing an excellent job with customer retention: Ysé Paris and Sezane 10:15 - 13:04 — Introduction to the payment ecosystem and categorisation of the platforms/tools on the market, national and international players. 13:05 - 15:20 — Europe is a borderless and diverse country, where each country has a primary national payment method but is also quite used to using more international options. How to tackle this aspect as a brand. 15:21 -15:45 — Consider your expansion when choosing your Payment Service Provider (PSP). 15:46 - 18:00 — Services and added value that PSP bring to brands (on top of payment) 18:01 - 20:10 — New trends in the payment landscape like Klarna, communication payments (WhatsApp payment), wallet payments and how they enhance your customer support team. 21:05 - 23:33 — Comparing the different payment solutions on the market and assessing both features and price. 23:35 — Episode conclusion Check out yayloh, return management software: Check out Mollie: Follow yayloh on social media: LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Listen to the podcast on YouTube
February 08, 2022
How to Build a Successful Brand, with Sebastian Öhrn from Myrqvist
This episode welcomes Sebastian Öhrn, founder of Myrqvist, a handcrafted shoe brand ready to disrupt the traditional business model by selling direct to consumer. We're going to look back at the start of Myrqvist, what has been key to the brand success and more particularly what have been the main drivers to Myrqvist customer's loyalty and how to apply them to your brand.
January 25, 2022
Welcome to yaylive
Are you an eCommerce merchant? Do you dream of launching your own brand one day? Or are you just really into ecommerce and want to be all ears about the latest ecommerce trends? Well, you’re in the right place! Hello everyone, we're really excited to welcome you to yaylive, the loyalty podcast for DTC brands.
January 20, 2022