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Yes Libertarian - The Flame of Freedom

Yes Libertarian - The Flame of Freedom

By Massimiliano Muccini
Welcome to the Yes Libertarian - The Flame of Freedom, Hosted By Massimiliano Muccini from Italy
The master themes are liberty ,free markets, human actions,Property , voluntariness, Bitcoin and decentralized blockchain Versus: the State,radical Left, socialism-communism-fascism,coercion, collectivism,property, centralized planning of the economy,reset of the economies, centralized Bank, and its recurrent usage of quantitative easing,welfare state.
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Yes! Libertarian FMP S1E7
Christmas Time 2020: general considerations about us,the people, in this year 2020 and how do restart in the best way on 2021. Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas 2020. Massimiliano Muccini Italy
December 24, 2020
Yes! Libertarian - Free Market Podcast S1E6
SInce June til november '20 that we didn't meet on podcast. Now it's time to focus our purposes on liberty. Covid 19, US President election , and liberty in some meanings. Enjoy!
November 22, 2020
Yes! Libertarian- Free Market Podcast S1Ep.5
“Knowledge and Knowing each other” is the title, I draw attention of what liberty means, and what kind of contribution we can generate with an inner change of our toughts How can we fight the globally unique thinking
June 27, 2020
Yes!Libertarian-Free market Podcast S1 E4
Focus on liberty ,mycontribution to the listeners,added values,inspiration
June 15, 2020
Yes! Libertarian Free Market Podcast S1-E3
In the episode no.3 you'll find a brief, historical review about he communism and its link with the socialism.
June 02, 2020
Yes!Libertarian - Free Market Podcast -S1-E2
The meanings of liberty, and the opposites socialism,communism and collectivism .Why we have to defend our liberty.
May 25, 2020
Yes!Libertarian -Free Market Podcast -S1-E1
Why the Yes!Libertarian Free market Podcast,who I am, and Why I do this Free market Podcast,I discuss the leading points we'll hear in the next episode.hosted by Massimiliano Muccini -Italy
May 23, 2020