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Your Entertainment Sucks

Your Entertainment Sucks

By Matt Verish
**Formerly Video Game Lore**
Welcome to Your Entertainment Sucks, the podcast where I breakdown in five minutes or so why some of your favorite movies and shows aren’t as great as you think they are, as well as offer my thoughts on how to rectify said suckage.
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8. Grosse Point Blank RULES!
Learn why it is I think Grosse Point Blank RULES! Website Twitter Instagram
April 18, 2022
7. A Quiet Place SUCKS!
Learn why it is I think A Quiet Place SUCKS! Website Twitter Instagram
April 11, 2022
6. Nostalgia Exploitation SUCKS!
Learn why it is I think nostalgia exploitation sucks. Website Twitter Instagram
April 04, 2022
5. Netflix Chainsaw Massacre SUCKS!
Learn why I think Netflix Chainsaw Massacre SUCKS! Website Twitter Instagram
March 28, 2022
4. LOKI on Disney+ SUCKS!
Learn why I think LOKI on Disney+ SUCKS! Website Twitter Instagram
March 21, 2022
3. The Batman REVIEW **SPOILERS!!!**
Listen to my thoughts on The Batman Website Twitter Instagram
March 14, 2022
2. Ghostbusters: Afterlife SUCKS!
Learn why I think Ghostbusters: Afterlife SUCKS! Website Twitter Instagram
March 07, 2022
1. The Book of Boba Fett SUCKS!
Learn why I think The Book of Boba Fett SUCKS! Website Twitter Instagram
February 28, 2022
Don't Shut Off Your Brain
Understand why it is I think your entertainment sucks. Website Twitter Instagram
February 21, 2022
Welcome to Your Entertainment Sucks!
Video Game Lore is now Your Entertainment Sucks! Take 90 seconds to learn why I think what you watch and love might actually suck. Website Twitter Instagram
February 20, 2022
12. Umbrella's Unsettling Utopia
I dare you to try and seek shelter beneath this macabre Umbrella. Happy Halloween! Website Twitter Instagram
October 31, 2020
11. Great Grizzled God
Grab your giant axe and tighten your bow strings as we venture into the world of Kratos Website Twitter Instagram
October 01, 2020
Name That Chiptune
Take a moment to appreciate Chiptunes Chiptune Creators: Chaotrope and Mentalcacao Website Twitter Instagram
September 11, 2020
10. Metroid's Masterful Move
Venture deep into Space and discover the secret to this bounty hunter's success Website Twitter Instagram
September 08, 2020
9. Wallachia's Wicked Whip
Wonder why whips wallop Wallachia's wandering, wicked weirdos? Website Twitter Instagram
August 18, 2020
8. Big Bad Bahamut
Brave the flames of the magnificent dragon, Bahamut, and discover his unusual lore. Website Twitter Instagram
August 04, 2020
7. Pit's Problem Palace
Take flight with Pit in Kid Icarus and learn the history of Angel Land and his...interesting name. Website Twitter Instagram
July 21, 2020
6. Flights of Fancy Foxes
Two foxes are better than one, unless of course they can fly! Join me as I discover the lore behind the gift of flight for Tails and Fox McCloud. Website Twitter Instagram
July 07, 2020
5. Blue Bomber Beginnings
Make your way into the world of Mega Man, where A.I. robots battle for the fate of our planet! Website Twitter Instagram
June 24, 2020
4. Pokélore Volume One
Come and catch all the lore behind the Legendary Pokémon, Zapdos Website Twitter Instagram
June 09, 2020
3. Triforce Trinity Trifecta
Discover the lore behind the Legend of Zelda's mystical Triforce Website Twitter Instagram
May 04, 2020
2. Super Sonic Spines
Speed into the world of Sonic the Hedgehog and discover his unusual mythology Website Twitter Instagram
May 04, 2020
1. Mario's Magic Mushrooms
Discover the lore behind the Super Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. Website Twitter Instagram
May 04, 2020
Video Game Lore - Trailer
Take 90 seconds to learn about Video Game Lore Website Twitter Instagram
April 30, 2020