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Y Factor Podcast

Y Factor Podcast

By Eric Chen
The Y Factor Podcast takes a deeper dive with entrepreneurs on how they got started, the struggles they had to overcome, and the driving force of WHY they keep on going.

Learn how these individuals overcome obstacles and stay motivated. Find out how you can discover your WHY!

Thank you for tuning in!
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Eric Bravo - Hitting Top 100 Billboard Music Charts with "Need to Know" a Passion Project While Working Corporate - Lionsgate, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Google & More
Eric Bravo claims his new album release "Need to Know" is his best work yet, but with an amazing creative background as an author, photographer, travel blogger, musician how does he balance this with a full-time corporate job as an analyst?  Under the pseudonym RAVO, Eric has recognized the opportunity to work with the best talent available to make his own dream album. Now it's ranked 91/100 sitting right next to music artists Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Halsey, and more. Bravo has an extensive resume as an animation writer and creator who made the cartoon short, "The Outsiders," with Nickelodeon while simultaneously working on Google’s Self Driving Car Project, Waymo. He's co-founded Bravo Bros. Studio and wrote the book, “How to Get An Animation Internship.” available on Amazon and Target.
August 20, 2020
Tony Lam - Quitting Your Job at a Fortune 100 Company to Opening a Franchise Business - How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Success
Tony Lam - a serial entrepreneur who decided to risk it all by opening not just one but multiple Wing Stop Restaurants in the Bay Area. Learn about the risks he took to opening it and the failures he had to endure to achieve success.  Winner of the hit show Shark Tank for one of his brands, Tony has invested and founded multiple companies along the way. He's recently co-founded Omni Bev - a modernized approach towards cold brew Vietnamese coffee. What I admire about Tony is that he's not the executive who sits behind a desk but he's out there alongside his team, leading pop up shops and knocking on doors to make the sale. His hustles are endless and I'm sure listeners here can learn a ton through his journey. Discount Code:YFactor for 15% Off! Code good until Dec 31, 2020 Co-Founder - Omnibev Co-Owner - Mavens Creamery Wingstop - President of Bay Area Marketing COOP Workstream - Investor VitaBowl - Investor Kea - Investor and many more 
May 06, 2020
DKsDonut with Mayly Tao on How to make a Business Your Own and Taking Charge of Your Future
Mayly Tao of the world-famous DKsDonut shop in Santa Monica shares her story on how she made her family business her own. With a 30% reduction in business during the Covid-19 pandemic, she talks about how she took charge to turn things around. DKsDonuts opened 24 hours every day since 1983 is best known for its Dkronut and O-nut creations, where people travel from all over the world to indulge in her colorful donuts.
May 01, 2020
Andrew Chau of The Boba Guys on How to Stay Focused on the Bigger Picture
Andrew Chau and his partner Bin Chen started Boba Guys through simple Pop Up events. It wasn't until 3 years into it and a full-fledged store did Andrew decide to quit his full-time job. We discuss his mental state and deciding point to leave his corporate job to pursue Boba Guys full time making it one of the most successful Boba companies in the world. He doesn't just sell Boba, he's selling a vision - to bridge cultures, one boba at a time. Learn how Andrew takes every bit of experience from childhood to college to shape what Boba Guys is today. They've recently launched The Boba Book available here - 
April 26, 2020
Giving Up What's Good for Something Greater: How Far Would you go For what you Want with Jon Thai, Co-Founder of Hatch Duo and Aggregate Watches
With a previous background in art, Jon excels at visual problem solving and crafting products that are not only purposeful but beautiful and memorable. His approach is motivated by a commitment to provide visceral impressions through integrated product and brand experiences. Jon's past design contributions have helped build global recognition for some of the most iconic brands and award-winning products in their respective categories. Learn what sacrifices Jon made to pursue what he believed in. Having worked for a billionaire and leaving his great paying job to start his business at what most people would assume to be the wrong time and what he had to do to stay afloat.  Jon is the co-founder of Hatch Duo a premium industrial design firm in addition to Aggregate Watches, an affordable watch brand with a focus on aesthetics and raw material.  You can follow Jon's journey here
April 21, 2020
Asian Hustle Network - The Fastest Growing Community by Uplifting Others with Co-Founders Bryan Pham and Maggie Chui
Asian Hustle Network (AHN) is one of the fastest-growing Facebook groups to date, just starting off in November 2019, it's since grown over 40,000 members in 5 months. It's recognized as one of the most well thought out community spreading a message of positivity, collaboration, and the pursuit of entrepreneurship. Its mission stems from building a community to help uplift each other in regards to businesses or even small side hustles. There have been dozens of events to help foster growth in the community in addition to spanning across the globe from the US to Taiwan and Australia. Listen in on how the Co-Founders Bryan Pham and Maggie Chui started this community and the vision they have to take this group to the next level to help all levels of business owners. You can find more information below. Instagram: @bryanvuongpham @magg.chui Website: Donations:
April 02, 2020
Getting Back on Your Feet After Devastating Loss - Andrew Muse from Tiny Home Adventures
Andrew Muse, a world-class adventurer with his trusty sidekick - Kicker Muse, the coolest Golden Retriever emBARKing on adventures together. Andrew shared the story of his near-death accident and the loss of his best friend, and mentally the process to get back on his feet in a tough time. He was already well into living the most passionate life and encourages others to do the same!  Andrew Muse is a professional multi-sport athlete, content creator, and social media influencer who consistently generates compelling and high production value content with his adventure dog Kicker by his side. After spending more than 10 years in the action sports and travel industry, he has had the opportunity to partner with top clients including Travel Channel, GoPro, People Magazine, Google, and Land Rover. Kicker - aptly named the Ultimate Mountain Dog by Outside TV - and Andrew starred in a 2019 Super Bowl commercial for Mountain America Credit Union. Andrew’s self-produced series, Tiny Home Adventure, is gearing up for Season Three after Season Two received over 1 million views. Check him out below
February 27, 2020
Chie Tamada - Discovering Passion and Turning it into a Business
Chie Tamada previously known as Sparkletters discovered her passion for lettering by thinking back to what inspired happiness during our youth. She was able to turn this passion into a hobby then into a business. She's since done lettering for a ton of clients and providing murals for companies such as Counter Burger, Facebook, and Google! Discover how she stayed diligent with her craft that led her to transition her career towards a career in design. 
January 28, 2020
Turning Respect into $25 Million, The Hunger and Drive Never Stops with CEO of, Omar Sayyed
Omar Sayyed, CEO of, Alynn Brand, shares how a lifetime of respect is earned through the means of hard work, giving back, and always putting your best foot forward. Learn how his mindset allowed him to grow this brand into a multi-million dollar industry giant, providing men and women with all types of attire.  Instagram: @omarsayyed - Exclusive Discount EXP 12/15/2019 Discount Code:YF20
November 15, 2019
Being Motivated to Writing an Award Winning Novel While in the Air Force - by D.L. Jennings, Gift of the Shaper
An inspiring story of D.L. Jennings writing an award-winning fantasy novel while on deployment. He shares his story about his journey, his regrets, and why he wouldn't have it any other way.  “When I started writing as a way to pass the time on a deployment to Africa, I never imagined that what I wrote would one day find its way into print. But, after a few years, and with the unyielding support of friends, family, and an incredible publisher, I held in my hands the thing that I’m most proud of in this life. My wish for you as readers is that you would feel the depths of emotion and the satisfaction that went into every single page of Gift of the Shaper. I want you to grow to love the characters the way I do and to feel a sense of longing when their story ends. But — above all else — I want you to enjoy the experience. So, please, make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair, bed, park bench, or whatever, and step into a world of heroes, magic, and gods. Welcome ... to Highglade.” - D.L. Jennings You can find more information on his book on his website - You can purchase his award-winning book here - 
November 06, 2019
Anthony Bui Tran - From Corporate Job to 5 Million in Sales by age 25, Partner at Seller Tradecraft, Professional Amazon FBA Seller
Anthony Bui Tran is one of the thought leaders in the Amazon FBA Seller Community. He has reached tens of thousands of people helping change their lives by providing free information on youtube on how to sell on Amazon. He's amassed an authentic following due to his content and knowledge that he shares with the community. Anthony reached 7 figures in sales revenue by the time he was 24 years old, with a hard-hitting backstory that motivated him to continue to push himself. Listen in on how he perseveres, understand his growth trajectory and WHY he continues to push forward. Little does he know, he's changed my life for the greater good and has been a great friend, mentor, and idol that I could look up to.  Follow him below!  Instagram: @bui.tran.jpg Youtube: Amazon Resource Guide Anthony has also launched a tracking software widely used by Amazon sellers called, you can use my discount code for 15% your subscription. CODE:YFACTOR15
October 24, 2019
Pitch Deck - From Business Concept to Fully Funded in 72 Days with Austin Distel and Tim Palladino
Austin Distel, CMO of Proof, a Y-Combinator backed company and Tim Palladino, a successful businessman with a 7 figure business exit, both serial entrepreneurs talk about coming up with many ideas and being able to bring one to life. Pitch Deck is a game by entrepreneurs made for everybody. Think Apples to Apples meets Shark Tank, come up with fun, funny, and fundable business ideas with prompts. Play with your friends and family and they'll see why entrepreneurs are always coming up with some of the whackiest Ideas. They dive into their background, the struggles, and how they were able to work together on launching this as new found partners through respect. Instagram Handle @austindistel @tdpalladino
October 09, 2019
Treating and Growing Your Business Like a Baby - Brittany and Tye Davis of The Willow Co, A Premium Baby Clothing Brand
Brittany Davis the Founder of The Willow Co, a premium baby clothes brand focused on sustainability and the ultimate comfort of your little ones. She works alongside her husband to growing this company. Not only is she a full-time Mom, but she also runs a business and has a job. Brittany shares her story on how the brand started, how she's had to navigate the ups and downs of business and how she's building the company. Tye Davis, her husband, talks about working together with her and how he supports her in every way possible, teaming up to make the ultimate business couple.  The Willow Co focuses on high quality. eco-friendly material to provide comfort and clothes to grow with your baby.  Tune in on the episode and check out their website here. Discount Code: YFACTOR15 IG: @thewillowco
October 02, 2019
Sharon Tseung, Digital Nomad Expert, How Multiple Passive Income Streams Allowed Her to Travel the World
Sharon Tseung, a digital nomad expert who built her multiple passive income streams while traveling around the world for 2 years. What's even more impressive was her ability to build up her passive income allowing her to save money while she traveled. Take a listen on this podcast episode about her journey with traveling and why she focused on the pursuit of a digital nomad lifestyle, traveling, and aspiring for more. She's settled back down in the bay area to help others build passive income streams and live the life they want. You can find her information below and a lot of great resources on the site she runs, Digital Nomad Quest.  - Website: - Instagram: - Facebook: - Podcast: - YouTube: -Etsy:
September 25, 2019
From Big 4 Accounting to her 4 priorities: Children, Husband, Own Business, and Freedom
Yamaris Diaz had a full time job at Deloitte for a long period of time. It wasn't until a similar accident such as mine that put things into perspective on the things she wanted to prioritize. However, she did not quit right away, it still took some time to make the leap of faith to start out as an entrepreneur.  While the fear of not having a steady paycheck, the fear of not being able to spend quality time with her children and family was an even more scary thought. Yamaris dives into her moment of transitioning into running a full time accounting business from her home. She is now able to run her business from her home, spend quality time with her children, and work towards the life she wants. This is her WHY.  I enjoyed doing this interview because I got to know Yamaris more and highlight that she is just starting out. She isn't an online guru claiming to work from the beach or take lavish vacations. She takes this newfound business even more seriously and understands that sacrifices must be made and it won't be easy.  Check her business out on and contact her at for any accounting services you may need. Mention Y Factor Podcast for a free consultation to discussing your business.  Ecom Owl specializes in e-commerce business, mainly Amazon and Shopify.  Yamaris runs a facebook group to provide resources to online entrepreneurs to understand the landscape of proper bookkeeping and taxes.
June 23, 2019
How 20 Years of Sacrifice Built the Perfect Engine for Business with Amber Blonigan CEO of GI Automotive
About Amber Blonigan In her early mid 20s, Amber Blonigan started GI Motorsports. For over a decade, GI Motorsports has been the premiere European automotive maintenance and tuning shop in Los Angeles. From McLaren MP4-12Cs to Lamborghini Aventadors, GI Motorsports does it all. As a female CEO in a male-dominant industry, she received a lot of pushback from society and competitors. Despite the negativity, she was able to persevere. With years of hard work, wise business decisions, and a do no harm, take no shit approach to the industry, Amber grew GI Motorsports to over $100,000 in sales within the first few months of business to paving her way as a thought leader and community builder in the automotive industry.  Instagram: @amber_blonigan & @giautomotivegroup
May 07, 2019
Ten Ideas a Day to Tenzo Tea: The Number 1 Matcha Company in LA, a (UCLA) Dropout Story with Steve O'Dell
Steve O'Dell is the Co-founder and CEO of Tenzo Tea. Steve grew up in Rochester, New York as the youngest of five boys. At the age of 12, he met a 6’4 inch 14 year old Robbie Page. After overcoming their awkward high school years, the pair moved across America to sunny Los Angeles to play volleyball for UCLA. While at UCLA, he studied History and starting creating companies (both good and bad), but, after three years, the contemporary college route didn’t suit Steve’s overarching goals in his life, so he dropped out just half a semester shy of graduation to pursue entrepreneurship. After dropping out, he started Tenzo Tea with his business partner Robbie Page, who we have to mention is now 7’1 inch tall. Steve loves reading, writing, and learning and takes an active role to inspire entrepreneurship and actively writes about healthy living, business, and leadership on publications across the internet including Forbes. Exclusive Y Factor Promo Code is available on the website at Thanks for tuning in! 
April 09, 2019
How Best Friends Grew a $15 Million Dollar Business as The Perfect Business Partners: Nick Young & Fernando Cruz of Seller Tradecraft, FBA Amazon Sellers
Nick Young and Fernando Cruz, a perfect duo taking on the world of Amazon and E-commerce. They've been running private label selling on Amazon FBA channels and have been able to scale to a healthy 8 figure business. They are hosts of one of the largest Amazon Sellers facebook group and provide a ton of value into the community and space.  Take a dive into why these two best friends partnered up with each other and have been able to achieve the same goals and dreams together. In near perfect synergy to dominating the Amazon world, learn about why they started their journey and hearing about the ups and downs that they had to go through.  Thanks for tuning in!  Check us out at IG: chenericeric
March 19, 2019
How My Accident Launched Me Into a Business and Not a Tree + The Start of My Podcast Journey
This is the very first episode launch of the YFactor Podcast. I discuss the very beginning of my journey of entrepreneurship and why I decided to launch this podcast.  The goal of this podcast is to share other people's stories and the motivators that keeps them going. We start with their Why and how they started the business, into them seeing it through and going through the ups and downs.  Thanks for tuning in!  Check us out at IG: chenericeric
March 04, 2019