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YNergy Podcast

YNergy Podcast

By YNergy
I'm Yvonne Decelis from YNergy energy healing & training.
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YNergy podcast 2:

YNergy Podcast

Sample YNergy Healing Video: How to do a Lymhatic Flush
This is the type of how-to energy healing video you can find on my youtube channel (YNergy).
April 22, 2022
YNergy update Feb 27, 2022
An update on why I have been missing and my YNergy youtube channel
March 01, 2022
My latest update as to where I have been
Where I have been and when I may be back to do more energy healing videos as well as what I'll do in the interim
October 23, 2021
September 25, 2021
Season 2 Episode 1: where I've Been
Where I have been and when I will start to do more podcast and videos... Yvonne Decelis from YNergy
August 22, 2021
YNergy Podcast Ep. #22
An announcement about new videos and also my book which is now on Audible called it's not as bad as it sounds my life with MS and fibro
July 19, 2021
YNergy Podcast Ep. #21: new channels, new videos, and a new apartment!
Yvonne De celis goes over the new videos and new video channels she has in YouTube. She also talks about how she finally found a place to live and her move will be happening in a few weeks
July 11, 2021
YNergy Podcast Ep. 20
Read my newest video about the triple wormer and comfort clasp also an update on my move situation
July 08, 2021
YNergy Podcast Ep. 19
News about one of my new channels in YouTube for meditation along with two new videos that are now there
July 01, 2021
YNergy Ep. 18
News about a new meditation Channel I just started
June 29, 2021
Doing his podcast cuz it's too hot for me to turn the air conditioner off to make a video. Also talking about two new videos on my video channel (YNergy) , in YouTube
June 27, 2021
YNergy Podcast Ep. 16: new video
I talk about my new video in YouTube about how to get rid of ice pick headaches or help yourself during stressful times. I also go over how to get to my website
June 21, 2021
YNergy Podcast Ep. #16
I talk about my latest video on YouTube which is about how to feel better even through hard times. NOTE: I am sorry that I am so garbled in the beginning I thought the recording was okay on this. I can do it again if you need me to just let me know.
June 13, 2021
YNergy Podcast Ep. 15
In this episode, Yvonne goes over a new video she will be putting up on her YouTube channel for feeling better through energy healing and also about her web page and setting up an appointment for a first-time freebie
June 11, 2021
YNergy Podcast Ep. 14
This is a podcast about new videos that I have out on my Channel on new back exercises and a Wayne Cook posture for distressing
June 07, 2021
YNergy podcast 13
This is about my recent video about adrenal flossing for back pain. I also have some call to actions and info about my website and Services I will soon be offering
June 01, 2021
YNergy Podcast Ep. 12
It talked about my new video and also some changes to my webpage at
May 25, 2021
YNergy podcast ep. 11
This is an announcement of a video that I added it to my YouTube channel yesterday. It is about how to use the law of attraction to get what you want in life.
May 17, 2021
YNergy podcast ep. 10: new Law of Attraction video
This podcast talks about my latest video which is using the law of attraction to get what you want in life
May 17, 2021
Episode 10: I have a new YouTube video on my healing Channel
I made a new video last night. It is on my YNergy channel in YouTube right now
May 08, 2021
YNergy podcast ep. 9: healthy smoothie recipe
In this podcast, I discuss a smoothie that is extremely healthy (not super tasty, but VERY beneficial.) I also go over enzymes in fruits and an enzyme tablet I found that helped me with digestive issues and weight loss problems. I hope you enjoy this and that you will share it with others you think could help. Thank you so much for your time!
May 08, 2021
YNergy Podcast ep.8: practicing the law of attraction to get what you want in life
I go over things you can do to try to get success in life and love Finance Health, etc. As well as going over self-defeating thoughts and how to get rid of them. This will probably be part of a series since the Law of Attraction appears to be very popular among my listeners and viewers.
April 30, 2021
YNergy Podcast ep. 8
I explain why I've been absent recently and then I go into practicing the Law of Attraction for success in life.
April 27, 2021
YNergy podcast ep. 7: chat with me?
I go over how to leave comments and or messages on my blog be in my website at
April 25, 2021
YNergy podcast ep. 7
Newest podcast regarding a new podcast naming scheme, with a little more information about using the law of attraction to get what you want in life
April 22, 2021
YNergy Podcast 6: How to be calm with the Triple warmer rub; video announcement
This is just a podcast anout a new video I put up on YouTube that can help you calm down during times of extreme stress, panic, frustration, etc.
April 20, 2021
Episode 7: channel update, law of attraction
I give an update on what's going on with the lighting situation that is keeping me from doing videos. I also explain what the law of attraction is.
April 13, 2021
Episode #5: YNergy channel update; info on the Law of Attraction
This podcast is an update on what's going on with my YNergy channel in YouTube and then it is followed by information on the law of attraction
April 05, 2021
Using the law of attraction to get what you want out of life
Yvonne goes over what the law of attraction is and ways to use it to get what you want out of life with regards to finances, romance, etc. Ep. #4
April 03, 2021
YNergy podcast #3: audio test podcast
This is a test podcast want to see how it works with background music or music after the recording I I'm really not sure how this is going to come out
April 02, 2021
YNergy podcast 2:
Friday podcast about my new video and my website and how to reach me
April 02, 2021
Episode #1: Intro to me (Yvonne Decelis) and YNergy energy healing and training
This is really just an introductory video there's also a little blurb for anchor attached to it in the beginning. I then explain what we do (various energy healing modalities) and why we do it.
March 28, 2021