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The Yoku Masaki Show

The Yoku Masaki Show

By Yoku Masaki
Take a Cat Eared Wearing Nerd with a Microphone and Give him a show about the Nerdy Stuff he loves, Comics, Music, Movies, Games and More, give him guests, and you have a one of a kind Radio Podcast that Brings you to the edge of a different type of chatterbox for your eardrums. Each Week, Nerd And Photographer Yoku Masaki will bring you the best in news and chatter of the Geek things you love! (And What He loves too, but we have nothing against that.)
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From She Hulk to DC Issues
Today's Episode Deals with alot of Rambles from the end of a nerd. from the BeefBros Complants on the New Marvel Studios She-Hulk series, to Problematic Issues on the Recent News of Warner Brother's Recent Cancelations of Certain DC Comic Projects, Including the Batgirl Film. In-between some Stories of Shoe Ownership Stories, Batman Gatekeeping, and Problems with the Shipping of Two Dc Comic Villain's. not to mention defending the love of Marvel shows since DC fanbase isn't always on the sense. 
September 07, 2022
My Thoughts Chapter 1: Mental Health
Its been a a minute. Today's episode is a Random One, talking about The relationship between yoku and his mom, mental health stigma, religious Opinion and Wrestling of all things. Plus How Social media has Helped in Yoku Get back in touch with his roots and keep his Culture self-expression intact..
August 09, 2022
RIP Funimation
Well its the end of a Era. In this Episode we talk about The News recently of Crunchyroll And Funimation By Sony, and what it will mean for either streaming service along with the reasons why maybe of action into one Large Library of anime. also, information on the histroy for both companies and hope for voice actors in north america during this acquisition deal in anime for the companies as well!
March 03, 2022
What Do you want to know? what do you Enjoy? What do you hate? well those are questions Yoku Masaki has been Asked, and in this Show/Podcast, you'll get the answers! 
November 05, 2021
MOTM3: Thoughts and Info.. It's About Time.
Today's episode is a Hell of a Long time coming, Yoku explains his Love and Anticipation for the long awaited Album from megastar Kid Cudi. The Third Chapter of his Album Trilogy, Man on the Moon, which was started in his Debut Back in 2009 was a Pivotal part of Yoku's Musical Essence Inspiration, and today since then has become Yoku's Musical Influence, Now fast forward 20 years later the final Chapter of the album series is set to be released this year, and Yoku breaks down what we expect to hear about it, what we expect from the physical releases, the album track listing and even the art design for the album. Yoku even breaks down about Cudi's Discography and his reasonings on why He Has all But Two of Cudi's Best album work. if you want to know how much a fan yoku is, this is your episode!
November 05, 2021
Sad Day In Wrestling
In today's Episode. we talk about the recent News of WWE releasings of Wrestlers, Ring of Honor's Closing, and also our Opinions on some of the Wrestler's Gimmicks and Creativity in the Roster from up to the releasings. 
November 05, 2021
Still the Best in The World
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Today's Episode Features Yoku Reaction to The Return of Wrestler CMPunk. Yoku talks about his first experience watching the Second City Savior and His Legacy, to His Recent Return to Wrestrling Including his Appearance In All Elite Wrestling. Yoku brings up about what This Voice of the Voceless Means to himself and Professional Wrestling with a Little Rant about WWE Summerslam[s Distasteful Response. 
August 23, 2021
Black Love and Spectrum in Hollywood
This episode has discussion on the representation of Blacks in Hollywood and Media representing both the LGBTQ+ and the Mental Health/Autism Communities, not only the Representation of both but the reason of lacking and along with a story from Experience with Mental Health from Yoku Himself.
June 08, 2021
A Different Kind of Nerd (featuring Special Guest Sequoya Pacheco)
In This episode, Yoku reunites with a Model who may have only worked with him twice in one year but has more passion than a year's worth. Yoku Speaks with Rising Model Sequoya About Her Passion In Modeling, Her Ups and Downs in her Personal Life that Kept her Going, Her Love Life, and What Got her Into Modeling, Along with a Few Secrets about her Newfound Love for Anime. Sounds Joyous Don't You agree? keep Listening and Found Out. Check out her work on Instagram @sequoya_pacheco !
February 10, 2021
Pixii Perfect (featuring Special Guest Stephanie Pixxxii)
New Episode for the New year! we talk to special Guest Stephanie Pixxii as she talks about her years in modeling along with her love for cosplaying along with her entire creativity Inspiration and her Motivation as well!  Check out her work on Instagram @stephaniePixxi and on Twitter @PixxiStephanie !
January 29, 2021
Mother F'n Time: (Special Guest Kristen Marie)
After Knowing each other for almost a Decade, My Guest Kirsten finally Works with me and Joins me on today's Episode, while we review our shots, We talk about how Her Butt Inspired My Entire Career, Her Podcast series, The Hoe Diaries, Her New Endeavor and How She Has Seen the Evolution of My Work as a Fan to The Point she Wanted to work with me! Check Out her work at instagram and Twitter @FUCKING_KRISTEN !
November 08, 2020
Discussion With Shelby Garcia
Today's Episode features Upcoming Model, Student, book Reviewer and Fitness Guru Shelby Garcia, Whose Journey from Nursing and Serving As a USAF vet To Being A Inspiration to Fitness and being a Rising Model is somewhat a Fascinating Story, Listen as she Tells What motivated her to Call Yoku and work together in which would be the best collaboration in her life and supportive of Yoku, how her work Helps Motivates her, and what she loves about how Yoku contacted her in the proper way in models should be reached out in Photography, Plus know the humorous Catalyst that Helped Motivate the awesome work Yoku and Shelby have done recently and in the future!  Check out her instagrams at @shelbygarciafitness and @shelbymariexx and check out her youtube channel, Book Reviews with Shelby! 
September 15, 2020
Discussion with Meg Maley
We take a break from our Mini series with a brand new episode featuring rising photographer and model Meg Maley, who has a history and amazing work chemistry with Yoku, as they discuss their recent shoot along with some of the creativity in their mind States along with helping use their mental issues to bring out their creativity. They also discussed how they both feel about not being good advisors to their friends when it comes to personal issues. Check out Meg's Work as a Model At 
August 26, 2020
Masaki At The Movies #3 : Jurassic Park 3
In The Third Chapter Of the Masaki at the Movies Commentary Podcast, We Look at the Widely Known But somewhat Lack lusting Jurassic Park 3, Some swings and Misses, Funny Jumpscares, And why Tea Leoni wins the Award for Worst Mother of Movies. Also Yoku talks About Pineapple on Pizza Rant. But you'll figure out why in the movie. Sit Back, relax and Enjoy the movie with Yoku! Spared at no expense!
August 15, 2020
Masaki At The Movies #2 : Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World
Welcome to Another Episode of a Mini Subseries from The Yoku Masaki Show Podcast Called: "Masaki at the Movies"! where Yoku Will Offer his very own commentary on some of his favorite Movies in his collection. This Episode of the Mini series Will be on the sequel for Jurassic Park: The Lost World! Yoku Expresses his opinions on How Vince Vaughn was the Chris Pratt of this Movie, How it was crazy awesome to see a Black female in the Movie, How The events in the movie could lead to a Prediction to the future Films! (including The Newest Jurassic World!) Yoku Also Expresses about how the Rodney Character is No Captain Ahab, How Eddie is a Hero, and The Dynamic Change of Ian Malcolm from going to Rockstar Scientist to Quack. and More! (warning, spoilers from the Whole Movie series may be spoken throughout the Commentary.) sit back, relax and Enjoy the movie with Yoku! Spared at no expense!
July 04, 2020
Masaki At The Movies #1 : Jurassic Park
Welcome to The First of a Mini SubSeries from The Yoku Masaki Show Podcast Called: "Masaki at the Movies"! where Yoku Will Offer his very own commentary on some of his favorite Movies in his collection. This First Episode of the Mini series Will be Gear Towards Yoku's Favorite Movie Series: Jurassic Park! (what? you were expecting the Batman Movies? ) starting off with the first movie of the Jurassic Park Series, Yoku offers his Opinions about how The Movie has Aged with him to the point of his understanding the main synopsis, Why he thinks Laura Dern's Portrayal as Dr. Sattler makes her a Badass, Why Dr. Ian Malcolm is as Lovable as his Actor is, And Why Lex is the WORST KID CHARACTER IN THE WHOLE MOVIE. (seriously Think about it.) Yoku will give his two cents throughout the movie and on special points throughout the movie without ever ruining the film. (warning, spoilers from the Whole Movie series may be spoken throughout the Commentary.) sit back, relax and Enjoy the movie with Yoku! Spared at no expense! 
June 21, 2020
2 E3 or Not 2 E3
This Episode is Dedicated to Claudette Jones.  Rest in Peace. Since E3 for 2020 has been canceled, is it even a Bother since the announcement? the Highs and Lows along with Discussing why E3 isn't meant for everyone, Anxiety issues on why transportation is Limited and Also Details on NYCC 2015 experience as well. 
June 09, 2020
#BlackLivesMatter: Be The ALLY.
This Episode is For every Person of NonColor to Listen, to understand, and To Learn On How to Be an Ally in the proper ways during this Controversial time.  while The News is Showing day by day the protests in Honor of Demanding Justice for the Lost Black Victims of Police Brutality and Violence,  we will Address the Why, the When, the who and the what along with Giving The Listener the HOW. 
June 04, 2020
Partner In Crime!
Yay! Finally a Second Episode! In this one you get to meet Co-Host Marc Altimus, who will help Yoku throughout the show and will try to keep the sanity in the series. Plus the Guys talk about Cosplay, one of their favorite coventions, the JonTron issue, and Some random Stuff all for the love of Nerdgasm!!
June 04, 2020
This is it! The first Episode of THE Yoku Masaki show! Well, not really the first Episode but a "Pilot" or a "Prologue" Episode to get you up to speed on what The Podcast will be About and what to expect Soon.
June 04, 2020
Comic Con Comeback!
 In this new Episode for 2019, Yoku Talks about San Diego Comic Con Including His Reaction of the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Trailer and his Love/Hate on the Batman : Hush Animated Movie Trailer,His Musical History including The Utada Ultimatum and his Future of Music Production and why he stopped doing music. Yoku Also Rants on the emergence of Dumb Trends Recently, Bias Cosplay Documentaries and the Fact of No Unification for Cosplay and Lewd Cosplay, And Also Yoku Asks a Few Questions of future Plans in the Podcast that MAYBE coming soon. 
June 04, 2020
#BLM vs Blackface
Which is more important to focus on in this racism of america? A slain murder of another innocent black man by a cop, or a late night comedian doing black face of a celebrity 20 years ago? the answer is addressed in this new episode. To help during this crisis go to or go to
June 01, 2020
JOKER review and Beyond!
A new episode in which we review the newest DC movie!! And also his thoughts on Nostalgia Critic's Review of A Pink Floyd Classic.
October 24, 2019
Guts of Steele (featuring Special Guest Helena Steele)
In today's Episode, Yoku catches up with Former Cosplayer and Model Turned Nerd Marketer Helena Steele! Helena and Yoku Talk about thier first encounter together, Helena's Views on Cosplayers and Marketing, How They both Got thier Names,what they are both currently playing, and their encounter with Celebrities at Conventions and More! Check out Helena's INSTAGRAM AT
February 10, 2019
Yoku: Version NewThousandAndTwenty
New Episode for the New Year! Yoku Talks about the Pros and Cons for being a new Photographer in a Industry dealing with Sexual Predators and violators pretending to be Photographers, He Also Talks about his darkest days before his podcasting era, The Ups and Downs for Being A Podcaster with Autism, and finally What other content that will be discussed on this show Beyond the cool stuff. be Warned, Yoku In def will be in this episode, exposed.
February 06, 2019
Yoku's Comic-Con Report: Part 2! (Filler)
Yoku's Report on San Diego Comic Con News! More Information on Future Shows and Specials from DC Comics and Beyond!
July 22, 2018
The MomoKun Controversy
In this Deep Episode, Yoku Discusses His Thoughts, Opinions, and Addresses the matter all relating to the recent news surrounding cosplayer Mariah Mallad aka MomoKun, and also Discusses about the stigma of being a Photographer in a world were perversion can hurt your photography career if not taken seriously.
July 21, 2018
Yoku's Comic -Con Report: Part 1 (DC)
Yoku's Report on San Diego Comic Con News! First Information on Future Shows and Specials from DC Comics including The DC Universe Streaming Service!
July 20, 2018
Holly of Hyrule (w/Special Guest Holly Wolf)
In this Week's Episode, Yoku Talks to Playboy Playmate/Cosplayer/Gamer Holly Wolf! We Talk about the Love of Zelda (including her Tears of Joy!) her Cosplay History, The Stigmata of being A Cosplayer/Model in the Industry and Some Insights about her Hometown of Canada! You can check out all of her Work and More on Her Social media!
July 09, 2017
The Episode After Colossalcon
Yoku Gives us a Update on the Podcast and What led to the delay of Episodes for the show As well as His Thoughts on This Year's E3 coverage, the Black Panther Movie trailer And Backlash, Also His Updates on His Shooting Time at Colossalcon for 2017!
June 21, 2017
The Tesla Suit Makes the Man
in this Episode Yoku and Marc Discuss about the Tesla Studios Newest project, VR throughout the ages, Bollywood Movies and Superheroes, PC Games and Crashes and Doctor Who Spinoffs!
April 19, 2017
The Art is Vast and Infinite!
In Today's Episode, Yoku and Marc Give more discussion on Hollywood Damaging  Adaptations, Overwatch and Destiny 2 Updates, Discussion of the Ghost in the Shell Movie and Controversy, the Science of Art and More, all while Getting Pumped for a New Batman Animated Movie in the process!
April 10, 2017
Ghost In The Shell Movie Review
Yoku gives us a bare Minimum review of the highly anticipated Hollywood remake of the Anime Classic! Expect more details and spoiler free version of the review on the next episode! Til then check out the review!
March 31, 2017