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Creative Healing With Yolanda

Creative Healing With Yolanda

By Yolanda Grier
My mission is to empower women to heal creatively with what’s already inside of them.
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What Price Wholeness?
What are we trading for our wholeness? Each day we make a decision to exchange something for our wholeness. Are you ready to be whole? Come and join this important conversation and this necessary journey.
March 13, 2021
Creatively Healing...Awareness
Let’s talk about awareness. Are you aware of where you are on your journey to wholeness? Come and join the conversation.
February 11, 2021
Creative Healing with Yolanda Podcast Intro
Welcome to Creative Healing with Yolanda, A Podcast where Yolanda invites you to have honest conversations about Healing and Wholeness.
February 02, 2021