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Crimes, Killers & Chianti with Yolanda Shoshana

Crimes, Killers & Chianti with Yolanda Shoshana

By Yolanda Shoshana
Welcome to Crime, Killers, and Chianti with Yolanda Shoshana. In this podcast, culinary crime writer & content creator, Yolanda Shoshana, reviews crime and thriller books, shows and movies. Come through for the crimes, find out about the killers, and get the perfect wine to pair for when you read or watch.
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The Serpent: The British Crime Drama Serial
In this episode Yolanda Shoshana gets into The Serpent, the British crime drama serial starring Tahar Rahim and Jenna Coleman. The show chronicles the life and times of con man and serial killer Charles Sobraj. It's a binge and cringe worthy.. Some of it is hard to believe, but it all went down in the 70's in South Asia. When it comes to what to sip when you take this show's trip, the CARO Aruma Malbec. It's a delicious red and comes at you smooth. Tune in for the 411 and the pairing!
June 08, 2021
Sinister Minister: A Serial Killer Situation
In this episode, Yolanda Shoshana, gets into Sinister Minister on Lifetime starring Nikki Howard, Ryan Patrick Shanahan, and Angela Briones . Let’s just say that a minister is really a serial killer that preys on women. Ain’t no good gonna come from any of this. The wine pairing suggested to go with this hot mess is the Valdo Brut Rosè. Tune in! Stop by: Sign up for: Twitter: @Shoshi Clubhouse: @YolandaShoshana
May 16, 2021
Lupin: French Mystery Thriller
In this episode, Yolanda Shoshana, reviews Lupin. The French mystery thriller starring Omar Sy is now on Netflix. The perfect painting with the show is an XO Cognac. Come through for this review. Santé!
April 22, 2021
Leprechaun: A Horror Comedy Film
In this episode, Yolanda Shoshana, reviews Leprechaun, the 1993 horror comedy film written and directed by Mark Jones. One thing is for sure, never mess with a leprechaun's gold cause he will come back to get it by any means necessary. The pairings selected are The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth and the Yalumba Bush Vine Grenache. Tune in! Swing by Get me on Twitter: @Shoshi
April 04, 2021
Promising Young Women- A Black Comedy Thriller
In this episode, Yolanda Shoshana, gets into: Promising Young Women. The movie is a black comedy thriller starring Carey Mulligan  Bo Burnham, Laverne Cox, Jennifer Coolidge, and Adam Brody. It's Emerald Fennell directorial debut and what a gem it is. Come through for the review and the wine pairing. The wine selected is the Gary Farrell Russian River Pinot Noir. Stop by: Sign up:
March 14, 2021
Murder Among The Mormons: A True Crime Docuseries
In this episode Yolanda Shoshana gets into, Murder Among The Mormons, a true crime docuseries on Netflix that takes a look into the the 1985 bombings of Salt Lake City. What we find out is that Mark Hofmann ain't nothing, but trouble. He is counterfeiter, forger, and convicted murderer. He did wrong and had to cover his tracks. During the three episode series a good wine to sip would be the Boneshaker Zinfandel.  Tune in for the 411. Cheers! Stop my : Sign up for The Dandizette:
March 08, 2021