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Book Talk with Yolandie

Book Talk with Yolandie

By Yolandie Horak
A podcast in which gaslamp fantasy author Yolandie Horak rambles about books, writing, and more.
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Point of View
In this episode, Yolandie talks about point of view. Why she writes in third pov, what is the difference between deep and shallow pov, and how she chooses viewpoint characters for her scenes. Links mentioned in the episode A Study of Ash & Smoke purchase links: A Trial of Sparks & Kindling purchase links: Blog posts about deep point of view: Yolandie's Patreon:
September 14, 2021
My Publishing Journey
In which Yolandie talks about why she chose to indie publish her books and the challenges she's faced along the way. Links mentioned in this episode: Nerine Dorman, author and editor: Yolandie's Patreon (LuminLore):
August 15, 2021
In which Yolandie talks about the amazing women to whom her books are dedicated. Links mentioned in this episode:
July 14, 2021
Why I Write
In which Yolandie talks about what drives her to write. Links mentioned in the episode:
June 14, 2021
On Gaslamp Fantasy and Steampunk
In the first episode of her brand new podcast, Yolandie talks about the differences between steampunk and gaslamp fantasy, and how she finds writing in the genre. Find a transcript of the episode here.
May 26, 2021