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Whats Tea? - Season 2 Opener

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By YogiTB
Created by the Yoni, for the Yoni. Convos from sexuality to relationships and more! Join in on the conversation and enter into a space that is constantly being held for you to be free and yourself. Activating inner Shakti and Shiva energies. This is a podcast for men and women. All are welcome!

I am a HEALER. I am full of love & joy. I am sending you love & light. If you found your way to my page, I hope you find what the universe has sent you for. Peace & Blessings Love.

Produced by: Phil Morrelle
Artwork by: YogiTB
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Stepping Into... My Power.
Who are you? What is your purpose? What lights your life? What fulfills you? Stepping into your power is one of the most amazing things you can do. I’m starting segments speaking on stepping fully into your power. This is Part 1. Enjoy. Make sure you Stay Up-to-date with everything going on!! Follow me on insta - @yogi.tb Subscribe on my website: theenostalgic.co Love & Light!
July 16, 2019
Whats Tea? - Season 2 Opener
It's been a while and we are finally back in action!! I had to bring back 3 of my favorite co-hosts from season 1 to kick off the second lap of Yoni Chronicles. I wanted to catch up with Curt, Chris & Dre on relationships, Hot Girl Summer/City Boy Summer, sex, connections, and all inbetween. Yoni Chronicles started as my way to discuss the journey's we experience as Divine Wombmen, but the last 6 months of my life have transformed me fully and I want this to be an open space for everyone to enter and feel comfortable. So welcome to Season 2! Do not forget to leave a voice message or comment!  Be sure to follow my amazing guests on IG! Chris - @cmartyfit Curt - @chocol8tehiigh Dre - @kingdrefitness Me of course! lol - @yogi.tb Subscribe on my website: theenostalgic.co Love & Light!
July 12, 2019
Season 2 Teaser
Season 2 we are getting candid & more transparent. Welcome to Yoni Chronicles Tribe! New Episode soon!
July 7, 2019
VIIII. Mother's Intuition
Ma Gwen, Fresh off her 25th Glowday Celebration & YogiTB sit down to talk about her intuition, parenting skills, not giving up on true love & knowing her worth. But most importantly keeping it LIT in the bedroom. YogiTB and her mothers relationship is one to be cherished, built on trust, communication, respect and understanding. Wonder where she got her ways from, tune in!!  Love & Light!!
February 21, 2019
VIII. 3's Company??
On the outside Jasmine & Jason look like the normal couple who live together, have a super cute dog, cat and 2 chinchillas and a beautiful home. BUT, their relationship is definitely an interesting one! Join YogiTB as she sits down with the couple to discuss their super rare form of relationship. Are you willing to love your partner fully and accept them for who they are? Will you allow someone else in your bedroom? Jasmine & Jason really opened YogiTB's eyes of what it means to be fully present and loving towards your partner... How do they do it you ask? Wait for it..... COMMUNICATION. Something that seems to be lacking in a lot of relationships in this day-n-age. So sit back, grab your wine, beer, tea (because it is PIPING HOT HONEY!) and enjoy Episode 8, 3's Company. Follow them both on social media: Jasmine: @jasjoh Jason: @j.miller_therealtor Looking to start a podcast? One stop shop where you record, edit, upload, publish... You name it! Download the Anchor App and kick off your podcast dreams.... For FREE!  www.anchor.fm/free
January 22, 2019
VII. Marriage... Is it worth it?
So this episode is comprised of several topics, from therapy, alignment to boundaries, but mainly MARRIAGE. Join YogiTB as she has a candid conversation with two of her classmates and their views on traditional marriage... (Note: YogiTB believes in marriage, it is interesting to hear the views on those who have been there before.)  Do you believe in marriage? Is it really worth it? Does is make a difference who you are marrying at the end of the day, if marriage is relevant or not? Take a listen and leave your opinion!  Don't FORGET! Subscribe, Rate & Review! Namaste Love! ---- Baboon Go-Bag: https://baboontothemoon.com/collections/all Code: MESEASON Progressive Therapy Services: Dr. Wayne Marshall waynemarshall88@aol.com (if you are interested in more information contact YogiTB info@yogitb.com)
January 14, 2019
VI. Girl Talk: Orgasms-n-Growth
Join YogiTB as she sits down with her best friend, Curtina Pope as she candidly discusses her experiences with having orgasms and relationships. They are also joined by a special guest towards the end. It's legit a family vibe here. Orgasms, Non-Attachment, Love, Attraction, Abundance & Tribe are the theme of this episode. Enjoy Love! Make sure you spend that orgasmic time with YOURSELF! Curtina Pope: IG: @chocol8tehiigh DC Divas:   http://dcdivas.com/team/players/curtina-pope/ CJ Pope IG: @ayeecurt_
December 27, 2018
V. Sex, Religion... Both? Ft. Jimmy Jenkins
YogiTB is joined by Jimmy Jenkins, Entrepreneur, Film Maker, Producer, Writer & Directer as they sit down and discuss his new upcoming project, being a "Preacher's Kid," his views on sex and more!! This episode is special because although Yoni Chronicles is about ALL things Yoni and SEX, we need to also be mindful of our intentions as well! We hope you enjoy this episode! Make sure you subscribe & rate! Jimmy Jenkins IG: @jimmyjenkins22 Sinners Wanted Movie - SinnersWanted.com TRAILER OUT NOW!! Esquire Meals IG: @esquiremeals Meal Prep & Referral Program Sign-Up: http://Sendbottles.com/esquiremeals
December 17, 2018
IV. The Warm-UP
You know, most times we hear situations when the woman decides to step away from a relationship because the man is not doing his part in wanting to better himself. Well, in this episode the tables have turned... My guest this week, Andre Makell or as y’all know him as Dre owner of KingDre Fitness aka the warm up crew aka your bf can’t workout with him lol. Also is a full time government contractor working as a network engineer. Everyday motivator full of energy never a dull moment with him. Always on 100 his beast mode knob is never turned off... Take a listen to this episode where we discuss relationships, fitness & of course SEX! We also are joined by another guest Chris Martin aka CMartyFit... he dishes his input on relationships, love, sex & fitness. I do not think you want to miss this one! Also, be sure to listen to the end, our energy was so high Saturday I had to share this bonus portion with you! Be sure to follow my guests on social media: Dre - @kingdrefitness Chris - @cmartyfit @FiTalkPodcast Natural Elevation, LLC http://naturalelevationsnacks.com/ All of my listeners who visit their Instagram page and DM "YoniC" will receive a discount on their granola bars!!! Visit them: @naturalelevationllc
December 3, 2018
III. Dear Diary...
Dear Diary, is just a compilation of my thoughts of what I am feeling at the moment. From Kim Porter's passing to something extremely funny happening while I was recording the podcast, which led me to turn the conversation to getting more into the body and out of the mind. I encourage you to get to know yourself & spend an intimate evening with YOU. Love&Light, YogiTB
November 20, 2018
II. Pregnant, Sex?
Sex.... but while pregnant? Who would ever try? Who would have ever thought? Does your intimate life change once pregnancy comes into play? I think not! During this episode I sit down with one of my really good friends (who is indeed pregnant and 4 weeks from her due date) as we discuss her take on intimacy while carrying a child. From her favorite positions, to how pregnancy effects the body for over a span of 9 months. If you're ready, DIVE in, no but literally DIVE IN. Listen, Subscribe & Let me know what you think! Love&Light, YogiTB Pregnant Sex ft. Michelle (@luckylibraleigh)
November 15, 2018
I. Intro: Entrance To Universe
Welcome to Yoni Chronicles, a podcast created by the Yoni for the Yoni!! Well not just solely for the Yoni's and Coochies, but for the Shishna's (penis's) haha. This podcast will cover all topics ranging from vaginal health to relationships and law of attraction. I Thank you in advance for taking this journey with me! Enjoy this first episode: "Entrance to the Universe" Love&Light, YogiTB
November 5, 2018
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