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Young Black Equestrians

Young Black Equestrians

By Young Black Equestrians
Horses. They are a passion, a culture and a lifestyle. Young Black Equestrians will discuss the ins and outs of equine culture with an extra dose of melanin. Follow us as we open up the conversation educating and promoting the lifestyle we love.
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UNCOVER: Tracey Turner -- YBEtv REPLAY
Tracey Turner is an equestrian and entrepreneur from New Jersey. She was introduced to the horse industry at the young age of 4 after attending a county fair. After taking lessons at a local barn, Tracey fell in love with all things horse!. She went from riding horses to driving horses with the help of her neighbor and local horse community. Tracey now owns multiple horses and drives competitively, training in South Carolina for half of the year.   Tracey competes in an event called Combined Driving… think “3 day eventing”... but with a cart! In this episode she shares her experiences in the sport, defining the different events, carriage terms and the general process. Currently, she has a German riding pony named CHARDONNAY (Barn Name: Cooper, after the wine barrel manufacturers). She even remembers the moment she became just as comfortable in the carriage as she does on the back of the horse. Using the same techniques she used to train Alaskan malamutes to pull a sled, Tracey felt very comfortable “behind the reins” with young horses and ones new to the sport.    Not only is she a competitive equestrian, she is also an entrepreneur/business owner. Tracey developed the idea of after working for a small healthcare tech start-up company around the time people started using computers to inquire about their insurance policies. In this episode, she shares her experience in crafting this membership website from scratch! This website is an all encompassing location for horse management, barn management and expense tracking.    Have you loaned a piece of tack to someone? Keep track of it in the OneSourceHorse tack room!  Have you ever pulled up to a show and discover you left your Coggins at home? Upload it to OneSourceHorse for safe and convenient keeping!  We are honored to have Tracey chat with us during this episode and encourage all of our YBE fam to join to get a handle on their horse-y business!   PS, Did you know a cart has 2 wheels and a carriage has 4? Did you know that some breeds name their horses with a particular letter each year to keep track of their age?    Mentioned in this episode: One Source Horse:  Book by Denny Emerson:  Advice for Equestrians - SHOW YOUR HORSE: it makes you practice/improve your skill, helps you get over performance nerves and teaches you time management  - Put yourself in front of people who will give you opportunities  - NETWORK!  - Be kind, friendly and willing to put in work necessary to compete in your discipline
July 31, 2020
Erin Brown, also known as the Concrete Cowgirl, is the Director of Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy and caretaker for Philadelphia’s police horses. Growing up she rode several disciplines and currently teaches beginner to advanced hunt seat and stock seat at her riding academy. Erin shares with us the rich history of horsemen and horsewomen in the inner city Philly area and how gentrification has changed the lay of the land.    Erin’s involvement with horses doesn’t just stop there! She also has a pony that visits local hospitals to provide Equine Assisted Therapy to kids undergoing chemo. Ms. Buttercup quickly became a favorite, stealing the heart of everyone she meets. A couple years ago, Erin began to hone her skills as a horse trainer and established Concrete Horsemanship.    This cowgirl living the city life has been there and done just that. You may have heard of a film coming soon with the fiiiinnneeee brother Idris Elba titled, Concrete Cowboy. This movie is set in Philly, right in Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy’s back yard. We can’t wait to see how the directors portray the rich history of the urban cowboy.   If you would like a “Concrete Cowgirl” Shirt, contact Erin for the deets!   Reach Erin on Instagram:  @1ConcreteCowgirl  @ConcreteHorsemanship   Philedelphia Urban Riding Academy :   http://www.philadelphiaurbanridingaca...  Buttercup the therapy pony:   Concrete Cowboys Film :
July 24, 2020
UNCOVER: Tori Bush
Racing around barrels and against the clock, Tori Bush has a story that is like no other. Despite her challenges, she has risen to be a household name in the youth barrel racing arena. Check out the last episode of season 3 as we chat with Tori and her mom Rachel about her journey and aspirations for the future.  Follow Tori on Facebook at
July 17, 2020
UNCOVER: Dr. Rachel Cezar- Martinez
A journey worth having is worth sharing and Dr. Rachel has a journey to share. From failing a year of vet school to traveling to the Dubai to work on the race tracks, Dr. Rachel's journey is one full of challenges and triumph. She shares her experiences working as a veterinarian for the USDA enforcing the Horse Protection Act and championing for diversity at a government level. She even opened her own petting zoo, Double Z Cowboy Corral, in Faulkner, Maryland where students can learn about animal husbandry and horsemanship.    Tune in to an incredibly inspiring episode! Check out Double Z Cowboy Corral at .
July 10, 2020
UNCOVER: LaCalvius Tucker
Representing YBE’s in the deep south, LaCalvius Tucker is a young trainer and barrel racer who prides himself on breaking horses, but not breaking their spirit. LaCalvius’s experience in the horse industry spans from attending futurities to building his craft and training client horse at home. When confronted with comments about his size, LaCalvius put faith in his training and his support system to produce the horses he needed to win. Always smiling, LaCalvius shares his story with us in an episode full of laughs. See more of LaCalvius at FB - LaCalvius Tucker IG - @tuckerstablesequine
July 4, 2020
UNCOVER: Céline Alexander
From France to Mongolian, from Hunt Seat to traditional Mongolian riding, Céline has global experiences that are truly one of a kind. In her collegiate days of riding she was told that she could “work in the barn until she fixed the problem”… that problem being her weight.  “You’ll make the horse go lame”  “You need to ride a draft horse”  Those were some of the comments she received from the lips of collegiate trainers. Despite the discrimination, Celine fought tooth and nail for her spot on the team. Fighting through her disability and perceived body image Céline has worked to find what works for her (currently side saddle) and trainers that work with her and her challenges to create the most safe experience possible. Check her out on Instagram @theplussizedequestrian and her Facebook group "Equestrians of Color".
June 26, 2020
UNCOVER: Ranee James
Today we have the pleasure of speaking to Ranee James who is an equestrian in the UK. Ranee started riding when she was 16 years old and has not stopped. For a quite a while she had not seen many Black riders. One day she happened to discover the Urban Equestrian Academy. She acted immediately to get involved. Listen now to hear how she balances motherhood, the academy, and her digital artwork while striving for her goal to become an Olympic show jumper. Instagram: ebony_in_equestrian
June 19, 2020
UNCOVER: Avery Jackson
Get ready to have your passionate fire ignited! Avery Jackson, creator of Wild Talk, comes to us this week sharing the value of storytelling and the compelling journey they have taken in AND around the horse industry. Avery Jackson is a multitalented Young Black Equestrian. Their determination to unveil Black excellence in unlikely places is the backbone of Wild Talk.  Wild Talk is an impact firm. Listen to this weeks episode to find out what it means. We hope you have a pen to take notes.   Instagram: @wildtvlk @avryjxn
June 12, 2020
UNCOVER: Adam Hollingsworth
Adam Hollingsworth, also know as The Dreadhead Cowboy, is a Chicago native with a heart for spreading positivity. Oh, and a LOVE for horses. Four years ago Hollingsworth was introduced to horses. Two years later he became the owner of his first horse. Since then his herd has grown and so has his impact in the communities he visits.    Adam has inspired positivity in his community by talking with people as he rides his horse. When people see him on his horse, they smile and wave. He is on a mission to show people it is possible to have a peaceful and happy community when we work together.   You can support his efforts to spread peace:
June 3, 2020
Aaron Baxter is a professional bull rider, video gamer, music artist, and youth coach from the east side of Chicago. At a young age, Aaron met two black cowboys who claimed him to be a future rodeo star. Holding on to those words spoken over his life, he kept his focus on rodeos as well as the health of his mom and aunt. If you think you have heard of clever ways to learn how to ride horses, you haven’t heard them all. In this episode, Aaron shares the way he learned how to ride, his journey to getting on the bull, his music, and the continuous work he puts into attracting more people to the horse industry. This episode is MOTIVATING!   Follow him on Instagram and check out his music on YouTube. Instagram: @xearo_nitti1 Music videos:
May 29, 2020
UNCOVER: Michelle Rosemond
Michelle is an endurance rider turned dressage amateur YBE from Houston, Tx that is navigating her way through the horse industry one lesson at a time. From her endurance background, Michelle learned  all about hard work, perseverance and tenacity. As a difficult teen, she found solace on horseback and has continued this passion well into adulthood.   In this episode, Michelle shares the importance of her barn upbringing and how it molded her into the rider she is today. We also discussed natural hair and styling while riding. After the actual fit of the helmet, many chief complaints are styling and fitting natural Black hair into a helmet. We hope discussing Michelle's go to styles will help our fellow YBE's with ideas for themselves!  Check out Michelle's tutorials under the Lifestyle playlist on our channel! Find Michelle on Instagram @rosemondranch and @michelle.q.rosemond
May 22, 2020
Seeds & Saddles with Trevor Claiborn and Jermo Reese
Frankie’s Corner Little Thoroughbred Crusade introduces children and youth to various aspects of the equestrian world. They provide a combination of hands on experiences as well as general horsemanship and equine education. This program opens up an avenue for scholarship in our community by encouraging participation in an unconventional sport.   Farmer Brown Tha' MC is a Hip-Hop themed educational program designed to entertain, engage, and educate elementary and middle school students in urban & rural schools and communities in the important fields of agriculture and natural sciences.    Together these men have created Seeds n' Saddles, an agriculture and horsemanship focused program aiming to educate students on the basics of agriculture from seed to harvest and the relationship horses have to the world of agriculture and farming. In this episode, Jermo and Trevor discuss how they established their relationship through networking and their journey together as they build impactful programs in their communities.   Mentioned in this episode:  Frankie’s Corner Little Thoroughbred Crusade   Farmer Brown Tha' MC   Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension   Locust Trace Tech School   Advice for the future:  - Don’t be afraid to change the narrative  - Be comfortable being uncomfortable  - Every action has to be constructive and don’t wait for someone to do it for you.
May 1, 2020
UNCOVER: Tiffany Frierson
Taking a leap after a fall...   Tiffany Frierson is a mom, teacher and working student who’s passion for horses affects many aspects of her life. As a late bloomer in the industry, Tiffany bonded quickly with her instructors and even became a beginning riding instructor at her barn.    After riding her lease horse Ollie in the arena, the only thing Tiffany recalls is canter strides, then lying on the ground. Not entirely sure what happened, Tiffany went into autopilot catching her horse and hopping back on so he didn't develop any bad habits. A fractured tail bone and a few dizzy spells later she was diagnosed with post concussion syndrome… and get this... Tiffany was wearing a helmet during her fall.   Tiffany attended concussion and speech therapy to begin her road to recovery. When she could, she went out to the barn to continue to strengthen her bond with her horse, even when her parents had to drive her to the barn. She worked on ground work, voice commands and grooming in hopes that they would have a better connection when she was able to get back in the saddle. Even though she experienced this traumatic event, Tiffany purchased Ollie to give him a forever home.   Knowing she normally falls off at fences, Tiffany doesn’t plan to do anymore jumping. She wants to enjoy her horse and hack around for now. When thinking back to what happened that day, she tries not to over analyze her situation and thinks not knowing exactly what happens helped prevent fear and anxiety about returning to the saddle.
April 24, 2020
UNCOVER: Jennifer Osbourne
Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Jennifer Osbourne is a badass horsewoman if we’ve every seen one. Through her non-profit, Fire & Ice Horse Rescue, Jennifer takes in Thoroughbred horses straight from the race tracks of California and retrains them for their forever homes. By the time a horse finishes her program, they have experience trail riding, standing tied, and WTC on a loose rein. Not only does she rescue horses, Jennifer is a professional firefighter (engineer). After pursuing multiple career paths and not quite finding her fit, she completed her training and testing to become a fire fighter. Thirteen years later, she is running her horse rescue as well as advocating for women in firefighting. Originally from New Jersey, Jennifer learned about horses from a neighborhood gangster… yep. You read that right. He encouraged her mom to get her into riding lesson and horse activities. Jennifer began 3 day eventing after one of her first rescue horses preferred solid jumps over arenas jump. Jennifer makes a commitment to every horse she rehomes. She is dedicated to finding the perfect fit, in family and in job, for her rescues and we commend her for her dedication. We hope you enjoy this episode! You can find more about Jennifer at the links below: Website: Facebook : Instagram: Mentioned in this episode: Clinton Anderson - Las Vegas Fire Department -
April 18, 2020
UNCOVER: Tiffany Baker
Tiffany Baker is a up and coming barrel racer hailing from the midwest! Idaho to be exact. After growing up around horses and being heavily involved in the 4-H program, Tiffany’s goal is the be the first African American woman to reach the National Finals Rodeo (NFR). Tiffany shares that while growing up in the midwest the stigma surrounding being mixed in a rural community could have discouraged her. She seldom saw similar faces in the activities she was interested in, especially horses. Instead, Tiffany used the negativity as fuel to pursue her passion. “Black girls don’t ride horses” is something she has heard from multiple races of people and Tiffany is here to break down that barrier. As a self taught barrel racer, Tiffany took to reading, watching videos, watching her competitors runs to studying the discipline. It has always been her passion to develop on her own string of horses from start to finish (and ultimately to pro!). In this episode, Tiffany shares how working in the medical field at night and working her horses during the day is her current routine, but she experiences burn out pretty frequently. She is also the mother to a beautiful little boy and strives to show him that if you put your mind to anything, you can achieve it. Tiffany breaks down the process of riding up the ranks to pro rodeo, how she maintains her horses, and her vision for the future. Connect with Tiffany on Instagram! @cowgirltiffanyrae Mentioned in this episode: Cowboys of Color Rodeo: National Finals Rodeo:
April 3, 2020
UNCOVER: Miesha Lynn
Ever heard of “no hoof, no horse”? Well where would they be without their mouth? Miesha Lynn of Fort Worth, Texas gave up her successful white collar career in real estate to pursue her dream of working with horses. After traveling hundreds of miles from home, living in her horse trailer for a month and 150 hours of extensive education, Miesha became a certified equine dentist. After building her confidence by working on her horses and her friends’ horses, Miesha launched her own dentistry practice, Twisted Bit Equine Dentistry.  In this episode, Miesha shares with us the importance of continued education for veterinarians because dental care is much more than throwing a rasp in the mouth and knocking off the sharp points. Miesha educated us on several conditions in the horse’s mouth from wolf teeth to geriatric care. She recommends having horses’ teeth checked starting at 18 months and at least annual (recommendation is every 6 months). When hiring an equine dental professional, Miesha suggests asking as many questions as you feel comfortable with. For example, you can ask if the dentist will balance the incisiors, if they use power or hand tools, and how many hours of experience they have with power tools.  Advice for Entrepreneurs/Equestrians  - If its your passion/dream, go for it  - Do what you love and what makes you happy  - If you are going to be a horse owner, get educated and stay educated! The more you know about your horses and how to take care of them the better life they will have and the better life you will have as a team.  IG: @twistedbiteqdt  Facebook:  Photo Cred: Smith the Photographer  YBEtv Episode:
March 20, 2020
UNCOVER: Brandon Rease
Hailing from Philly, Brandon started riding at a young age. After falling in love with horses and the sport of polo, Brandon went on to help establish the polo program at Roger Williams University, a team the won the collegiate championship in only its second year.  Brandon shares that he was inspired to get into the industry by his friends Kareem and Daymar Rosser who were (and still are) active in Philadelphia’s Work to Ride program.   The ability to travel and ride horses exposed Brandon to a world of possibility. He stated that as a kid from Philly, you tend to think your only options are to become a recording artist or an athlete, but the Work to Ride program exposed him to so much more. Brandon was able to network with people from different socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds and he learned truly how diverse the horse world can be.    In this episode, Brandon explains to us the game of polo and his goal to return to the game and play for himself. He is currently a budding entrepreneur with his new venue location launching in May 2020.  Check him out on his socials below!   Advice for Equestrians: Experience as much as you canAlways have confidence in yourself   Utopia Venues @utopiavenues Brandon on Instagram @thepolobrand  Mentioned in this episode: Work to Ride  Intercollegiate Polo Program  Williams University
March 13, 2020
UNCOVER: Lydia Heywood
YBE goes international!    In this episode we had the pleasure to chat with Lydia Heywood, an international rising eventing star residing in the UK, but representing Jamaica.   How does one become an internationally known eventer with a passion for producing quality horses, mentoring and increasing diversity in the sport? Lydia knows and is doing just that. She shares with us her background that led her into this industry with the support of her mom. Her goal is to open up opportunities for other like-minded equestrians and to build a team around her that has the same vision as she does. When asked how having horses has affected her life, Lydia shared it has had a calming effect on her nature by allowing her to connect with the animals on a deeper level and kept her on the straight and narrow.   Lydia shares some of the challenges of she experiences as an upcoming rider, but also explains that even the greats are experiencing hardship in this industry, regardless of race. With mentors such as the High Commissioner of Jamaica that helped her gained rightful citizenship and multiple trainers who helped her hone her skill, Lydia is thankful for her path and hopeful for what is to come.    Lydia posed a question and we would love your feedback: Social media has a major effect on notoriety these days and although we see black cowboys/equestrians on our newsfeeds (because that is our interest), how do we align ourselves in the sights of non-black equestrians and continue to spread awareness with current algorithms?   Advice for equestrians:  - Ride any horse you can get your hands on, it will build your toolkit  - Network! Exposure will benefit you and the community  - Have as many strings to your bow as you can   *Correction - Ebony Horse Club and Urban Equestrian Academy have similar missions, but ARE NOT the same program*   Mentioned in this episode:  Lydia Heywood Equestrian -  Ebony Horse Club -  Urban Equestrian Academy -  Turtles Nest Villa -   Episode Thumbnail Photo Credit to @iainbimages
March 6, 2020
UNCOVER: Randy Savvy
*Disclaimer: occasional adult language*   From Abercrombie, Adidas and Ariat to Zara, Compton Cowboys are putting the city of Compton and black cowboys on the map. In this episode we had the pleasure to speak with Randy Savvy, the managing member of the Compton Cowboys.    Randy speaks with us about the history of their ranch, how they manage their herd and their non-profit organization Compton Jr. Equestrians. He discusses the challenges they have faced as a family run organization, how the program has developed as well as some of the key lessons he has learned and tried to incorporate into their program.   With his background in entertainment and media, Randy used his professional skills to develop a brand that has transcended social media and infiltrated big box brands. In the post-“Old Town Road” era where the cowboy aesthetic reigns high, Randy shares his philosophy for the modern day cowboy, gaining sponsorships, and content curation as one of his passions.   Randy reminds us that this is their lifestyle and the only difference now is the attention. Their main priority is still the kids, the horses and their farm.   Website:  Facebook:  IG: @comptoncowboys @comptonjrequestrians   Visit for more information and merchandise to support this movement!   Head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages for the newest updates and special content.
March 6, 2020
Chiropractic Care for Equestrians
As an equestrian, physical fitness is a key part in becoming a great rider. Chiropractic care is undoubtedly one of the most important self-care practices an equestrian can invest in. While riding, horsemen and women must be conscious of posture, pressure release and functional movement. Today we decided to chat with Dr. Ar'neka Montford about how equestrians can best care for themselves through chiropractic care. Dr. Ar'neka was born and raised in North Carolina in a small town called Bogue. She was a multi-athlete playing softball, track and field, basketball, volleyball, and marching band. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from North Carolina State University where she discovered her path towards Chiropractic. This journey led her to Marietta, GA where she attended Life University enrolling in the Doctorate and Masters Program. 3 months into the program she met her other half Ashley, and introduced her to chiropractic. At the completion, she worked with Life U as a Sports Chiropractor for their athletic department. At the end of that contract she was looking to move out of Georgia and believed that California was calling her name so, Ashley and her packed up their house, two dogs and drove across the country to live in California. Dr. Ar'neka is excited to bring mobile chiropractic to Northern California. Dr. Ar'neka opened Resilient Spine Family and Sports Chiropractic in early 2020 after working under several successful chiropractors. She uses her experience with sports chiro and athletes to educate us on how horseback riding affects the body. During this episode, Dr. Ar'neka shares her journey to owning her own practice, how chiropractic care helps with riding and tips for equestrians to improve their riding. Chiropractic tips to improve riding: Since the inner thighs are a major muscle group used for riding, train the outer thighs off the horse to prevent muscle imbalance or strain on the knee. Practice pelvic tilt: lay on floor and tuck pelvis in (upward) to practice neutral spine and improve muscle memory Increase core strength: lay on back and put a folded towel underneath your back, engage your core forcing your back to the floor (you shouldn’t be able to remove towel) Practice breathing exercises: deep breathing will help with core strength and tension release, take 5 deep breaths and hold for 3 seconds at each inhale/exhale You can learn more about Dr. Ar'neka on her website and reach out to her on her social media pages where she posts educational videos and tutorials on how to improve your life through chiropractic care. Website: Facebook: Instagram:
February 28, 2020
UNCOVER: Raven Benjamin
Just imagine, entering a new arena with new faces and a new challenge. You have trained day after day, traveled thousands of miles and spent many hours searching for the right mount to take you in the arena and trust in your hand. Thats exactly what our next guest overcame on her way to repeat success. In 2019, Raven Benjamin was a force to be reckoned with. She was awarded 15k Amateur World Champion, Rookie of the Year and 11th in the world for the 2k division by the National Cutting Horse Association amongst other titles at smaller associations. When asked about her technique she sated, “your speed comes because you are accurate and patient” which is a lesson we can apply on and off the horse. Raven began her journey a couple years ago and made After taking the leap driving from Colorado to Texas, we can learn so much more about resilience and discipline from Raven’s journey and personality. In this episode, Raven teaches us about the cutting horse industry and putting her horse first. “When you really want something you have to zero in and go for it,” and that’s exactly what she did. Not only did we discuss her successes, we discussed her reality as a minority in the industry… one donning a crown of sister locs. She plans to still cut the cow in 2020 after taking a much needed break to recover from her travels. Her strategy for 2020 includes making sure she doesn’t spread herself too thin in order to make the best decisions for her horses, being a better showman and showing up for her horse more in the saddle. Here’s to another year of “[putting] the horse first and the sport second”. We hope you enjoy this episode! Subscribe to our channel for more content and to our podcast on all podcast listening platforms. Advice for YBE: Get a coach Be ready to take criticism Get involved in a barn community Links mentioned in episode: National Cutting Horse Association Colorado Mountain Hat Company Raven’s FB:
February 28, 2020
UNCOVER: Angelica Witherspoon-Cassanova
Us horse girls are known for our creativity and ability to multitask and Angelica Witherspoon-Cassanova is no different! Check out our latest episode with this equestrian and self-published author of an amazing novel entitled, "Clip Clop Chronicles: Stories of a girl and her horse adventures". We chat about writing and riding and clarity in the word "YET".  Be sure to visit for the horse loving reader in your life! Enjoy!
December 13, 2019
UNCOVER: Robert Lawrence Jacobs
Robert L. Jacobs  is a licensed equestrian trainer, judge and clinician based in Wilmington, NC. This young man shares with us his equestrian journey from the beginning to where he is now. His goals alone prove the sky is the limit. If you have ever thought about how to keep your passion alive and avoid a burnout, this episode is definitely for you. Learn more about the Robert Lawerence Jacobs House of Opportunity: Co-host, Abriana Johnson, will be attending a clinic hosted by Robert next weekend in Zebulon, NC. 
December 7, 2019
Bonus Episode: Discussing Mental Health with Ashley Nash
Mental health in the black community is a topic that has been taboo for many years, but with this generation, is headed toward a more widespread discussion. In this episode we spoke with Ashley Nash, PhD student, mental health counselor and author of 2 novels. At the ripe age of 27, Nash has completed an amazing about of work in the mental health sector, unpacking trauma in her own life and using the same strategies to help others.  Let's make the discussion of mental health in our community the standard. Let us know what you think of this episode, including any personal struggles you have or strategies you use to improve and maintain positivity in the the mental health aspect of your life.  Find out more from Ashley Nash: Not All Scars Heal - The Miseducation of the Privileged -
December 6, 2019
UNCOVER: Dr. Lynn Criner, DVM
"Is there a doctor in the house?!" -- There is now! Check out our latest episode with Dr. Lynn Criner of Texas Equine and Pet mobile equine veterinary practice. Dr. Lynn is a wealth of knowledge on many topics, but in this episode she shares her experiences as a black veterinarian as well as a black equestrian, what she does to combat the stresses of her profession and her goal to inspire others. We hope you enjoy this episode!
November 29, 2019
UNCOVER: Brittney Chambers
Brittney Chambers is a force to be reckoned with. Her breadth of experience in the horse industry combined with her educational background in criminal justice and mental health counseling make her an excellent facilitator, trainer and businesswoman. Brittney left her corporate job to pursue her therapy work full time. CBC Therapeutic Horseback Riding Academy, founded in 2015, is Brittney's brainchild and has had an impact on numerous students. We are in full support of her mission and the Academy and wish her much success in the future!
November 22, 2019
UNCOVER: Scnobia Stewart
Check out this episode with Scnobia Stewart of Cedar Grove, NC. Scnobia has recently been featured in the SmartPak calendar and has published clinic reviews with her horse "Zima" through NCDCTA. Scnobia is involved in several horse related programs so take a listen to hear about her upbringing and experience in the horse industry.
November 15, 2019
UNCOVER: Pamela Millin
Love for our horses, not just the sport, is what separates horse owners from equestrians who respect horsemanship. Pamela Millin has a hunter/jumper background and currently rides dressage. Today Pamela deeply expresses how her interest in horses transformed into a passionate lifestyle. Tune in to hear what she had to say!
November 8, 2019
UNCOVER: Demond Haynes
From champion bull rider to selling and hauling bulls, Demond is committed to the bull business.  He came across the opportunity through friends in Crosby, Texas.  Listen as Demonds shares his experiences and hopes for the future.
November 1, 2019
Bonus: Cowgirl Camryn Review
At a Saddle Up and Read event Caitlin and Abriana went to this past weekend, they chatted with some young ladies about the book they were reading, ways to improve and they even learned some new words (EQUESTRIAN). Take a listen as these brilliant young minds discuss Cowgirl Camryn and the Great Escape!
October 25, 2019
UNCOVER: Nahshon Cook
Nahshon is a classically trained horse trainer who focuses on horsemanship, classical dressage and understanding the language of the horse. After traveling around the world, Nahshon has settled into a place of his own; a place where he can teach, train and thrive. In this episode we talk about horse business, horse relations in different countries and the principles of Nahshon's current teachings.  Follow Nahshon on Facebook for more information about him and his business!
October 25, 2019
BONUS: The Plaidcast Interview w/ Jordan Allen
Check out this bonus episode of an interview with Jordan Allen. The interviewer, Tonya Johnson from The Plaidcast (Horse Radio Network) discusses Jordan's work ethic, achievements and goals for the future. 
October 18, 2019
UNCOVER: Stanford Moore - Part 2
Here we are with part 2 of our interview with Stanford Moore. In this episode we continue to talk business, horses and the impact media has on the black horsemanship community.
October 18, 2019
UNCOVER: Brianna Brookins
From working student to the Trap Equestrian, Brianna Brookins shares her introduction to the horse industry, her experiences with different disciplines and several tips for the aspiring equestrian. Take a listen!
October 11, 2019
UNCOVER: Kiara Moore
Kiara Moore is an avid jumper hailing from Fayettville, NC. In this episode, Kiara discusses growing up as a military kid, maintaining her interest in horses and conquering every challenge that has come her way. Kiara speaks passionately about her experience as a YBE in this world and we enjoyed every minute of this fun and inspiring conversation. Enjoy! FOLLOW US www.instagram/youngblackequestrianstp CONTACT US
September 26, 2019
UNCOVER: Stanford Moore - Part 1
Stanford Moore is the owner and creator of Black Reins Magazine. This publication showcases the history, present and future of black horsemen and woman in the industry. From his early years with horses to his current endeavors, we discuss business ownership, representation and the importance of black equestrians controlling their own narrative. Tune in for the first part of this amazing interview. Black Reins magazine welcomes new writers to their publication family. If you are interested in contributing to this platform, please reach out to Stanford and his team at
September 2, 2019
UNCOVER: Philesha Chandler
UNCOVER: Understanding the Needs, Challenges, Opportunities and Emerging Roles in the black horsemanship community UNCOVER Philesha Chandler, the owner and operator of Chandler Dressage, is a multi-talented equestrian based in Wellington, Florida. In this episode, Philesha speaks on ownership, being a minority in the equestrian space and the importance of mentorship in the horse industry. Tune in to hear the unique perspective of a dressage trainer as she recalls her experiences in and out of the show ring.  Chandler Dressage -
August 30, 2019
BONUS: Kamal Bell, Sankofa Farms
After discovering Kamal and Sankofa Farms via a Facebook article, hosts Abriana and Caitlin decided to talk with him about the process of acquiring land, how to impact students and the burdens of black farmers. Although not horse centric, Kamal's experience could help any future farmer and/or equestrian.
August 24, 2019
UNCOVER: Jill Mari Embry
From Saddlebreds and Walking Horses to discrimination in the show ring, Jill discusses her experiences as a "late bloomer" in the horse community and how her successes turned some against her. She gives sound advice to those who chose to pursue their passion for horses later in life. 
August 24, 2019
He who finds a wife...
What does Caitlin have to share with us? Listen to find out!!
July 7, 2019
Saddle Up & Read -- EXCITING NEWS!!
Have a listen at some of our most exciting news yet!
May 2, 2019
UNCOVER: Kanyon Walker
Kanyon Walker is a college athlete and a budding equestrian star. He has earned sponsorships from some of the most influential companies in the horse industry while maintaining his dedication to his football career and his academics. Kanyon talks with hosts Abriana and Caitlin about his journey, his vision for the future and how he manages to balance it all.
May 2, 2019
UNCOVER: Marlin Sims
Caitlin and Abriana discuss mounted archery with Marlin Sims, a member of the US Cultural Heritage Team . Sims shares some of his experiences and wisdom related to life, horseback riding and competing on a national level.
April 12, 2019
Trail Ride Etiquette Part 2
Caitlin and Abriana discuss "post trail ride etiquette" and safety for human and horses alike. 
April 4, 2019
UNCOVER: Demetrius Sanders
Join us as we interview Demetris Sanders of the Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Program. Demetris shares his experiences in the program, how to become more involved and the challenges he's faced as a minority in his field. 
March 21, 2019
Trail Ride Etiquette Part 1
 Tune in as we discuss some do's and don'ts of the trail ride season. We share personal experiences and sound advice to help you have a safe and successful trail ride!
March 14, 2019
Saddle Up and Read
Caitlin describes her goals and aspirations for her literacy program, "Saddle Up and Read". She speaks on becoming a non-profit and creating a book mobile in the future!
March 7, 2019
UNCOVER: Cowgirl Chanel
 We had the opportunity to speak with Cowgirl Chanel in Orange County, California! We discussed her role in the local horse community and her future endeavors (which we are really excited about). Keep an eye on this cowgirl, she is destined for great things! 
March 7, 2019
What is a Cowgirl? and other gems...
Caitlin and Abriana discuss what it means to be a cowgirl and how they define themselves while dropping some additional gems along the way.
February 28, 2019
UNCOVER: Ashani Hamilton
 Listen in as we meet with Ashani Hamilton, the "Jamaican Jumper" and equine extraordinaire. He speaks with us about his journey and the confidence he gained by riding horses and competing at a collegiate level. 
February 28, 2019
YBE: The Intro
 Horses. They are a passion, a culture and a lifestyle. Young Black Equestrians will discuss the ins and outs of equine culture with an extra dose of melanin. Follow us as we open up the conversation educating and promoting the lifestyle we love. 
February 28, 2019