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Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt with Sabrina Brightstar

Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt with Sabrina Brightstar

By Sabrina Brightstar
Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt is a fun and playful way to remid you to mind your own business. Manage your own set point. This podcast will raise your vibration and get you into the receiving mode. Law of attraction tools and processes.

I am a woman who receives. I am a woman who takes responsibility for my own happiness. I am woman who has a boss lady mindset.
Together let’s be women who can receive more, create more and actualize everything we desire.

Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt Mindset Makeover with law of attraction teacher Sabrina Brightstar.
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Thought Patterns - What I Am Receiving From Dr Joe

Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt with Sabrina Brightstar

Intimacy - Into Me See
What is intimacy?  How will it benefit you? Esther Perel, relationship experts, discusses the human need to feel seen and acknowledged. Can you drop your barriers and allow someone to see the truth of you? Can you give someone the gift of "seeing" them? For me, true intimacy is about being real, raw and vulnerable. I went to a 'Conscious Connection' workshop. It was a 3 hour workshop where our bodies communicated. We eye gazed, we touch above the skin in the energetic field, we hugged and we did massage. Connection happened without words, without stories. It was a deep soul connection that felt so safe, even though it started with strangers. As the connection built, safety was experienced and trust grew. It was an act of choosing to be vulnerable with others who also wished for the experience of conscious intimacy. The result was deep deep satisfaction that filled, nourished and supported my soul and spirit. I left feeling a natural high and full. When I feed my soul, I find I am less needy. I do not require my lover to be 'everything' for me. I do not need conditions to be a certain way in order to feel content and stable. I had an inside sense of satisfaction and balance. Practice the art of intimacy. Eye gaze Hold someone without talking and without a sexual agenda. Be in the presence of someone. Hold space for them, and also hold space for yourself. You are invited to Self Esteem Make Over Mindset
June 20, 2022
Beauty What is your definition of beauty? Have your beliefs or points of views about beauty changed over the years? Soul Matters is a wonderful group to do deep reflection and develop wonderful listening skills. A group can be found through Unitarian Universalist. Online groups available.  Click Here For Soul Matters Information A great podcast between to cosmetologists, the industry view of beauty and what they know. The Power of Being You Podcast Episode 25 Being You Beauty - Click Here To Listen #beauty #soulmatters #Insidebeauty
May 30, 2022
LGBTQ+ / Becoming More Conscious and More Mindful
Love, connection, attraction and sexuality is changing. We have evolved, AND we still need more awareness / change. Be aware, be mindful. Do your words project assumption on romantic / sexual choice? Do your words unintentionally cause pain or hurt? I share my experiences with LGBTQ+. It's a never ending opportunity to learn to become a more conscious and kind human being. It Got Better Playlist on Youtube - Listen to many stories This podcast is amazing. I loved it, it really touched me. Podcast - The Power of Being You by Sarah Grandinetti Espisode 21 - Birds, Bees and Sexual Orientation Ease Yvonne Gomez See our tattoos here You are invited to Self Esteem Mind Set Makeover #lgtbq+ #youmatter #sexualorientation #acceptingeveryone Reply  Reply All  Forward
May 27, 2022
Spending Money - Prices Are Going Up. Money Out, Money In - Keep It Circulating
Money out, Money In. The cost of living keeps getting higher. Gas prices are going up. Groceries prices are going up. How do you feel when you spend money? Do you feel irritated, anger or worry? Do you find yourself thinking about the increase of prices? Do you talk about it? Abracadabra - Hebrew words that means "I create as I speak". What are your words creating? What is your money mindset? Spending money. Notice how the items or services you are purchasing support you. Appreciate the convenience you have while you spend your money. Get into a feeling of gratitude and appreciation before you spend your money. Spend your money with pleasure. What is your relationship with money? Is money your ally, a friend? Money is just energy. Energy is neutral. Law of attraction is neutral. Law of attraction does not care if you love money or hate money. Law of attraction gifts your with more of the same vibration. Use your thoughts, feels and words to benefit your life. Abracadabra Amanda Frances - Rich as F*ck Book Club - Click Here You are invited to Self Esteem Mindset Makeover - Click Here Sabrina
May 22, 2022
Tools For Manifesting - Neville Goddard / Headship Principle
Neville Goddard, law of attraction teacher, shares his point of view about "headship principle". He believes the headship principle is a tool for actualizing your desires. He quotes the scriptures and explains the head is masculine consciousness. The sub conscious is feminine. He believes thoughts first appear in the conscious mind (head), if the thoughts are going to become reality, the sub consciousness (feminine) needs to agree or say yes. The husband he believes is our masculine consciousness serving the wife, our sub conscious.  He teaches headship principle is not about gender, but symbolism for consciousness. He teaches the head (masculine) job is to woo his lover (sub conscious). He must use his imagination and feel his idea or thought. He feel this idea with his senses ( smell, taste, touch, sound, sight) to woo his lover to say yes. The sub conscious has the power to actualize the thought or idea. She needs to feel it before she agrees to it. Once she agrees, she has creative energy to actualize it. Use the tools of the conscious and sub conscious. Imagination is the pathway to feeling your thoughts into things or reality. You are invited to enjoy "Self Esteem Mindset Makeover"
May 19, 2022
Minding Your Own Business
How do you get your needs for significance met? If your basic human need for significance is not being met, do you unconsciously make someone or something outside of yourself too significant? Do you put your focus on someone or something else that is none of your business? Tony Robbins teaches the need to be seen and acknowledged is a basic human need we all desire for a balanced life. If we get out of balance or deficient, it can be easy to accidently put our focus on someone or something else that is none of our business. Keep your hands in your skirt and mind your own business. You are invited to our Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt Self Esteem Mindset Makeover
March 30, 2022
Self Trust. Do You Trust You?
Trust What is your definition of trust? Who do you trust? What is your relationship with trust? Do you trust yourself? How can you strengthen your self trust? Spiritual kinesiology. You can muscle test who your body trusts. You can muscle test your beliefs. Developing self trust gives you a layer of freedom. When you have a strong sense of self trust, regardless of who or what activities you engage in, you will be able to navigate and take care of yourself. Your inner guidance will alert you. Self trust is key to unconditional self love. You are invited to our Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt Self Esteem Mindset Makeover
March 22, 2022
6 Basic Human Needs - Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins teaches humans have 6 basic human needs. Are you finding beneficial ways to get your human needs met? If you neglect one of your needs, you many unconsciously create drama or sabotage areas of your life. Being aware of these basic human needs can assist you to have a meaningful and fulfilling life. 6 Basic Human Needs 1. Certainty 2. Uncertainty / Variety 3. Significance 4. Love / Connection 5. Growth 6. Contribution You are invited to our Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt Self Esteem Mindset Makeover
March 19, 2022
Cults - 'Bentinho Massaro Sucks' A Little Bit Culty Podcast - By Former Jehovah Witness Cult Follower
Cults Why are people attracted? How to help someone who is in a cult? Please listen to 'A Little Bit Culty' podcast - Bentinho Massaro Sucks Part 1 A Little Bit Culty is hosted by Sarah Edmondson and Anthony "Nippy" Ames. They are whistle blowers in HBO series "The Vow" "No one joins a cult, people join a good thing." Control and manipulation happen on a spectrum. Extreme cases include giving away your money, your rights, your body, and your choices. More subtle control and manipulation takes place when a person chooses to cut off (sacrifice) a piece of themself for someone or something. Looking for outside validation, approval or permission is an indicator you are giving your personal power away. How can you help a person in a cult? Listen and support them. Guilt trips, shaming or forcing someone to leave does not work. Trust your loved one is going to get to the other side. Believe they are resilient and when they are ready, they will start to take steps to break free and have a break through. Control and manipulation develop in layers. Unpacking it and healing from it, also happens in layers and levels.
February 26, 2022
Debunking Money Beliefs - From Amanda Frances Book - Rich As F*ck
Debunking money beliefs. Shaming people who spend money. "When we operate from shame, we perpetuate a cycle of unworthiness. It's time to release shame and guilt around who we are, and who we should be. Self acceptance is the most effective and loving way to begin to create new pattens, perceptions and new reality."  - Amanda Frances Today we are listening to a clip from the money book club found at my Youtube channel, Sabrina Brightstar. The money book club is from author Amanda Frances. Book is called Rich as F*ck.   Amanda debunks 3 money myths in these first 4 pages of Chapter 3.   Rich As F*ck is one of my top 3 favorite books. It's more than a money book, it's a book to share how to use spiritual laws of universe to actualize whatever you desire. Money principles will work on any topic. I perceive Amanda to be the real deal, her energy makes my heart sing. She is a  multidimensional soul sister. Amanda is not only self made multi millionaire, but what I like even more, she calls out bullshit to programs - like 'you are too young', 'you have no entrepreneur experience', and on on on. She is will not be defined by programs.  The book club play list will include me sharing pieces that I love. I share how I receive her information. Access consciousness clearing statement can be found -  Join my Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt Mindset Makeover Learn to Raise your SELF VALUE. Raise, Sustain and Repeat! Increase your self esteem and change your set point.  https://www.keepyourhandinyourskirtla...
February 11, 2022
Can You Actualize Your Heart's Desires?
What is your heart's desires? If you have not actualized your wishes and desires, why not? Amanda Frances book, Rich as F*ck, discusses many people will not even declare their truest desires, because if they admit it out loud, then they have to admit why they do not feel they are worthy. Do you feel worthy? Is feeling unworthy the reason many people are not living their dream life? How do we get the mind and body to feel worthy? Marianne Williamson says “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” If we are brave enough to admit out loud our desires, then we need to bring the desired thoughts from the mental body into the physical body. Dr Joe Dispenza and Tony Robbins teach how to anchor in new patterns with priming and conditioning. Use your 5 senses - taste, smell, vision, hear and touch to help the body anchor in your desired thoughts. Clear limiting beliefs and anchor in new beliefs, emotions and patterns. Amanda Frances Access Consciousness clearing statement. Sabrina's digital courses Happy Products
February 07, 2022
Reality Creates Thoughts/Beliefs? or Thoughts Create Reality?
Do your thoughts and beliefs create your reality? Or does your reality create your thoughts and beliefs? Can both be true? If you had no judgement, could you allow both to be true. Once you have awareness, then you have choice. You can choose what works for you. Join me as I start a book club on my youtube channel, Sabrina Brightstar. Book Club Playlist. Amanda Frances Rich as F*ck book  One of my top 3 favorite books. It's more than a money book, it's a book to share how to use spiritual law of universe to actualize whatever you desire. Money principles will work on any topic. I perceive Amanda to be the real deal, her energy makes my heart sing. She is my multidimensional soul sister - even though I have never talked to her.  Amanda is not only self made multi millionaire, but what I like even more, is she calls out bullshit to programs - like 'you are too young', 'you have no entreapeuner experience', and on on on. She is will not be defined by programs.  The book club play list will include me sharing pieces that I love. I share how I receive her information.
February 02, 2022
Thought Patterns - What I Am Receiving From Dr Joe
I am thinking thoughts that do not serve me. I wish I would stop thinking about certain topics. How do I stop thinking about that person or situation? Thought patterns. Dr Joe has amazing information to explain why I feel stuck. If you are not able to release a thought that no longer serves you, there is a great reason! Yahoo! I love it when I understand why I am having a challenge. I can let go of self judgment. Self judgment only creates more thought patterns that do not serve me. Dr Joe explains our thoughts create wiring patterns. Then our body adapts and become comfortable with that pattern. Now when you decide to pull in new thoughts, even if the new thoughts are better for your body, your body wants to stay with familiar patterns. Your body will try to pull you back. In other words, every time you introduce new and improved thoughts, there will be a period of discomfort. Having this awareness will help. We can just observe it. Open ended questions wire and re wire new patterns! Ask more and more open ended questions What if...........? Joe's videos Sabrina Youtube Sabrina's website
January 30, 2022
Help! I Am Looping Same Negative Thoughts Over & Over Again.
I am thinking about the same upsetting situation over and over again. I am repeating same hurtful thoughts over and over. Why am I stuck looping thoughts that do not feel good?  Is it possible I made a vow or agreement to be a victim/sacrifice myself in a different timeline? Is someone trying to project ill intention on me? Is there really no way out of this looping, negative state of mind? Can I never break free from these disturbing thoughts that keep me stuck in my past experiences or are they just distorted memories? Can I stop reliving these thoughts? Can I get my hand out of his/her skirt?  Disrupt the pattern. Clear it! Destroy and uncreate the point of creation. Delete, null and void any and all contracts, curses, or bad intentions, for the highest good of all involved I stand in my power and sovereignty. By saying these words repeatedly I can destroy my own reality which is created by my thought patterns, thus breaking free from the looping pattern into new. I can get my hand back in my skirt, where it belongs. Smile! I am a woman who minds my own business and manages my own set point. Order your Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt products and courses. April Elizabeth - coaching video call I discussed. "I delete, null and void any and all curses of any bad intentions or any contracts with low vibration systems or patterns. I do this for the highest good of all involved." - April Elizabeth Access Consciousness Clearing Statment - These crazy weird words are the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement – a simple tool that thousands of people around the world use every day to continually create a life of ease, joy and glory. It goes like this: “Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds” You can use it to change almost anything that is keeping you stuck, limited or tied up in knots!
January 26, 2022
Polarity or Spiral Vibration? Where Do You Operate?
What is the difference between a polarity vibration versus a spiral vibration? From my "Intuition Is Calling" This ia a complimentary bonus in our "Radical Receiving" digital course. Use coupon code "2022' for $20.22 OFF for a limited time. Enroll now at First, these terms are used to describe a state of being. Two people can physically be in the same location, yet be in different vibration spaces. A vibration space can include your mental body, emotional body, energetic body, spiritual body and your physical body. It is not a specific geographic location on planet Earth. Therefore, you can have 2 people standing in the exact same location and have 2 different experiences. Polarity vibration is a space where one labels events, experiences and behaviors from a place of good or bad, right or wrong, good or evil. This space has opinions and definitions about what situations and experiences mean. It is a place with a fixed point of view. It is a logical vibration. Information is gathered and reported based on physical tangible evidence. It is a place of order, all things have a beginning and an ending Things unfold in a linear sequence. This is a space where comparisons live and people tend to measure against one another. Hierarchy program in race, economics, education, religion, gender, titles are alive here. Some call this space 3D or 3rd dimension. Spiral vibration is a space of unlimited possibilities and multiple realities. This is a space of fluidity. There are no set points of view. Definitions are fluid and can change rapidly. Experiences and events can be observed without a judgment or definition of their meaning. Information can come in a linear sequence or in a random order. Time and space are lucid. Communication and connection to others can happen on a variety of different planes and in a variety of different pathways. It is a location where one has access to unlimited information and resources. One can be an individual consciousness, or a collective consciousness or both at the same time. It is a space that can include both physical and nonphysical experiences. Some refer to this place as a higher vibrational space, like 5D. Instead of saying a higher vibration space I like the term wider vibrational space. It includes everything. All points of views are honored and validated. In every moment we have an option to be aware of our now state of Being. We can be conscious if we are operating from a polarity point of view or a spiral point of view. Most of us dance in and out of these vibration spaces. Initially when people become aware of the different vibrations and believe in vibrations, they try to stay inside the spiral vibration. The spiral vibration feels better as one feels and experiences freedom, joy, ease and acceptance. The polarity vibration judges the spiral vibration as either non existent or as a better, superior location. From the spiral vibration there is no judgment of where a person chooses to experience their now state of Being. The spiral vibrations knows the value of experiencing the polarity vibration As well as, the spiral vibration knows no point of vibration is permanent. Each moment is a new, now moment to make a choice. Change your vibration. Change your set point, change your life. Get your digital course now. Code "2022" for $20.22 OFF - limited time offer
January 22, 2022
Relationship with Money - How Do You Relate to Money?
What is your relationship with money? A relationship is how you relate. Do you have an easily relationship with money? Do you have angry, sad or upset thoughts about money? Have you ever had a conversation with money?  What is your set point with receiving money? What is your set point with saving money? What is your set point with investing money? What is your set point with donating money? Amanda Frances author Rich as F*ck "Up, up up and up only. We are receiving bigger numbers, we are saving bigger numbers, we are investing bigger numbers, we are donating bigger numbers. You are a woman who make money." Her 6 minute Youtube I love - All money comes to me with ease, joy and glory. All saving money comes to with ease, joy and glory. - Access Consciousness Mantra Sabrina's digital courses - Facebook page
January 19, 2022
Who Is Picking Out Your Clothes (Beliefs)?
What beliefs are you wearing? Does what you wear reflect who YOU are? Are your clothes serving YOU, or do they hold YOU back from being all that YOU can be. When you were younger you needed your parents to dress you. Your caregivers decided what you would wear. Now you are an adult. Do you still wear the clothes your parents put on you? It's easy to change your clothes. It's easy to try on a new style, a new color, or a new fabric. Get curious about what you could wear (believe). You can change your mind, if the new belief doesn't feel good. You can return to your former outfit. It is free to explore your beliefs and see if there are beliefs that are a better match to who you are now and where you are going. If it does not fit or feel good, don't wear (believe) it! Digital Course - Radical Receiving Law of Attraction Feel Good Coffee Mugs
January 12, 2022
Sloppy Thinking & The Consequences
Bentinho's Video  Declaration of Free Will  I declare to myself and the universe that I will notice when I allow myself to indulge in lesser thoughts that lack faith and focus. I realize that when I allow my attention to get lost in scattered or fear-based thoughts I am the one who is allowing the power of my attention to create pain, disease, corruption of my honor, weakness and destruction for myself, those around me, and the planet at large..........The consequences of sloppy distraction are much greater and much worse than I realized. Just because most other humans live mentally sloppy lives, does not make it OK, normal or healthy for me to do the same. To watch his whole video Me reading his free will declaration if you want to loop it. Distractor Implants - great book from Gary Douglas called 'Living Beyond Distraction' Mama Gena quote "It takes more responsibility to enjoy your life than to complain about it." Your thoughts matter - reckless thinking harms your body, your cells, your environment, your associations and your planet. High Vibing law of attraction coffee / tea mug Order your Radical Receiving digital course
January 10, 2022
Significance - What Are You Pulling Into Reality?
Significance solidifies things into existence - Gary Douglas, Ten Keys to Total Freedom book. What are you pulling into existence? What topics do you regular think and talk about? Is your setpoint on those topics at the level you desire? If not, you have the choice the make a shift. What are your beliefs about your body? What do you make significant about your body and aging? Once we have the awareness a belief is not serving us, we can make a choice to bring in a new belief. Bentinho's Video  Declaration of Free Will High vibin coffee mugs and sticker - Order Radical Receiving digital course -
January 08, 2022
Judgments / Unconditional Love - My Conversation with An Angel
We use judgment to keep us separated from each other. Judgment is a useful tool to help us experience polarity. I had an interesting conversation with an Angel on how we as a collective can release judgment and function from unconditional love and acceptance. It all starts within. Love your neighbor LIKE you love yourself. You can only give to others, what you are able to give yourself. Learning to master unconditional self love changes everything.  If you would like to order a boss lady coffee mug. Click on link If you would like to download "Radical Receiving"
January 05, 2022
Boss Lady Mindset or Victim Mindset?
What do you believe? Is everything happening for you? or Is everything happening to you? Your beliefs effect your thoughts and response. When we become aware of our beliefs, we have access to more chooses. We can decide a belief. thought or vibration set point is not working for us. We have choice. We can intentionally play games and choose to shift our beliefs, thoughts and set points. A woman who keeps her hand in her skirts desires to actualize her best life.  Why is noticing what is not working so easy? Why is it so easy to complain, bitch and gossip? According to John Gray complaining releases dopamine. This drug gives our body a rush, it is easy to become addicted to complaining. Brene' Brown talks explains bonding over gossip gives us a false illusion we have connection and friendship. A woman who keeps her hand in her skirt takes responsibility for her own thoughts, re-actions, words and behavior. Our self talk might be strong on certain topics, other topics we might have the pattern to go into victim mindset. Access Consciousness tools - "interesting point of view,  I have this point of view." You are invited to order our Radical Receiving Course - Questions and Homeplay (PDF file not able to upload - sorry) Money Does money support you, replenish easily and assist you to have an easy pleasurable life? Family Is your relationship with your family easy to manage? Do you stay balanced regardless of the conditions? Health & Wellness Do you believe your body is supporting you? Are your cells working in harmony with you? Social Life Do you feel it is easy to have connection and fun? Do you find like minded friends easily? Do you get invited on fun adventures? Pleasure Is pleasure your friend? Is it easy for you to access pleasure? Self Value Does your self esteem know you are worthy because you are? Does your self matter just because you do and you do not have to earn it or prove it? If you desire (you always have choice) to change your patterns or thoughts on any of these topics, what new thoughts could you think of? What new open ended question could you ask? Play with the ‘I wonder’ question. I wonder…… is one of the best ways to shift a pattern and thought. I wonder what it would be like if I had a better relationship with money, pleasure, self worth…etc? I wonder what I will feel like as my set point changes? I wonder what books (podcast, video, etc)  I could read on this topic to assist me in looking at this topic in a new way? I wonder who has shifted their pattern that could inspire me? I wonder what story I could write about this topic that would be fun? I wonder what songs I could listen to that would inspire me to new thoughts?
January 03, 2022
What Kind Of Woman Keeps Her Hand In Her Skirt?
Introducing podcast - Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt What does that mean to be a woman with her hand in her skirt? Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt is a fun way to remind yourself to mind your own business. Focus on yourself. Manage your own vibration. Women have natural ability to share their generous hearts. Woman tend to be very intuitive and willing to go the extra mile for others. Sometimes, women over give and become co-dependent. Keep your hand in your skirt podcast helps you pay attention to your desires and needs. The show is designed to help you make yourself a priority. Empower yourself and know your worth. Give yourself the gift of feeling good.   One of Sabrina's favorite mantra is "I am a beautiful, high vibin, pleasure receivin, multi millionaire."   Pull what you desire to you with your thoughts and beliefs. Your host, Sabrina Brightstar is a seeker. The past several decades she has studied many popular thought leaders and now she is sharing fun easy ways to raise your set point.   Some teachers who have influenced her are Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Access Consciousness Tony Robbins and Amanda Frances. Welcome to our first podcast.
January 01, 2022