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Your Highness Podcast

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A podcast with a focus on inclusiveness, equality, and accessibility in cannabis. Your Highness is about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, having conversations not widely discussed, and honoring those women who are making this space and plant available to everyone in a fair and equitable way.
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Episode 5.06: Why Independent Media Is An Important Tool For Representation
Marijuana Iyana joins Diana to talk about the intricacies of podcasting and storytelling, and she tells everyone about her experience with Wine, Weed & Weave. Iyana also talks about the importance of having a space for people in her community to share their stories.  
November 09, 2021
Episode 5:05: Accessibility in Home Grows
Halle Pennington, Products Executive at Humboldt Seed Company, talks to Diana about seeds, and how accessibility in knowledge about home grows is so important.  The transcript can be found here.
October 12, 2021
Episode 5.04: CannaCurious Magazine and Your Highness Podcast Collaboration
In this episode, Tekisha Harvey and Diana Sanmiquel of CannCurious Magazine talk about the super special collaboration with Your Highness Podcast host Diana Krach for the anniversary Fall issue. They also talk about the journey of being a newer magazine in a nascent industry and share some of their highlights as a partnership.
September 22, 2021
5.04: (Episode contains playlist) CannaCurious Magazine and Your Highness Podcast Collaboration
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
In this episode, Tekisha Harvey and Diana Sanmiquel of CannCurious Magazine talk about the super special collaboration with Your Highness Podcast host Diana Krach for the anniversary Fall issue. They also talk about the journey of being a newer magazine in a nascent industry and share some of their highlights as a partnership.  
September 22, 2021
Episode 5.03: The Employment Risks of Being a Cannabis User
Jessica C. McElfresh joins Diana to do a quick deep dive on the legal side of being a cannabis user who faces termination of employment, employer retaliation, or loss of a job because of off-duty use. They also discuss the need for voter involvement when it comes to changing local legislation.  The transcript can be found here.
September 16, 2021
Episode 5.02: What the Cannabis Industry Needs to Know About Social Media
Amy Donohue of Hybrid Social joins Diana to talk about all things social media, and why the cannabis industry needs to pay more attention to Twitter. Amy also talks about her new memoir that is now available on Amazon.  The transcript can be found here.
August 31, 2021
Episode 5.1: Season Premiere With New Age Cannabis Podcast
Aku and Yaw, hosts of the New Age Cannabis Podcast, join Diana for the premiere of season 5 to talk about the African cannabis landscape. They also talk about some of their favorite show topics and what led them to create the podcast.  Support CannaCurious Magazine and support independent media run by BIPOC women. 
August 19, 2021
Episode 4.21: Creating Global Change Through Necessary Media Platforms
Leslie Andrachuk joins YH once again to discuss the incredible growth of Alpha Woman over the years. Additionally, she talks about a global approach to a serious health crisis, and how Alpha Woman brought attention to the many aspects of menstrual health that are lacking.  The transcript can be found here.
August 06, 2021
Episode 4.20: Fighting Toxic Positivity in the Cannabis Space
Maggie May Wilson returns once again as guest co-host, and she talks to Diana about the metaphysical implications of toxic positivity.  The transcript can be found here.
July 29, 2021
Episode 4.19: Why Consumers Need to Care About Crop Management
Kathryn Radovan of Terra Vera joins Diana in this episode to talk about the complexities of pesticides and plants. Kathryn shares some insight on the importance of understanding crop management as a consumer, and talks about how Terra Vera's tech is making that knowledge more accessible.  The transcript can be found here
July 20, 2021
Episode 4.18: The Intersection of Innovation and Parenting in a Plant Medicine Industry
Founder and CEO of Forti Goods, Sharon Kevil, acts as guest co-host of this episode, and she goes deep about the experience of being an innovative cannaparent. Listen in for some great entrepreneurial advice, along with some insightful recollections of working in this space.
June 29, 2021
Episode 4.17: The Importance of Cultivating Uncomfortable Conversations
Tiffany Watkins of Vanguard Media Online joins Your Highness again as guest co-host, and she talks about the importance of cultivating conversations that inform folks and create community.  Be sure to get your tickets to Vanguard Media's 710 event
June 08, 2021
Episode 4.16: Some Things To Consider About Business Relationships In This Space
Kim Rael of Azuca joins YH once again as guest co-host of this episode, and she shares some insight about business partnerships in the cannabis space.  *We also have a quick word about Fruit Slabs 
May 22, 2021
Episode 4.15: Making the Complexity of Topicals Accessible
In this episode, Lisa Raja of Vertosa joins as guest co-host, and she talks about the many different types of application methods of topicals in cannabis. Additionally, she talks about the process of infusing, and why it's so important to understand how a product can develop into an infused wellness offering.  
May 04, 2021
Episode 4.14: Making Anti-Prohibition Education Accessible To Children
On her very special day, we get to publish an episode with a very special guest co-host. Mskindness talks about the importance of educating children about plant medicine in an honest and accessible way and talks about how she approaches these conversations with her own children.
April 23, 2021
Episode 4.13: Special Feature of Dr. Desta Meghoo, a True Trailblazer In Cannabis
Dr. Desta Meghoo joins us for a very special episode, where she talks about her decades-long journey as an activist, academic, writer, mother, and passionate proponent of cannabis. She also talks about her newly appointed position as an Advisory Board member of AphriHelios, and what she hopes to accomplish in her new role.  The transcript can be found here:
April 12, 2021
Episode 4.12: Normalizing Conversations About Vaginal Health
In this episode, Cyo Nystrom of Quim is guest co-hosting with Diana, and the two discuss the importance of having conversations about vaginal health. Cyo also talks about the journey that Quim took to create a revolutionary line of sexual and vaginal health products. 
April 02, 2021
Episode 4.11: Making Creativity Accessible
In this episode, Diana is joined by Tayla, or Small Town Psycho, who is a creative growth coach in the cannabis space. They talk about the importance of making everything accessible and avoiding gatekeeping.  Follow Tayla: @smalltownpsycho
March 08, 2021
Episode 4.10: Making Media That Meets the Moment
In episode 10, Diana is joined by the incomparable Tiffany Watkins of Vanguard Media Online, who acts as guest co-host as the two talk about making media that is movement-driven. 
February 03, 2021
Episode 4.09: How the Cannabis Industry Can Help Working Mothers During the Pandemic
This episode features Danielle Simone Brand once again as guest co-host, and a necessary conversation around working mothers being pushed out of the workforce. She and Diana discuss a few suggestions that could work to make a big difference in the way women are being treated as employees, especially during this unusually trying time.  Check out Danielle's book: Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman's Guide to  Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out, and enter to win a copy by sending us a couple lines about how cannabis is helping you be a better parent. Until next time, stay high and beautiful.   
January 19, 2021
Episode 4.08: Changing the Conversations Surrounding Cannabis and Children
Danielle Simone Brand joins us again as guest co-host in our latest, where we talk about normalizing conversations about cannabis with children. We go into some tips, but mostly focus on the reasons we need to unlearn what we as parents were taught growing up.  Follow Danielle: @dsimonebrand Check out her book and order now! Be sure to follow us on: Twitter: @highnesspodcast Instagram: @yourhighnesspodcast  
December 22, 2020
Episode 4.07: Valuing Content Creators and Creatives In Cannabis
Calan from GreenThumbEdu joins as guest co-host in this episode, where she and Diana talk honestly about the familiar trends happening in cannabis. The two delve into the importance of valuing content creators, and focus on some ways that cannabis can set itself apart as an industry in this regard. Important links: Broccoli Magazine Yourmomlikesmymusic Southeast Edibles Cannabis Basics
December 10, 2020
Episode 4.06: The Intersection Of Accessibility, Cannabis, and Parenting (part one)
In this episode, Diana is joined by Danielle Simone Brand, author of upcoming book titled Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman's Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out as guest co-host. The two discuss some of the very real complications surrounding accessibility to cannabis as a parent. To enter to win a copy of Danielle's upcoming book, send a quick note to explaining how cannabis helps you as a parent. Check out our Medium channel! Until next time, stay high and beautiful. *transcription to follow
November 24, 2020
Episode 4.05: Making Conversations Around Chronic Illness and Cannabis Cuisine More Approachable
Chef Jazz, owner of Green Panther Chef and a Crohn's survivor, joins Diana as guest co-host in the 5th episode of this season. The two talk about their experiences with Crohn's Disease, and the often over-looked barriers that keep chronically ill people from full incorporating cannabis into their lives. Chef Jazz talks about the many ways she educates the community, and about the importance of making the discussions around plant medicine approachable.
November 10, 2020
Episode 4.04: The Intersection of Accessibility, Virtual Events, and Cannabis
In this episode, Diana has the special honor of working alongside guest co-host Adelia Carrillo, CMO of EventHi. The two talk about the benefits of the new digital landscape of events, along with the many accessibility holes that still exist.  Sample of Girls Who Smoke Weed (check out the video on Instagram): song credits: Prod. Sean Mcs Directed by GreenThumbEdu Engineered by: Mike Moore the Producer Habel Beats
October 28, 2020
Episode 4.03: Accessibility to Banking Solutions As a Small Canna-Business Owner
In this episode, Diana is joined by a special guest co-host: Lauren Forsch, CEO and founder of Popped.NYC. They talk about an important issue that is impacting a lot of small businesses in cannabis, which is access to banking and payment processing platforms. Check out more details about this issue on our Medium Channel, and until next time, stay high and beautiful.  Important links: Bedtanicals
October 14, 2020
Episode 4.02: Making Food As Medicine Accessible
In the second episode of the 4th season, Diana is joined by the incomparable Angie Willoughby - AKA The Green Baker - as guest co-host. Angie brings her unique and varied experience to the conversation surrounding infused food, as the two talk about taking a holistic approach to edibles. Important links: East Coast Farms Mecca Farms Misfit Market Let It Rot H3G Bucaan Provisions Bedtanicals The Green Baker Website: IG FB The Green Baker, LLC Until next time, stay high and beautiful. *transcription will be added very soon
September 29, 2020
Episode 4.01: The Intersection of Veterans and Accessibility In Cannabis With Johann Balbuena
This is the season 4 premiere episode, and we're starting things off differently. That's because this season will be a more honest representation of the original concept of the show. What that means is that each episode will have a different guest co-host, and guest interviews are gone. Johann Balbuena, a US Navy Veteran, cannabis activist, and founder of Balbuena Consulting, is the guest co-host, and the conversation is focused on some of the ways that accessibility issues in cannabis affect veterans.  Important links: Buy From A Black Woman The Accountability List  InclusiveBase Minorities4MedicalMarijuana Until next time, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Stay high and beautiful.
September 15, 2020
Episode 3.14: Season 3 Finale
ln this season finale, listeners get a preview of how season 4 will be. Diana is joined by Ayanna Lawson, founder of Front Row Travels, as a guest co-host. Many important topics surrounding cannabis travel, the current climate, and stimulating local economy are being discussed in this episode, so listen in for an informative and entertaining ride. Important links from the episode: The Green Baker Cannaclusive Green Panther Chef M4MM MCBA Stay tuned for next season, which is scheduled to begin at the end of August. Until next time, stay high and beautiful!
August 03, 2020
Episode 3.13: Not Out of the Dark Yet
This one is a short one, but it's packed with important information! Interview: - Chiah Rodriques, operations director of Mendocino Generations, talks to us about the struggles of transitioning into a legal market. She also discusses the specific problems the Mendocino farmers are dealing with, and how she fights for the rights of her fellow cultivators.  Until next time, stay high and beautiful. 
July 27, 2020
Episode 3.12: Good From Afar, Far From Good
We're keeping this episode super short and sweet, as there are many interviews that still need to air, and no one has a "normal" schedule right now. Does anything make sense anymore? If you would like a positive and productive distraction, check out the Virtual Spa Day hosted by CannaMommy, or past seminars from the Women in Cannabis Summit if you missed it. Interview: - In this episode, Laura Bianchi, about the challenges of being an attorney in cannabis. She talks about her history as an MMA fighter, and how all her expertise intersects in a very unique way. Thanks for listening! Until next time, stay high and beautiful!
May 08, 2020
Episode 3.10: Representation Matters
This is another short one! Though this episode is a little different, Diana talks about a few things that are on her radar: Mothers Mary Community Mothers Who Elevate (private FB group, must request access) The Grow Sisters - and a recent two-part series on why #TimesUp and #MeToo apply to cannabis, which was written by Diana and features this episode's guest Liv Vasquez. Interview: As mentioned above, Liv Vasquez shares her infinite wisdom about infused cuisine, healing trauma, and the necessary knowledge a consumer should have.    If you would like to inquire about sponsorship or product reviews, please reach out to Until next time, stay high and beautiful.
March 10, 2020
Episode 3.9: A Little Uncomfortable Truth
This episode is a little different from our regular format; this is the first time I (Diana) record alone. It's a quick segment, but things will resume as before in the next episode! Interview: Juliane Nowe of the NowE show shares her wisdom about how cannabis and yoga intersect. Juliane also talks about her journey with creating her podcast, and how her educational offerings guide cannabis beginners.    Check out some of my cannabis-related writing, and please share your work with me! Also, please support the CannAtlantic Cannabis Conference in any way you can!! Until next time, stay high and beautiful.
February 17, 2020
Episode 3.8: One Accessibility Roadblock that No One Is Talking About
Our resident beauty expert joins us today as a special guest co-host, and Barb starts off our Fave Pot/Not Pot segment with her selections: Wintergreen CBD Stick by Humboldt Apothecary, and Cheer on Netflix. Diana's Fave Pot item is Good Moms, Bad Choices Podcast, and Immigrant Families Together.  We have a brief but important discussion about the roadblocks facing working mothers in this industry, and why more companies need to change their business models. Interviews: - Jacquie Cohen Roth is the CEO and founder of CannabizMD and Tea Pad, and she tells listeners about how the cannabis climate in Maryland inspired the creation of her social enterprise. She talks about the need for inclusive networking spaces, and how Tea Pad's history shapes the mission statement.  Until next time, stay high and beautiful!
February 04, 2020
Episode 3.7: Bonus Episode at the Women of Cannabis Conference
Your Highness made it to the Women of Cannabis Conference, where Morgan Kristine represented the show! Before we get to the interviews, be sure to check out the latest holiday letter initiative from Expungement Now and Last Prisoner Project: send a holiday greeting to someone in prison for a cannabis crime.   Morgan got the chance to interview the following amazing womxn: - Ophelia Chong - Heidi Arsenault - Pamela West   Check out the latest deal from High Society Haircare: enter promo code SANTA for a free conditioner when you purchase a shampoo! Also, there is still time to share your hair horror story for a chance to win a shampoo and conditioner set! Share your worst funny stories on Instagram or Twitter with #highsocietyhaircare, and you could win! Also, check out the latest products from Humboldt Apothecary! The Wintergreen CBD Stick is amazing!! Until next time, stay high and beautiful.
December 16, 2019
Episode 3.6: Understanding the Law Surrounding Mothers, Cannabis, and CPS
Once again Diana is joined by the amazing Morgan Kristine, CEO of High Society Haircare. We start with our Fave Pot/Not Pot: for Diana, it's Colors by Evolab, and Masked Singer, for Morgan, it's CBD. We go over some of the things that are not commonly known about being pregnant/being a new mother in the cannabis space. It's a very complex issue that we are definitely going to get into more often, and this episode just skims the surface. Before the end of the year, don't forget to enter our awesome giveaway: Share your scariest and funniest hair horror stories, using #HIGHSOCIETYHAIRCARE, and we will pick the top five at the end of the year. Five lucky winners will receive a full-size shampoo and conditioner set!  Interview: - Ah Warner, CEO and founder of Cannabis Basics, talks about her long history with the world of hemp and cannabis. She also talks about the importance of CHABA, Women of Weed, and the need for transparency in the world of hemp beauty products.    Important links: FLCA Blunt Blowin' Mama  Is It Safe to Use Cannabis During Pregnancy? Margolin Lawrence Splimm   Transcription:
November 24, 2019
Episode 3.5: Fall Back/Parenting As a Cannabis User
To celebrate Fallback, Your Highness is going back in time with the first episode about parenting as a cannabis user. The intro segment is new, and Morgan Kristine (in the tradition of falling back, Morgan is the original YH co-host) joins Diana. They go into their Fave Pot/Not Pot: for Diana, it is #thisisjaneproject and The Canna Mom Show, and for Morgan, it's Woody Harrelson. Before going into the interviews, Morgan and Diana discuss an awesome giveaway hosted by High Society Haircare: share your funniest or most dreadful hair horror story, using #highsocietyhaircare in the post. We will pick the top 5 stories (most amusing or entertaining), and those lucky 5 winners will win a shampoo and conditioner set from High Society Hair Care. Interviews: We begin with Jessie Gill, founder of, about her experience with discussing the plant’s medicinal benefits with her children. She also talks about her experience being filmed for Viceland, and how she normalized conversation around the plant in her household. Next, we talk to Celia Behar, president of The Lil’ Mamas, about the journey that led to the creation of the popular website. She talks about the ways cannabis has improved her life and her parenting and gives some great advice for other mothers exploring the cannabis space. Stephanie Kerns, cannabis activist and an incredible visual artist, talks about how she discusses cannabis with her children. She also tells us how the plant improved her health and how it impacts her ability to parent.
November 05, 2019
Episode 3.4: What to Know Before Hosting Your First Cannabis Event
We begin this episode with the fabulous Adelia Carrillo as guest co-host! Adelia is the Chief Marketing Officer at EventHi and founder and CEO of Direct Cannabis Network. As with every episode, we begin with our Fave Pot/Not Pot selections: For Adelia, it is Henry's Original Pre-rolls and skincare from Kat's Naturals, and for Diana, it was Take Fives from Grassroots and Jane the Virgin.  They transition into a discussion about planning an event in cannabis, and thanks to Adelia's gracious and generous spirit, there is a lot to learn in this episode! * We pause for a minute to talk about Moon Mother Hemp Co, who is offering listeners 20% off with the code goodvibes20   Interview: - Jenny Deveau talks about sound baths, and how transformative sound therapy can be. Jenny also tells us about Dynasty Electrik, and explains what soundscapes are and how they intersect with cannabis.    If you have any questions about becoming a guest, having a product reviewed, or sponsorship options, please email Until next time, stay high and beautiful.
October 19, 2019
Episode 3.3: Why the Cannabis Industry Needs to Support Supernova Women
Your Highness is such a big fan of Whitney Beatty, we have back-to-back episodes featuring her! In this episode, Whitney is guest co-host, and starts the episode off with her Fave Pot/Not Pot items. Next, she leads a discussion with Diana about the formidable group called Supernova Women, and talks about the instrumental ways SW is changing conversations. * We pause for a minute to talk about Moon Mother Hemp Co, who is offering listeners 20% off with the code goodvibes20   Interview: - Robyn Griggs Lawrence, author of Pot In Pans and The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, talks about the history of cooking with cannabis. She also talks about her journey writing about culinary, culture and cannabis intersections.  Until next time, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more!
October 04, 2019
Episode 3.2: The Conversation Missing From The Recent Democratic Debates
In this episode, Morgan Kristine is guest co-host once again, and we couldn't be happier! We start with our Fave Pot/Not Pot. Diana's Fave Pot item is Frogsong Farms CBD Tincture Drops Plus, and for Morgan, it is steamroller pipes.   Interview: - Whitney Beatty, Founder and CEO of The Apothecarry Case, talks about how her high-end products not only promote responsible use, they offer the best value for your investment by preserving the integrity of your cannabis. She also talks about her involvement with Supernova Women, and tells of how the industry can better support the group.   Beauty With Barb: - Barb reviews some topicals from Frogsong Farms.   Until next time, thanks for listening. For more information on becoming a guest, having a product reviewed, or sponsoring an episode, email
September 17, 2019
Episode 3.1: How to Avoid Gatekeeping in the Cannabis Space
In the first "official" return to the original format, Diana is once again joined by Morgan of High Society Haircare! They talk about their favorite canna-related things: for Diana, it's Zwish by Zveda, and for Morgan, it was not having her bud snatched by the TSA. They discuss some unexpected ways people are gatekeeping in cannabis, and offer some alternatives to that behavior.  Interview: - Katie Stem, CEO and founder of Peak Extracts, talks about how her journey with Crohn's Disease and background as a scientist shape her business and product line. She also discusses how being a nationally licensed Chinese herbalist informs the creation of her tinctures and rubs. Helpful links: Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana Teapad Tokeativity National Cannabis Disability Association Americans for Safe Access
September 01, 2019
Episode 3.00c: Magic with Morgan
This episode brings it back to the beginning Your Highness days, as guest co-host Morgan Kristine, Founder and CEO of High Society Haircare. Without Morgan, this show wouldn't exist, and it is so exciting to have her back!  When we discuss our favorite canna-related items, Morgan talks about the Cannabis Alliance, of which she is an adjunct board member. The Cannabis Alliance recently published an open letter about traceability system issues facing the industry, giving examples of how to operate within the confusion. Interview: - This episode features the formidable co-founder and CEO of Alpha Woman, Leslie Andrachuk. Alpha Woman is a media company helping women be their best mentally,physically, and professionally. Leslie talks about what led to the creation of Alpha Woman, and what lies in the future for the publication.  Check out Morgan on Instagram
August 05, 2019
Episode 3.00b: New Things Coming Up
We're back with another short installment of season 3, which is what we're doing for the remainder of the Summer. There will still be loads of fun things going on, and we are featuring new segments that will be more of a focus later in the season. One of those segments is Not Pot, where we discuss our favorite non-cannabis related item. Going forward, we will also highlight a different cannabis podcast each episode. This time we discuss Blunt Blowin' Mama, an incredible podcast from the fearless Shonitria Anthony about the complex life of being a mother who consumes cannabis.  Interview: - Dr. Michelle Oram, Public Health Advisor of NUG, talks about what it means to be an integrated seed-to-sale company, and how NUG stands out in California. She also talks about the educational resources NUG offers, and how her journey in this industry led to such an innovative and progressive company.
July 22, 2019
Episode 3.0a: New beginnings and exciting changes
Welcome to the beginning of season 3 of Your Highness - there are some major changes in store! One of the biggest is that this season will feature host Diana with an amazing selection of guest co-hosts (many will be past guests). Going forward, Leah will no longer co-host, though YH truly appreciates everything she did for the show during her tenure.  For the next several weeks, YH will release shorter segments that feature individual interviews while preparations for the changes continue. In this episode, Diana and Barb talk about some of those changes, and discuss ways for listeners to become a part of the show.  A few other highlights: - Beauty with Barb segment highlighting the incredible Zveda products  - A brief word about the amazing Apothecarry products   Interview: Our first interview of the season is with Clarissa Krieck, Business Development Manager of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Clarissa talks about her beginnings in cannabis, her policy and advocacy work, and the importance of getting involved with the NCIA.
July 13, 2019
Episode 2.25: Age and Experience in Cannabis
For our 25th episode, Diana begins with her favorite new thing, an informative series of children's books helping the entire family understand the history of cannabis and hemp. Leah's favorite new thing is a book written by future guest, Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties.    Next, we talk about the benefits of surrounding yourself with people over 30 as a business or brand, and just the overall upsides to having a varied past and bringing it to this emerging industry.   Interviews:- First, we speak to Carole Shashona: acclaimed designer, Feng Shui Grand Master, health and wellness expert, and pioneering entrepreneur, about the meanings behind her luxury jewelry designs. Shashana also discusses her design journey, and tells us about what inspires her.   - Next, we talk to Teri Gorman, Director of Community Relations and Patient Affairs for Maui Grown Therapies, about the medical cannabis program in Hawaii. Gorman also discusses the reciprocity program, and what brought her to the cannabis space.   * We also pause for a word about Peak Extracts and an upcoming educational event sponsored by Alpha Woman Co.   We appreciate all your support! Please do reach out with suggestions or introductions if you’d like to be involved in the show. Email for more information on being a guest, having products reviewed, or sponsoring our show and elevating your exposure.   Relevant Links: Older Dispensary Workers Find Lack of Support Looking to Change Careers? Cannabis Industry Looking for Workers
May 27, 2019
Episode 2.24: The Four Rs of Sustainability In Cannabis
We start off our 24th episode with our favorite things: For Leah, it is two recent books by Robyn Griggs Lawrence, and for Diana, it is the upcoming NCIA Lobby Days.  Our topic is the Rs of sustainability in cannabis, and we address some sticky topics along with some awesome resources.   1. Respect people’s time and effort, respect each other - common complaint people are flakey - own it and make it better. Don't set unrealistic expectations.2. Relationships - networking at conferences, classes, etc., supporting each other3. Resources - lots of free/inexpensive resources for making your business better.,,, Mary's List,, transcribe.wreally.com4. Responsibility - elevating the industry through activism positive actions, community service, educating the public. Lobby days:   Interviews: - We talk to Amy Wessman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for CRATIV Packaging, about the importance of packaging and branding. She also talks about specific challenges she faces in the industry, along with what makes it so fun. - Next, we talk to Denise Biderman, Co-Founder and CEO of Mary's List, about the importance of education and what ML does to further the knowledge of the community. Denise also talks about how professionals can benefit from ML and what people can expect from the awesome newsletter.   Until next time, we appreciate the support!
May 14, 2019
Episode 2.23: The Benefits of Getting to Know Your Budtender
In this episode, we talk about our favorite things: For Leah, it was the Moon Mother Hemp tincture, and for Diana, it was SAVA.   We get into a conversation about the benefits of befriending a budtender, as both a business and a patient. There are many reasons to be friendly with your dispensary tenders, but some of them may surprise you! Interviews: - First, we talk to the CEO and founder of Canna-Veda, Joanna Matson. Matson talks about how her struggle with Crohn's Disease led to a career of healing with cannabis. - Next, we talk to Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, who talks about being a Traditional Naturopath in the cannabis space. Dr. Lakisha talks about wellness tours in Jamaica, and the many ways a person can benefit from her telemedicine. Relevant Links: 6 Questions Budtenders Should Ask First Time Cannabis Customer 3 Questions You Should Ask Your Budtender 7 Tips for Landing a Job as a Budtender Ayurveda, Yoga & CBD Counseling
April 30, 2019
Bonus episode: Happy 420!
This is our second 420 as a podcast, and we can't thank you all enough for the support! We reveal our four winners of Breaking the Grass Ceiling, along with the episode ideas!  In this bonus (short) episode, we talk to Cristina Buccola of CB Counsel and founder of 421 For All, about a new national movement.  Next, we go over a great list of discount codes: 1. - Code Save420 for 20% off from 04/19 until April 25th. "We created this product line in 2016 and were literally one of the first companies to market this amazing plant in a way that not only celebrates its healing properties but appeals to the optimist in us all. They say invention stems from necessity. At that time we were fed up with products full of synthetic chemicals and dyes... so we decided to handmake our own! We do not simply slap on a label and sell the same mass produced herbal products everyone else seems to be these days. From seed to sale...our products are created with purity and relief in mind." 2. Azuca will offer 20% off to their online shop with this code: AZUCAGREEN Founded by Bubby's Chef, ron Silver, Azuca brings an innovative and sophisticated new approach to cannabis and CBD edibles. With their patent method, Azuca products take effect in a groundbreaking 2-15 minutes. 3. Maggie May Wilson - 15% Joy Organics with code "Metaphysical" to promote my new podcast Metaphysical AF that's on Spotify and Itunes! There are 10 episodes live which talk about all things Metaphysics and Cannabis 4. White Fox - 24 hour flash sale: 45% off entire site CODE: FoxLove - White Fox™ began as a Cannabis company in 2017 inspired by the alchemy of herbs with cannabis to create a desired and focus effect for the human body, mind and spirit. White Fox™ utilizes locally sourced and hand crafted herbs along with CBD to gift you with formulations that enhance your everyday well-being and assist in intentional healing journeys. 5. DCN - I would be more than happy to offer a 30% discount on our B2B Membership package. This package includes a year of exposure on DCN in front of the DCN community. This package includes: One annual company listingCompany Listing in one DCN monthly newsletter2 Social media campaignsInstastory Promotion (up to 5x annually)One company spotlight article (New Expert Series)Able to submit up to 2 press releases on DCN’s new press release sectionAccess to exclusive member discounts, events, and offersAnd each quarter we will be releasing new incentives, offerings, and giveaways to our members."to redeem this offer, email and mention Your Highness" 6. Treatibles - 10% discount off from 4/20/19 through 4/30/19: chewscbd4pets - Treatibles was founded in 2008 on the fundamental values of compassionate care, quality ingredients, reliable information and integrity, and in 2013 became the pioneer in developing full spectrum hemp-derived CBD products for pets.* The benefits of full spectrum hemp oil include instilling calm, normal emotional balance and ease, supporting a healthy digestive tract and strong immune system, promoting healthy joints, flexibility and the body’s normal inflammatory response. Treatibles can help animals exhibiting anxiety, discomfort, loss of appetite, digestive tract issues, and more. 7. Tokeativity is the Global Cannabis Community for Women. They work to empower women at the root level and forward the normalization of cannabis through in person an online events. Tokeativity is giving listeners 50% off now through the end of April. Save 50% off on Business & Grassroots Memberships, Upcoming Events, Advertising, & Online Classes and more! Find everything now at and use coupon code 42050 through April 30th.
April 20, 2019
Episode 2.21: Guidelines for Becoming an Advocate and Activist
Hello again! To start things off a bit differently, we decide not to share our favorite discoveries, but instead highlight some great organizations that are effecting serious change. As we move forward to normalization, we as an industry must keep advocacy at the forefront, and figure out how to get involved.  To that point, we discuss ways you can help fight the continuous damage created by the War on Drugs. You don't have to be seasoned activist or policy maker to fight the good fight!   *** We also discuss an awesome giveaway opportunity - an autographed copy of Breaking the Grass Ceiling! Tune into to our bonus episode on 4/20 for the winners, and for an awesome discount code roundup!   Interviews: - We start with Marissa Fratoni, holistic RN and Director of Wellness for, who tells us about her journey into the cannabis space. She talks about being a mother in cannabis, and offers some great advice for listeners. - Next, we talk to Emily Elmen, Director of Infused Product Development at In Good Health, who tells us how making a batch of edibles led to being on the Board of Directors for Massachusetts NORML. She also talks about how her career at In Good Health came to be, and what her job entails.     Until next time, thank you for listening! Please let us know what you would like to hear, if you would like to be featured, or if you would like a product reviewed by reaching out to
April 08, 2019
Episode 2.20: The Changing Landscape of CBD, and How You Can Benefit From It
We can't believe we're already on episode 20 of our second season! Speaking of seasons, we welcome the start of Spring with positive attitudes - and begin by discussing our favorite things. For Leah, it's finding the best canna-friendly banking with the help of veteran banking broker, Stuart Lutterman, founder of Brother Processing, and for Diana, it's 421 For All, a movement observing the multiple injustices that exist because of the War on Drugs.    Next, we discuss one of our favorite topics - CBD! This time, we explore the changing landscape and go over some relevant aspects you shouldn't ignore.    Interviews: - Our first guest is the fearless Andrea Brooks, CEO and Founder of SAVA, which is the "Etsy of cannabis". Brooks tells us about a life-changing injury that caused her to come to cannabis, and ultimately shaped her curative process which benefits consumers.   - Next, Stephanie Bozzuto, co-founder and President of Marketing of Cannabis Connect Insurance, tells us about the importance of cannabis business insurance. Bozzuto also discusses upcoming educational offerings, including a sexual harassment course that will benefit all cannabis businesses.    Until next time, thank you for listening. Please reach out with ideas, or for information regarding being interviewed or sponsorship opportunities, to   Relevant Links: CVS selling CBD Barneys To Open Luxury Cannabis Shop-In-Shop USPS allows mailing of CBD Jelly Belly creating CBD products How to Shop for CBD
March 25, 2019
Episode 2.19: Changing Industry Practices to Create New Principles
We start as always with our favorite things: for Diana it is Pussyweed, and for Leah, it's CRATIV packaging. Next, we start a discussion about ways we can actually make new business practices that will ultimately create new principles in this emerging space.    Next, in our Beauty with Barb segment, our resident licensed aesthetician reviews the many benefits of a topical salve by Simple CBD.   Interviews:   First, we start with Ashley Dellinger, founder of Lumi Wellness Shop, who tells us about what led her to open the retail space.  Next, we talk to the founder of, Kelley Bruce about the inspiration behind her online clinic. Bruce also shares how motherhood can be impacted by cannabis use, and how the wonderful people at Cannamommy help educate and guide new mothers during a precarious time.   We appreciate all your support! Please do reach out with suggestions or introductions if you’d like to be involved in the show. Email for more information on being a guest, having products reviewed, or sponsoring our show and elevating your exposure.   Relevant Links: Create a Petition using or Petition for Micro Cannabis Businesses & Social Equity SkillShare: Find Skills You Need For Starting a Business Create Content & Share Your Story Change Your Language to Be More Inclusive Cannabis Convention Addresses Diversity   Safe Spaces for Fellow Advocates: Tokeativity NDICA DNC
March 12, 2019
Episode 2.18: Avoiding Burnout When Starting Your New Business
We decided to forego our usual favorite things in lieu of a brief discussion about a couple of things that are happening in cannabis right now. Keeping the conversation going about things like sexual harassment in the workplace and accidental consumption will force us as an industry to change the approach to these problems. Normalizing talk around uncomfortable topics is the first step toward real change. Interviews: * First, we talk to half of an awesome mother/daughter team: Tara Mulvihill, Co-Owner/Operator/OLCC cannabis producer at Phillips Field Facility. She talks about her unique business, and how she came to a partnership with her mother.  * Next, we talk to Scarlet Ravin, founder of White Fox Medicinals, who shares why women in cannabis don't need to compete with each other. She also tells us about the alchemy of her incredible products, and about how cannabinoids play a role in preventative medicine.    Until next time, contact us at yourhighnesspodcastATgmail for questions and concerns. Thank you for your support!   Relevant Links: Time Management Hacks That Very Successful People Practice Daily Marc Emery’s #MeToo Moment: The Dark Side of Cannabis Culture #MeToo And The Marijuana Industry: Ignore Harassment Policies At Your Own Peril Marijuana retailer MedMen facing potential class action lawsuit from former employees
February 25, 2019
Episode 2.17: Kicking Fear's Ass to Move on to Success
As always, we start with our favorite things: Diana discusses how she will host a screening of Mary Janes Film: Women of Weed, and for Leah, it was LUMI CBD Wellness Shop.  Next, we discuss how to kick fear's ass - Leah's favorite topic! We go over some effective ways to fight it, and talk about ways to make Impostor Syndrome work for you.   Interviews: - First, we start with a Jane of all trades, Manndie Tingler. Manndie is the COO of Khemia Manufacturing, President of, a President of the Kriya Society, and a board member of the NCIA among other things. She tells us the secret to managing such a major work load, and talks about why she loves this industry. - Next, we talk to Abigail Nath, cannabis business lawyer and project coordinator. She tells us of how being terminated led to her consulting in the cannabis space.     We appreciate your support and want to reciprocate! Please reach out if you are a woman-identifying person in the cannabis space and would like to be interviewed:   Relevant Links: Accountability Partners Are Great. But “Success” Partners Will Change Your Life. How Fear Helps (and Hurts) Entrepreneurs The Inevitable Impostor Syndrome
February 11, 2019
Episode 2.16: Combating Misinformation and Promoting Legitimacy
As always, we start with our favorite things: for Leah, it is Cannabis Connect Insurance, for Diana, it is Meowchemy's Vajay Spray.    We start a discussion about a recent article that is filled with fear-mongering and misinformation about cannabis, and how we can fight that type of dangerous content.    Interviews: - First, we talk to Ayanna Lawson, founder and owner of Front Row Travels, a Baltimore-based cannabis travel company, about what got her into this space. She also tells us about the importance education is to her business, and how travel and cannabis intersect.   - Next, we talk to Jessamin Swearingen, one of the founders of Gaudium Enterprises, about the travel packages she offers. She also speaks of the educational offerings and Day Pass, and tells us about the importance of these things in an emerging market.    Until next time, thanks for listening, and reach out to for ways to connect!   Relevant Links: A New Book Says Cannabis Use Leads to Violence. Two Oregonians Fire Back Did Marijuana Legalization Really Increase Homicide Rates? Follow the Money PubMed
January 28, 2019
Episode 2.15: Some Great Things to Look Forward to in 2019
In our 15th episode, we begin once again with our favorite things, but this is a first! We have a collective favorite - Mary Jane Gift Boxes - of which we both were super lucky to receive! We review this awesome theme box and talk about the different collections! Next, we keep it on a positive note to talk about some of the exciting things we expect this year! There is so much to look forward to, even if it is sometimes difficult to hopeful!   Interviews: - We start with Kim Rael, CEO of Azuca, who tells us about their latest creations. She also talks about the challenges facing an edible company, and what newcomers should know about this industry. - Next, we talk to Randi Sether, Marketing Strategist at Magical Butter, about how being a fan can lead to an awesome career. Additionally, she talks about her favorite thing to make in her Magical Butter machine.
January 14, 2019
Episode 2.14: How To Help Bring Equality To The Cannabis Industry
This episode begins as episode does, with our favorite things! For Leah, it is Tokeativity's Connect Business membership, and for Diana, Mary's List. Check them both out!    Next, we touch on a very important topic: bringing equality to the cannabis industry. We discuss why it is so important to make this a priority, and some unexpected ways to accomplish it.   We have a Beauty With Barb segment that focuses on eczema, and why this skin condition gets worse this time of year.   Interviews: - First, we talk to Naomi Granger, co-founder of DOPE CFO, about what brought her to the cannabis space. She also tells us how an old profession like accounting can take on a new life form in the cannabis industry.    - Next, we talk to Amy Margolis, founder and Program Director of The Initiative. She tells us about the journey that led to the creation of the incubator, and how entrepreneurs can get involved.     Until next time, email us at for more information about being on our show.    Relevant Links: Marijuana and gender equity: Why cannabis industry is a magnet for women executives The Green Tent
December 31, 2018
Episode 2.13: Using Your Innate Awesomeness to Elevate Your Cannabis Career
We start with our favorite recent discoveries: Leah chose Edibles List Magazine, while Diana decided to share a strain called Strawberry OG. Moving on, we talk about the many ways everyone can tune into their innate awesomeness to elevate a career in cannabis.   Interviews: - We start with Julia Jacobson, CEO and Director of Business Strategy at Aster Farms, who discusses some the surprising elements of working on a farm. She also talks about what it's like to wear multiple hats in a non-traditional professional setting.   - Next, we talk to Hannah O'Brien, Director of Operations for Confident Cannabis, about the importance of transparency in cannabis. Additionally, she tells us about the importance of the program, especially with so many people counting on certain strains.     Until next time, email us at for more information about being on our show.
December 17, 2018
Episode 2.12: Unexpected Positives of Being A Cannapreneur
In our 12th episode, we start with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it's Gron's Chocolate Cafe, and for Diana, Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Compound.   Our discussion is centered around the unexpected positives of being an entrepreneur in this space, and how our guests contribute to that conversation.   Interviews: - Our first guest is Wanda James, founder of Simply Pure, about translating seemingly unrelated professional experience to the cannabis space. James also discusses her favorite element of her work, and gives some advice to new entrepreneurs. - Next, we have Rocky Bowles, founder of Resinate Marketing, about being a "professional cheerleader", and the start of Resinate. Bowles tells us how she connects the dots and prepares people for ultimate success.    Until next time, thanks for listening. Please reach out if you would like to be featured in the future, or would like a product featured:
December 04, 2018
Episode 2.11: Cooking with Cannabis
In this episode, we start as usual with our favorite discoveries: For Diana, it was The Art Of Weed Butter, and for Leah, Cannacals by Baked Smart (because we women need to promote ourselves more!). Our discoveries take us into our discussion topic, which is cooking with cannabis.  Interviews: - First, we talk to Karmel Ungerleider-Abrams & Devorah Ungerleider-Moore, founders of Cannabis Cooking Magazine, about how they wound up in cannabis. The sisters also talk about some of the best aspects of culinary creativity and cannabis. - Next, we welcome back Adelia Carrillo, CEO and founder of Direct Cannabis Network, talks about the Entrepreneur Lounge. This event, which is concurrent to MJBizCon, offers opportunities for networking, getting work done, or just finding a quieter space.     Until next time, thank you for listening, and reach out to for more information on being a guest or having a product reviewed.   Relevant Links: How to Dose Homemade Cannabis Edibles Jeff the 420 Chef Calculator How to calculate THC dosage in recipes for marijuana edibles The Art of Weed Butter: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Cannabutter Master Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis
November 13, 2018
Episode 2.10: What To Know About Starting An Ancillary Business In Cannabis
We start off episode 10 with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it is the Smoke Cartel, and for Diana, MURU products. Next, we discuss the logistics of starting an ancillary business in the cannabis space.   Next, we have a new Beauty With Barb segment featuring the awesome Empower Bodycare Products.   Interviews: - First, we talk to Becca Recker of Frogsong Farms, about having a zero waste farm. She also tells us the often over-looked challenges of cannabis farming. - Next, we talk to Darby Cox, CEO of Smoke Cartel, about starting a business in her living room. She also talks about the challenges of operating a business in a state that is not recreational legal.     Until next time, if you would like to be featured or have a product featured, email us at Thank you a thousand times for listening!   Relevant Links: Key Ancillary Services for a Successful Cannabis Business Direct Cannabis Network (DNC) Education Cash in on Cannabis: Business Ideas for the Emerging Industry Top Ancillary Industries to the Cannabis Sector
October 29, 2018
Episode 2.9: Advocacy As An Entrepreneur
In this episode, we start with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it was Cannabis Cooking Magazine(we will have the founders on very soon!), and for Diana, it was The Feel Collection.   Next, we talk about the importance of being an advocate for cannabis, especially when being an entrepreneur in this space. We go over some ways to include advocacy in your business plan, and reasons why this practice matters.   Interviews: - First, we talk to Ashley Picillo, author of Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Women, Weed & Business. She talks about the journey that brought the book to life, and shares her experience in the cannabis space. - Next, we talk to Windy Borman, Director and Executive Producer for Mary Janes Film: The Women Of Weed. She tells us about how the documentary came to be, and how a person can host a screening in their town.   Until next time, we thank the women in this space for making this industry a possibility in the first place. Reach out with questions, concerns, or compliments to Follow us on Instagram or Twitter!
October 15, 2018
Episode 2.8: The Importance of Having a Mentor in Cannabis
In our 8th episode, we start with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it's Breaking the Grass Ceiling, for Diana, it's the Mom And Dad Are Stoned podcast. We ruminate on the awesome media we have chosen before moving on to our discussion topic.  We talk about the importance of mentors, specifically in an emerging market like this one. Having a mentor, or mentors, will only strengthen your game as an entrepreneur, and we discuss some considerations on finding your own.    Interviews: - First, we talk to Trista Okel, CEO and Founder of Empower BodyCare, about her journey in the cannabis space. She tells us how she comes up with product ideas, and what the acronym EMPOWER means.  - Next, we talk to Amna Shamim: writer, marketing consultant, and digital nomad. She talks about her work in this industry, and discusses an ongoing mastermind project.    Until next time, we appreciate our listeners, and we are so grateful to the women who are sharing their stories and making the change happen. If you would like more information on being interviewed or becoming a sponsor, email   Relevant Links: How to Connect with the Best Mentors to Guide Your Entrepreneurial Journey Women speak out: How a mentor can be most helpful Why Cannabis Entrepreneurs Need Good Mentors Leveling the Playing Field with Oregon Women Entrepreneur Cannabis Business Accelerator
September 29, 2018
Episode 2.7 The Importance of Looking at the Whole Plant
In our 7th episode, we talk about the entourage effect, and the importance of looking at the whole plant. Many of our past guests incorporate the whole plant approach into their businesses, because they are concerned with treating the big picture. We go over the ways you can educate yourself about the compounds, and the reasons why we should know more about them.   Interviews: Our first guest is Katie MacBride, editor and writer, who recently wrote a piece for the Daily Beast about parents dealing with Child Protective Services because of CBD. Her work covers these complex issues surrounding parenting with cannabis and is in the process of helping create a documentary that explores the issues further. Next, we have the founder of Meowchemy, Mel Meow. She talks about the full plant CBD MedSpa line of products, the inspiration behind the innovative nature of them, and what inspired the beginning of her business.   Beauty with Barb:  Diana joins Barb as the sisters discuss a shared familial skin condition, and how the Bella line from Altitude Products helps relieve the bumpiness. We also discuss the bath items and products from other lines, and detail how smooth they made our skin.   Until next time, take the high road when you can. For more information about sponsorship or being interviewed, please email yourhighnesspodcastATgmail.   Relevant Links: Myrcene and Your Cannabis Treatables Terpenes and the Entourage Effect
September 07, 2018
Episode 2.6: Cannabis and Pets
In our first pet-themed episode, we talk about one of our obsessions - animals - with great excitement! Cannabis use with animals is a highly controversial topic being discussed at length online. After we go over some basic considerations, we point listeners to a couple of excellent resources in this area of the industry.    Interviews: Our first guest is Julianna Carella, CEO and founder of Treatibles, who talks to us about her journey to animal care products. She also discusses working with rescues and the story behind the Villalobos Project. Next, we talk to Kate Scott, COO of VetCBD, as she tells us about how the company started. She also a controversial topic - the use of THC with animals, and tells us her opinion.   Review of Our Favorite Things:  For Diana, it is the Ganja Goddess Getaway, for Leah, it was Medical Marijuana and Your Pet-a Definitive Guide.    Thanks for listening and if you like this episode, please be sure to leave us a review iTunes or reach out to us via email at   Relevant Links: Vets weigh in on cannabis for pets Medical Marijuana & Your Pet Claws and Effect: Cannabis Medicine for Pets American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Pet Poison Helpline
August 25, 2018
Episode 2.5: The Importance of Being Out of the Cannabis Closet
Our fifth episode starts with our favorite discoveries: Diana talks about "Cooking on High," the first-ever competitive cannabis cooking show featured on Netflix. Leah's favorite new product is Mary's Medicinals line of THC and CBD capsules, tinctures, muscle freezes, and more.  Discussing wonderful products leads us to our discussion topic: the importance of being out of the cannabis closet, and how to stay truthful about your cannabis journey.  *We pause to promote Emma Chasen, a cannabis educator and consultant. Schedule a free consultation to incorporate sustainable education into your business to help grow your brand. Interviews: First, we talk to Michele Ross, who talks about how her personal experience played a major role in becoming an influential medical expert in cannabis. She also discusses her book, Vitamin Weed, and what impacted her research. Next, we talk to Ashley Kingsley, co-founder of Ellementa, about her journey into the cannabis industry. She talks about how her professional experience in marketing applied to her career in this space.    Until next time, thank you for listening. Contact us at yourhighnesspodcastATgmail for questions about interviews and sponsorship.   Relevant Links: The Coming Decline of the Employment Drug Test 10 Things Every Parent, Teenager & Teacher Should Know About Marijuana
August 10, 2018
Episode 2.4: The Importance of CBD
Our latest episode was delayed a bit, but for good reason! A new member of the Your Highness team entered this world surprisingly early, and we couldn’t be happier. We begin this episode as we normally do, with our latest favorite discoveries: for Diana, it was the incredible Meowchemy line, and for Leah, it was the CBD School.  After that, we discuss the importance of CBD, and go into the benefits of it. We also go over key takeaways to consider when beginning a CBD routine.   Interviews: First, we talk to Aliza Sherman, cofounder of Ellementa, about her journey leading up to a career in cannabis. She tells us how her background in digital marketing shaped her experience in this field and makes some great comparisons between the two. Next, we talk to Victoria Harris, cofounder of DC Taste Buds. Victoria talks about what is holding back those in the D.C. cannabis industry, and about how she’s working tirelessly to make change.    Until next time, please feel free to reach out about being interviewed, or about any products being featured, to Thank you for listening!   Relevant Links: How To Use CBD for Pets 10 CBD Facts You Need To Know Project CBD
July 23, 2018
Episode 2.3: Parenting Series, Part 2
In the second installment of our parenting series, we open with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it is The Stoner Mom, and for Diana, it’s Mary Janes Film.   Next, we discuss the importance of normalizing the conversation around cannabis for parents. We go over a few tips and takeaways about how to do that, while also drawing from expert sources.   *We pause for a short word about our friend Jennifer Argie’s awesome products and mention an incredible giveaway. Share this episode on Twitter with #YourHighnessPodcast for a chance to win either a Green Tea Healing Salve or Coconut Oil.   Interviews: First, we speak to Jenn Lauder, Cofounder of Splimm, a magazine about cannabis and parenting. She talks about her upbringing, how her parents handled the discussion around cannabis, and how that has shaped her attitude as a parent. Next, we talk to Ozzie Ozkay-Villa, founder of Oov Lifestyle, about her own experience as a mother and cannabis advocate. Ozzie also discusses her own journey with cannabis, and how she deals with the stigma surrounding parents who consume. Our final guest is Maggie Wilson, a metaphysical and cannabis oracle, who guides women through multiple stages of motherhood. She discusses her own experience with pregnancy and cannabis and talks about the healing sessions she offers worldwide.   Beauty with Barb: Our resident esthetician and beauty expert discusses the awesome Bake at Home products that were provided for review and talks about how the ingredients benefit the skin.   Until next time, if you like what you hear and would like to be featured in a future episode, please reach out. If you have products you’d like reviewed or included in our beauty segment, please email   Relevant Links: Can Marijuana Make You a Better Mom? Supporting Moms Who Get High Inside the Private World of Mothers Who Smoke Weed Marijuana, Reproduction, and Pregnancy
July 03, 2018
Episode 2.2: How to Avoid Getting Kicked Off Social Media as a Brand
For our second episode of season two, we start with our favorite discoveries and products. For Leah, a retraction of a previous favorite discovery is in order, but she ends on a high note with discussion about the formidable Emma Chasen, and her amazing educational offerings. Diana talks about The WeedTube, a viable alternative to those who are frustrated with YouTube shutting down channels and deleting content.  This leads to a discussion about how many brands are being booted off social media, even when they don’t do anything to touch the plant. Leah and Diana talk about the many unfair ways cannabis brands are being treated on certain social media platforms, along with ways to try and avoid being booted. There is no exact science, though, if the conversation around cannabis isn’t normalized. ** We pause for a short commercial from our friends at Splimm magazine.   Interviews: Our first guess is Emma Chasen, who talks about her journey from oncology and medicinal plant research to becoming an educational powerhouse in the cannabis space. Emma tells us about the importance of education in this space, along with where to find her classes. Next, we talk to Kim Sakamoto, producer of the Green Crush Podcast, about the many challenges of being a content creator in this space. She tells us about what we can expect from Green Crush in the future, and about her new business launch.   Thanks for listening to Your Highness Podcast. If you would like to be featured in a future episode, or would like to inquire about sponsorship, email You can also follow us on Twitter @HighnessPodcast.   Relevant Links: The Secret to Marketing Marijuana Lies With Cannabis Influencers Why Is YouTube Cracking Down on Cannabis Videos? Cannabis & Social Media: Tips to Avoid Getting Your Pages Shut Down How the growing weed industry gets around anti-cannabis ad policies on Facebook and other platforms The Secret to Marketing Marijuana Lies With Cannabis Influencers
June 19, 2018
Episode 2.1: The Benefits of Meditation and Cannabis
In our 1st episode of the second season, we open with our favorite discoveries in the industry: For Diana, it is the digital network created by the awesome women at Tokeativity, and for Leah, it is the Magical Butter Machine. Our lovefest for these incredible pioneers continues, as we discuss our upcoming guests for this episode.  Before we get to the amazing interviews, we talk about the benefits of meditation. Not only can this help us become more present and intentional in our daily lives, but it can help us as entrepreneurs. We also go into a few tips that help integrate this practice into our regular routines.   Interviews: First, we talk to the fearless founders of Tokeativity, a global cannabis community for women. Lisa Snyder and Samantha Montanaro tell us about the latest educational offerings and the invaluable resources available, thanks to this community. Next, we hear from Jenny Argie, founder of Baked at Home. Jenny tells us about full spectrum hemp, and what made her so passionate about creating products that heal the whole body.       Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. Of course, by that we mean: take the higher ground, and stay beautiful in spirit. If you like our show and are looking for an outlet to promote your product or business, please contact us at
June 05, 2018
Episode 16: Parenting Series, Part 1
In our 16th episode, we begin our parenting series with this first installment. We begin with our favorite discoveries: for Diana it is Ricki Lake’s documentary “Weed the People”, and for Leah it is Splimm magazine. For our discussion topic, we talk about micro-dosing, and how it can help with parenting. We share some tips on how to approach micro-dosing and highlight the ways that consumption method can be best for some.   Interviews: We begin with Jessie Gill, founder of, about her experience with discussing the plant’s medicinal benefits with her children. She also talks about her experience being filmed for Viceland, and how she normalized conversation around the plant in her household. Next, we talk to Celia Behar, president of The Lil’ Mamas, about the journey that led to the creation of the popular website. She talks about the ways cannabis has improved her life and her parenting and gives some great advice for other mothers exploring the cannabis space. Stephanie Kerns, brand representative for Lunchbox Alchemy and visual artist, talks about how she discusses cannabis with her children. She also tells us how the plant improved her health and how it impacts her ability to parent.       Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. Of course, by that we mean: take the higher ground, and stay beautiful in spirit. For inquiries about being interviewed or providing sponsorship, email
April 16, 2018
Episode 15: The Importance of Content
In this episode, we open with our favorite recent discoveries in the industry: For Leah, it was the hemp-infused brownie mix by Baked at Home, and for Diana, it was the stock photography source Cannaclusive. Next, we discuss the importance of content as part of your business plan, and why we as entrepreneurs must value quality content creators. Additionally, we give a few tips on what you can accomplish with content when you have a limited budget.   Interviews: Kristina Garcia, CEO of Women Grow, talks about the culmination of her professional experience, and how that lead to a career in cannabis. She also dispenses some invaluable advice and discusses the creation of her CBD pet products. Next, we hear from Ann Shuch, founder and CEO of Erbanna, about the intersection of fashion and cannabis. Ann talks about the transition into a new industry and gives advice for those just getting started.     Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. Of course, by that we mean: take the higher ground, and stay beautiful in spirit. For inquiries about being interviewed or providing sponsorship, email
April 11, 2018
Episode 14: Boosting Your Brand
For our 14th episode, we once again open with discussion about our favorite recent discoveries in cannabis. Afterward, we launch into a conversation about three proven ways to boost your brand. As many of us in the industry struggle to stand out, accessible pointers can make a big difference in our success. Therefore, it so important for us to share what we know to work and learn from others when possible.   Interviews: We start by speaking to Roz McCarthy, founder and CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Inc., about the journey that led to the creation of the organization. Roz talks about the challenges she faced in the beginning and provides some invaluable advice for those getting started. Next, we talk to Ozzie Ozkay-Villa, the owner and founder of Oov Lifestyle. Ozzie tells us about the creation of Oov, and about how her experience from other industries applied to the cannabis space.       Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. Of course, by that we mean: take the higher ground, and stay beautiful in spirit. For inquiries about being interviewed or providing sponsorship, email
March 14, 2018
Episode 13: Knowing Your Worth
In our 13th episode, we are joined once again by the awesome Leah D’Ambrosio, co-founder and COO of Baked Smart. We begin with discussing our favorite recent discoveries in the cannabis space, which leads us right into our topic of discussion: knowing your worth.  In the cannabis space, with women entrepreneurs poised to change the industry, we must change our approach to fair compensation. Part of this is recognizing what we bring to the table, while at the same time truly valuing each other’s contribution to the space. We talk about some small but impactful ways we can push each other, and ourselves, to get what we deserve. Interviews: Our first guest is Loretta “Maps Bolt” Hord, founder of Cannatunes and organizer of the D.C. chapter of Ellementa. Loretta talks about the upcoming launch event for the new chapter, giving us some idea on what to expect. Next, we speak to Monica Gray, Vice President of Nice Guys Delivery. Monica talks about the journey that resulted in the creation of Nice Guys, and how her life experience translates to the cannabis space. Our final guest is Jenny WakeandBake, content creator and professional photographer. Jenny tells us about the Jenny WakeandBake Youtube channel and discusses what it’s like to be a brand ambassador.     Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. Of course, by that we mean: take the higher ground, and stay beautiful in spirit. For inquiries about being interviewed or providing sponsorship, email
February 23, 2018
Episode 12: Cannabis and the Opioid Epidemic
For our 12th episode, Leah D’Ambrosio joins once again as a special guest co-host. We start by discussing our favorite new discoveries in the industry, to stay positive before moving onto a topic that is less pleasant. We veer from our usual format to discuss the recent controversy surrounding the removal of the unqualified deputy drug czar.  This leads us into a conversation about the opioid crisis, as we unpack elements that are missing from the discussion. We explore how this current administration is making the crisis worse, and how cannabis could help alleviate the epidemic. In addition, we talk about how Big Pharma is working against legalization and fueling the crisis.   Beauty with Barb:  In this segment, Barb reviews a selection of CBD beauty products from Stoner Girl Treats & Eats and talks about the benefits of hemp salve.   Interviews: We begin with Adelia Carrillo, founder of the Direct Cannabis Network, who talks about what brought her to the industry and how she started DCN. Next, we talk to Sarah Remesch, founder of 270M and Managing Editor of Viride, tells us about the challenges of marketing in the cannabis space. Our last guest is Lauren Miele, CEO/Founder of KushKards, who talks about the creation of the innovative new approach to special cannabis greeting cards.   Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. Of course, by that we mean: take the higher ground, and stay beautiful in spirit. For inquiries about being interviewed or providing sponsorship, email
January 31, 2018
Episode 11: Being Proactive with Responsible Use During the Push for Legalization
On episode 11, Diana is joined by a special guest co-host, Leah D’Ambrosio of Baked Smart. Coming back from our holiday break, we decide to highlight positive discoveries in the industry. Diana talks about EstroHaze, while Leah discusses the Levo Oil Infusion machine.   In the news: California Pulls Ad Critics Said Promoted Marijuana Use Oregon Politicians Push Back Against Sessions Memo Recreational Weed Is Killing Alcohol Sales in Legal States Massachusetts Officials Say They Will Move Forward with Legal Sales Despite Sessions’ Shift       Blunt talk:  With the national discussion being so focused on legalization, the cannabis industry faces many different types of pressure. Because of this, we need to put the topic of responsible use at the forefront, especially if we want to destigmatize the plant. We talk about one way everyone can move in that direction, by marking edibles in a universally-understood way.   Interviews: First, we talk to Loretta Maps Bolt, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Cannatunes. Maps Bolt tells us about biosonic alchemy, and explains the fascinating process behind making music with plants. Next, Kenia Taylor, Marketing Director of Cannasmack, talks about the impetus for creating the holistic skin care line. In addition, Taylor talks about transitioning from other industries, and gives some insight on being an entrepreneur in the cannabis space. Our final guest is Stephanie Kerns, a cannabis advocate, patient, and enthusiast. Kerns talks about the Sativa Science Club, and how her artwork plays an important role in pain management.   Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. Of course, by that we mean: take the higher ground, and stay beautiful in spirit. For inquiries about being interviewed or providing sponsorship, email
January 13, 2018
Episode 10: Taking Experience from Other Industries and Applying It to Cannabis
We start our 10th episode with a discussion about how each year of experience in the cannabis industry may or may not feel like dog years. While this industry does present a unique set of challenges, we are so grateful to be a part of it! In the news: Minnesota Only Has Two Providers for Medicinal Cannabis, and One Is Turning Away Patients Mart Police Are Cracking Down on Cannabis Outgoing Gov. Christie Calls Cannabis Taxes “Blood Money” Colorado Woman Acquitted at Trial for Exceeding Plant Limits   Beauty with Barb:  In our bi-weekly segment, we talk to our resident beauty expert about the skin conditions that involve dry skin. We also discuss the ways that hemp oil can combat the symptoms of severely dry skin.   Interviews: We start with Kate Guptill, the Co-founder and Vice President of Operations and Finance at Eco Firma Farms. Kate talks about bringing experience from other industries to the cannabis space, and how she applies that experience to daily operations at Eco Firma. Next, Emily Burns, a cannabusiness attorney for Green Light Law Group, tells us about her experience compiling research for the Marijuana Law, Policy, and Authority casebook. Burns also discusses her other work in the cannabis space, and how complicated navigation in legality can be.     Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. Of course, by that we mean: take the higher ground, and stay beautiful in spirit. For inquiries about being interviewed or providing sponsorship, email
December 21, 2017
Episode 9: Creatives in Cannabis
In our 9th episode, we try to find something positive to focus on when we’re currently surrounded by so much turmoil in the world. One thing we can count as a positive is our love for cannabis, and the fact that we get to host this show and feature amazing pioneers in the industry. In the news: New Mexico Study Finds That Legalizing Cannabis Can Reduce Opioid Use Proposed Amendment Protecting Canna-banks Blocked By GOP This Politician Thinks Fentanyl and Cannabis Are Equally Dangerous Oregon Cannabis Growers Face Lawsuit from Vineyard Over Smell   In lieu of Blunt Talk, we talk to Leah D’Ambrosio, COO and co-founder of Baked Smart and Sconed Edibles, about the recent MJBizCon. Leah was a representative of our podcast at the conference, and she gives us some of her key take-aways from the experience.   Interviews: First, we talk to Biz and Mari, hosts of the Stoner Girl Diary YouTube series. They tell us about the journey that led to the show’s creation, and discuss how they aim to fight negative stereotypes through their episodes. Next, we talk to Becky Garrison, a freelance writer based in Portland, Oregon. Becky discusses the challenges of covering the cannabis industry, as well as the best aspects of reviewing new products. Our final guest is JeKaren Olaoya, founder of Blazing Canvas. JeKaren tells us about the Art Socials offered by Blazing Canvas, and the many mediums that work well with cannabis.     Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. Of course, by that we mean: take the higher ground, and stay beautiful in spirit. For inquiries about being interviewed or providing sponsorship, email
December 04, 2017
Episode 8: Holistic Health and Beauty
Our 8th episode opens with discussion surrounding the CWA’s High Holiday Cannabis Gift Show, an event that gives women the opportunity to present their wares and provides some last-minute shopping choices. We also announce the premiere of our new segment in this episode, Beauty with Barb, which will cover aspects of cannabis and skin care. In the news: Top doctor in Colorado debunks legalization concerns Medical cannabis panel approves 5 new conditions in New Jersey Veterans think armchair politicians should keep negative views on cannabis to themselves Industry report on women-identifying entrepreneurs in cannabis has some interesting take-aways   Blunt talk: Because we recorded on Election Day, we discuss how the cannabis industry will be affected by certain measures in Michigan, New York, and New Jersey.   Interviews: Our first guest is Maggie Murphy, of, who is a Usui Reiki and Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. Maggie talks about the many services she offers, and explains how cannabis and energy work coincide. Our next guest is Melanie Davis-Saba, founder of Tree Lotion, and all-around jane of all trades. Melanie tells us about how she discovered the many benefits of cannabis by-product, and how she used what others waste to create healing products.   Beauty with Barb:  We premiere our new segment with Barb Stender, who gives a brief explanation of acne, and discusses how hemp impacts the skin condition. While this segment is rather short, our future episodes will delve deeper into skin conditions and the many cannabis-based products that can benefit them.   Until next time, if you have any questions about being interviewed or about sponsorship opportunities, you can reach us at Thanks for spending your time with us!
November 20, 2017
Episode 7: Cannabis Subscription Boxes and Lifestyle Communities
In this week’s episode, we have some exciting things to announce! First, Morgan talks about the success of the Budtenders and Terpenes event. She also mentions the upcoming High Holiday Cannabis Gift Show, hosted by the Cannabis Women’s Alliance, which will be loaded with amazing opportunities to find unique gifts for loved ones. Next, we talk about the upcoming MJ Biz Conference, and how our good friend Leah D’Ambrosio of Baked Smart will be our representative at the event. In the news: Florida couple receives 65 pounds of cannabis in Amazon shipment Los Angeles is focusing on helping marginalized communities benefit from legalization Eastern Washington cannabis farmers are being shut down and are devastated Recent study shows cannabis users are having more sex Seed to sale software delay burdens Washington’s cannabis industry     Blunt Talk:  We talk about recent headlines surrounding Insys Therapeutics, and the potential damage this drug company has done to the cannabis industry. In addition to providing the biggest donation to anti-legalization efforts, this company is working on a synthetic version of THC.   Interviews: Our first guest is Eliza Maroney, co-founder of Lucky Box Club and cannabis activist. Eliza talks about the inspiration behind the subscription boxes, and explains the process her team endures before choosing products for inclusion. Next, we have Katie Pringle, co-founder of Cannabis Communications, Marigold PR, and Canndora. Katie explains the concept behind Canndora, and talks about how influencers can become Ambassadors for the lifestyle community.      Until next time, if you have any questions about being interviewed or about sponsorship opportunities, you can reach us at Thanks for spending your time with us!
November 04, 2017
Episode 6: Empowerment in the Industry
Our sixth episode is filled with amazing examples of women and femmes who have faced struggles and challenges, and have leveraged their experiences to change the lives of other people. The cannabis industry provides unique opportunities to translate life experience into professional, and we are so lucky to be involved. That is why we open with discussion about how to support one another, and call attention to an upcoming event that is meant to educate and empower, Budtenders and Terpenes. In the news:    - The wildfires in California caused major financial devastation to cannabis farmers           *To contribute to CalGrowers Wildfire Recovery Fund, go here    - A case that could disrupt the Maryland cannabis industry may go to trial    - Kentucky governor says if he’s in office, cannabis will never be legal in the state    - Snoop Dogg’s venture capital firm is leading the investment in a cannabis tech company   Blunt talk:  Because of all the media attention surrounding sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood, we talk about harassment in cannabis. In a relatively new industry, poised to be dominated by women, femmes, and non-binary folks, we have an opportunity that is rare.   Interviews: We start by interviewing Ashley Manta, creator of CannaSexual®, about how cannabis can help people recover from sexual trauma and other barriers that exist for a multitude of reasons. Next, we talk to Jessie Gill, founder of, talks about her experience as a nurse and pain management specialist, and how being a pain patient changed her mind about cannabis. Finally, we talk to Stephanie Kerns, REL Vape Ambassador, about how cannabis changed her life both personally and professionally, and she tells us how she turned major struggle into an awesome career.    Until next time, if you have any questions about being interviewed or about sponsorship opportunities, you can reach us at Thanks for spending your time with us!
October 17, 2017
Episode 5: Getting Started in Cannabis Part 3
Introduction We talk about some new things happening with the Cannabis Women’s Alliance. News Maine legislators are looking into online and drive-thru cannabis sales. Senator Hatch defends medical cannabis. Cannabis is creating jobs, who knew? Massachusetts highest court rules that field sobriety test cannot be used to rules if a driver has been driving under the influence of cannabis. Blunt Talk Is there a “grass ceiling” in the cannabis industry for women? Interviews Jenn Lauder is a media maker, content creator, community builder, and marketing strategist in the cannabis space, as well as the Cofounder of Splimm -- the world’s first pot and parenting newsletter. Laurel Friesen joined Eden Labs, a well-established extraction equipment manufacturer, to build their Research and Development department. Leading a team of 5 people she managed the development of Eden Labs' newest system, the FX2 Supercritical CO2 Extractor. Stacey Mulvey launched Marijuasana where she now travels the U.S. and internationally teaching all-inclusive classes fusing the wonders of cannabis with yoga, flow, and mindfulness meditation.
October 03, 2017
Episode 4: Getting Started in Cannabis Part 2
We can’t believe it’s already the fourth episode! This week’s episode brings another amazing selection of women and femmes to learn from, and there is so much to learn! We also talk about some exciting events coming up for the Cannabis Women’s Alliance, centered around education and opportunity.  Before we get to the news, one of our guests, Heidi Keyes of Puff Pass & Paint offers listeners 20% off on classes, with code YOURHIGHNESS.  In the news: Nevada doesn’t want cannabis and casinos to meet Airline release first cannabis-related advertisement on flight Florida struggles to keep up with applicants Jeff Sessions bashes Hollywood depiction of cannabis    Moving on to Blunt Talk, we discuss one of our least-favorite people, Roger Stone. Stone recently was dropped as a speaker at a cannabis conference, and we explore what that means.  For our interview segment, we talk to the following experts: Heidi Keyes, creator of Puff Pass & Paint Lisa Snyder, a Portland based feminist and the Founder of Tokeativity, a consumption friendly events series for women Shanita Penny, cannabis activist and founder and CEO of Budding Solutions  We can’t thank you enough for giving us a listen! Until next time, send all questions and comments to yourhighnesspodcastATgmail.
September 20, 2017
Episode 3: Getting Started in Cannabis Part 1
Sorry for the delay! Hurricane Irma messed with the schedule a bit, but we return with two amazing episodes filled with incredible women and femmes who excel in cannabis. For the next couple of episodes, we focus on how to get started in the cannabis industry, and our guests divulge invaluable advice.  But first, we go over a giveaway made possible by one of our guests, Leah D’Ambrosio of Baked Smart is offering 2 of our listeners the opportunity to win one Target Cannacal kit, and one Transfer Cannacal kit each. Just share this episode on Twitter with #yourhighnesspodcast for a chance to win!  Next, we discuss the news in cannabis: Maine isn’t ready for the start of recreational sales Fear-mongering group SAM is trying to ruin Hempfest Shaleen Title is appointed to Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission    For Blunt Talk, we discuss search and seizure, and how unfair practices have been the cause of lawsuits in Texas. We talk about vague and unfair field tests, and how certain law enforcement agencies see nothing wrong with probing.  In our interview segment, we talk with the following cannabis experts: Leah D’Ambrosio, COO and co-founder of both Baked Smart, the creator and distributor of Cannacals, the Original Safety Symbol for cannabis infused edibles and Sconed, a Portland edible company Grower at AlpinStash, Murr Flower Bullock, owner of Stoner Girl Eats & Treats, which offers cruelty-free edible and infused bath products Thanks for taking a chance on us and listening! Until next time, please feel free to email us at yourhighnesspodcastATgmail with any episode suggestions, questions, or interview request.
September 20, 2017
Episode 2 - Canna Tourism
Introduction Morgan and Diana discuss what’s going on in their respective states. News Airbnb may not have an official policy on cannabis, but there are ways to find 420-friendly accommodations. S. Sen. Cory Booker has introduced a bill that would legalize cannabis on a federal level, and would address many areas of concern for those who support it. Many critics say the bill has zero chance of passing with a Republican-controlled Congress. A recent study in Italy showed cannabinoids are more successful in treating migraines than pharmaceuticals. Morgan and Diana talk about their own experience with migraines, and the many side effects endured because of prescription medications. The Washington State Health Department removed an offensive billboard attached to an anti-drug campaign, but Diana and Morgan wonder how it went that far in the first place. Blunt Talk The Today Show did a segment about a group of “Marijuana Moms”, showing how cannabis use positively impacts their parenting. Unfortunately, the piece didn’t address how the war on drugs disproportionally targets minorities. Morgan and Diana discuss the reactions on Twitter and how uninformed media erases experiences of marginalized people. Interviews First, Danielle Corcione, a writer who covers cannatourism, gives tips on where to find cannabis-related travel accommodations. Next, Emerald Jade, a cannabis culinarian and food stylist, tells Diana what part of cooking with cannabis is the most exciting. The final guest, Diana Isaiou, cannabis chef and founder of American Baked Company, gives advice for women entrepreneurs who are entering the cannabis industry. End Your Highness Podcast is a partnership between the Cannabis Women’s Alliance and Good Vibes Marketing Agency. For sponsorship information, questions about the show, or any general comments, email
August 23, 2017
Episode 1 - The Dangers of D.A.R.E.
Introduction Morgan and Diana introduce themselves to listeners before quickly launching into the news segment. News A proposed bill in California will make it difficult for cannabis businesses to advertise, and the vague wording could make for major complications. A Montana farmer isn’t allowed to irrigate her hemp crops, due to conflicting regulations. On a positive note, Women.Weed.Wifi is an art collective that is making waves in the industry. Back to negative, Sessions wants to re-boot the old version of D.A.R.E., which leads into the Blunt Talk segment.                                        Blunt Talk Why would Sessions want to reboot the unsuccessful version of D.A.R.E.? Morgan and Diana discuss why the fear-based program did more harm than good, and go over some of the more ridiculous elements, like the “Just Say No” board game. Morgan shares her own experience with discussing medical cannabis use with her child, prompting a conversation about the way critics conflate the plant with dangerous drugs. Interview Spotlight Diana interviews Katie MacBride, writer and editor, about her article in Rolling Stone covering the possible merits of using cannabis to treat addiction. They discuss what MacBride uncovered in her research, and what was most surprising to find out in the process.   End Your Highness Podcast is a partnership between the Cannabis Women’s Alliance and Good Vibes Marketing Agency. For sponsorship information, questions about the show, or any general comments, email
August 23, 2017