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Your Best Lifestyles

Your Best Lifestyles

By Terrance Hutchinson

A prescription for better health through an active lifestyle. This PODCAST highlights lifestyle-related diseases and chronic conditions that can stop or slow down Activities Of Daily Living. (ADL).

Everything from human movement and performance, nutrition, joint pain, back pain, pre and post-rehabilitation strategies, posture, flexibility and more. Whether you're a competitive athlete or non-athlete, handicap, or disabled we will highlight the benefits of great health and wellness every Saturday morning at 10 am.

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WILLIAM BENSON IS AN AMERICAN BORN BUSINESSMAN. Owner Of Billionaire Row Champagne. This Episode Is Sponsored By Allure Capital LLC
Another great show! WILLIAM BENSON IS AN AMERICAN BORN BUSINESSMAN. His titles include entrepreneur, investor, businessman, lifestylist and philanthropist. William Benson is the founder and owner of Benson & Benson: a NY Property Investment Group. The privately held, multi-national Consulting firm & Real Estate Investment Group specializes in developing and actualizing Real Estate investment strategies. William Benson is the Founder and CEO of “Billionaires Row” a global luxury brand which designs, develops, and markets luxury goods for the modern trendsetting and affluent customer. Billionaires Row holds multiple, worldwide trademarks. Billionaires Row specializes in new global marketing strategies with unique branding and revenue generating streams including charitable giving. Billionaires Row has successfully released to market their new vintage Champagne “Cuvee Billionaires Row” Brut Rose Grand Cru dubbed the “The Pink Diamond” of Champagnes. Billionaires Row Brandy has been released and the beverages are in multiple International Markets globally. Mr. Benson is the only American to be accepted by the The French Comite’ Champagne (CIVC) and Announced the First Ever Governmental Approval For American Ownership and Branding of French Champage: CHAMPAGNE WILLIAM BENSON Recently Mr. Benson served as Senior Manager at Tyche Capital Fund, a private asset management firm with over 2 Billion under management. At Tyche Capital he is responsible for capital raising, Client relationship and transactions management. Tyche Capital specializes in negotiating, structuring and executing complex business transactions. Tyche Capital also utilizes the Goldman Sachs “redi plus“ platform exclusively to execute proprietary transactions and generate revenues for Clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, start –up media and emerging technology firms. He offers hands-on assistance in all phases of business expansion, including marketing, financing and management. His knowledge and experience helped potential investors quickly assess the financial viability of a company. Benson specializes in negotiating and structuring complex business transactions. Mr. Benson leverages his extensive network of media and technology industry relationships to help clients gain visibility, build strategic alliances, and successfully bring their products to market. Mr. Benson sits on the board of Unspoken Smile a (NGO) 501-c3 Non- Governmental organization registered under the state department with office in NYC specializing in free dental care for children around the world. Terrance Hutchinson
August 17, 2022
Jade Latrice, Singer, Songwriter , R&B and Soul specialist . This Episode Is Sponsored By House of 420 Fashion House .
Great interview with the Queen Jade Latrice on health,wellnss, family support, building confidence, work/life balance, how the got started in signing, being an introvert and using it, chart topping song, her influencers , her style, working with Grammy Nominated Produces and much more! Jade Latrice Bio Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, R&B and Soul specialist Jade Latrice always found solace in translating her thoughts into sound. While music initially began as a therapeutic art form that alleviated her from trauma, it also now evolved into a glistening career in the industry. Citing influences from H.E.R, Summer Walker, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, and Mary J, Jade Latrice centres her music around the trials and tribulations that people go through in life. Packed with emotionally-compelling lyrical themes, it's Jade Latrice's collation of pulsating energy, smooth soulful flow, and beguiling vocal prowess that have gone on to define her sound. Although Jade has been writing music and singing for as long as she can remember, shyness initially got the better of her. Fortunately, as Jade grew and developed as an artist, her self-confidence quickly followed. At only 17 years of age, her voice radiates an aura of confidence, smoothness, and uniqueness that allows her to share her story and experiences through music. It wasn't just confidence issues that Jade Latrice had to tackle in years prior to this one either. Originally growing up in a two-parent household, the shift to a one-parent household in her pre-teens presented a challenge that turned her life upside down. However, although this time led to Jade having to work through emotional traumas, it also evolved into a way to process and overcome them. By turning her thoughts into beautifully curated sounds, she has managed to work through her traumas and is now fully focused on continuing to evolve as an artist. Her debut single with fellow rising star Judah Watkins, 'I Like It', announced Jade Latrice is an artist in 2021. It flourished with a fresh musical perspective and a sound that the new generation of listeners wanted to hear. This was evident as the music video impressively went on to amass over 25,000 views in its first couple of months. Now proudly working with Grammy Award Nominee producer TryBishop and Christopher Starr of CSP Music Group, the only way is up for Jade Latrice. Next up from her is a single set for release this November.
November 27, 2021
Entrepreneur Hai Dinho Discusses Business, Credit & Finance”. Owner Of EverydayBiz Solution. LLC.
Great show with Mr.Hai Dinho on how important is credit as a young Entrepreneur, why merchants services are the wave, business credit , gov't contracting , college then and now , having a 9-5 job is good and bad today, creating generational wealth, becoming a millionaire with OMP, and more! Hai Dinho is a creator/entrepreneur that focus on producing revolutionary content, inspiring young talent, and living the dream. He strive to lead the new generation by sharing his philosophy, and spreading global awareness that there is a new way to live. His main goal will always remain the same; to inspire others to wake up & follow their passions in life. WEBSITE: If you like to be a guest, sponsor, advertise ,or even send product placements for marketing contact us or call 800-484-9194
November 10, 2021
Brandon CEO Of Nutritional diversity
Another great today with Nutritional diversity on health and wellness, agriculture ,COVD-19, the importance of exercise, nutrition, sleep, staying away from processed foods, cutting-edge performance and more! Check it out! is centered around a cutting-edge diet, and bio-diverse food study originating across tropical Latin America where all-natural lesser-known plant species are cultivated and exist in the wild. Utilizing alternative agriculture techniques and complete sciences like Permaculture, and Bio-dynamic Agriculture for example as our nutrition sources for high dietary diversity diet plans that cause health, wellness, and the best performance. This is a real human optimization science! We have recorded incredible performance increases in just ten days switching dieters to our cutting edge diet formula (and named ingredients), and we have seen too many things healed and treated easily. Get the cutting-edge diet and performance nutrition information from the pros! Over the last decade, we have come together as permaculturists, botanists, athletes, and everyday diet/performance researchers and professionals who have gathered around the real results in this science, to create the best most accurate information through our own research and testing, to product recommendations that produce real health and performance advantages for our readers, athletes, members, and friends. Our goal: cutting-edge diet. How long to refine? Infinitely. The high diversity diet science is a basis with infinite potentials. If you like to be a guest, sponsor, advertise, and/or donate visit us or call 800-484-9194
October 22, 2021
Brandon CEO Of Nutritional Diversity
Another great today with Nutritional diversity on health and wellness, agriculture ,COVD-19, the importance of exercise, nutrition, sleep, staying away from processed foods, cutting-edge performance and more! Check it out! is centered around a cutting-edge diet, and bio-diverse food study originating across tropical Latin America where all-natural lesser-known plant species are cultivated and exist in the wild. Utilizing alternative agriculture techniques and complete sciences like Permaculture, and Bio-dynamic Agriculture for example as our nutrition sources for high dietary diversity diet plans that cause health, wellness, and the best performance. This is a real human optimization science! We have recorded incredible performance increases in just ten days switching dieters to our cutting edge diet formula (and named ingredients), and we have seen too many things healed and treated easily. Get the cutting-edge diet and performance nutrition information from the pros! Over the last decade, we have come together as permaculturists, botanists, athletes, and everyday diet/performance researchers and professionals who have gathered around the real results in this science, to create the best most accurate information through our own research and testing, to product recommendations that produce real health and performance advantages for our readers, athletes, members, and friends. Our goal: cutting-edge diet. How long to refine? Infinitely. The high diversity diet science is a basis with infinite potentials. If you like to be a guest, sponsor, advertise, and/or donate visit us or call 800-484-9194
October 22, 2021
Brandon CEO Of
Another great today with Nutritional diversity on health and wellness, agriculture ,COVD-19, the importance of exercise, nutrition, sleep, staying away from processed foods, cutting-edge performance and more! Check it out! is centered around a cutting-edge diet, and bio-diverse food study originating across tropical Latin America where all-natural lesser-known plant species are cultivated and exist in the wild. Utilizing alternative agriculture techniques and complete sciences like Permaculture, and Bio-dynamic Agriculture for example as our nutrition sources for high dietary diversity diet plans that cause health, wellness, and the best performance. This is a real human optimization science! We have recorded incredible performance increases in just ten days switching dieters to our cutting edge diet formula (and named ingredients), and we have seen too many things healed and treated easily. Get the cutting-edge diet and performance nutrition information from the pros! Over the last decade, we have come together as permaculturists, botanists, athletes, and everyday diet/performance researchers and professionals who have gathered around the real results in this science, to create the best most accurate information through our own research and testing, to product recommendations that produce real health and performance advantages for our readers, athletes, members, and friends. Our goal: cutting-edge diet. How long to refine? Infinitely. The high diversity diet science is a basis with infinite potentials. If you like to be a guest, sponsor, advertise, and/or donate visit us or call 800-484-9194
October 22, 2021
Author and Real Estate Investor Sabrina Albacete
 My name is Sabrina Albacete. I am a doting mother of four and a devoted grandmother of three. My family is a big part of my world. As a mother, nothing else made me happier than seeing my children thrive. This is why my creative pursuits are geared towards helping children hit their learning and life milestones. Ever since childhood, I have had copious amounts of energy and creativity. Writing my own book has always been a great dream of mine, but life had other plans. Looking back, it may have been so much easier to just let my dream go. After all, I have a thriving, decades-long career and my family is happy and healthy. But, somehow, something inside me kept stirring and fighting to come out. I have always known that I was supposed to be doing something different. Being in the wrong place made me feel like I did not belong, so I decided to do something about it. At 55 years old, I finally had the courage to follow my dream and crafted my first book for children aged two years old and up, “insert title here”. In this book, I take my readers on a young princess’s colorful journey to learning how to use the potty. Initially, the young princess is scared and hesitant in going to the potty all by herself. However, her loving and supportive parents comfort and assure her that she is safe and that everything will be okay. Among the latest projects I am working on is a counting song with an accompanying 3D animated video, a fun and exciting children’s coloring book, and an alphabet web game — all of which will be available really soon once my website – ! If you are to learn just one thing from my life’s story, it should be that it is never too late to go after your dreams. I hope to see all of you at Almitee Works soon! If you would like to be a guest, advertise, sponsor and/or product placement contact me Terrance Hutchinson at or call 800-484-9194
September 29, 2021
Dr. Andrew Ward, Clinical Psychologist
Great interview with Dr. Andrew Ward on mental health during the pandemic, addiction, marriage conflicts, the Federal system conditions, his private practice, his Into the Fix Podcast and much more! Dr. Andrew Ward is a Clinical Psychologist working in Pittsburgh, PA. He grew up in a trailer park in Indianapolis and went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Duquesne University in 2005. He began his work as a psychologist in the Federal Prison system where he coordinated treatment programs for inmates with a history of addiction and/or sexual offending.  At the same time Dr. Ward started a private practice that has since grown to include over 30 therapists and provides 400-450 therapy appointments a week. In 2018, Dr. Ward left his position in the Federal Prison to work full-time in his practice. Dr. Ward has experience working with children, adults, couples, addiction etc. Dr. Ward has a no nonsense, down to earth approach to therapy. He is direct and able to simplify life’s difficulties and solutions in a way that is understandable and easy for others to use to make changes they desire. Into the Fix is Dr. Ward’s new podcast. The goal of this podcast is to take the lessons and insights that Dr. Ward routinely conveys to clients in therapy and present them in brief way that listeners can then use to reflect and make changes in their life. Instead of spending 45-60 minutes a week in therapy, Into the Fix cuts through the noise and provides insight you can use in 15 minutes or less. If you would like to sponsor, advertise, product placements, or just be a guest contact Terrance Hutchinson , , , 1-88-484-9194
September 07, 2021
Michael Davincii, Host Of The D. A.M.N. Podcast aka the Don’t Ask Me Nothin Podcast.
Bio:  My name is Michael Alexander but go by Michael Davincii. I’m from Pennsylvania but I’ve lived in New York since 2014 on and off. I’m Trinidadian American 29, and I’m a Gay Podcaster. I went to college at Berkeley where I studied International Business. Once I left college I ended up landing a job working for a interior design company called Bo-Concept literally scraping pennies I got into reselling exclusive sneakers such as Yeezy’,s, exclusive Jordan’s and rare collaborative footwear. Hanging out in soho and hanging around Upper echelon creatives where I found that I had a love for creativity. I ended up being a stylist assistant for Sincere with pulling for artist such as Meek Mill, Rich the Kid, and Jay Critch. In my free time I would listen to podcasts such as Joe Buddens podcast, Call her Daddy podcast, and Sofia with a F podcast. I loved the problematic, anti conservativeness, debative conversations they would have. Before I was listening to podcasts I was really inspired by Anderson Cooper and Don Lenon from CNN. But it wasn’t until the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic where I picked up a. Mic and decided I wanted to be heard. This is where I felt most sexually liberated and free due to the the lockdown I did a lot of soul searching but didn’t know how to talk with it compromising any work that I wanted to do. After a bunch of failed attempts with trying to do the podcast I decided to go solo and call it the D. A.M.N. Podcast aka the Don’t Ask Me Nothin Podcast. In the podcast I talk about gay liberation, dating while black, dating outside your race, std and sti prevention, sex positively, being an upscale escort, endless party life with sex drugs and alcohol and things that had happened to me while living in New York City. I made a polecats to bring awareness as well as fill in the gap between heterosexuals and homosexuals. Terrance Hutchinson 800-484-9194
September 01, 2021
Russell Leedy, Singer, Songwriter And Producer
Great interview with Russell Leedy on legacy, music, lifestyle, family, business, COVID-19, survival, and many many more topic!  BIO Russell Leedy is a singer, songwriter and producer crafting songs in many genres of music including rock, soul, jazz, gospel and country. His first recordings were in California. He was produced by Canyon Crest Records and released 4 songs under their direction. Russell then traveled and lived in Miami, Florida for over 10 years. He formed a band and performed in many local Miami clubs  Russell returned to Pennsylvania  and continued to play music.  He has spent many years playing clubs and entertainment venues in the Pennsylvania area. Kings of Carlisle known as K O C, was formed with the  late guitarist, Keith and Russell in 2018. The pair were best friends and Keith played  guitar on many of the songs. They published and released three songs on all music platforms and had hoped to produce the new album together. Russell will continue the dream for both and the album will be released in 2021.  The K O C brand has a very  unique sound , that has attracted a large following around the world.  Every song has been written and produced by Russell Leedy, is uniquely diverse and is a sample of our journey and experiences through life. This new project " Waiting on You" is a life long dream that he will be sharing with the world. Terrance Hutchinson 800-484-9194
August 27, 2021
William McGirr , Holistic Healer , Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur I inspire by speaking my truths. I AM holistic healer with a keen sense of entrepreneurship at heart, founder of Two Peacocks, a regenerative evolutionary center based in Manitoba, Canada, with a key focuse on advanced "reiki"/"energy healing" training for the seriously curious practitioners. I speak from my truths on topics i am seriously passionate towards. Recently migrated away form Naturopathic practitioner to focus on captivating a larger market audience. My wisdom and truths come from decades of trails and tribulations through out my life. In order to overcome them, i decided to embark on a journey of self love, honor, respect, mystery, self-discovery and re-connection with the Earth. I needed to know thy self to be my self, an authentic version at least. My passions are, Entrepreneurship, yoga teaching, breathe teaching, meditation, personal training, naturopathy, regenerative detoxification, reiki, motivational speaking, coaching. @williammcgirr twitter @william_mcgirr instagram @twopeacockss insstagram Terrance Hutchinson 800-484-9194
August 26, 2021
Jason O. Bradley, Author. His Hands and Mom’s Voice.
Great interview with Mr. Jason Bradley on health and wellness, being an author, The pandemic ,COVID-19, nutrition, exercise ,prayer, meditation, credit, business, legacy, family, self-care and many more topics! Author Jason O. Bradley recently released His Hands, the second installment of his heartwarming picture book series about the roles that men and women play in the lives of children. Bradley hopes that his work will promote healthy families and show children how their role models can be a source of guidance, comfort, and love. His Hands is about the most important man in a child’s world, whether that’s their father, grandfather, uncle, teacher, or coach. Mom’s Voice shows appreciation to mothers everywhere and encourages children to think about the amazing women around them. Intended for kids who are learning to read, Bradley’s series shows children that they’re surrounded by love in so many ways. Although Bradley’s picture books are intended for children ages 3–10 years, readers of any age will be able to connect with the wholesome messages in His Hands and Mom’s Voice. Bradley emphasizes that children will always find comfort in their mother’s voice, but that doesn’t mean that father figures aren’t important. His Hands stresses that fathers are just as important as mothers in childrearing and creating a loving family. While writing, Bradley drew upon his own experiences as a parent and a son. After investing himself heavily in the day-to-day routines of his children and watching their interactions with his wife, Bradley was inspired to write about the nuances of raising children. Instead of penning an adult book, he opted to create a series for the youngest readers that can be shared at bedtime. His Hands and Mom’s Voice are available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. Jason O. Bradley is an author, husband, and father of three with a passion for uplifting others. He can be found on Instagram at @bradleyspartyof5. When he isn’t working on his next book, he enjoys spending time with his family and working as a real estate broker. Bradley lives and writes in Pine Bluff, AR. Terrance A.Hutchinson 800-484-9194
August 26, 2021
Christopher Coleman, Activist For Sexual Abuse For The Disabled. Sponsored By Terrene Research
On August 4, 2021, I decided to bring to light an injustice that is often swept under the rug in the disabled community. On April 16th, 2019, after many inappropriate comments from previous doctor visits, I was sexually harassed by a male Nurse. I knew early on that his conduct was inappropriate and was getting out of hand. However, I knew no one would believe me without some type of proof that it happened. Here’s why. It is said that 90% of disabled individuals are abused 10 or more times in their lifetime. It may be physical, sexual, verbal or just being taken advantage of. The majority of their offenders are relatives, close family members, or people who have authority over them. Most incidents are not reported because the victims are dependent on their offenders, have the fear of not being believed by authorities, or they are afraid of the repercussion of reporting someone who has authority over them. Therefore, I decided that I needed to get proof of the misconduct before I go public. During the last two visits, I was able to get audio recordings using my iPhone. The recordings reveal verbal sexual harassment and there were moments of silence when the actual physical sexual harassment occurred. Before I go forward with my story, readers should know, I decided not to make public the names of the doctor or nurse until the proper protocol is established and as things begin to develop. The day I reported my incident, the officer asked me was I under sudation and just believed it happened. Then he got on the phone with another officer and said he has a gentleman in a wheelchair that thinks he was sexually assaulted. What he said is a prime example of what disabled victims want to avoid and therefore decide never to report the abuse. To hear his poor choice of words made me think he was doubting what happen. At that moment I realized many will not believe me simply because I am a man, gay and disabled. Not to mention, our society does not want to acknowledge that we are depraved enough to take advantage of an individual with a disability. Unfortunately, I know from experience, our society is depraved enough to take advantage of vulnerable people. A couple of weeks later the Nurse was arrested by the Fulton County Police and charged with Sexual Battery and Exploitation. These charges were not brought forward solely based on my testimony and audio recordings; the Fulton County Police did an investigation and they found enough evidence to charge him. Thank you so much to our guest  sponsors, advertises, subscribers for all the support.
August 20, 2021
Igor Klibanov ,Author, Speaker, Personal Trainer And Blogger. This Episode Is Sponsored By Gummie Lyfe Nutrition.
BIOGRAPHY Igor Klibanov is an author, speaker, personal trainer and blogger based in Toronto, Canada. Even though he started out as a personal trainer, Igor gradually developed an interest and passion for nutrition and supplementation. It didn’t take long until he was diving headfirst into researching the most effective ways for people to look and feel great through diet and exercise. Throughout his career as a health expert, Igor has specialized in different fields within fitness, nutrition, and exercise. His research includes type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and menopause, to mention but a few. Igor has already authored seven books that explore the many facets of exercise and nutrition. Apart from his books, Igor also runs the popular blog Fitness Solutions Plus, named after his company. The blog features an extensive array of informative articles. Currently, the blog has almost 500 in-depth and useful articles, and Igor is regularly keeping it updated. On top of this, Igor is also an in-demand speaker, and to this date, has spoken at over four hundred events. These include speaking engagements with major companies such as American Express, IBM, Bosch, RBC, Ontario Medical Association, and many others. ABOUT ME Igor Klibanov is the author of 7 books on exercise and nutrition for various different conditions, including anxiety, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, and others. Using his no-nonsense, science-based approach, he busts a lot of myths about exercise and nutrition, and through both his books, blog, and one-on-one work with clients, he has helped loads of people turn around dangerous chronic conditions. Igor's passion is making health accessible - he educates, but also, entertains, and gives immediately-actionable tips that can be used by anyone. To find out more about Igor and his cutting-edge work, check out his blog Fitness Solutions Plus at the link below! If you would like to be a sponsor, advertise, promote your products, or/and subscribe contact us at
August 17, 2021
Mr. Wayed Kabir , Host Of The Ability Beast Talk Podcast. Sponsored by Author, Joe Antony Sebastin
Great interview with Mr. Wayed Kabir , Host Of The Ability Beast Talk Podcast. A podcast about overcoming Struggles with positive affirmation from all walks of life. As human beings we all experience Struggle in our daily life whether emotional, physical, and spiritual.  There’s a constant in everyone’s life. We all have different ways of dealing with Struggles and Power through our personal struggles on a daily basis. His podcast website is Www .  His podcast is available on Google podcast Spotify, Apple podcast and And  social media,  Instagram. Terrance Hutchinson  This episode is sponsored by Mr. Joe Antony Sebastin. Author Of the Noval, Seeds of Fury. Zolias's Revenge. Available on Amazon and at
July 22, 2021
Mr. Wayed Kabir. Host Of The Ability Beast Podcast. Sponsored By Mr. Joe Antony Sebastin
Great interview with Mr. Wayed Kabir , Host Of The Ability Beast Talk Podcast. A podcast about overcoming Struggles with positive affirmation from all walks of life. As human beings we all experience Struggle in our daily life whether emotional, physical, and spiritual.  There’s a constant in everyone’s life. We all have different ways of dealing with Struggles and Power through our personal struggles on a daily basis. His podcast website is Www .  His podcast is available on Google podcast Spotify, Apple podcast and And  social media,  Instagram. Terrance Hutchinson This episode is sponsored by Mr. Joe Antony Sebastin. Author Of the Noval, Seeds of Fury. Zolias's Revenge. Available on Amazon and at
July 22, 2021
Reverend Detra L. Mason. Public Speaker Of Empowerment, Teacher, and Writer. This Episode Is Sponsored By Grind and Brew Coffee.
Rev. Dee website Podcast name - 20/20 Radical Goal Diggers Rev. Dee Bio - Reverend Detra L. Mason is affectionately known as Rev. Dee by most of the people in her life. Rev. Dee is living her life’s purpose and is the founder of the life coaching Business “2020 Radical Goal Diggers”. She is an ordained minister and a certified life coach. Her passion is helping and coaching others to be all that God would have them to be. Her slogan is “A better you, makes a better world”. She graduated from New YorkTheological Seminary and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree. Rev. Dee has been a Pastor and teacher of Christian education and a Certified International Chaplin. She has been married for 32 years and is a proud mother. She loves relationship coaching and helping others build a powerful relationship with God. In addition to coaching, she ministers to those in prison and lives her life giving hope to the hopeless. She is a public speaker of empowerment, teacher, writer, and produces her own podcast “Rev. Dee 20/20 Radical Goal Diggers”. Her service is to help others to have a 20/20 vision for there future and within themselves.
June 24, 2021
Reverend Detra L. Mason, Public Speaker Of Empowerment, Teacher, Writer. This Episode Is Sponsored BY Grind and Brew Coffee.
Great interview with Reverend Detra L. Mason! Rev. Dee website Podcast name - 20/20 Radical Goal Diggers Rev. Dee Bio - Reverend Detra L. Mason is affectionately known as Rev. Dee by most of the people in her life. Rev. Dee is living her life’s purpose and is the founder of the life coaching Business “2020 Radical Goal Diggers”. She is an ordained minister and a certified life coach. Her passion is helping and coaching others to be all that God would have them to be. Her slogan is “A better you, makes a better world”. She graduated from New YorkTheological Seminary and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree. Rev. Dee has been a Pastor and teacher of Christian education and a Certified International Chaplin. She has been married for 32 years and is a proud mother. She loves relationship coaching and helping others build a powerful relationship with God. In addition to coaching, she ministers to those in prison and lives her life giving hope to the hopeless. She is a public speaker of empowerment, teacher, writer, and produces her own podcast “Rev. Dee 20/20 Radical Goal Diggers”. Her service is to help others to have a 20/20 vision for their future and within themselves. Executive Producer: Terrance Hutchinson
June 23, 2021
Nichole Harris, Author Of Women Who Choose Change. 52 Affirmations to Spark Change And Pursue Happiness. This Episode Is Sponsored By LaMarriia’s natural plant-based skincare.
Nichole Harris is a motivational speaker and mentor. Her main focus is community outreach, serving others, and inspiring others to think and breathe positive thoughts on a daily basis. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has over 25 years of experience in the Learning and Development industry. She owned and managed her own Training Consulting firm called Harris Consulting & Training Solutions (HCTS) and worked with several high-profile clients: AT&T, Momentum Worldwide, Chick-fil-A University, Study Island, and Northside Hospital. Nichole’s previous employers are Ceridian Corporation, Home Depot Corporate, and SunTrust Service Corporation. Her academic credentials include a B.S. in Psychology from Western Michigan University, an M.A. in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Human Resource Development from Western Michigan University, and an MBA in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Nichole is a seasoned college professor that enjoys teaching Hunan Resources, Project Management, and Business courses. She has two amazing children, Nicholas, 16 years old and Rachael, 13 years old.   Link to book on Amazon: LaMarriia’s natural plant-based skincare is simple, easy, and ready to use. Whether you’re just starting to learn your skin, or if you’re a skin expert, our products are made to create healthy, bright skin. Introduce your skin to our 3 new on-the-go facial cleanser serums. The Rosess, a great serum for lines, wrinkles, and discoloration, the Citronnier, which gets rid of acne, and naturally brightens skin complexions, and the LEW, a product that eliminates razor bumps and in-grown hairs. Visit or their location at W.58th Street & Columbus Circle, NYC Terrance Hutchinson
June 08, 2021
Dr. Eric L. Holmes, Author of Power Of A Seed. This Episode Is Sponsored By The Book...Woman Who Choose Change:52 Affirmations To Spark Change and Happiness
Dr. Eric L. Holmes is a senior coordinator in the Otolaryngology department at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. His fervor to excel and push his abilities has led him to earn and impressive number of awards at Johns Hopkins: the Edward Halle Award, the Martin Luther King Award, the Radiology Customer Service Award for two years, and the Employee of the Year. With a passion and dedication to further his education and help others through his teachings, Dr. Holmes has earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in biblical studies and theology, and master’s and doctorate in Christian education at North Carolina College of Theology. Holmes has also been featured in the Enoch Pratt Library Compass in the Writers Live and in edition his book is now available in the Enoch Pratt Libraries, the Baltimore County Libraries and Dauphin County Libraries in Pa. Thank you for being a guest, sponsoring, advertising, placing products ads, subscribing, and downloading to the show. We appreciate the love and support. Terrance Hutchinson
June 04, 2021
Natasha Jordan founder of “HealthCare With A Purpose” under the Natasha Jordan Enterprise LLC. This Episode Is Sponsored By 5 Rings Financial.
Natasha Jordan Natasha has spent her entire life working in the health, community and human service industry to make a difference for those most in need. Born to a mother who suffered from mental illness and raised from age twelve in foster care, Natasha intrinsically understands the role of the caregiver in the lives of those who are most vulnerable. Natasha was rightly influenced by her foster mother who never ceased to help others; and as a teenager, began her journey into helping others; sharpening her skills through her of her first few jobs: which were working in hospital settings as a patient care tech, unit secretary; in home care agencies as a home health aide and as direct care staff in group homes; all of which she enjoyed. After earning her Associates and Bachelor’s degrees in Community and Human Service Management, she chose the career path that matched with the footsteps of her foster mother and help others just as she had helped her. Through her work in hospital facilities, group homes, assisted living facilities, healthcare agencies and other social service organizations, she’s been fortunate enough to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals that have crossed her path. After twenty-five years of helping disadvantaged groups and working for progression in the Health, Community and Human Service industry, Natasha is putting those years of experience to work by providing highly comprehensive business start-up services, training solutions, and quality assurance consultations. Natasha founded “HealthCare With A Purpose”  under the Natasha Jordan Enterprise LLC umbrella to help current and future Health, Community and Human Service providers and businesses; to develop, launch, and create sustainable and successful business that helps others. Starting a facility can be a high barrier to entry for many; through her guidance, Natasha helps teams organize, mobilize, and establish themselves within the industry. She also consults with facilities and programs on best practices, growth strategies, and increasing operational efficiency. Through her company, she provides business development assistance, consultative strategy, and professional mentorship to startups, ventures, and small businesses in the Health, Community and Human Services Field. It is Natasha’s personal commitment to make sure persons in need of residential and home care services can stay in their communities and amongst their support networks. Specializing in early-stage care business formation, Natasha gives clarity and direction to businesses in the process of meeting regulatory requirements and obtaining certifications. Natasha works with entities on the local, state and federal levels to ensure a smooth registration process for prospective organizations. Learn more about how Natasha can help your business reach new heights. “The Gift of Giving Starts with Us” Natasha Jordan If would like to be a guest, sponsor, and/or advertises hit me up below Terrance Hutchinson
June 01, 2021
Willie Oliver is the founder and CEO of OCG and Management. This Episode Is Sponsored By Smart Bitcoin Investments
Willie Oliver is the founder and CEO of OCG and Management. A public firm that provides qualitative business management programs, consulting services and investment opportunities for the advancement of entrepreneurship, sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. Mr. Oliver’s shared passion for the community, growth development and the foresight to bring his imagination to life. A high ambition supported by a revolutionized thought process was what prompted the start of an enterprise that would headway management and consulting services. OCG and Management has built a team with over 15 years of experience in both the public and private sectors of business. Specializing in management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, credit restoration and talent management.  They have opened the line of communication between clients, customers, and businesses to get projects done. While providing solutions and expanding business capabilities. Mr. Oliver has created high impact consultations programs, mentorship services and is currently preparing for the soft opening launch of O Island Caribbean Cuisine and EZ moves a moving and transportation company. Demonstrating an alluring entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial spirit Mr. Oliver has an innate since of ability to quickly identify talent, maximize his operations and organizations capabilities. He empowers his team and clients alike to become tremendously successful
May 08, 2021
Mr. Brian James of The Wolf Among Sheep (Season One) This Episode Is Sponsored By Panther Trading .
Great interview with  Brian James today on life, his past traumatic experience, suicide, health, wealth, family, business, 1st impressions, self-improvements and much , much more! The Wolf Among Sheep Follow Bahdy as he tries to navigate life after ending a tumultuous relationship, losing his job, and on the verge of a mental breakdown. Bahdy is invited by a friend to try his hands at being an erotic masseur where he quickly meets colorful characters and learns some life lessons along the way. Written By: Brian Cushenberry Staring: Timmy Probably, Christine Dylan, Risa Barbosa, Patrick Clark Composer: Kory Hilpmann, Carl Dennis Sound Engineer: Evan Kohlmayer Art Department: Asim Soliman, Teodie Bayeta, Brian James Consulting Producer: Chloe Abedin, Cooper Abedin Executive Producer: Jennifer Liu Hosted by Terrance Hutchinson
May 02, 2021
Coach Al, Author, Sports Psychologist ,Elite Athletic Trainer. This Episode Is Sponsored By Twisted Buela Spirits.
Coach Al He was born with obesity and ADHD, has a brother who has Autism, was living in a dysfunctional family, struggled to learn, and fit into society. At 15 years old, he found a mentor called Zovek. He learned self-hypnosis from him, and this has changed his life, ever since. Coach Al started doing track and field, as a result, he got in shape, and after suffering an injury in track and field, he started learning gymnastics. He studied Engineering, but his heart and soul was in learning more about the mind, so he began studying Sports Psychology. Today he continues couching at an elite level and works with professional athlete’s mindset. He wrote several books, “The Mentality of the Competitive Athlete”, “Personality or Identity”, “New Theory of the Mind”, and “Quantum Books”; which are the best tools for changing the sub-conscious mind. He has also created several training systems like “Mental Blocks”, “ASD Alternative”, “ADHD Alternative”, and “Better Coaches Now with NLP” which is a training system that he made in conjunction with Dr. Steve G. Jones. He has interviewed Dr. Symeon Rodgers for “Solid Rock Health Chi Gong”, Dr. Joe Rubino for “Self-Esteem Elevation For Children”, Dr. William Horton for “APEX Addiction Recovery Program”, Dr. Steve G. Jones for “Hypnosis For Peak Performance”, Croix Sather who’s an ultra-marathon runner for “Life by design”, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas for “The Energy of the Field”, Eileen Forte for “Paleo Simplified” and many more... His philosophy is: “The sky is not the limit; the limit is your Mindset” “Every human being deserves greater opportunities in their life and the opportunity to live happily” His goal is: To awaken people’s talents and help people enjoy a life full of satisfaction. He represents hope for those people who are willing to work hard for bettering their life and that seek to awaken the Power of their Mind; this is Coach Al. Hosted by Terrance Hutchinson
May 02, 2021
Lead Actress Reyna Love of the #5 Movie in the Country Right Now..Secret Society. All We Have Is US. This Episode Is Sponsored By ASK Joe Bananas
Great interview with  Lead Actress Reyna Love on the Secret Society movie , her character (Celess) a life, the industry, opening Pandora's box, using your pain, self-improvement , family, the importance of positive self talk, energies, staying positive, working with some big names like Vivica Fox and others. Her upbringing, and much , much more! Read the plot below, go to Amazon Prime TODAY and check out this banging movie! Make it #1 in the country! Support! Celess and Tina play the game too well to be considered your average gold diggers. Celess and Tina play the game too well to be considered your average gold diggers. And they're winning too. But when the jaw-dropping secret they both share is exposed, the same shovel that got them out of the dirt could very well bury them. Thank you for advertising, sponsoring , sharing ,and streaming the shows. To be a guest visit
April 22, 2021
Dr. Dawn C . Reid. Owner Of Reid Ready Life Coaching. This Episode Is Sponsored By Reid Ready Life Coaching.
About Dr. “Coach Dawn” Reid I help coaching professionals fix what they believe is f#%ked-up in their lives or businesses to create work-life harmony and THRIVE! Like many coaches who are moms, wives, leaders, and entrepreneurs, I know the challenge of finding work-life-self harmony, while successfully building your coaching business. I remember struggling to build my practice, find clients, and implement effective processes because I only had 24 hours in a day. But it felt like I needed 100 hours! It was frustrating. I experienced impostor syndrome after I earned my PhD and I felt guilty as a mom and wife when I wanted to focus on my professional goals. It took a lot of trial and error, costly mistakes and just f#%king things up. But during my growth and development, I found many profound truths and tools that helped me get my “SHYT” (Success. Happiness. Yourself. Talent.) together. Now, I share my amazing SHYT with other coaches like you! Through mindfulness approaches and solution-focused coaching and coach training, I help other coaches integrate their personal and professional lives, manage time, implement self-care, get unstuck and discover their authentic selves, while managing their businesses. I help coaching professional fix what they believe is f#%ked-up so they can THRIVE!
April 17, 2021
Author David L. Mitchell. "Doomsday. "How Pandemics, Greed, Hate and Evil Will Ruin Human Society As We Know It" This Episode Is Sponsored By Cosby Down , But Not Out By Author E.Fresh
Great interview with Author David L. Mitchell on the pandemic, the world running out of time, self-improvement hacks, life, being an author and more. Check it out  here "Doomsdays" Subtitle "How Pandemics, Greed, Hate and Evil Will Ruin Human Society As We Know It" We All have Suffered in Some Way from the Pandemic of Covid 19 and Unfortunately Other Covid Viruses are Possibly on the Rise, Very Scary. Coupling that With the Social Virus of Racism in Law Enforcement and Throughout the World it Makes things Even Worse. Lastly but not Least, More Extreme Weather Conditions are Going to happen Due to Global Warming In which will Lead To Food and Water Shortages throughout the Entire Globe. Frightening However There is Some Hope Out there and this Powerful Publication "Doomsdays" Gives Some Practical And Well Researched Information on Concerning Conditions and how to Cope With them With Success. "Doomsdays" ( Book) is Very Concise Yet Packed with a Wealth of Beneficial Information for All . It Also has Pictures inside to Accompany the Chapters in an Engaging And Enjoyable Way. "Doomsdays" By David L Mitchell Now Available through in Paperback and E-book ( Kindle) Editions. Author Bio : David L Mitchell is a Author and Illustrator of Four Children's Picture Books. He has Also Written Numerous Articles and Editorials about Social and Political Commentary that has Appeared in Several Newspapers Throughout the Nation USA. He is Also a Weather Watcher Member of CBS news in Philadelphia, PA. Mitchell Loves to Travel and he is Also Involved in his Community Helping Children and Volunteering . Mitchell Hopes his Talents and Concern as A Citizen can make a Positive Impact on Society for the Better. Terrance Hutchinson
April 13, 2021
Why You Should Avoid Rapid Weight Loss Programs. This Episode Is Sponsored By LGBTQIActive Wear
Why You Should Avoid Rapid Weight Loss Programs. There so many negative effects when it come down to "rapid weight loss" programs. Make sure you pay attention to your doctor supervision if you decide to take this route. The dangers are real. Listen in.
March 28, 2021
How To Boost Your Metabolism To Burn Calories To Great Weight Management. This Episode is sponsored today by Secret Direct Magnetic Skin Care Mud Mask. Call Acqueelah 732 485 0874 ..
How To Boost Your Metabolism To Burn Calories To Great Weight Management? Its simple. As we age , our metabolism slows down preventing us to burn more calories for better weight management. We need to exercise more, drink more water, snack intelligently, consume the right proteins, add more hot spice to our meals and more.  Tune in to hear the tips.
March 28, 2021
Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction Hacks and Tips For A Healthier Sex Life. This Episode Is Sponsored By Minty Greens
The causes of erectile dysfunction are many, including physical problems like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even sleep disorders. Medication taken for health conditions can result in erectile dysfunction, as can alcohol and smoking.
March 12, 2021
Author Theresa Airy, Resilient Butterfly. This Episode Is Sponsored By Author Marylin Valez Four Tales from Helle
Resilient Butterfly is a former foster youth. She was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Resilient Butterfly has overcome many obstacles in her life. She is smart, funny, talented, a go getter, God fearing, and optimistic. Resilient Butterfly spoke to two different audiences about her experience in the foster care system. Resilient Butterfly was a participant in a mentoring program. Resilient Butterfly volunteered for many events that specifically helped the homeless population and she helped an organization that helps to better the foster care system. Resilient Butterfly recently got her AA in Liberal Arts and Social & Behavioral Science and is currently pursuing her career in nursing. Additionally, she is working on another book, trying to become a fashion model, and planning to launch an online clothing store. Resilient Butterfly hopes to inspire other women to chase after their dreams regardless of the
March 11, 2021
LeAnn Smith, CPT, HC, NC. Chief Vibrancy Officer Vibrant Life Source, LLC. This Episode Is Sponsored By Pet Moses.
LeAnn Smith, CPT, HC, NC.   Chief Vibrancy Officer Vibrant Life Source, LLC.  LeAnn works with clients that are ‘stuck’ in their wellness journey either by injury, illness, disease or otherwise. Her approach is to meet you where you are, partner together to create a customized plan to support your goals and lifestyle. Her motto is, ‘welcome home, your vibrant self awaits.” She provides a full spectrum approach of wellness modalities such as Personal Training, Yoga Instruction, Health and Nutrition Coaching. LeAnn believes in combining the various elements of healthful living into a unique program for every individual. This includes balanced nutrition, moving in the best way possible, and coaching to integrate these patterns. LeAnn also offers Corporate Wellness solutions for organizations of  all sizes. With over fourteen years of corporate Human Resources experience, she brings a wealth of corporate, organizational knowledge and understanding, as well as the ability to provide customized and engaging health and wellness solutions. -- LeAnn Smith t: 425.417.3273 e: w: Attachments area
March 11, 2021
Candace and Shikha, hence, C+S. Luxury Brand. This Episode Is Sponsored By True 2 Plus Size Matters
Great shown with the owners Candace and Shikha of   C+S. Lu, xury Brand.   on their CBD products, being an business owner in a pandemic, meditation, stretching, fitness, nutrition, all their products, COVID-19 , friendship, business, family life, yoga, and more! Hello there! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read our story. Each one of us have a story to tell and each of our stories are unique, right? It’s an honor to be able to share our story. Well, lets see.. where do we start? Our names are: Candace and Shikha, hence,  C+S.  We are both creative entrepreneurs and we met at a wedding planning school in 2013. Yup! Everyone asks us the same question…a wedding planning school? It must be fate. We got along very well and our nature was very similar, our backgrounds were similar, turned out, we were both Virgos and into creative planning. Anyhoo, long story short, we became really good friends. What do we have in common? Many many things, almost everything :..)…one thing we both love to do is workout and plan things.  Matter of fact, Shikha owns a dance/ yoga/fitness studio and Candace owns an event planning studio, both based in Los Angeles. During COVID-19 both of our businesses got shut down, lost numerous jobs and clients. Nevertheless, we stayed positive. Thanks to all the fitness regimen, yoga, meditation and practice of gratitude, we supported each other throughout the tough times via text messages. One day, we decided to catch up and workout. During that workout session, we ended up having a  profound chat where we both  discovered that we both adore the idea of giving and creating gifts. We both had a vision of creating thoughtful gifts. It was a no- brainer. Who doesn’t love gifts? Giving and receiving gifts is a language of love. It is a form of expression. A gift can light up someone’s face and brighten the day. Have you ever received gifts that made no sense? Like someone just picked it from the closest mart because it was available or cheap. How did that make you feel? Or when you received gifts that was curated to you like someone knew exactly what you wanted.. how did that make you feel?  Giving gifts is not only about the person who is receiving it; it is also about the emotions of the person who is giving it. Giving gifts is a form of gratitude, a gesture of love, a feeling of  joy, a sense of healing and a grace from the divine. We had to do it. We decided to create soulful luxury gift sets, hand picking and creating items that we both love. When we started sharing the products each one of us use and loved, we said.. “we could actually put it together and share it to others.” In that moment, C+S Luxury gifts was born.  It felt perfect! Our hearts knew that it felt right. We decided to call it “ luxury gifts” because we all deserve to feel luxurious, each and every single one of us.. why? Because luxury doesn’t mean just big mansions and fancy cars.. to us, luxury means the feeling of being loved, an open heart, self- love, taking care of yourself and your loved ones, sharing the simplicity and comfort of life, to experience living in abundance because this universe has so much to offer. Each products that we selected in C+S has been made with love and has good vibration. It is charged with love and gratitude. When you purchase these gifts, we are amplifying a circle of good energy. You are supporting a family and women with dreams and desires to serve millions around the world. So, we would like to say “Thank you” from the bottom of our hearts, for giving and receiving this luxurious gifts of love, for sharing beautiful energy and for supporting our livelihood. We are truly grateful. Love, Candace & Shikha Terrance Hutchinson
March 09, 2021
Jessica Simms ,Author Of Finding Home. This Episode Is Sponsored By The Voiceover Trilogy Book By Jose Alexander
Great interview with Author Jessica Simms ...Finding Home John Oscar Chambless, sixteen, never dreamed that a typical evening’s walk home would lead him to become a murderer forcing him to leave his home in Monroe County, Georgia. With the Ku Klux Klan hunting him down, he hopped a train and took up with a jungle buzzard, a hobo, far away from his family that he knew he would never see again. His journey to escape his deathtrap led him from one city to another, never returning home. It wasn’t long until he met a woman of his dreams and married only to be tormented by what he left behind. Life was never easy as he circumvented horrific situations until the day he died, leaving his family with unanswered questions. Who was John Chambless, and what kind of man did he become? Generations later, his family discovered the answers. This novel is a story of hope, strength, and one family’s journey to find home. Terrance Hutchinson
March 04, 2021
Easy Ways To Shed Weight after 40 and over
If you are 40 and over having problems with losing weight then these tips and strategies can benefit to you.  as we get oder our activity levels declines some, our metabolism slows down, we loose muscle strength, endurance, and stamina, our brain strinks, we lose mobility and flexibility in our joints, our hormones changes, our bodies start to store more fat, our sleeping habits start to change and many more factors happens to us as we age. Thank you to our sponsors, advertisers, subscribers, and products placements for all your support. We cannot do it without you. Thank you Terrance Hutchinson
February 23, 2021
Crystal Lynn ,The Perceptive Physic
Born at exactly 3:00 AM during a full moon, Crystal has always been extremely intuitive. While most psychic messages came through premonitions to her as she was a young child, as she aged, Crystal's natural gifts began to blossom. Through the usage of tarot, these abilities only intensified. ​ When you schedule your reading with Crystal, you'll receive a detailed and highly accurate interpretation that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance. Not only will it be compassionate, but you'll be left feeling satisfied because of Crystal's "tell-it-like-it-is" demeanor. That means no fluff, BS, and fairy tale storybook endings to keep you {and your wallet} coming back for more with hopes of false promises like so many OTHERS do these days. You're told not what you WANT to hear, but what you NEED to hear! Photo:,h_411,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/84635141_2570097519765519_16394741989695.webp Terrance Hutchinson
February 23, 2021
Erica Petersohn, Owner Of Dharma's Love
Erica Petersohn was born in Brooklyn but was raised in Bayshore, Long Island, New York for the beginning part of her life. Working in the pharmaceutical industry for the better part of 26 years, Erica has moved many times and lived in many different states, but always felt there was more to her life, no matter where she was living at the time. Growing up she would often see shadows or have feelings to certain people or objects but could never exactly explain why she was feeling or seeing things differently than others. Now she resides in a town in the surrounding area of Raleigh North Carolina called Fuquay Varina with her family where she actively practices and studies in the metaphysical realm. In Merriam-Webster, Hinduism Dharma is defined as an individual's duty fulfilled by observance of custom or law. Erica not only feels she has found her duty but moreover she does this with Divine Healing, Angelic readings, Reiki, Mediumship, and Spiritual services – always with Love and Light. Although Erica has always felt that she was different, it wasn’t until she had a major surgery that she realized she had a more important calling in healing. After recovering from her surgery, Erica began to feel that her ability to feel her “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance) began to “go into overdrive” causing her to do more research and found that she was not alone. Quickly discovering a local network of others with similar abilities, she learned that she has had many past lives as a healer, and works as a medium, explaining why she has felt differently throughout most of her life. Erica worked with various friends and then discovered there was a need outside of her group so she created her business in order to help others through services mediumship, reiki, crystal work, cord-cutting, quantum clearings, tarot readings and angelic oracle readings. Erica has many certifications including Reiki Master, Archangelic Light Master, Angelic realm, Crystals therapy, Mediumship 1 & 2 under internationally known Medium, James Van Praagh. Erica has been continuing her education and is getting her degree in Metaphysics and is also working toward becoming a Trance Medium under the guidance of Lisa Bovard and internationally known Medium, Tony Stockwell. She is always looking for new opportunities to learn more and grow to help others. Erica says she is “blessed to be able to help others” also saying that “it just feels really amazing to understand my purpose and finally being able to explain the ways I’ve felt throughout my life.” Erica says that she does not have a “favorite” modality and provides clients with the services that spirits give her guidance to do. Erica came to the name Dharma’s Love one day during her reiki class and has been growing her business every day since. ​ Through her business, Erica is happy to provide these services helping others through good and difficult times and answer questions that they may be facing – all with Love and Light Terrance Hutchinson
February 21, 2021
Debbie Newsham is a former caregiver and author of The Lighter Side of Alzheimer’s.
Debbie Newsham is a former caregiver and author of The Lighter Side of Alzheimer’s. Through Debbie’s ten years of experience caring for her parents, she learned to recognize that there are indeed humorous moments, and it is ok to laugh. For Debbie, recognizing and cherishing these moments allowed her to continue caring for her parents at home. Debbie is a former member of the Alaska Alzheimer’s Association Board of Directors as well as having volunteered as an advocate for home-based care subsidies. She has traveled to Washington DC, and Juneau, AK seeking funding for these programs. She lives in AK with her husband, 3 children, and don’t worry she is closely supervised by her 2 cats. Caregiving is tough work. It is emotionally, economically, and physically draining. Recognizing that her fear of the future was preventing her from enjoying the relationship she had with her parents in the present prompted her to find another way. The first was to accept that her relationship with her Dad had forever changed and she needed to change her expectations. Second was to see, enjoy, and not feel guilty about seeing the humor and enjoying the good times. Through her new lens she was able to laugh along with her Dad and not sweat the small stuff. For more information she may be contacted at her website Lighter Side of Alzheimer's. Terrance Hutchinson
February 20, 2021
Author Marie Ary Reflection Of My Smiles Book Of Poetry
Reflections Of My Smiles is a collection of poetry that is inspired by Marie Ary's and personal life experience. In the book , she covers topics such as living without a father, being a foster youth, experiencing racism, ending fake relationships, dealing with heartbreak ,and more. Published By Terrance Hutchinson terrance.hutchinson@gmail
February 19, 2021
Easy Ways To Stay Eating Clean. This Episode Is Sponsored By: Over 40 Years Young By Author James West of MJ WEST SOLUTIONS
The general idea of eating clean is avoiding processed ,boxed, bagged and packaged foods and consuming foods that are closer to their natural state for better health and wellness. I hope you enjoy the tips! if you would to to sponsor, advertise, or place your products on this podcast, please contact me below. Terrance Hutchinson Certified Elite Health and Wellness Coach
February 19, 2021
TIPPY- The President Of KINGZ PALACE MENS SPA. This Episode Is Sponsored By: OCG AND MANAGEMENT.
Great interview with TIPPY-  The President Of KINGZ PALACE MENS SPA on the importance health and wellness for men, mens grooming, how she got started, a man's confidence, confidence vs arrogance,  Surviving COVID-19, mobile grooming, finding money in your flexible spending accounts and insurance policies and premiums, fitness, nutrition, a woman's vision, why woman need to step their game up as well and many more topics! Listen in on how you can connect with TIPPY at KINGZ PALACE MENS SPA located in Sandy Springs Ga. All female staff to serve your overall wellness needs to help you look and feel like the KING you are! If you are looking to sponsor, advertise, place your products, or place an customized interview for your business or brand. Contact me below Terrance Hutchinson
February 17, 2021
Author Sinder-Marie Life as Sin: My Story, Your Story, True Story. This Episode Is Sponsored By BEARD GURU Beard Care Products
Great interview with author Sinder-Marie about life in Toronto, growing up in the 90's, surviving Covid-19, HipHop Culture, business, family, lifestyles, racism, "AMERICA" , and more. This book is everything Scarborough, everything Toronto, and everything Canada didn't know it was. Sinder-Marie is a poet. Masterfully written, she paints vivid imagery of life in "the Ridge," the Toronto Community Housing neighborhood that raised her. Sinder-Marie's account gives a true insight of experiences of second-generation Black Caribbean adolescents raised in Toronto. Her lyrical writing, weaving together imagery of 90s hip hop and R & B, pop culture, and comic book references, draws you into the highs, and the tragedies of such a childhood, while also acting as a memoir of a truly remarkable woman. A work of non-fiction, this book serves as a novel, a textbook, and a love letter - capable of both entertaining and educating its reader, while calling to life the treasured relationships of Sinder's youth. Go check for her book on AMAZON NOW! Terrance Hutchinson
February 16, 2021
Author Nakia Crocker, Author Of Rachav Lapertice. This Episode Is Sponsored By Life as Sin My Story, Your Story, True Story By Author Sinder Marie
Great interview with new author Nakia Crocker on her brand new book, career, family, business moves, surviving COVID-19, success, 2020, racism, police brutality, health ,wellness, nutrition versus food and many more topics. Check her book out now on AMAZON! Her is  name is Nakia Crocker, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She is  married with 2 children and as of now have 2 college degrees. This book has been a brain child for about 5 years now, she finally had a chance to put all down on paper in 2020. This will not be her last book, this is only the beginning of her career as an author. She was  written her first book and it is about a white abolitionist (Rachav Lapertice) who is trying to execute a plan to eradicate slavery. He runs into lots of push back from the towns people of Elcom and other people that you would never think would be a problem. Thank you for supporting, subscribing, sponsoring , sharing and downloading the show! Visit more episodes at
February 14, 2021
Elect Nahj Badru and unite America's parties. WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT!
February 01, 2021
David Rachal III, Founder/CEO of HEALTHEFIT. This episode is sponsored by: Wisdom Gained In Life Learning -Journaling eBook By Author Rachael Ajala Sunday
Great first show of 2021 with the King David Rachal III, Founder/CEO of HEALTHEFIT. Listen in to hear how his amazing HEALTHEFIT program brige the gap between the medical and fitness industries, COVID-19, Mental health awareness , health insurance negotiations, nutrition, exercis as medicine clinic profession , family , vaccines and many more topics. David Rachal III, Founder/CEO of HEALTHEFIT. Since 2001, David has established a reputation for innovative strategies and success in both the medical and fitness industry utilizing knowledge acquired through his undergraduate studies in Recreational Therapy and Master of Business Administration in Healthcare. David’s lifetime commitment to engage, educate, and empower clients to understand their medical and health conditions has led to the success of thousands of clients benefiting from his use of exercise as medicine. Already equipped with a strong education foundatio n David sought to excel even further as a health and fitness educator through t he acquisition of advance certifications including Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) and the Exercise is Medicine - Credential (EIM). With this his contributions included educating and training over 1, 000 personal trainers as a Presenter, Speaker and Certification Specialist with national recognized organizations including, the Exercise Science Alliance, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, and National Academy of Sports Medicine. David’s subject matter expertise hasallowed him to develop programs that are used to train United States Marines at Quantico to individuals living with chronic conditions. While his talents makes him a sought after expert for commercial gyms, his military-like focus coupled with a genuine personality gives him an advantage with relationship building, training, and earning the role of Community Outreach Committee Chair for the American Diabetes Association in Central Virginia. David's most notable accomplishment has been leading HEALTHEFIT to become the first credentialed in-network provider of medical fitness services with the ability of direct health insurance reimbursement. Since 2017 he has been working with physicians that refer his medical fitness treatment plan to their patients, as they work collaboratively to improve health outcomes for patients, lower costs for payers, and increase career opportunities for today's evolving medical fitness professional. This achievement led to the acknowledgement as the very first MedFit Professional of the Year in 2019 by the Medical Fitness Network.
January 31, 2021
Sherita Carthon Brand Precision Expert.
Great interview with Sherita Carthon  Brand Precision Expert talking points on ... Securing Entertainment Gigs in a Pandemic Economy Force Artists to Embrace Flexibility & Adjustment. Nearly 62 percent of working artists have become fully unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nationally, the collective blow to artists' income in 2020 is expected to surpass $50 billion. 76% of Artists claim new adjustments are leaving them confused, depressed and uncertain about their future in the industry. 1.Pre-Pandemic: Gig Promoters suffering through artists Inconsistency & Dependability ( The Diva Decade ) 2. Post Pandemic Fall Out: Gig Promoters ONLY selected artists they can count on...not necessarily because they were "just talented" 3. Industry New Standard: Talent "alone" is not enough to ' Guarantee Gigs" Facts: 1. The Industry has become a "More for Less "World." Death of the Diva Decade 2. Set up for "The One Knock Opportunity"   3. Shift to the Rabbitour ( Turtle 🐢 Rabbit 🐇) Society. Artist ranks: 1.(Rabbitour : The Misfit) (Pre-Pandemic: Great Professional Integrity, Consistent, Disciplined (Not Necessarily A Super Talented Artist, but Established) (Automatic Adjuster) 2. (The Bull: The Diva) Super Talented/Divas, Must Be Humbled, Re-Adjusting, Struggle with humility and Professional Integrity (Manual Adjuster) 3. (The Hamster: The Grinder) No-Premarket Influence, Establishing Consistency, Non Talented/ & Talented, Up-Coming, They have stamina but aren't going anywhere "super fast". Their road is harder. (No System, or Structure) Solution: Sherita Carthon: Brand Precision Expert with Carthon Consulting Group. We help artists: 1. Shift their mindset about the "new market gig expectation." 2. Establish or re-establish market credibility 3. Identify and source gigs to help them make more for less 4. Leverage talent and marketplace influence to generate multiple streams of income (Merch, coaching, courses, books, new music, vlogging, artist packages, etc) Conclusion: We slow artists unemployed by helping them shift their mindset, re-establishing market credibility, reinforce consistency, and introduce them multiple streams of income. Our work has helped artists level the playing field and create balance in the industry's marketplace crisis. Media: Sherita Carthon Brand Precision Expert
December 20, 2020
International Author, Davron Adams, Children’s book, Alton & Ronique Journey With Their Ancestors.
Great interview with international Author , Davron Adams. He is an original inhabitant of Jamaica and Cuba author from England. this is His first children’s book, Alton & Ronique Journey With Their Ancestors, was inspired by his great grandparents they use to tell him tales of growing up back home and oral stories. This book was written for his children. link for amazon. Great interview as we discussed finding your ancestors, finding yourself, being one with self, COVID-19, growing up with misleading information, family, being an author, and more!
December 13, 2020
International Author, Rheon D. Gibson
Great interview with International author Rheon D. Gibson on his highly recommended boright hdok series "Dizz Wizz thats taking kids by storm. You cab check out the whole interview right here. Rheon D. Gibson is an inspirational School Principal who resides in the Midwest. He has several degrees from Northern Illinois University, including; a Bachelor's of Science degree in Sociology, a Master's degree in School Counseling, and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership. With a background in social emotional learning and a passion for education, he created the "Dizz Wizz" series as a means to positively influence African-American students by seeing themselves reflected in literature. In addition, the Dizz Wizz book series focuses on important life lessons a young boy learns, as his father guides him into maturity. Website:
November 16, 2020
Dr. Rachel Salomonsen, Epidemiologist . This episode is sponsored by Oxford Epidemiology Services, A global health epidemiology consulting firm (
Great interview with world renowned Epidemiologist, Dr. Rachael Salononsen on COVID-19 ,her COVID-19 Eliminator, prevention, symptoms, and more! Check it out to hear more about Dr. Salomonsen on how she is taken on the world. Dr. Rachel Salomonsen is an experienced, motivated executive epidemiologist with 25 years’ experience providing scientific direction, strategic planning and leadership to public health research and projects in more than 35 developing countries. She has served in a number of senior leadership roles in the US, and internationally and she has managed the implementation large scale US Government (PEPFAR) funded projects in Rwanda, Uganda and programs in Angola. She has developed training on pandemics and outbreaks for pharmaceutical organizations, taught practical Epidemiology at the University of Oxford in England and given research related lectures at prestigious universities including University of Cambridge in England, Case Western Reserve University, and at various other universities in the USA. She brings specific experience in managing the life cycle of product development, having managed the production of data analytics and point of care software solutions from idea to launch. She also brings specific experience in managing the life cycle of product development, having managed the production of real time data analytics and point of care software solutions from idea to launch. Most recently, she led the development of the COVID-19 Eliminator, a web based solution that leverages artificial intelligence to trace COVID-19 contacts, monitor symptoms, and connect them to healthcare automatically based on their symptoms. This is increasingly important, since all of the treatments available are time dependent.
November 16, 2020
John A. Reaves, Author Of “Will I Always Be A ____ In America? A Black Man's Reflections on Living in America.”
Great interview with John tonight. Check it out here! Great topics! This collection of ten essays reflects on the issues faced by people of color and offers recommendations towards solving racial inequality in society. I felt that death was an equalizer for humanity, but even with death, some people still believe people of color are not worthy of living. To those who think this, I say we want to live!” — John A. Reaves CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / -- New Book Release Questions 'Will I Always Be A ____ In America?' We cannot control who and what we see, but we can control "…how we respond” once we see them. Charlotte, NC - September 28, 2020 - In response to the racial disparity that is ever-present in America, John Reaves has released a book titled “Will I Always Be A ____ In America? A Black Man's Reflections on Living in America.” This collection of ten essays reflects on the issues faced by people of color and offers recommendations towards solving racial inequality in society. With the book, John Reaves hopes to elevate the voices of people of color, Black men specifically, in sharing their stories and thoughts on racism in America. Reaves selected the essays in part due to their relevance, as every one of them discusses issues currently experienced by people of color on a daily basis. These essays confront some of the most pressing racial inequalities in the United States, from police brutality to gentrification. Essay titles include "We Want to Live," "My First Confrontation with a Police Officer: Three Decades Later, I Cannot Forget It," and "The Neighborhoods I Live and Run Through: Are They a Symbol of Optimism or a Death Trap?” Every essay ends with a question to answer, encouraging thought and introspection from readers of all backgrounds. “Will I Always Be A ____ In America? A Black Man's Reflections on Living in America” seeks to not only address racism in America but to also provide possible solutions. Reaves hopes that these essays will aid in carving a path forward and that people of color won’t be experiencing the same issues for another century. John Reaves John A. Reaves +1 704-443-8417 email us here Will I Always Be A __ In America?
October 21, 2020
Key Reasons Your Body Is Fighting YOU
Key Reasons Your Body Is Fighting YOU. Most people will never know why until a professional consultation. Weight loss can be very hard if you don't know key reasons that maybe preventing you from succeeding towards your goals.
October 19, 2020
Esme's Fashion Boutique Interview And Sponsorship
Another  great interview with Mrs. Helen, co founder of Esme's Fashion Boutique in Philly.  Check out her amazing story on hows they are taking over the fashion industry by storm and fashion can create a lifestyle that can boost your mood and change the way you view yourself in the world. Beloved By Fashion Esme's Boutique, is a women's clothing and shoe boutique. With a passion for  fashion  we carry today's trendiest, unique, fashion clothing, accessories and shoes. We search all over to bring you the greatest fashion look's. We create a fashion story with are well put together outfits. At Esme's Boutique our number one priority, is are customers.At Esme's we believe that looking great and feeling good  comes deep from within, and a great outfit can bring love from one self. Bringing fashion and love together can give you a feeling of inspiration and love from deep within  oneself. Store location: 1910 East Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA 19146
October 19, 2020
GerVaise Sarah Guyton, a public speaker, author, sex abuse, and domestic violence survivor
GerVaise Sarah Guyton, a public speaker, author, sex abuse, and domestic violence survivor. Over the past 15 years, public audiences and those who learn of the amazing journey of healing and deliverance have persistently asked her to write a book. The Dirty Man is the first book in a four-part series that details so many miracles surrounding the residual impacts of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. The candid revelatory details of the sexual and domestic violence traumas GerVaise has survived often encourages those who have been abused to disclose their traumas, in some cases for the first time. ​ GerVaise provides an environment of healing when she speaks, providing hope and insight that inspires survivors and the non-abused alike to seek healing and wholeness. Queen GerVaise continues to make an immediate impact in the communities in which she serves while on the frontline transforming survivors’ lives as a certified hospital advocate and authorized facilitator! Queen GerVaise’s drive to eliminate sex abuse from families, communities, and countries is making an impact in our world. ​ As a divorcee of an emotionally, financially, and physically abusive second marriage, she has continued to demonstrate her courage to live a life of wholeness and peace by removing herself from toxic situations that hinder the perfect plan of God for her life. GerVaise has brought generational healing within her own family. As a widower to her first king, queen GerVaise has been entrusted by God to carry on his amazing legacy with their little king. Demonstrating her tenacity when faced with adversity as a queen who continues to go higher and higher!
October 08, 2020
Mercy P. Jones, Ministry Coach. This Episode Is Sponsored By Chrystal Lux
Great interview with Mercy P. Jones on utilizing faith, entrepreneurship , COVID-19, family, business, walking in your purpose, understanding your gifts  AND much more! Mercy P. Jones, a native of Liberia West Africa, Graduate of Rhema Bible Training College Sr. Pastor, Ministry School Director, Ministry Coach, Beauty Coach, Social Media Blogger, Budding Author, West African Missions Advocate, Healthy Church Advocate, Sprouting and Green Juice Enthusiast, Blessed Mother.
September 25, 2020
Javenna Bellinger, Author Of Learn Something Book Series On Amazon. This Episode Is Sponsored By MASTECKI RECORDS
Great interview with Javenna Bellinger Javenna Bellinger is the Author of the Learn Something Book Series. She has written and self-published 22 children’s books. The Learn Something Book Series is a collection of books that are educational and inspirational for children. All the books are $5.00 and is available on Amazon. Feel free to view Instagram page for more updates Learn_Something_Book_Series
September 25, 2020
How To Survive The Pandemic
Tips and strategies to survive the pandemic
September 15, 2020
Staying Active Over 40
Staying Active Over 40. The benefits of staying active and fit to increase better sexual , mental, physical,emotional ,spiritual, and financial  health.
September 15, 2020
Adrienne Terry Mental Health Advocate and founder of the Multi-cultural Faith-based Mental Health Awareness Network.
Great interview with Adrienne Terry on mental health prevention, suicide prevention, COVID-19, Getting help, her new TV SHOW And more! Adrienne Terry is a Mental Health Advocate and founder of the Multicultural Faith based Mental Health Awareness Network. Adrienne Terry works as a Program Director overseeing and operating shelters for homeless mentally ill  in NYC. Adrienne is the creator and founder of Shelly’s Way talk show. The shows monthly on OTN network, Roku TV, Facebook, IGTV, FireTV, and youtube. Adrienne Terry is an ordained Evangelist and an Assistant Youth Pastor. As a Public Servant, Adrienne understands that her life is of service to people. Her purpose is to be a beacon of hope for the lost, broken-hearted, and those that need to hear a word that would motivate them to be their best !!
September 15, 2020
Amazon Best Selling Author King, Karamokoh B. Wurie. This Episode Is Sponsored Today By.. Best Parenting Books Written By Mr. Frank Dixon.
Another great interview featuring Karamokoh B. Wurie on self-improvement, self-development, getting unstuck, being productive, COVID-19 ,his workout  and nutrition regiment, discipline , his best selling book and much more! Amazon Best Selling Author of the book entitled: THE SELF-EMPOWERMENT JOURNAL; REVISED EDITION Karamokoh B. Wurie. Karamokoh Wurie was born in Free Town Sierra Leone, West Africa. After a challenging childhood, Karamokoh was moved to the United States. He lived in Alexandria, Virginia, where he attended sixth grade. Following high school, Karamokoh attended VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) before enlisting into the Army. His army duty stations include the 36th Engineer Brigade in Fort Hood, Texas. The 214th Aviation in Wiesbaden, Germany. The 16th MP and 83rd Civil Affairs in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The 65th Medical Brigade in Camp Humphreys, South Korea. Karamokoh did two tours in Afghanistan in Support of “Operation Enduring Freedom,” and was also part of the detail team for “Operation Anakonda,” that took place in Poland. For his service in the military, and as of date: Karamokoh has been awarded an Army Commendation medal, three Army Achievements, three Army Good Conduct Medals, One National Defense Service Medal, Two Afghan Campaign medals, one Global War on Terrorism Medal, one National Defense, one None Commission Officer Professional Developmental Ribbon, one Army Service Ribbon, one Oversea Service Ribbon Ff you like to be on the show, advertise, sponsor, visit
September 09, 2020
Terrance Hutchinson, How To Feel Great Through The Pandemic. Todays Episode Is Sponsored by Scott Manduck, Owner OF
This episode is about simple and easy ways to survive a the pandemic, controlling your stress, exercising, great nutrition, emotional intelligence, controlling your mindset, and more. These are really strange times and we must stay in control of of thoughts, bodies, emotions, and spirit to survive. Use code Your Best Lifestyles and receive 20% off all products. For informative information on more interviews, advertisement, sponsorship, product placement, or to be a great guest visit
September 05, 2020
Nick Shelton, author of the book "An Introvert's Guide to World Domination" This Show Is Sponsored By Dr. April Brown.
Another great show featuring Mr. Nick Shelton on being a extraordinary introvert, COVID-19, building self-confidence,his master class for introverts, his highly aticipated book,"An Introvert's Guide to World Domination" and more! Nick Shelton, author of the book "An Introvert's Guide to World Domination” has been fine-tuning the craft of effective, high-level social strategy and networking for twenty years. Beginning with his time in the United States Air Force, Nick learned skills that were indispensable to his journey. Coupled with extensive research and fifteen years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Nick finally “cracked the code” and developed tools that gave him the confidence to flourish in social situations. Nick has successfully built a strong, international network of friends, colleagues, and associates and continues to teach introverts how to navigate social events with ease. Nick says his biggest purpose in life is to show that it is possible to be an introvert and be wildly successful in a world that’s built by and for extroverts without compromising your integrity or your energy…so without burning out. "I want to show introverts a way to access their best life and upgrade their lives and lifestyles through communication and networking techniques specifically designed for people like us." Website:
September 03, 2020
Terrance Hutchinson, Podcast Host, Best Lifestyles. Sponsored BY Villian Sneakers and The Foundry Skin Care Company
Great show discussing health and wellness, depression, anxiety, fitness, nutrition, family, COVID-19, business, money, friends and more! Thank you to our Sponsors , Villian Sneakers .   The Foundry Skin Care Company.
September 02, 2020
Christine Pettway, Founder Of
Great interview with Christine Pettway, Founder Of on the culture of black america, business, mindset, industrial products and design, ownership, education, and more! Listen to this powerful episode to get and stay motivated and encouraged to succeed on your own terms. Christine Pettway left a career in medical and pharmaceutical advertising to launch and spearhead and industrial design initiative in the black community. She believe that in order to buy black one needs to sell black, and to sell black you have to make products. She believes Blacks have to learn to make there own products to sell them to one another and that means product design and development (i.e., industrial design). She is promoting her new initiative through a Kickstarter Campaign Promotion for --- Kickstarter Promo for Kickstarter Link: Christine Pettway Founder is launching a Kickstarter campaign DETROIT, MI, August 2020 - National Black Business Month - Our mission is to unite buyers and sellers that represent the African diaspora globally, while building wealth among black individuals, families, communities, and countries. We encourage inclusion and welcome all ethnicities to join us in trade as we rebuild our communities worldwide. is a marketplace platform that provides an international meeting space for people to advertise and market their businesses while buying, selling, trading, wholesaling, or providing services to members. Instagram: blackstradeglobal Twitter: @blackstrade Youtube: Blackstrade Global
August 24, 2020
DR. Loliya Idoniboye, Family Practice physician. Sponsored Today By , Say, Something Sis Podcast
What an amazing interview with Dr. Loliya Idoniboye ! Read her story below and check out her interview right here! Get Inspired to take action!  My Name is Loliya Idoniboye, I am a physician, and I live in Columbus, OH, with my husband and two children. My passion has always been to focus on women's health and return to care for women in my hometown of Brooklyn, New York. I spent my entire career preparing for the opportunity to train to be an Obstetrician/gynecologist. My training came to an end when I was terminated from my training program for what I feel was racial. I have been fighting this for over one year. I was annoyed when the hospital and university responsible for my training participated in a " black lives matters" demonstration, stating they are intolerant to racism, knowing that everything I faced daily in my training was systemic racism. I wanted to use this opportunity to discuss systemic racism and how it can affect women of color. I feel like this experience changed my whole world. I felt broken and embarrassed and Isolated myself. The thought of someone asking me how I was doing was terrifying, and I did not talk to anyone. I wanted to hide; the effects of the discrimination made me feel like I was not smart enough, not good enough, or not deserving enough. I am still working on building up my courage. The turning point honestly for me as I was told months into my case and after we already file that I could not file as anonymous (Jane Doe), and if I did not provide my name, the case would be dismissed. I had to tell myself every day that I was enough; then I finally gained the strength to fight. "I filed this lawsuit because I want to tell my story about my difficult journey as an African American female physician. I did not want to send the message that someone can take something that they do not have the right to take. You never know whose life you are destined to help, change, or inspire. I am reclaiming my voice and my power. This experience is bigger than just me. It is for all of us." I wanted to tell my story because If anyone else is experiencing anything like this, never to let anyone take away from you something that they do not have the right to. You never know whose life you are destined to (help, change, inspire) you are not a Jane Doe; you are a wife, mother, daughter, and anything you want to be. You are enough!
August 24, 2020
Emilio Antonio Guevara ,President & CEO of Capitalists Conversations, Inc. This Episode Is Sponsored By
Another great interview on the podcast with President Guevara on business, mentorship, family, COVID-19, entrepreneurship ,success, health and much more! Speaker Biography: Emilio Antonio Guevara was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in the low income neighborhood of the Bronx, NY to parents that emigrated to the America from Honduras, CA. He comes from a family of seven. He attributes his ambition and drive to succeed to growing up in a low income community decimated by poverty and having parents that taught him and his siblings that the environment surrounding them did not define them. He started his business career selling door-to-door in the Beauty Industry at the age of 19. At 22 he was National Sales Trainer. At 24 he became Regional Sales Manager for over 30 distributors in 6 States in the Northeast corridors of the United States. By the age of 29 he started his first business. Has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years credits his success to hard work, perseverance, persistence, determination, faith and a positive attitude. His desire to help others succeed by embracing and participating in the Free Enterprise system to innovate and create by using the GREATEST gift that he believes God gave man, the gift of IMAGINATION. He currently serves as the President & CEO of Capitalists Conversations, Inc. Capitalists Conversations, Inc. is an organization devoted to espousing the virtues of capitalism by providing entrepreneurs and business leaders the opportunity to have two- way dialogue with businessmen and businesswomen that have succeeded in business. We do this via LIVE events in an intimate setting, future podcasts and online VIRTUAL events. We believe that having access to successful individuals in business that encompass a wide array of experiences in various industries and wisdom gained along their journey as they used the FREE ENTERPRISE system to achieve their dreams in businesses, will give attendees and followers a necessary edge and a greater chance to be successful.
August 20, 2020
Chasnie Houston, Actress, and FoodNetwork -Chopped Star. This Episode Is Sponsored By The Short Book, STUCK. A Short Story On Moving Toward Your Success
Great interview with actress Chasnie on acting, Covid-19, high school graduation, staying focused during the pandemic, family support, sex trafficking, exercise, nutrition, favorite people to work with and plenty more! Chasnie Houston, born to Coshima Houston and Michael Houston. Chasnie, a native of Atlanta, Ga, has known she wanted to be an actress after being inspired by her very first school play "Matilda" at the tender age of 5. Chasnie made her first TV movie appearance on CW Containment landing a guest starring role. Chasnie also landed a supporting role in TV One's TV movie "The Falicia Blakey Story: When Love Kills" playing alongside Lance Gross and Floyd Maywhether. Playing the daughter to rapper/actress Lil mama as well as playing the granddaughter to actress and reality star Tami Roman. Chasnie co starred in TV One's "Fatal Attraction" playing the role of young Kadija. Chasnie made her first commercial appearance on the Food Network -Chopped Jr. being one of the promo chefs for the next season's show. Chasnie's dedication and determination allows her to excel by staying polished in the area of taking professional acting classes as well attending college for film and theater looking forward to getting her B.F.A. In Chasnie's spare time she loves to read books to the children who are patients at St.Jude Children's hospital, as well as drawing , dancing and singing. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Manager
August 18, 2020
Mahammed, CEO and Founder of A-ZOM Smartphone APP
Great interview with Mr. Mohamad , CEO and Founder of A-ZOM Smartphone APP My name is Mohamad , im born in 1996, San Francisco Cal. I'm from Saudi Arabia and have lived there my entire life except 3 years where I studied uni in London UK. I started my business in 2016 as an app stayed for 2 years until we expanded the business from an app to a software creation company , after a year or so we were able to even expand more to become a company which designs develop and sell hardwares and softwares. last September we successfully launch the first Saudi smartphone and now we are about to launch our second smartphone which is way more advanced and competes the best smartphones in the market along with our unique software operating system and the amazing apps that we develop. 3 years a go we were 3 employees working in a small apartment and now we have huge offices in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and china. Visit for more shows from inspirational people from around the globe!
August 15, 2020
This Episode is Sponsored By, Shareta Green, AUTHOR of the book. Good Fight. Victory Is Yours
Shareta Green has been devoted to the Lord since her college years. She has spent years as a mentor serving others, volunteering in community outreaches, and living as an example to spread the word of God to the body of Christ. She has served on prayer, evangelism, prophetic, and healing deliverance teams and enjoys seeing God breakthrough in peoples’ lives. She is a prayer warrior and intercessor who loves the Lord who has been the source of her strength for the past twenty years. She truly has endured many situations and has prevailed over the challenge of many obstacles. She is a woman who walks by her faith as an inspiration of hope for others to live for Christ.
July 23, 2020
Scott Manduck, Founder of This Episode Is Sponsored By FIT CHAMPS.
Always an pleasure when seasoned entrepreneur Scott Manduck comes through. This is his third time here dropping important information on all natural products that we should be using in our homes, body, and environment, COVID-19, 5G damaging effects, and plenty more! Scott Manduck focuses on providing everyday people with the ultimate self-directed healthcare products to empower themselves and their family and people around the world. With his family's journey into the holistic health space many years ago, it naturally grew into something very special the family could work on together. Serving others and help supporting their journey has been something special for us and life changing. He is also the founder of, which specializes in pure therapeutic-grade essential oils which have potent healing properties.  These products have changed his families life for the better and has shed new light over the years on preventative care for this family and others around the world. He is the Co-Founder of which encodes frequencies into everyday jewellery. These products not only protect you from EMFs but also promote natural self-healing. We noticed when our body is stressed it does not perform as well. EMFs, Wifi, and toxins are all factors which stress your body. As a result, you will have decreased strength, flexibility, balance, and overall performance as long as your body remains stressed. This helped my wife with a huge boost of energy to start, less body aches and stiffness, and her emotions and mental wellness.
July 04, 2020
Isilda Da Costa, Fitness Bikini BodyBuilder, Wellness Coach, LUPUS Survivor &Educator From Eswatini Africa. This Episode Is Sponsored By Ecommerce Manuals
Great interview with Isilda Da Costa on her battle with LUPUS, the syptsymptomsoms, signs, the importance of exercise, proper nutrition,controlling stress and anxiety through meditation, bodybuilding while while living with LUPUS, wellness strategies, COVID-19, the importance of staying hydrated and more! Isilda Da Costa, diagnosed with lupus at age 15, started my own health shop and wellness coaching business. I  now compete in fitness bikini bodybuilding shows and run my own fitness  studio too- in a tiny country in Africa called Eswatini (Swaziland  formerly) I believe being in remission came down to mindset over everything else.
June 30, 2020
Amanda Elise Love. Registered Holistic Nutritionist. This Episode Is Sponsored By uFOUND.US
Another great interview with a holistic nutritionist Amanda Elise Love on Fibromyalgia condition that many people have to deal with. It causes pain throughout the entire musculoskeletal system and is known to cause problems with mental issues with memory and maintaining a stable mood. Listen in to hear what the causes are, signs, treatments, and more. Amanda Elise Love. Amanda is a registered holistic nutritionist who works with those with fibromyalgia. She wants you to know the meaning of the word holistic by talking about nutrition and supplements. To think of the word holistic is to realize that it means the integration of the mind, body, and spirit when addressing health issues. She has a long history of illness which culminated with the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia at the age of 20. She knows this syndrome because she has been there. She no longer suffers from the pain, fatigue, and headaches of this syndrome. Now she helps those with fibromyalgia do the same. This episode is sponsored today by
June 26, 2020
Margaret Robinson Rutherford, Ph.D., is the author of Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free from the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression.
Great interview with Award-Winning private Clinical Psychologist/Author/Podcaster, Margaret Robinson Rutherford, Ph.D., COVID-19, Peaceful protesting, perfectly hidden depression, self-development, family, and relationships, mental illness, fear, negative self-talk and much more! Margaret Robinson Rutherford, Ph.D., is the author of Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free from the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression. With more than 25 years of experience in treating individuals and couples for depression, anxiety, and relationship issues, Rutherford was voted  Arkansas' Private Practitioner of the Year in 2009 for her volunteer contributions to the mental health community. She continues those efforts through blogging and her very popular podcast, The SelfWork with Dr. Margaret Rutherford. For more information on how to book Dr. Rutherford, please visit
June 17, 2020
Tarris Batiste, Owner Of Brassdroppers. This Episode Is Sponsored By LIQUIDITY CARD SOLUTIONS.
Great interview with Tarris Batiste, Owner Of Brassdroppers on usage of firearms, safety, laws, sales, mental health, COVD-19, Protesting peacefully, exercise, nutrition, being a author and more! My name is Tarris Batiste and I am from Cartersville, GA. I studied at Georgia State University for my undergrad B.S. and graduate M.B.A. degrees. While attending college, I was a student athlete on the football team and earned accolades such as the two-time Team Captain, Auto National Defensive Player of the Year, and Georgia Power Player of the Year. After my last season playing in college, I was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. Literally got released a month or so later. This public platform eventually led me to take on a very philanthropic role in the local North Georgia community. These experiences in community service and volunteer work, combined with my personal drive to impact, soon pushed me into a leadership role in the area. Consequently, I started my own nonprofit - called Circle of Advancement -to uplift and unify the civilians of North Georgia in order to encourage young men and women to stay engaged with their hometown community and help fortify the area. So far, Circle of Advancement has helped over 300 families during the Holiday Season thanks to our yearly toy drive and back to school drive. Keeping in line with my philanthropic/entrepreneurial spirit, I also recently founded a clothing brand called BrassDroppers in 2018. This brand, which brings awareness to the importance of responsible firearm ownership, has held multiple safe and secure seminars across the State of Georgia. Through the clothing items, live events, and comprehensive social media presence we offer, BrassDroppers brings firearm safety to the public with accurate information and engaging resources. The company has developed a business growth strategy which has already gained 75+ leads. Now I am putting my all into this book that I believe will change the world.
June 15, 2020
MICHAEL H. FORDE, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Public Health Specialist. This Eipsode Is Sponsored By LIQUIDITYCARD SOLUTIONS.
Great interview with Mr. Forde on health and wellness, COVID-19, self-care, striving for greatness,  believing in your self when others  don't, finding balance , his  book,   "SUCCESS BEGINS FROM WHERE YOU ARE " and more.   Michael  H. Forde is an author, motivational speaker, and public health  specialist dedicated to serving local and national communities. A native  of Brooklyn, NY and DMV local, Forde is a leader in health  communications and health disparities. His work in both the private and  federal health sector highlights his steadfast commitment to health  behavior advocacy and change. Graduating  from high school at age 16, earning his bachelor’s degree at age 19,  obtaining a master’s degree at age 22, and becoming a doctoral student  at age 25 has been the ultimate ammunition to his personal mission to  spread the message, through themes of health and wellbeing, that one’s  potential is absolutely limitless.
June 14, 2020
Chares Mongiello, Owner Of This Episode Is Sponsored By LIQUIDITY CARD SOLUTION.
Great Interview with Chares Manjello, Owner Of on the importance of self-care, her book , A New Slant On Acting, Self improvement,mental health, COVID-19, being creative, screen writing,blogging with great content, her courses she teaches,filmmaking, being polite onset, learning the entertainment business and much more! Read below for more information of this powerhouse woman in the entertainment industry! About Us I first found my love for entertainment when I was 4 years old and I  did commercials for my parents pizza shop in Erie Pennsylvania. I won an  award for my acting at the local tv station there. I didn’t really have  transportation so I was unable to presume my career. When I turned 16 I  got my own car and a job and drove out to LA from San Bernardino CA to  take Shakespeare lessons and then I also got a part in Romeo and Juliet  it was one line. I drove up there 3 days a week for 2 months to  rehearse. I was in haven. I went to college at 17 and started the drama  club at San Bernardino Valley College. I stage managed many plays there  and a couple at UCI when I transferred. I started directing scenes and  full plays at UCI. I then directed some plays at community theaters and  started my own theater called “The Rose Theatre” where I produced and  directed several plays. I shut down my theater moved out to  Hollywood  and starting doing background and taking acting lessons at some of the  best schools at the time. I directed acted in and produced many shorts  and feature films it was great! I then studied script supervising and  worked on projects almost everyday until I made it into the union. I had  fun I really learned film making from a new point of view. And traveled  to different countries doing what I loved. Traveling and filmmaking are  my two favorite things. I enjoy meeting new people and both create  great environments to do that. Entertainment is my passion and I love  helping artists create and learn their craft. Which is why I created  this blog and my books and courses. Sometimes we need that help support  and push to do what we do and I hope to offer all of this with education  that makes you understand the process and yourselves better. I wish you  the best of luck in all of your works!! And most of all I wish you to  do what you love because, why not enjoy life?
June 12, 2020
Nguyen Tran, 76 Yr Old Author Of Mind Control through breath Regulation. This Episode Is Sponsored Today By C.J. Heiglman , Author Of The Book, Crooked Fences
Great interview with Mr. Ngugen Tran on his book , Mind Control Through Breath Regulation techniques, the importance of meditation and their benefits, aging gracefully, COVID-19, Quantum physics and more. Mind control yoga cures many problems in life. It is straightforward to do, to enjoy short- and long-term benefits and natural spirituality. It is all laid out in the book including amusing humanistic and touching stories. Book Reviews "At a time when the constant noise and haste of everyday life sends many in search of stillness and well-being, it may be surprising to find an approach to yoga written by a busy scientist. Here is a unique contribution to our scientific understanding of how yoga works on the mind and body. Mind Control Through Breath Regulation can be used at many levels. Students and practitioners will find a delightfully illustrated guide to yoga exercises, and general hints on living healthily. Experienced practitioners can further their understanding and ways of developing the disciplined use of the breath. Those interested in science will find a fascinating study of the way neurones, electrical impulses and quantum energy are instilised in yoga practice to achieve high physical and mental potential. As an engineer who has practiced yoga for over forty years, Nguyen Tran has broken new ground by using quantum physics to explain the body's response to yoga. When Nguyen asked me to look at his work-in-progress, I offered to question, clarify, and help shape the expression of his ideas. Over time I have enjoyed the unfolding of his scientific approach to Yoga. His passion as a scientist and yoga practitioner, his story-telling, and his creative illustrations offer a unique contribution to curious practitioners and teachers of Yoga. - Christine Ingleton BA, DipEd, BEd, MEd" "The book Mind Control through Breath Regulation contains amusing humanistic and touching stories and a new powerful form of yoga, which makes reading enjoyable and compelling.
June 09, 2020
Dr. Cassandra M. Parks, Owner Of Let's Learn Love, LLC. This Episode Is Sponsored By Rude Boy Fitness , LLC
What an great interview with Dr. Parks on the importance of building great relationships through COVID-19, (dating &intimacy) The protest, George Floyd, staying healthy, workplace relationships, being upfront when dating and more! Dr. Cassandra M. Parks, owner of Let's Learn Love, LLC., is a Certified  Relationship, Dating, and Intimacy Coach and Sexual Educator. On top of  all that, she is an Ambassador for The American Sexual Health  Association and the Sexual Health Alliance. Dr. Parks, in the past, was  an affiliate of the IOC, the Institute Of Coaches through McLean  Hospital which is a part of Harvard University. She believes "learn what  you need and be unapologetic for it!"  Let's Learn Love's Mission is to  empower people all over the world to create Fun and Healthy  Relationships, Dating, and Intimacy through correct information and  techniques. She has been featured on CNN, Voyage ATL, the “Style With  Trysh” TV Show on,  and has been a featured panelist for the BETher's 2019 Black Women's  Expo in Atlanta and is a staple on the "Style With Trish" show on She is also the mother of two boys, Michael and Tristan.
June 03, 2020
Nancy Mello is a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, and Animal Communicator. This Episode Is Sponsored Today By, Shanese Campbell's God Is Gracious Book
Great interview with Nancy Mello on the pandemic, COVID-19, protesting against racism, George Floyd death, being an ally in time of need, physic readings with clients (human and animals) , staying healthy, and more! Nancy Mello is a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, and Animal Communicator. Born to farmers in Northern California, she comes from a long line of intuitives. She has been interested in helping people overcome challenges and expand their experiences since she was a young girl. Nancy married a Navy submariner and moved around to Washington and Hawaii before finally settling down in Connecticut. Nancy fosters a collaborative, holistic approach with each client. These collaborations have resulted in reductions in anxiety, stress, and improvements in relationships. 98% of clients say they would recommend Nancy to a friend, and 85% of clients have returned. She has travelled around the country helping people from all walks of life connect with loved ones that have passed on and giving professional guidance to business owners. Since Nancy started offering animal readings this past Winter, she has read 55 cats, 67 dogs, 2 Macaws, 1 groundhog and 1 squirrel. She also has assisted in the successful recovery of 3 missing dogs. Nancy has been featured on the Nationally recognized media outlet Scary Mommy and blogs about her experiences on her website, When not helping clients, Nancy is active in her local community as an elected member of town government. She finds peace by running distance local trails and lifting weights training for Spartan races. She resides with her husband, 2 living children, and 2 cats and 2 dogs.
June 02, 2020
Chica Simone, CEO Of Book It All Entertainment. This Episode Is Sponsored By Health Conscious
Great interview with The Renaissance woman herself, Chica Samone on business, marketing, exercise, nutrition, COVID-19, domestic violence , motivation, aging, being quarantine , and more! Chica Simone has learned so much about the entertainment industry that she decided to start her own Booking Agency called Book It All Entertainment (BIAE) which began in 2011. Book It All Entertainment is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and is a Booking Agency for the Entertainment Industry, specializing in Marketing, Advertising, Consulting, Networking, Bookings, Promotions, Management, PR (Public Relations), AR (Artists & Repertoire), Special Events Planning Touring, Videos, Films and Commercials placement.  The Corporation works with many people such as Singers, Rappers, Musicians, Models, Comedians, Athletes, Photographers as well as established and un-established artists.   Book It All Entertainment also helps clients to gain more exposure (e.g., Radio, Television, Show Casing, Magazine Interviews along with Radio airplay and also the scheduling of Photo Shoots).   BIAE does not stop at the Entertainment Industry, as the company also works with various Business assisting with Marketing and Advertising. Chica Simone was also called to do radio as an on-air radio host and personality with Collabo Muzik/Collabo Live 106.5fm out of Stone Mountain, GA and the name of her radio show is called The "Let's Get It All Out" Show which was on a Terrestrial Network syndicated in Atlanta, GA, Bronx, NY and Miami, FL on various FM radio stations, also seen "LIVE" via the internet. After departing ways with Collabo Muzik which were on excellent terms, Chica Simone has also focused on many Marketing and Advertising ventures while reorganizing the Booking Agency Book It All Entertainment, and was called back to radio once again, this time doing a weekly Podcast show on the X Squad Radio Network.  Chica wanted to have her business partner working alongside her on the show which is her co-host named Dan Didier on The "Let's Get It All Out" Show, which is heard on many platforms such as Spreaker, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, Tunein and more. Chica enjoys being a Renaissance Woman as she is also the PR Manager for a beverage company called Lotus Beverage Group, LLC based in New York that manufactures a beverage called "Sutra Energy Drink". She also works alongside her business partner Dan Didier who is not only the co-host of the podcast/radio show, but also the VP of Book It All Entertainment and Writer and Director of a stage play production called "DOMESTIC" Trilogy, and Chica is the Production Manager of the stage play. Chica, which is what many call her in short, prides herself in giving her best at everything she does, and is an advocate for giving back in the best way that she can. Her GREATEST achievement above all is being a Mother of 4; 3 Beautiful daughter's ages 14, 23 and 24, and a handsome son age 10. With being a single Mother of 4, she still finds ways to manage and balance out her life to continue to be a wonderful Mother while working on all of her projects that she is so extremely passionate about!
June 01, 2020
Ashley Nicole , Entrpreneur , Business Owner. This show is sponsored by, THE EBOOK, DONT GET SICK. EASY WAYS TO STAY HEALTHY WHEN YOURE FEELING EXPOSED
Great interview with Ashley Nicole on her cosmetic line as a young business owner, COVID-19 positive and negative effects on her business, her plans for future products, social media marketing, family, friends, and business, going international, becoming an household brand and more. Shout out to The How To Survive Your 20's Podcast hosted by Jonah and Joe. Check them out on SPOTIFY,APPLE,GOOGLE, and other major media podcast outlets
May 26, 2020
Lorie Reising, Founder Of The Raw and Wild Podcast. This Show is Sponsored Today By, EMNINENCE TV
Lori Reising is the founder of The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast, Awakening Your Life Force Retreats and Beginning Within Therapy. She has been in therapeutic practice since 2001, providing trauma-informed bodywork, pelvic floor therapy, pain management, hypnotherapy for wellness, childbirth education, therapeutic bodywork for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum and newborn CranioSacral Therapy. She studied under and assisted world-renowned visionary John F. Barnes since 2001. She presented her well-received workshop Get To Know Your PelvicFloor at the Annual HypnoBirthing® Conclave in San Antonio, Texas in 2018. She offers online wellness consultations and birthing education, which allows her to work with people worldwide. Lori also offers a unique retreat opportunity in several locations per year. By combining a safe space to connect with others on a path of discovery where we peel back the strongholds of trauma held in the body, along with pelvic floor education, self-care techniques, dynamic flow exercise class and surfing lessons she has created an utterly transformative week that will take your life in directions you may not have ever thought possible! Through her podcast she provides an invitation to her Wild Heart Revolution, which is one of destroying this culture rooted in fear to uncover the unconditional love and divinity we are meant to thrive in. Her mission is to explore the vast expanse of humanity by embracing all that we are and all the ways we can live in our full and divine selves. She is currently working on her no holds barred book on childbirth to help return it to it’s true roots, which is the access point to gentler and healthier communities. As is the journey of a human life, Lori has seen the depths of the most intimate despair during hers. Her 30s were a journey of heartbreak and pain as she experienced the tragedy of her first daughter being born still. From there she was hit with the continued devastation of losing her health, her next pregnancy and ultimately her marriage. It seemed her heart died with her children. For a decade she lived the fluctuation of extreme grief and bitterness, but also the sliver of hope that there could be a life of joy somehow for her. Beginning the long road back to life, Lori drove her two cats across the country and started over from scratch. She poured herself into working with fertility and pregnancy supporting other people on their path to family, even amid the dwindling hope of her own. While no one could help her extreme illness, she never stopped researching and becoming her biggest ally to get back to health and balance. The years of healing were long and excruciating much of the time. A very deep abandonment wound from her own adoption experience has emerged as a critical piece in this difficult puzzle. Her journey of truly looking at and exploring the trauma of her lifetime and that of her ancestors has lead to the most profound sensitivity and awareness of who we are in all of our divinity. Clawing her way back to life, even with the pain of living it without children of her own, she has so much experience to share with you on this truly raw and tender human experience and the joy of finding a beautiful life again.
May 26, 2020
Brendon J. Fox, Founder Of The Exercise Therapy Association. This Show Is Sponsored Today By, 95.3 FM JAMZ Out Of Philly.
Great interview with Brendon Fox on exercise therapy benefits and why this training is so needed, COVID-19 benefits, functional training, nutrition, proper breathing techniques, handicapped and disabilities, living in pain and much much more! Brendan J. Fox is one of the most sought-after fitness trainers in North America.   He has worked over 30 000 hours with a diverse clientele, including Gold Medal Olympic Athletes, Celebrities, and Soccer mom’s.  He currently works as the Head Fitness Trainer at the prestigious Medcan Clinic downtown Toronto, where doctors work side by side with trainers. He has helped build and develop the team from 4 to 45 trainers, averaging close to 250 training sessions a day - one of the highest levels of productivity in the world for a single site personal training location. Brendan is the co-founder of the Exercise Therapy Association, where he is the head instructor for the highly popular and regularly sold out Exercise Therapy Association certifications. Exercise Therapy is for health and fitness professional who want to learn do-anywhere assessments and correctives to help people get fit and pain-free. To learn more, visit -- Brendan J. Fox   BA. KIN, CSCS, CHEK 3, HLC 3, FMS 2, EFT, GPS - Exercise Therapist and Gold Medal Mental Toughness Coach -
May 26, 2020
Stephanie Boutee- Phillip, The founder of HTEC Accreditation and Compliance Consultants. This show is sponsored today by, Platinum Rx + Discount Benefit Program
Another great interview on the Your Best Lifestyles Podcast with Stephanie Boutte-Phillips on the importance of staying focused through tough times, benefits of COVID-19, serving the community, being a beacon of hope and change, education, business, entrepreneurship, and more! Stephanie Boutte-Phillips is  currently the President of Ternion Training and Education Centers™ and  the founder of HTEC Accreditation and Compliance Consultants, with 26  years of experience in the Vocational Training Industry.  Her background  includes a BS degree from Northwestern State University and experience  in formulating start-up careers schools, curriculum development, and  writing policy and procedures for programs across the United States. As  a graduate of Northwestern State University, she began her teaching  career at Microcomputer Technology Institute, where she then became  School Director after 4 years of employment.  In 1994 she was recruited  by the Houston Independent School District, where she taught and  developed Business COOP Education classes for 3 years before she became  Title I coordinator for the District, overseeing 222 schools.  The  remainder of her career was in the public school system working in the  Technology Department where she focused on programs educating parents to  get them involved within the district.  She created and developed many  programs to engage young parents and to this day are still utilized.  In  1998  Stephanie Boutte-Phillips became the President of HTEC,  where  she developed high demand training programs to cater to distressed  communities.   In 2013 she became the Program Coordinator of QEP and  TLEC for Texas Southern University.   Throughout her career she has  received several awards and worked with many outstanding organizations.   They are as follows: 2010 Congressional Woman of the Year Recipient of the Pinnacle Award Elected Board Member of SDM Committee Elected Board Member of St. James School Speaker for Houston Professional Speakers Bureau Volunteer Speaker for Pregnant Teen Mothers Nominated Teacher of the Yea Employee of the Year (2 years in a row) Her  personal goals are working within the community volunteering her time  with after school reading and GED adult literacy programs.   Currently,  Stephanie Boutte is a board member for Goodwill Industries, Houston and  will continue to be a beacon within the community, leading in Workforce  Development programs across the country.
May 26, 2020
Daniel Bruce Levin, Visionary & Author Of The Mosiac
Daniel Bruce Levin walked away from a huge opportunity (to work  his way up from pushing a broom to running a billion dollar  business), to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner  peace. His life has been dedicated to finding the peace and contentment  that comes from truly knowing yourself. His mission has become holding  the space for others to find that peace too. One day away from being ordained a Rabbi in Jerusalem,  Israel, Levin left to come back to America. He opened a cafe and  bookstore in San Francisco and then went to live for 10 years in a  Monastery in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains as a Monk . He became the Director of Business Development at Hay House and  played a big part in helping it grow from $3,000,000 to $100,000,000  over the next 10 years. Levin is a rare blend of mystic and businessman;  he believes it is his ability to see things from different perspectives  that draws people and companies to work with him and  it is what brings  him his greatest joy. He is the author of THE MOSAIC,  a beautiful fable that touches the heart and soothes the soul, but to  this day, he feels he is not the author. He knows it was the characters  of the fable that actually wrote this story.
May 18, 2020
Yemi Amu, Founder and Director Of Oko Urban Farms, Inc. Est. 2013
Great interview with Yemi Amu on her amazing aquaponic farm on how she is changing the way the people are growing and consuming fresh produce to help reduce disease, weight gain, increasing their quality of life, COVID-19, cultural eating, food cooking techniques, food textures, using fresh herbs and spices, emotional eating and much more! Yemi Amu is the Founder and Director of Oko Urban Farms, Inc. In 2013 she  established NYC's first and only publicly accessible out door aquaponics  farm - The Oko Farms Aquaponics Education Center. She directs all of  Oko Farms' programs including education, design/build projects and  community related activities. Yemi is one of NYC's leading aquaponics  expert and is a committed educator. Over the past decade, she has  facilitated the creation and maintenance of over 20 edible spaces  throughout NYC; created and implemented various culinary, nutrition and  gardening programs for both youth and adults; and promotes aquaponics as  a tool for environmental awareness and stewardship. Yemi has a M.A. in  Health and Nutrition Education from Teachers College, Columbia  University. She was awarded Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center,  Rising Star in NYC Food Policy (2016). listen in!
May 18, 2020
Meredith Atwood, Host Of The Top 50 iTunes Fitness Podcast ,The Same 24 Hours and Author of the Best Selling Books, The Year Of No Nonsesense, and Triathion For The Every Woman
Amazing interview with Meredith Atwood on breaking addictions, COVID-19's positive benefits for  personal and professional growth, dealing with negative self-talk, life transformation, growth, setbacks, her books and why she wrote them, getting unstuck, triathlon training, sobriety, and more! Her story is a story of true grit, tanacity dedication and smart work that made her an household name and brand that is sort after by many around the word. Her podcast is Top 50 on iTUNES Fitness Podcast and is an contributing writer for Psychology Today and an advocant for sobriety. Listen In!
May 15, 2020
Scott Holman, President Of Stop Clowning Around Be Master's of Their Show
Awesome interview with Mr. Scott Holman on self development, business strategies, COVID-19 positive benefits for success personally and professionally, education, how to push through being stuck mentally and emotionally, taking your business to the next level, communication strategies, finding your purpose and many more topics! Visit TODAY!
May 13, 2020
Dr. Amy Farthing PT,DPT Certified In Dry Needling and Vestibular Rehabilitation of Pure Rehab Physical Therapy
Another exciting and informative interview on the podcast with Doctor Amy Farthing on taking better care of yourself even more than ever now with COVID-19, nutrition,exercising, great sleeping habits, meditation, yoga, the benefits of dry needling, Vestibular Rehabilitation , signs, and symptoms, the importance of client questionnaire forms, being a great coach , and more! Contact Dr. Amy today for all your rehabilitation, dry needling, and vestibular needs if you're a elite athlete or non-athelete. 999 Whitlock Ave #10, Marietta GA, 30064. 678-685-7270 OR  
May 11, 2020
Katherine Kofoed, Certified Health Coach, Author of Passion For Plants Cookbook, Vegan Lifestyle Experts. This episode is sponsored by The Esoteric Love Podcast On Spotify,APPLE, GOOGLE
Great interview with Certified health coach, author,and entrepreneur Katherine Kofoed on being a vegan, COVID-19, cooking techniques, building confidence , positive self-talk, fad dieting, exercise, eating for being lifestyle chronic conditions, stress management, success, genetics, liquid nutrition, supplementation, being a great coach, her passion for plants and how she got started in it, working on and off the clock as a business business owner and more! listen in to learn more about Katherine on how you can connect and follow her! This episode is sponsored by The Esoteric Love Podcast On SPOTIFY,APPLE, GOOGLE, TUNEIN,ITUNES,STITCHER, AND MORE
May 01, 2020
Motivation To Push Through.
Pressure Release.
April 29, 2020
Anupama Chatterjee, Nutritionsist, Entrepreneur, Author, Wellness Coach
Round 2 with my friend Anupama  discussing COVID-19 (AGAIN) great nutritional habits, exercising, sleep benefits, stress eating, continue to stay home during the pandemic, goals while quarantine, exercise and disease, using fresh herbs and spices for holistic healing , meditation, yoga, cultural foods, eating by seasons, and more! Tune in to listen to this brilliant woman and nutritionist give her testimony of her own health journey and why she advocates so hard for YOU to have an increase in your quality of life.
April 28, 2020
Sue Bowles, MS, The Author of "This Much I Know...The Space Between, Published Blogger of Sponsored by
(This episode was sponsored today by entrepreneur and businessman, Mr.Darren Tatch, Owner of My Deals Club. www. Great interview with Sue Bowler, Author, published blogger on eating disorders, stress triggers, COVID-19, trauma, depression, mental health, survival strategies, seeking therapy, her new book, "This I Know...The Space Between". and tons more! Sue Bowles speaks, writes, and blogs on eating disorder recovery and other mental health issues. Being in recovery herself, Sue has a passion for educating and encouraging others. With a down-to-earth style, Sue desires to help and support others confronting and addressing their own struggles in their pursuit of healing. It is NEVER too late to start! Sue's message is one of hope, perseverance and encouragement despite the challenges. Having survived multiple traumas in her past, Sue shares her story of abuse, survival, heartache, depression, and hope in a manner in which audiences easily relate. Sue is in recovery from OSFED (Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder, formerly known as EDNOS) and is a published blogger with the international organization (BED).  Sue also serves on the BED Twitter team, maintains her own recovery website to encourage others ( Sue's first book, “This Much I Know...The Space Between” was released on Amazon and Kindle in 2019. Sue earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech from The Defiance College and a Master of Science from Minnesota State University: Mankato in Counseling: College Student Development. Since then she has worked in higher education, faith-based non-profit groups, as well as the business world. Sue is available to speak to your group regardless of size, including meetings, campus events, church groups, retreats, conferences, and seminars. Contact Sue at to schedule a speaking engagement. You can also read more at her websites, and “You only have to be one step ahead to help the person behind you.” This episode was sponsored today by entrepreneur and businessman, Mr.Darren Tatch, Owner of My Deals Club. www.
April 27, 2020
Steve Wilson, Founder Of Loyal Determined
What an great interview with Mr. Steve Wilson of Loyal Determined on building healthy and successful relationships in  business and in your personal life. How to prevent workplace burnout, mental health, depression, COVID-19, dating, personal growth, taking personal inventory,self-hating,stress management, credit repair, child development, financial wellness, how to master patience and more! Steve Wilson has created a platform that can really help save time, money, stress, and confusion with his Loyal Determined, a business that is well-rounded and geared to inspire,encourage, educate, motivate, and get the world to think positively towards a health personal and professional life. To learn more about Loyal Determined visit them today at to see what how they can help you with questions and/or concerns that can increase your quality of life. Listen In!
April 26, 2020
Dr. Grove Higgins, Chiropractor, Rehabilitationist, Soft Tissue Injury Expert
Great interview with Dr. Higgins on joint health, the importance of stretching, arthritis, joint pain, PTSD, COVID-19 and it's effects on our military professionals, clinical professionals on the front lines, his non-profit organization called Lifequest Transitions, neurological and physical skills to increase performance, his MedFit webinars in the MedFit Classroom . Five Joints. Exploration Of Joints and their Holistic Relationship With The Body and more! Listen In!
April 25, 2020
Great interview with this AMAZING woman and Author August Jade Sterling discussing her book, THE AMERICAN DUKE, CROSSED LINES...TWISTED FATE, liberating your mind for success, The Roxburys, mixed cultures, independent thinking, health, wellness, being driven, family, slavery, and more! (Book Synopsis) Passing as white in America and unbeknownst to her, a mixed-blood American falls in love with a British Aristocrat. It's love at first sight. What follows are: illegal marriages, children, a dukedom, and murder. Add to that, England's top operatives, an eavesdropping right-hand man, gun toting ladies, espionage, smuggling, additional murders, a friendly ghost, more secrets, a ton that is very upset about the possibility of the purity of the aristocracy being compromised, and love. Welcome to the world of the Roxburys as they take on the British elite during the Regency Period, the ton as it has never been portrayed before, and historical facts interwoven with fiction. Check out the trailer for her book here by clicking below!  This needs to be made into a movie filled with drama,suspense, action, and more, OMG!
April 25, 2020
Toye Johnson-Vincent, Motivational Coach, Certified Life Coach
Great interview with the "The No Sugar Coating Coach" herself discussing empowerment, corporate careers, building a new blueprint professionally and personally, Diabetes, COVID-19 and being an extrovert, speaking at events, coaching styles, motivation, networking for your business, being your best you and more!  Visit her site at Listen In!
April 23, 2020
Michelle E. Watson, Author, Missionary Preacher, Artisan Story Teller
Great interview with the multi-talented Artisan Story Teller Michelle E. Watson as we discussed her vision for inspiring woman around the world though comedy, music,poetry ,and/or visual arts to help them receive healing from chronic pain brought on by past trauma. Michelle published her first memoir, Peaceful Heart,Healthy Body, in 2019, She founded The Charming Artist in 2014, where she sells her paintings and other artwork In March 2020, Michelle officially launched Peaceful Heart Coaching to provide one-on- one support to woman who want specialized help and care in telling their stories. Listen in to hear about Michelle.
April 22, 2020
Lance Jerrard, CEO Of Liquidity Card Solutions
Great interview with Lance Jerrard on "COVI", (nickname for COVID-19) IN South Africa, passive income, changing your mindset for success, setting yourself up for success, money talk, the importance of having residual income, why he started his Passive Income brand and more! listen in to hear more on Liquid Solutions NOW and visit them at www. to get connected to endless possibilities! 
April 21, 2020
The Quarantine 15 Pounds
So many people may have picked up an extra 15 pounds while quarantining to unhealthy eating habits, snacking, overeating, stress eating and drinking, and other factors. How can you turn it around? Listen in.
April 20, 2020
Mr. Ron Wilson, Owner ,Founder ,And CEO Of VECCRAM Roadside Assistance Company
Great interview with Ron Wilson, CEO Of VECCRAM! A On-demand roadside assistance in 30 minutes service that is connecting drivers with roadside assistance providers! Getting and providing roadside assistance just got easier with VECCRAM!  Sign in for free and never be stranded on roads for hours again. Download VECCRAM app, available on Google Play and the APPLE App Store. Make More Money with VECCRAM with no paperwork, same day approval of your account. Great for service providers, mechanics, and locksmiths to make more money with this opportunity with some of the pay rates are the highest in the country! visit them today at WWW.VECCRAM.COM Or call Ron Wilson,CEO, Owner
April 20, 2020
The Your Best Lifestyles International Podcast.
Thank you to all of our guest, sponsors,advertisers, Public relations rep, media groups,magazines, television, podcast interviews, from all over the globe. Toronto, London, Uk, Mexico,Singapore, India, Jamaica ,Australia,Germany and more. You have made our podcast an international platform to connect and grow. We are committed to constant grow. You have supplied so much information and resources for us to self-improve everyday to become better to our audience. We cant begin to tell all the knowledge and wisdom that you guys has poured into us. We could've done all of this without you. Sincerely, The Your Best Lifestyle International Podcast.
April 20, 2020
Jeffery Davis, Transformational Coach From California
Very good interview with Jeffery Davis Transformational coach helping people in transition,find peace,joy,happiness,and love. He integrates his personal experience in business, marketing, and leadership with mindset,somatic ,and energy to enable a shift in perspective that allows a new experience of life. This holistic approach has an impact the experience of life. Listen in to hear how he coaches you to Uplevel Your Life, reprogram your subconscious for success, getting in alignment with what we say we want directs our life path with ease and more!
April 19, 2020
David Ubeda, CEO of MRDEU Global Media, Author, Host Of The Popular Life Hacks For Entrepreneurs Podcast
Great interview with Mr. David Ubeda on business, service to others, health and wellness, faith, COVID-19, success, family, his best selling books, never giving up on your goals and dreams, breaking your "holding patterns" , and more! David is a uniquely gifted national level communicator working with organizations like the Chicago Bears, NFL Alumni Association, Boys and Girls Club, Pro Sports Experience, and sharing the stage with featured artist like Tye Tribbett, Veronica Petrrucci, Freddy Roddriguez, Brandon Roberson, and more! Listen In!
April 19, 2020
Frantz G. Saint Louis Jr. IMDb Critically Acclaimed Broadway , Television, and, Movie Actor
I had an very interesting interview with this brilliant critically acclaimed actor , Mr. Frantz G. Saint Louis on how he got started acting, tips for young actors looking to break in the industry, working with iconic legends like Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, working on both coast, LA and NY, mastering speaking styles, getting customized roles from top HBO Executives, discipline and commitment during COVID-19, quarantine, the future ,his production company, Parkside Avenue Films and more! Listen in!
April 19, 2020
A.D. Dolphin, Health Coach, Founder /CEO OF DHERBS.COM
I had an great interview with the King,  A.D. Dolphin, known for being Steve Harvey's health and wellness expert, has appeared on a variety of media platforms discussing the benefits of clean eating and healthy weight loss. He has also helped transform the waistlines of high profile clientele, including Emmy Award-Winning Actress, Niece Nash, Grammy Award-Winning Singer Brandy, WeTV's Celebrity Hairstylist Kim Kimble, Actress Sherri Shepherd, ABC's Blackish star Anthony Anderson, Windy City Host Val Warner and many more. A.D. has been featured on The Doctors, Sister Circle Live, Great Day Houston, Windy City Live, MNewsOne Now, Yung Joc's radio show on Streets 94.5 ATL, The Breakfast Club, Essence Magazine, Sheen Magazine, (now BETHer) and many more. Additionally, he has appeared numerous times on the Steve Harvey Show, where he has not only helped Steve with his own weight loss, but has also been involved in food demonstrations, weight loss challenges and met face to face with people who have succeeded using his methods. Listen in!
April 16, 2020
Lisa Dougherty, Founder Of The MedFit Network
Great interview with Lisa Dougherty discussing COVID-19, being quarantine, mental and emotional health, her MedFit Network, MedFit Education Foundation, MetFit TV, MedFit Professional Magazine, webinars and more. The MFN is both a professional membership organization for fitness,allied healthcare professionals, gyms,studios,integrative wellness studios and students and a free online resource directory for the community to locate fitness and allied healthcare professionals with a background in prevention,treatment, and rehabilitation in working with those with chronic diseases, medical conditions ,etc. listen in to see how you can connect.
April 15, 2020
Mental Health During COVID-19 With Dr. Amber Beal, PsyD, MBA
Great interview with Dr. Beal as we discussed mental health disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Identifying triggers, stress management, coping techniques, emotional eating, using food as a way to fuel depression, stress, domestic violence, her upcoming book, and more. Listen in to get all the highlights and connect with Dr. Amber Beal, PsyD, MBA If you are a family are in need of assistance during this difficult time.
April 13, 2020
The Dietary Importance Of Water
Water is the most abundant substance in your body. Water is makes up 55-75 % of your total body weight. The food you eat contains about 70% water. The importance of water is unquestionable ,especially if you are physical active. Water is the main ingredient in the body.  visit to subscribe TODAY.
April 13, 2020
5 Rules Of Performance Nutrition
1. Always eat 5 times a day 2. Play your daily meals 3. Know your activity level every 3 hours 4. Weight lose/Negative Calorie Balance 5. Supplementation visit for more information for customizing a plan for fast results.
April 13, 2020
Preventing Hypertention During COVID-19
It is estimated that 60 million Americans suffer from chronically elevated levels of arterial blood pressure ,a medical condition know as hypertension. Why should you be concerned about hypertension? How can you prevent hypertension?  Here are some strategies to include in your daily living. * Maintain an appropriate body weight * Limit alcohol intake * Do not smoke * Moderate the amount of salt in your diet *Exercise on a regular basis * Stress management * Supplementation
April 12, 2020
Royce Evens, Seasoned Registered Nurse For 15 Years
Great interview with Registered Nurse Royce Evan. Listen in to hear how she took control of her life by facing her challenges by getting her nursing degree while raising 3 kids on her own, losing 50 pounds for better health, competing in a woman's fitness physique competition on stage, becoming a better nurse provider, dealing with COVID-19 on the front lines and more. Thank you Royce Evans, RN for an awesome interview!
April 12, 2020
Fad Dieting During COVID-19 And Being Quarantine
I receive some many questions on "dieting", what's the best ones? Do they really work? What's are the benefits? Are there any side-effects? There are over 30,000 versions of diets on the market today. Our TV, Radio, Magazines, and social media floods our brainwaves and subconscious mind that their product or program is the best fit for us.  How do you really know?  You have to do your research, talk to your doctor, nutritionist, dietitian on what fits for your goals. The "one size fits all" approach can cost you a small fortune.  Results will vary. Find what works for you, especially being quarantine. Having great nutritional habits will bring you out successful on this pandemic.
April 11, 2020
Round 2 With Scott Manduck, 25 Year Marketing And Printing Entrepreneur Veteren
My second interview with Scott Manduck was a very  interesting one regarding 5G and COVID-19, the theory of the two with their effects on the world. What is the connection? Is it a conspiracy?   Is it Truth?  Is it a government cover-up?  Will big pharma benefit when the pandemic clears?   How has 5G and COVID-19 changed the frequency of today's health?  How are you protecting your family's health?  Are you using all natural products in your home? What frequency are you vibrating on? Visit and use guest code=yourbestlifestyles to receive 20% off everything in the shop.   Everything vibrates. When your organs vibe at the correct frequency, you are health. When EMF's WIFI, or toxins disrupt your natural frequencies, you experience discomforts and disease. listen in to get the scoop from Scott.
April 10, 2020
Ben Reuter, PHD,CSCS,*D ATC. Exercise Physiologist
Great interview with Ben Reuter discussing the the impact of social distancing, nutrition, mindset for exercise, his ethos, clients and stress management, handicapped and disabled population and more.  listen in and connect with Ben at his podcast @FitLabPGH & Mov2Liv
April 10, 2020
Meet Sophie Wedlock , Certified Nutritional Therapist, BA Hons, DipNut, mBANT, CNHC from the UK.
I had a great time talking with Mrs. Wedlock on the state condition on whats happening in the UK now with the Coronavirus pandemic. Strategies on how you can build your immune system, weight loss diets, hormonal imbalances, the nasty side-effects of sugar, anti-aging, the differnce between woman and men with weight loss and more. Take a listen to see how she does it all and connect with her abroad as well
April 09, 2020
India's Own Native, Award Winning Nutritionist, Entreprenuer, And Wellness Coach, Anupama Chatterjee
I had the pleasure with speaking to Anupama Chatterjee about nutritional strategies, business, her self-care strategies, her thoughts on the CONVID-19 Pandemic, how INDIA is handling the crisis, entrepreneurship , modern medicine, the holistic approach to internal health and more. listen hear to learn more about this award winning wellness coach. It was a pleasure my friend. We have more work to do to make an global impact on peoples lives.
April 06, 2020
Student Loan Battle.
April 06, 2020
My Interveiw With 25 Year Veteran Marketing /Printing Entreprenuer ,Mr. Scott Manduck
Mr. Manduck has has worked with some of the the industries such as Google,Disney, YouTube, Microsoft, Bombardier and many more.  Listen in to hear how this very productive business man handles life both personally and professionally while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. See how COVID-19 challenges him to continue to succeed in business and how he was able to adjust to it.
April 06, 2020
Harrison Blake Apperal Mens Accessories
Visit to save 80% on everything online. Free shipping in the US. Use promo code 80wow!
April 03, 2020
Dr. Troy Gathers. The Owner Of Be YOU Publishing. Author of the Take Books, Take Me With You, Breaking The Cycle and More
A very good interview with Dr Gathers about his upbringing, experiences, cultural contributions , business, being a author ,entrepreneurship ,and more. Dr. Troy Gathers has a heart of gold and really has a clear vision on where he is headed in his life and how he plans on getting there. How he feels about the current state of the culture and how has it changed over the last few the last 70 plus years.  His life views are thought provoking  , educational, motivational, and inspiring. 
April 02, 2020
Canis Beverages 2
March 31, 2020
Staying Motivated Through Crises
Staying motivated during these times can be really challenging for for many individuals around the globe. But, highly successful performers know how to stay motivate motivated through crises. This episode explores tips on how to get and stay motivated
March 31, 2020
Dr. Rosiland Elliott shares with Stories and Stratergies While working on the Front Lines In The medical Field
In today's climite with the COVID-19 running around its very important to make our doctors, nurses, and other clinical professional are safe and taking of themselves on the front line. Listen to Dr. Elliott describes here day-to-day struggles on how her and other staff members are handling it all.
March 30, 2020
ChrIs Biner, Real Estate Business Owner, Ironman competitor
Chris Biner is a Real Estate business owner on pace to close $70 million dollars of real estate sales volume. He leads two teams of outstanding real estate professionals and staff members, and coaches them to their next level of success while they transform lives through homeownership. Chris is currently training for an Ironman competition at 49 years old for the first time in his life that brings both challenges and rewards! lets see how he handles it all through the process right here.
March 29, 2020
My amazing interveiw with Cari Heibel -Briner, Business Coach and Preasident of Coaching for Adam Hergenrother Coaching
Listen how Cari uses her unique coaching approach which she calls, conscious coaching and how it helps people use business as conduit for their personal growth. They are helping hundreds of people around the world to live fulfilled lives while bulldozing successful businesses!
March 28, 2020
Staying In Control Of Emotional Eating During CODVID-19
During this time of unrest, high stress, choas around globe, most people are turning to food as a coping mechanism to hand stress.  How you control your foods will make a huge difference in your body composition during these stressful times.
March 27, 2020
International Transformational Speaker/ Author/ TV Host, Jeff Marconette Jr.
Imagine being 17 years old in a horrific car accident that left you in a coma for 2 month with multiple injuries plus a brain injury that forced you learn your fine and gross motor skills all over again. What would you do to recover from that? Well, Jeff recovered and now he is using his story to help motivate and encourage kids and adults around the globe to take a closer look at their lives and " Make Every Second Count." From a near death experience to recovery to living his life on his terms by not letting anyone or anything encourage him to stop what's his life purpose is.
March 26, 2020
How To Stay healthy to Survive The Coronavirus Panademic
In a world filled with uncertainty with the Caronavirus Panadenic has increase peoples stress level around the globe. This episode gives tips and strategies to really take back control of their lives to maintain through these tough times.
March 23, 2020
Successful Qualities To Self-Improvement * Sponsored by URBAN Stereotype
This episode is brought to you by URBAN Stereotype There are a lot of people who are in a very fixed mindset that are afraid to get to the next phase of their live due to the unwillingness to self improve. Here are some tips on how to push pass your fears and tackle life head on to success.
March 22, 2020
The Pursue Of Happiness! Only YOU Can Make It Happen For YOU!
Being really happy keeps your mind positive and you body performing at maximum levels to stay motivated throughout the day. I feel that happiness cannot be bought or borrowed. The benefits of happiness is a higher quality of life, increased health, wealth and abundance. Never neglect the opportunity to to increase the connection between happiness and life expectancy. 
March 10, 2020
IMDb Actor, Mr. Charles D. Clark.
I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Charles D. CLARK on yesterday on how he transformed his life from the tough streets to HOLLYWOOD success! His story is truly remarkable and has placed him on great shows such as Empire (2015) ,Charm City Kings, (2020), The Available Wife, Harriet, and plenty more working among some of the industry's household names! Charles is truly living his dreams, his story will inspire , motivate, and encourage you to never give up even when you feel like it's not working for you. He believes in life transformation through  the the body of Christ because without him, none of it would be possible. GOD Gets The Glory! Words and praise to life by. Congratulations Charles on such an amazing life change and success in all your projects in the future! Thank you for blessing the Podcast King!
March 08, 2020
The Importance And Benefits Of Self-Care.
Taking time out to care for ourselves helps to remind us that our needs are critical. Many people around the world neglect the importance of self-care and end up lowering their risk of disease, becoming more susceptible to stress, depression, and other emotional issues that can hurt their lives and the lives of their loved ones.
February 26, 2020
Key Reason You May Not Be Losing Unwanted Belly Fat
So many people around the world go to great lengths to get back into tip-top shape by executing "fad diets," extreme exercise, juicing, fasting, and other techniques to lose the unwanted weight around their core. Most people don't have a clue on how to get done and keep it off for good With so much information saturating the internet on weight loss, dieting, gimmicks, supplementation, and more, no wonder most of them give up with the first 30 days.
February 25, 2020
Dr. Latangela Crossfield, international lecturer, President and CEO of Kreative Christian Works, Inc.
What an awesome time this morning talking with Dr. Tangi  on the podcast! Such a blessing to have her on sharing valuable insight on biblical principles to empower individuals ,organizations ,and corporations to get the results they desire.  Dr. Tangi is also the undergraduate advisor of history at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta Ga.  To learn more about Dr. Tangi, visit to book her for speaking engagements, seminars, corporate programs, spiritual retreats, life coaching, media events, being a guest on her hit radio show , Love Manifesto every Tuesday 7-8 p.m. ON WordStar Hit Radio, (, and to purchase her book " Forever Seventeen. Dr. Latangela  Crossfield's aka Dr. Tangi  mission is to reveal and develop within and for her clients the inherent extraordinary abilities that will move him or her forward in their personal and professional lives.
February 22, 2020
How To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance
We are living in a digital age and are always connected to our computers , tablets, and smartphones. Just a few decades ago, when the workday ended at 5pm , employees packed up and turned their minds off for the evening. However, because of our constant connection through technnology ,client emails ,proposals ,and projects have become a part of the time spent outside the office.
February 20, 2020
Easy Ways To Stress Management.
Stress is an inevitable part of life, but how you respond to stress is completely under your control. Being stressed is perfectly normal especially if you have numerous obligations to fullfil, but it can take your life if it exceeds the threshold. You need to know and apply effective stress management tips if you want to free yourself from all the strain you're under.
February 18, 2020
Your Health Matters with Dr. Nelson Bulmash.
Thank you to the world renowned chiropractor and clinical nutritionist Dr. Nelson Bulmash and Health Matters -a professional Alpharetta chiropractic clinic stops by to drop some nuggets on how to increase your activities of daily living and quality of live on our 7th episode. Visit his site at today to connect with him.
February 15, 2020
The Obesity Epidemic
For many people around the country, Obesity has a negative effect on their lives, but for many obesity could've started from a medical condition or even the side of the medications. Just because of an individual is overweight doesn't mean they have a problem with nutrition or lack of exercise.
February 12, 2020
Episode 5. Taking Care Of Your Health While Making Wealth.
So many business owners are too busy to take care of their health while making wealth. They are so busy chasing their dreams that their health tuns into a nightmare. This Podcast highlights some quick tips and strategies to streamline your health as a business owner, entrepreneur, 9-5 employee, or corporate executive. With purposeful exercise, great nutrition, stress management, time management, posture, and more. This podcast can help you. Listen In!
February 11, 2020
In The Kitchen With International Celebrity Chef Willie Wallace
Listen to this PODCAST to see how Chef has manifested his culinary dreams into reality after a productive athletic career. Now he is one the most sort after chef in the game with clients like Rick Ross, Ricky Smiley, DJ Drama, Kanya and Kim West and a host of elite professional athletes from the NFL and the NBA! Now you can catch him on the "HOT ONES" Game Show on TruTV, Man vs Sauce! Visit to book him around the world!
February 08, 2020
My Top Strategies To Increase Great Health for 2020
My Top Strategies To Increase Your Wellness In 2020!
February 06, 2020
Nate Paxton- Your Best Lifestyles Podcast
Your Best Lifestyles Podcast interviews Pro Athlete, Mr. Nate Paxton. Giving you a glimpse of his lifestyle. How does he juggle being an elite  athlete, health, wellness scholar, family, business, and more? Tune in every Saturday at 10 am by calling in,  listen live and/or ask questions @ (253) 993-3901. Terrance Hutchinson
February 01, 2020
Welcome to Your Best Lifestyles Podcast
A prescription for better health through an active lifestyle. This PODCAST highlights lifestyle-related diseases and chronic conditions that can stop or slow down Activities Of Daily Living. (ADL) Everything from human movement and performance, nutrition, joint pain, back pain, pre and post-rehabilitation strategies, posture, flexibility and more. Whether you're a competitive athlete or non-athlete, handicap, or disabled we will highlight the benefits of great health and wellness every Saturday morning at 10 am. Subscribe today at Contact me to be a guest on my Podcast Book Me for: Interviews, Hosting, Speaking Engagements, Health and Wellness Events  Contact ORobinson PR Media Group @
January 20, 2020