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Your Business Greatness

Your Business Greatness

By Simone Sloan
Hot Tips You You Cannot Miss! Simone Sloan hosts business experts who share their business knowledge to help your business grow.
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Scaling Your Business with the Right Tools & Skills

Your Business Greatness

Scaling Your Business with the Right Tools & Skills

Your Business Greatness

Leveraging a Passion for People To Bolster a Dynamic Career
Natalie Ledbetter calls herself a “swiss army knife.”  Over the past 17 years, she has cultivated different skill sets and worked in a variety of industries, such as fashion and technology, to become effective and successful in her career. She is Head of People & Platform at Boldstart. Her passion in life is people. She is curious about people, their motivations, and leverages her diverse background to effectively navigate the people dynamics required to build and scale companies. In this episode, she shares the importance of a strong network, ways to pay it forward, and  how to be strategic with relationship building. To connect to Natalie: @LeUnicornHunter Connect to Your Choice Coach:
October 23, 2020
Creating Multiple Business Revenue Streams with Adrian Miller
In this episode, Adrian Miller, President and Founder of Adrian Miller Sales Training, a sales consulting organization, shares her approach to creating multiple revenue streams. She has been in business for more than 30 years.  She has written two books, The Blatant Truth: 50 Ways to Sales Success and The Blatant Truth: How to Not Screw Up the Customer Service Game. She has been successful in creating multiple revenue streams, from content writing and development, sales training and consulting, website development, and social media; all designed to increase her client’s visibility, credibility and market penetration. To connect with Adrian Miller:  or check out Adrian’s Network. Connect to Your Choice Coach:
October 16, 2020
Clarion Call Leading from the Heart with Selina Maitreya
Meet Selina Maitreya, a transformational agent. She is an internationally celebrated lecturer, author and teacher of Practical Spirituality. Selina empowers her students by  showing them how to reactivate and actualize their Intuitive body, their high energy field.  She helps them understand how that can in turn inform their response to any chaos that lands in their daily life; from one issue to those high frequency days: peace, kindness, compassion, tolerance, understanding, wisdom, gratitude and grace. Selina shares insights on how to experience loss through joy. She imparts teachings and stories around that idea of experiencing loss through joy and provides listeners with a meditation that will provide them a path to practice the approach of experiencing any loss through the energy joy! Connect with Selina Connect to Your Choice Coach:
October 6, 2020
Accidental Entrepreneur Builds a Sustainable Business
Meet Jill Strickman, founder and president of GENUINE: The Real People Company. She has been casting compelling real people for over 25 years for major brands including Dove, Microsoft, American Express, and others. In this episode, Jill shares key factors in her journey from accidental entrepreneur and freelancer to CEO.  How she grew her business into a strong company with quality people and sustainable processes. She explains how she leverages her passion for connection, empathy, and ability to build trust with people. Jill says “release the one man band show so that your business can grow.” To learn more about GENUINE: Connect with Your Choice Coach:
September 25, 2020
Navigating the Transition from Remote Working to ?????
Some of us talk about going "back to normal." The Covid-19 era has changed us and we must reframe the way we think, work, and innovate. There has been a lot of talk about the “new normal,” but there is nothing normal about our current situation. Yesterday looked very different from last week and its unclear what tomorrow will bring. How do we navigate the transition from remote working to…??? Well, that’s also not clear. Even though there may be a lot outside of our control, we are still in charge of how we choose to navigate our current situation. In this webcast Dr. Brooke explores: Thought patterns that can cause roadblocks to success BEW’s approach for communicating effectively and advocating for yourself How to establish personal and professional goals during times of uncertainty Dr. Brooke Wachtler is a New York State licensed psychologist and the founder/president of BEW Consulting & Training LLC. BEW is a specialized professional development consultancy service that offers companies a psychologically informed approach to professional development training.
August 21, 2020
How to Define Your Energy
Energy is contagious either you affect people of you infect people. “Everything is energy.” This an ancient wisdom which the science of Quantum Physics is now offering conclusive evidence. The concept of energy is truly profound and yet perplexing.  Your energy impacts how you show up as a human being and the experience people have with you. Changes in your energy can affect your life and decisions that you make. Our guest Miia Viita, helps us to gain a better understanding of energy explains how energy impacts our daily lives, and provides tips on how to change your energy About Our Guest: Miia Viita Transformation Mentor and Energy Intuitive. She helps executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals to attain positive shifts in their personal life and business by guiding them to transform from the inside out. Originally from Finland, Miia started her career in the Wellness sector. She switched to the corporate world after receiving her Master’s degree, and worked in expert and executive roles for over 15 years in the Finance and Executive Education sectors. Subsequent crisis in her life pushed Miia on a path of personal transformation, which later led her to start helping other people with their problems and emotional distress.
August 14, 2020
The Power of You and Your Purpose
Discover your why behind everything that you do! Your purpose is unique to YOU and YOUR journey. Therefore, no one can define your purpose for you. Have you ever wondered What is the why behind everything you do?  Taking the time to reflect so that you can identify who you are and discover the real you, are extremely critical.  Authenticity to ourselves and living in alignment with ourselves can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. The question is what does it mean for you ? Nazli Yenis takes us through a journey that explores “The Power of Purpose” and how it creates change and impacts  our lives. About Our Guest: Nazli Yenis Founder of  “Blink Minds,” where she brings her audience the power of positivity, passion, and purpose for moving toward one’s dreams. She completed her post-baccalaureate in Finance at Columbia University and MS in HR Management , Organizational Effectiveness at NYU. She loves spending time on the beach, creating new things, and making connections. With a long time, passion for self-development to grow and thrive. 
August 7, 2020
Discovering the World While Building Brands
Anouk Pappers, a Brand Anthropologist,  shares her journey as an entrepreneur.  As a women business owner, she talks about her challenges at the beginning stages of establishing her business and brand. Traveling the world enables her to build deeper connections with companies and the people she helps. Anouk Pappers:
July 31, 2020
The 5C’s of Radical Resiliency During Really Challenging Times
Whatever changes are in your line of vision, or no matter the roadblocks in the past, each day you have the opportunity to think and act in ways that move you towards change, progress, and excellence. The key that unlocks the door is resiliency; the ability to bounce back, reboot, increase your self-confidence, and develop skill sets that fuel your success in your personal and professional life. So, rather than merely getting by and going through challenging times, you can grow through them! In this upbeat, insightful and interactive talk, Lois. Barth, Human Development Expert, take us  through the 5C Model of Radical Resiliency. She helps us to  grow our confidence, competence and feel more connected when dealing with change or challenging situations. Contact Lois Barth:
July 24, 2020
How to Value People and Creativity During Uncertainty
How to Value People and Creativity in Uncertainty Jason Bennick,  Co-Founder of Product Lab, believes in the amplifying the value  of his team  and their contributions. He says  “humans have an innate desire for self-improvement, helping others, and doing something to preserve our only planet.” He shares his experience as an entrepreneur, leader, and champion of transformational change.
June 16, 2020
Pricing Your Product and Services for a Profit (WEBCAST)
 Pricing is both an art and a science.  Your price helps to position your business in the market place and sets the tone for your brand. For many business owners, pricing is an enigma. The only frame of reference they have is what their competitors are doing. Unfortunately, their competitors are not any more knowledgeable. Dale Furtwengler ( shares his experience on how to: Debunk common myths that exist about pricing Identify your ideal customer Detemine an approach to help you gain a better understanding of what your customers value Provide strategies to help you position and align your customers' value to your product/service offerings To learn more about our host, Simone Sloan, please like and follow on the links below. Facebook: Simone.Sloan.526 LinkedIn: Simone Sloan Twitter: @AimInspireGrow
June 9, 2020
Discovering Your Superpower with Dr. Serena Goldstein
What is your superpower? Curious  to learn more about your superpower? You do not have to be a super hero to have one.  What is the one thing people say you do well? I recommend that you start listening to what people are saying about you.  Dr. Serena Goldstein shares her super power and how she discovered it.  She shares her moments of courage and fears. As a naturopathic doctor, she  describes how she helps her patients heal and treat themselves. Connect with her at  To learn more about our host, Simone Sloan, please like and follow on the links below. Facebook: SimoneSloan LinkedIn:Simone Sloan Twitter: @AimInspireGrow
June 2, 2020
Create an Inclusive Culture in a VUCA World
To say that we have all been experiencing disruption and change, would be an understatement. Change is the law of life. It stirs up lots of emotions, makes you connect with uncertainty, and is a complex and hard thing for you to wrap your mind around. But it is a necessity if we are to remain relevant and thrive in businesses, organizations, communities, and society. In the midst of change, it can be messy. In the end, change brings opportunities and learnings. It is even more important to be inclusive as we move forward together. In this episode, Simone and Rich talk about challenges being experienced during this time: People and leadership strategies to navigate a VUCA world Explore change management tools Success factors About our guest co-host: Rich Batchelor, MMgt BSc MACMP MSHRM PII Pg/fMP CIM ACC. He has been successfully delivering change for over 25 years. To learn more about our host, Simone Sloan, please like and follow on the links below. Facebook: SimoneSloan LinkedIn:Simone Sloan Twitter: @AimInspireGrow
May 26, 2020
Bet On Yourself
How many times have you second-guessed your abilities, downplayed your efforts, or not taken risks to move your career or business forward? When the stakes are high and you are not sure who’s got your back, you have to bet on yourself to win. This  Your Business Greatness episode takes us to Berlin, Germany. Our guest,  Anja Louisa Schmidt, shares her story and tells her  journey as an entrepreneur. Betting on herself did not come with ease. She shares her challenges, wins, and learnings through the process.
April 15, 2020
Create an Inclusive Culture to Manage Change and Drive Growth
Simone Sloan  has an open conversation with business owners and corporate professionals about creating inclusion cultures to manage change and growth.  Rich Batchelor , a change management consultant, co-hosts and shares his expertise on change, people, and processes during disruption. Together,  Simone and Rich,  discuss topics such as human emotions that surface when people are  confronted with changes in their life, resources that either  empower  or disempower people to function during change,  and biases that can cause breakdowns in  processes to support change.  At the end of the conversation, Simone and Rich share actions you can take to rise up and  lead during disruption/change. Trusting the Power of You
April 8, 2020
How to Effectively Navigate Volatile, Complex, Ambiguous, Uncertain Environments Successfully
To be effective in navigating a volatile, complex, ambiguous, uncertain environment,  you must remain calm, cool, and collected. In that state, clarity, fact-based decisions are made,  and we find our inner strength and power.
March 26, 2020
Scaling Your Business with the Right Tools & Skills
In this episode, Elizabeth Eiss, from Resource Results, explains the impact of a scaling strategy for your business and provides tips for you to: Get clear and focused on your core value proposition Evaluate your ability to deliver that value Leverage new talent strategies to flex and extend execution as you scale
March 25, 2020
Communication and People Interaction Skills Hack Through FEEL
The FEEL Model is a tool that can help you gain access to develop the foundation to optimize your communication and ability to interact with others. In an age of marketing automation and artificial intelligence, FEEL is what separates us from the robots.  Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO at Pure Performance Communications Describes the FEEL model Shows you how to apply  the FEEL model as we explore communication touch points with others Provides easy tips to help us become better communicators and engagers
March 11, 2020