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"You're Gonna Hate Me, But..." With Cameron L. Atkinson

"You're Gonna Hate Me, But..." With Cameron L. Atkinson

By Cameron Atkinson
"You're Gonna Hate Me, But..." with Cameron L. Atkinson summons the controversial, the taboo, and the novel out to Main Street for candid, politically incorrect, and irreverent scrutiny.
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Gun Permitting Regulation Violates The Second Amendment - E2
In this episode, Cameron Atkinson commits career suicide by arguing that regulating guns by requiring people to get permits violates the Second Amendment. He also debuts new music for the podcast, the podcast's first sponsor, and the podcast mailbox where he pokes fun at various butt-hurt listeners. 
March 26, 2021
Debut Episode & Unconstitutional Discrimination Against Pimps & Prostitutes
In the debut episode of "You're Not Gonna Hate Me, But...," Cameron Atkinson makes the case as to why the United States government and state governments unconstitutionally discriminate against pimps and prostitutes, comparing it to racial and gender discrimination. 
March 22, 2021