Your Horse is Not the Problem.

Episode 6- We'll always have the cats

An episode of Your Horse is Not the Problem.

By Kat
Through #canadianstories and functional rants, Kat of Ridewell Performance and Sarah of SouthWell Equine Services talk about functional movement, health, and performance when it comes to equestrian athletes. Expect regular forward thinking guests, made up words, the occasional conspiracy theory, and many knowledge bombs. The goal is to educate horse lovers and passionate riders on performing to their highest potential and living in their best reality.
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More places to listen

Ep 23- Walk Before You Run (or fall)
We're baaaaaaacckk! Spring is the season of waking up and smelling the motivation.. and so we bring you a in depth episode discussing the reason's why we, as humans and as riders, need to develope the ability to walk functionally before we can forge ahead into bigger, faster results.  Love our rambles? We are having a retreat weekend May 18 + 19 and would LOVE if we had some dedicated listeners join us. DM one of us on instagram at @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservices or email us at to learn more! Let us know now the challenge goes! 
May 6, 2019
Ep 22- What are you worth?
 We go at the hard hitting topic of self worth in this episode. This is not a new topic, and, some would say that it's an overdone topic in the realm of podcasting/books/instagram/etc.  Self worth should be an unconditional relationship we have with ourselves, and yet it seems to be a very conditional topic in today's world.. join Sarah and Kat as we go down the rabbit hole of self worth, how to grow your self worth and how to shed the guilt of loving your damn self.  Follow us on instagram for more #ruminating adventures.. @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservices!
March 13, 2019
Ep 21- Building Your Relationship to Yourself (pt 2).. FOCUS
The topic of focus proved to be a bit helter skelter for Kat and Sarah- but in their usual fashion they wind it back to a hard hitting point. Tune into pt 2 of our internal relationship series!  We all struggle with focus.. or clarity.. towards our purpose with ourselves, our horses, and our lives. Try out the challenges in this series to grow your internal awareness and clarity in your riding (and life!).  Find us on instagram @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservies! 
March 2, 2019
Episode 20- Toxic Relationships and Unconscious Survival Instincts Pt1
Whoaaaaa lets talk what your patterns are.  Do you even notice them?  We go on a bit of a spiral with this one, and that in itself proves the discussion we are offering up for your consideration.  Subconscious processing drives our nervous systems survival instinct- which means all those things that keep happening to you might actually be something you can influence!  Isn't that amazing? Take a listen to learn more.  Find us on instagram @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservices AND let us know how the challenges go ;) 
February 14, 2019
Episode 19- Be as you are and other mindf***s
WOW.  What story are you telling yourself about your life? What story have you been believing from others? This is the doozy we cover in today's episode. It gets real functional, real quick.  Find us at @ridewellperformance @southwellequineservices and @revive_eq_collective on the gram. We can't wait to hear your stories. 
February 5, 2019
Ep 18- Are you a control freak?
How many of us NEED to find control in our realities just to feel like we're living the "right" way? In today's episode we go deep into the realm of what "being in control" means, how our awareness and self reflection is impacted by the idea of control, and of course, offer a challenge to examine how YOU interact with control in your riding and in your life.  Find us on instagram @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservices and let us know how you interact with control! 
January 28, 2019
Episode 17: Gaining clarity and listening to voices inside you're head
Could we be any more clear?  "If you lose yourself in the work that you're doing, the work that you're doing loses it's power." Tune in for a wild ride of a functional talk with Sarah and Kat. We go over the clarity that can come with self awareness and internal balance, and how that whole concept sometimes ends up being clear as mud.  Find and follow us on instagram at @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservices and please share this with a friend who needs some clarity in their lives!
January 7, 2019
Episode 16: What to Expect When You're Expecting Pt 1
****SPOILER ALERT***** Neither of us are expecting a small human, but both of us have been through the experience of deciphering expectations from intentions, and how easily the two can get confused. In this episode we talk about how expectations can set up or mess up our reality, and how they are very different from our favourite topic of intention. It's not about letting go of all expectations, it's about being aware and knowing how your expectations can impact your reality. Find us on instagram @southwellequineservices and @ridewellperformance! Let us know how the challenge of the week goes!
December 17, 2018
Ep 15- Taking Ownership of Athleticism w/ Dr. Steven Dreyer DC
We sit down with Dr Steven Dreyer DC from California (all the warm guests lately!) to talk about our common experiences in asking (and calling out) riders to take ownership of their athleticism, movement, and health in order to better their performance in the saddle. This episode is packed with gems. As a spoiler, your horse STILL isn't the problem ;) You can follow Dr Steven DC on instagram @highpointequestrian.sportscare, find Sarah at @southwellequineservices and Kat at @ridewellperformance!
December 10, 2018
Episode 14 - Riding in Lightness feat. Kat Howard (aka California Kat)
We finally brought California Kat onto the show! In this episode we convene over the "missing piece" we've all noticed in our various different experiences. Sarah and California Kat just returned from Portugal, and they share some of their experiences watching some of the best riders in the world. We brush past some conspiracy theories, ponder riding in lightness and how it connects to our favourite topics of living with intention and awareness, discuss how we need to acknowledge how our horses are living creatures (what?!) and why Sarah has an easier job re-educating horses vs how Kat has the harder species. As always- Your horse IS NOT the problem! Hope you enjoy the episode, let us know what you think! Find us on instagram at @southwellequineservices and @ridewellperformance!
November 29, 2018
Episode 13: Get Dark and Love It
In this episode Kat and Sarah go from light and fluffy to anger, darkness, bad days, and the dark areas of our inner beings that are necessary for growth. Wait- were we ever light and fluffy? All emotions hold energy and how we process (or how we don't) that decides how if effects us long term. This is a must listen, and you may need to listen twice. There were a lot of bombshell statements dropped in this one. Follow us at @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservices on insta!
November 20, 2018
Kat and Sarah talk the super scary topic of CHANGE in today's episode. What it takes to make lasting change, why its so gd hard for us lowly humans, and the RESISTANCE that so many of us experience every time we even think of changing. Share with your friends and let us know what you think! Find us on instagram at @ridewellperformance, @southwellequineservices, and @revive_eq_collective
November 5, 2018
Ep 11 Wounds To Wisdom w/ Carolina Vee 11:11 Illuminations
We discuss the concept of things happening FOR us, not TO us in this episode with the amazing Carolina Vee of 11:11 Illuminations. There's a little witchcraft and horses mixed in, of course, as we talk through the process of meditation, world perspective, and individual perspective as a whole. You don't want to miss this conversation! Find Carolina at @misslinavee on insta and as always you can find us at @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservices!
October 27, 2018
Ep 10 - Being Magnetic w/ Gratitude (or something)
Kat and Sarah go into why living in gratitude/living in the moment are such valuable tools for us as riders. The expectations we set will decide our realities, and that can work both directions. Check out the latest episode, and remember.. your horse is not the problem! Find us on instagram @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservices.
October 8, 2018
Episode 9- Tea w/ Petra (On being good at things, self-accountability, being a woman in entrepreneurship)
Absolutely no conspiracy theories were harmed in the making of this episode. Petra McGowen, the founder and bad ass woman behind Ecolicious Equestrian products joins Sarah and Kat this week for a quick tea. The conversation flows from what it is like to be good at things and not even know it, organization, dedication, inspiration, being a woman and also being a entrepreneur, what being a horse loving creator of horse loving products is like and how to deal with burnout (spoiler: you DO have to deal with it). If you haven't heard of Ecolicious Equestrian (@ecoliciousequestrian on insta) then you have not lived. Come to our event Oct 19-21 in Lethbridge, AB to elevate your connection to your horse out of this planet. Find us at @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservices on insta!
October 3, 2018
Ep 8 Define: INTENTION w/ Scott Erickson
If last week blew your literal socks off, this week's chat is going to knit you a new pair.. Join us for a deep chat with mental performance consultant Scott Erickson. Through his work with athletes (equestrians included!) and other high performers he brings a deep knowledge of all the things Sarah and Kat love to discuss. We start fast and just keep rolling in this episode- and have packed it full of great information regarding mental performance, intention, and wellbeing! Be sure to share this one with your friends! REMINDER- our next weekend event is coming up on Oct 19-21 and we want to see you there! Follow us at @supported.eqretreats for more info or to drop us a line, and you can find Sarah @southwellequine and Kat @ridewellperformance on instagram. Talk you next week, where we'll be chatting with Petra from Ecolicious Equestrian! Get ready!
September 18, 2018
Ep 7 Blow Your Socks Off
The title says it all. We wanted to throw and episode out there that makes you THINK and as Sarah says, "blow your socks right off". After some discussion on that exact expression we get right into it. How do you learn, grow, and stay IN the moment of your growth as it's happening? How do you step outside reactions and in to gratitude? How does this affect your horse, you, and your life??? All these answers, AND MORE! Of course, you should probably come to our retreat October 19-21 in the wild west of southern AB to really figure it out- but start with this and let us know how you fare with the challenge of the week!
September 11, 2018
Episode 6- We'll always have the cats
Letting go is tough. Are you aware of what you're holding onto unnecessarily? Sarah and Kat delve a little deeper into the power of letting go and rebuilding, or at least living in the moments as they arrive vs holding onto all that's ever affected us (good or bad). A perfect (purrfect) conversation for a cloudy, chilly Monday afternoon.. Let us know your thoughts on letting go.. have you encountered it? What made it clear to you that something was no longer serving you? Next retreat is Oct 19-21 (YES A FULL WEEKEND) in the gorgeous mountain ranges of Southern Alberta. Expect support, horses, intention, awareness, nature, amazing food, and likeminded people. Follow us at @supported.eqretreats @southewellequineservices and @ridewellperformance for daily inspiration and rambles.
August 28, 2018
Ep 5 Moths
We haven't ghosted you all, we swear! With a slight delay- here comes Episode 5.. where we discuss the retreat, letting go, facing the uncomfortable, creating safe space, and coaching intention. Kind of how moths are attracted to light for some unknown reason, we endeavor to pursue growth and inspire growth with all that we do. Did that make sense? Not at all. Enjoy Episode 5, as always.. #yourhorseisnottheproblem! Next retreat is Oct 19-21, at a NEW LOCATION IN THE WILDERNESS. Sarah will be Bear and Sheep farming and we will be up to our usual shenanigans. Follow us at @southwellequineservices @ridewellperformance and @supported.eqretreats on instagram!
August 22, 2018
Ep 4- Are Riders People Too? w/ Dr Sarah Druckman
Our discussion on cats in harnesses, coffee withdrawal, intention, finding balance, and changing minds continues- this week joined by Dr Sarah Druckman (@drsarahdruckman) of Georgia! This lovely lady is both a human chiropractor and a horse chiropractor- and someone we've been insta-stalking for a while. We chat about being human, working with riders, common issues both riders and horses have, and discuss whether or not riders qualify as humans... This may be a long one, but the discussion was just too good to wrap. Come to our retreat! Aug 18 (SO SOON)! We are taking spots for one more rider, and a few more auditors! Find us at @southwellequineservices and @ridewellperformance!
August 8, 2018
Ep 3 Self Sabotage 101
Sarah and Kat talk on attention, intention, limiting believes, negative/positive, productive/unproductive experiences and thoughts. It all comes down to awareness and intention- and as usual, *spoiler alert* your horse is not the problem. Follow us at @southwellequineservices and @ridewellperformance and COME TO OUR RETREAT! 2 spots left for dedicated riders, and we will be opening a select number of auditing spots. Aug 18 in Nobleford, AB (just outside of Lethbridge).
August 1, 2018
"IT'S NOT NORMAL" w. Bob and Sarah of Release Equine
This week we are focused on the FOUNDATION. The hooves are something Bob from Release equine nerds out about just as much as Kat from RideWell nerds out about human feet. Just as much as you can entirely change a human's function with changes to their foundation, you can do the same with your horse. Why aren't most farriers/vets doing this?!?! As always there is real talk, rant talk, #canadianstories and good times had by all. Shockingly, we come to the conclusion yet again that YOUR HORSE IS NOT THE PROBLEM. Make sure to check out and find Release Equine on Facebook. Want to get functional? Come to our inaugural 1-day retreat this AUGUST! Find us at @southwellequineservices and @ridewellperformance on instaaaa.
July 24, 2018
Welcome to the your horse is not the problem podcast! Coming at you weekly with always relevant (mostly) functional wisdom from the world of human and horse movement performance. In today's episode we discuss coffee and electrolytes, canadian stories, introduce ourselves, and get into our first intertwined talk about horse and human function. Find us both on instagram at @ridewellperformance and @southwellequineservices - where we impart regular wisdom.
July 16, 2018
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