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Your Poor Dad

Your Poor Dad

By Your Poor Dad
What do you hear when you tell someone you’re a family of all sisters? “Oh, your poor dad!”... And they’re probably not wrong. Listen to sisters Jade, Paige, and Baily catch up with each other’s weeks; including their dating lives, sister fights, pop culture, and more.

Everyone needs a sister to support them or to give it to them straight, become an honorary Brandt sister each Saturday!
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22. Your Poor Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
This week, we are really letting it all out there for the sake of the pod and showing our CRAZY… well, one of us is, and I bet you can guess who! Sometimes you just need to tell your ex you emailed his boss and father to let them know the horrible things they did to you! We also read some of your stories and as always, you never disappoint! We also invented a new term: STEP SISTERS. As the fourth Brandt sister, help us spread the word and recruit Step Sisters to the crew! Next week, we’re going to be talking about awkward vacations you’ve had to take with someone else’s family, whether that’s a boyfriend/girlfriend or a friend! So make sure to write in to tell us your stories or give us your questions! Email us at or DM us on Instagram at
June 27, 2022
21. Your Poor Divorce (+ little bit of Addiction)
What’s it like being the first one of your friends to get a big ol’ D card? In this episode, we talk about the rise and fall of Jade’s marriage which includes her wedding, finding out about her husband’s addiction, deciding to get a divorce, and the aftermath. Next week we will be talking about CRAZY GIRL SHIT. What is the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love? So make sure to write in to tell us your stories or give us your questions! Email us at or DM us on Instagram at
June 20, 2022
20. Your Poor ATX Girlies with Hana Elson
If you’re an ATX girlie on Tik Tok, you have definitely seen our guest, Hana Elson, on your FYP! In this episode, we chat all about how she she decided to reevaluate her relationship with alcohol, how to get over a toxic relationship, finding friends in a new city & UTI’s! It’s a true girlie girl chat & we know you guys will love getting to know Hana 💜 You can follow Hana on Tik Tok at and on Instagram at Next week we will be talking about WEDDINGS and DIVORCE! So make sure to write in to tell us your stories or give us your questions! Email us at or DM us on Instagram at
June 13, 2022
19. Your Poor Questions
Welcome back after the shit show that was last week! You guys really are the 4th Brandt sister as you got a peak at what goes down late night when we’re all back at home at our parent’s house! Anyways, this week we had what the kids are calling an “AMA” episode. We answer your questions like: How do you get out of a self confidence rut? How do I tell my girlfriend to give me a better BJ? And is Jersey Mike’s the best sub? Next week we’re having a special Austin girlie guest so make sure to follow us on Tik Tok and Instagram for that announcement and you can email or DM us questions for her! If you have any questions, comments or concerns until then, you can always email us at or DM us on Instagram at Don’t forget to also follow us on Tik Tok
June 06, 2022
18. Your Poor Rebound
Last week we talked about getting dumped and this week we're talking post-dump rebounds. We started this episode about 37 times and by this take... we were sauced up, so bare with us!    Next week we're doing an Ask Us Anything episode so write into our email at or DM us on Instagram at Don’t forget to also follow us on Tik Tok
May 31, 2022
17. The Dump-aversary Extravaganza!
What do you do when it feels like your heart got ripped out of your chest and you don't know how you'll be able to move on without your "person"? CALL YOUR SISTERS. We've got you. ' In this episode, Paige and Jade detail their break ups that took place three weeks a part last year. We get IN TO IT, there are journals, there are tears, there are confessions... Jade might even admit that she was actually dumped!  Then, we go through the ultimate break up guide. These are tangible tips you can use everyday while getting over a heartbreak. Lastly, we read some of your break up stories and as always, you guys delivered!!  Next week we're talking about rebounds so write into our email at or DM us on Instagram at Don’t forget to also follow us on Tik Tok
May 23, 2022
16. The Tarr Pit
This week we are joined by a MAN! We have Austin comedian, Andrew Tarr, on the podcast this week. We get in to sibling tingz, how he meets ladies, and losing his virginity on 9/11 #NeverForget. Write into our email at or DM us on Instagram at Don’t forget to also follow us on Tik Tok
May 18, 2022
15. Like A Virgin
This week’s pod we’re talking about losing our v cards and can we just take this moment ask that our parents NOT listen to this one? Thank you! Paige tells us about her second date with the “Bust one” guy (yes, there was TWO dates), we talk about our stories of getting deflowered, and then we read some of your stories! Next week we will be talking about our break up anniversaries! So make sure to write in to tell us your stories! Email us at or DM us on Instagram at
May 09, 2022
14. Puke and Rally
In the words of the great Kylie Jenner… “I’m gonna get wassssted, I just finished a cold cup of 42 and I’m bout to go for a second one, Kourtney what the f*ck are you on?” In this week’s episode, we discuss some of our most embarrassing drunk stories. Paige texts her ex boyfriend and he replies with “who is this?”, Jade introduces herself to a guy she loves’ new girlfriend…. As the new girlfriend’s name, and Baily gifts her friend a piñata full of alcohol. We also read some of your stories and you guys are little savages! Next week we will be talking about losing our virginity so make sure to write in to tell us your stories! Email us at or DM us on Instagram at
May 02, 2022
13. Lauren and Nate from The Ultimatum
Chances are you’ve seen or at least heard of Netflix’s hottest new show, The Ultimatum! We’re so excited to have Nate and Lauren, two of the stars from the show, on Your Poor Dad this week. We really loved getting to know them and they gave us insight to what was going on in their heads behind the scenes. Including how they got on the show (we think you’ll be surprised who wanted to do it!), why Lauren didn’t get a bachelorette party, their thoughts on the infamous proposal, and most importantly… how did Nate come up with Big Cheese Colby? Thank you SO much to Lauren and Nate for being a guest on Your Poor Dad! Follow them on Instagram: You can also follow us at: And don’t forget LETS GET OUR POOR DAD TO SOLDIER FIELD
April 25, 2022
12. Bust One
This week, we were kinda blackmailed by a fake Instagram account… and we found out exactly who it was. Turns out, it was an old family friend! We let you guys know how we found out who it was in case this ever happens to you too. We then hear one of Paige’s worst dating stories ever. It involves a trip to Houston with her date’s 2 fraternity brothers and ends with an unforgivable offense. Then we hear from you guys on some of your worst dating stories and WOW. Where do men get the audacity? Lastly, we recap the season finale of The Ultimatum. Next week we’re going to be talking about some of our worst drinking stories and we’d love to hear yours too! Write into our email at or DM us on Instagram at Don’t forget to also follow us on Tik Tok
April 18, 2022
11. Fame Monsters
After a week of Tik Tok fame, we are back on the pod and hopefully our heads didn’t get too big while we were gone. Don’t worry, the main job a sister has is to keep each other humble. We go through some of our biggest sister fights, including when Paige and Jade ruined Christmas, when Paige and Jade turned Jade’s living room into a WWE ring, and when Baily hulked out and became Bailey with an E. Then, we read some of the stories you guys wrote in to us and can we just say – SAVAGE. The way you guys can turn on a dime after your sibling steals your crayon is truly an art and we are proud to be in your company. Lastly, we talk about our newest obsession The Ultimatum on Netflix! We love that this show is based in Austin and the concept is WILD. Next week we will be talking about the worst first dates we’ve ever been on and we’d love to hear yours too! Write into our email at or DM us on Instagram at Don’t forget to also follow us on Tik Tok
April 11, 2022
10. Your Poor iPad
This week’s episode we dive in to the ways men have revealed themselves as unfaithful to us… We’ll go ahead and give you the main takeaway: IT’S ALWAYS THE IPAD. From dog’s instagram accounts, to iPads, to written notes - the men from our past never cease to demonstrate how women are the smarter species. We also will be doing a show on sister fights next week so DM us or email us at your best sister fight stories! Follow us on Instagram at and Tik Tok at
April 04, 2022
9. Frosted Flakes
This week’s episode starts off with a BANG when Paige confronts Jade about being a huge flake and ditching her for her friends during SXSW in Austin. Then we talk about the true drama queen of the family… Our Poor Dad. We read some of his most recent texts and talk about how he deals with disaster situations. Speaking of disasters, we then talk about how we would connect with each other from beyond the grave. Don’t forget to #getourpoordadtosoldierfield and follow, rate, subscribe, all the things! and tik tok at
March 28, 2022
8. Hoof Arted?
This episode, we really let you behind the curtain in the Brandt family. We start out the episode telling some of our most savage pranks and one thing you need to know about us, when we prank, we go hard and LONG. We detail some of the pranks that we pull on each other that span MONTHS... one including David Spade.  That leads us in to a conversation about farts. Our poor dad has floated one too many air biscuits around boyfriends and it has a 50% success rate. Paige also updates us on Dion and we’re sad to report that… he is no longer with us. I mean, he is but like, not with US us… you know? Then we end the episode detailing our concept for STRIPPERS: The Musical. What song do you think Baily should play on the piano while nude? Don’t forget to #getourpoordadtosoldierfield and follow us on Instagram at and tik tok at
March 14, 2022
7. Is this play about us?
You think Euphoria is savage? You clearly didn’t go to school in Texas. We share some of the most savage ways we bullied and got bullied, including pushing chairs out from under boys, blaming our stinky toots on boys, and having a boy make a collage of your face on a horse's body and taping it from the cheerleading locker room to your car.  We also discuss our thoughts on Love is Blind and even though the rest of the world is anti-Shaina, Jade has a little soft spot in her heart for her. Jade also discusses her first unsolicited d-pic and the girls think it looks like a worm wearing a helmet. Our mom and dad need to stop listening to this.  Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and steal your friend’s phones and play our podcast when they’re not looking. Follow us on Instagram at Follow us on Tik Tok at
February 28, 2022
6. Spice Up Your Life
Growing up in a family of all girls, there was a specific hierarchy in picking your favorite Spice Girl and today we’re really breaking down what that’s like. We also go in to a tirade over the Super Bowl Halftime Show, our least favorite girl friend of Harry Styles, and why women are better at music than men! Don’t forget to #getourpoordadtosoldierfield and follow us on Instagram at Tik Tok at
February 21, 2022
5. Loser Vibes
Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today’s episode, we are catching up on all the men who are mad at us, including some guy from Baily’s past. Paige also lets us talk about pop culture a little bit and we discuss the losery vibes Julia Fox was giving off in the Call Her Daddy interview. Then, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we discuss some dating fails, including a story from our poor mom about our poor dad. Don’t forget to get #OurPoorDadToSoldierField and spread the word of Your Poor Dad to all of your friends!
February 14, 2022
4. Puffy Nipples
Despite not recording the first 16 minutes of this episode (thanks to Jade) we have to say, this is our best episode yet. If you haven’t listened to any of our episodes yet, just give the first 10 minutes of this one a listen. We talk about all the ways we have irritated the shit out of each other including Jade biting Paige’s shoulder and Jade's puffy nipple rampage on our poor mom. We detail some of the worst times we have been dumped and let's just say, we can never look at Chuy’s jalapeño ranch the same! We also debate whether Jade has ever been dumped.. spoiler alert: to everyone else, she has but in her own mind, she hasn’t. Finally, some people have asked us what our goal with this podcast is… and it is to get our poor dad to Soldier Field for a Bears game. So please, find it in your heart to support the Get Our Poor Dad to Soldier Field campaign! #BEARDOWN Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Tik Tok:
February 07, 2022
3. Diarrhea Diaries w/ Smacke
We are so excited to have our first guest on the pod, SMACKE! Smacke is total sister vibes and is such a damn delight. She is getting married this Spring and her and Paige just got back from her Bachelorette party in Mexico and we get into all of their shenanigans. We also recap Jade’s Tik Tok drama she created by making fun of a Hinge date for ordering Riesling, Paige updates us on Dionne and how she is practicing loving from afar, and Baily is still blissful as ever! Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Tik Tok:
January 31, 2022
2. Strippergate
Yeehaw Cowgirls, we made it to week 2!! In this episode, we catch up on our week’s which include a run in with Jade’s favorite ex boyfriend of Baily’s. We also catch up on Paige’s dates with Dion. In the meat of the episode, we discuss Bachelorette Parties. Paige is heading to Cancun to celebrate her friend’s bachelorette party. We discuss all the pitfalls that go in to planning and prepping for bachelorette parties, including the time Paige and Baily planned Jade’s which led to one of Jade and Paige’s most epic sister fights.... over a stripper. Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Tik Tok:
January 22, 2022
The Sisters Spears had us in a complete CHOKEHOLD this week and as Britney stans, we were all ears. We actually recorded a part 1 where Paige and Jade had a standard sister fight over whether Jamie Lynn was right or wrong for doing this interview… but after seeing Part 2 of the Call Her Daddy interview, we didn’t feel like piling on to the Jamie Lynn fodder train. We always root for sisters I think we can all agree that this is a sad situation for both girls and we wish nothing but the best for them. Also, I know Paige said we couldn’t be a pop culture podcast but look who’s putting out a mini episode dedicated to pop culture? Stick around, you never know what you’re gonna get on Your Poor Dad! Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Tik Tok:
January 21, 2022
1. 3 Sisters 1 Pod
Welcome to the first episode of Your Poor Dad! Your Poor Dad is hosted by three sisters, Jade, Paige, and Baily. In this episode, we talk about who could potentially be watching or listening to this episode and we are well aware there may be some hate listens happening but we’re good with it! Every listen counts. We also go through our dating history… do we miss our exes? If you don’t know us, we’re going to introduce you to our personalities in the only way a millennial knows how… by telling you which Kardashian/Jenner we are. Making a podcast isn’t exactly hard but it’s also not easy… especially when you are three sisters with big personalities and OPINIONS. We really break down the fourth wall and let you in on the sister fights that happened in the making of this podcast. We also go through WHY we chose the name Your Poor Dad, our dating experiences of the week, and Jade educates us on the pop culture happenings of the week. Thank you SO much for listening to this podcast, we are really appreciate the support! We hope you stick around.
January 15, 2022