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The Shield Podcast by Youverify

The Shield Podcast by Youverify

By Youverify
Welcome to the Shield Podcast by Youverify.

Join us every Friday, as we explore practical insights from industry experts, founders, inventors, partners and business leaders to help you secure, and scale up your business.
Startups, Technology and Compliance, All you need to know from a CTO's point of view
On this episode of the shield podcast by Youverify, we interviewed Famous Prior Ehichioya, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Youverify.  Famous took us through his journey as a founding team member and tech professional, the challenges of building a tech team, and all you need to know to scale a tech startup in this age and time.  Listen in to catch all the exciting insights on this episode, and let us know what you think.
August 31, 2022
The Shield Podcast Episode 1.
On the first Episode of "The Shield Podcast", we took a deep dive into the background of the KYC, Identity verification and Data management industry with our guest, Mr. Seyi Akinkugbe, Head of Product at Youverify.  Listen in for some exciting insights into the world of KYC and Data management. Follow, share and don't forget to send us your thoughts, comments and questions!
July 15, 2022