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Regular Nigerian Show

Regular Nigerian Show

By Your Regular Nigerian
Hey there, thank you for stopping by.

In today’s episode we are ..... oh please. who am I kidding?

Hey! I’m Annabel. Your Podcast Host. Your Regular Nigerian Show is probably the safest space I know in this country. Literally! We are online so nobody can come and beat us!

Tune in to hear about being a young Nigerian. Let’s talk about struggles, wins and prospects.

You too can be on the show. Just reach out to me on any online platform. Let’s spread positivity together!
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The Alien Concept of Depression in Nigeria

Regular Nigerian Show

The Alien Concept of Depression in Nigeria

Regular Nigerian Show

The Alien Concept of Depression in Nigeria
It's funny how depression is overlooked in Nigeria. It's like you're silly or weak for being depressed. This is why I believe the concept is alien to us.
May 6, 2021
What happens After I Put Up My Resignation?
After I resigned from my job, I didn't expect the things I experienced. Here's what you should prepare your mind to do
June 10, 2020
Going Vegan in a Nigerian Home
If you are African, you already know how parents can be when you decide to do something all by yourself under their roof. Listen to my story on how I handled going vegan in a Nigerian Home
May 9, 2020
Throwing Everything Away for Passion
Do you ever feel like something you are not doing something right? Like you're not doing what you should be doing? Yh been there too... Listen in and you might have a solution
April 19, 2020
This Pandemic is giving me an Anxiety Attack
I thought hard about this episode and I decided, why not start off with something personal. Why not lay down my guard and start on a clean slate.  So, here goes nothing. I am scared! I worry a lot and I panic for the smallest things. While this pandemic is not so little, I am worried about more than you think
April 12, 2020