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yuhtinkachattinz's podcast

yuhtinkachattinz's podcast

By Iechiea Cheryl Tenyue
Welcome to Yuh Tink A Chattinz's? hosted by me Miss Yue an acronym of my name, Iechiea Cheryl Ten Yue. Yuh Tink A Chattinz podcast discusses shared experiences of people in society, my own experiences included which are from a Black British woman's perspective. The podcast welcomes all experience and serves as a catalogue reference, case study and knowledge bank to all our listeners. When we talk we learn in my opinion talking therapy
Crisp Bright Saturday Morning and a chat along the river with Kunz
Kunz, the Fin-tech Business Analyst, Food Blogger and Baker that loves to spend his downtime playing football.  There is no better way to spend a bright Saturday morning than a walk by the river with the engaging company of Kunz. A focused, straightforward, versatile, creative and self-driven man.
October 22, 2021
Chat with GJ the Caesar
All together beautiful soul!
September 11, 2021
How To Deal With Debt
March 04, 2021
How To Deal With The Bailiff
February 15, 2021
Afeewee Keshannna
December 23, 2020
Afeewee Tony
December 16, 2020
Blow Dry Artist
November 18, 2020
Brenda and Gus
November 11, 2020
Introducing Manhood Ebube
October 20, 2020
Introducing Manhood Justin
October 07, 2020
Manhood introducing Davis
September 27, 2020
Project Getting to know my sibling May May's first visit to my home part 2.
Two sisters (one being the host) who share a father in common has decided to get to know each other through a series of meetings which they have decided to audio record for other people who may have a sibling from either mother or father that they did not grow up with in the same household.  During this episode May, the host's sister is visiting the host at home for the first time.  Enjoy this podcast of relationship building between two sisters.  This is part two in a series of the first visit to the hosts home.
September 09, 2020
Project Getting to know my sibling May May's first visit to my home prt 1
Two sisters (one being the host) who share a father in common has decided to get to know each other through a series of meetings which they have decided to audio record for other people who may have a sibling from either mother or father that they did not grow up with in the same household.  During this episode May, the host's sister is visiting the host at home for the first time. Enjoy this podcast of relationship building between two sisters.  part 2.
September 02, 2020
Introducing You Tink A Chattinz Podcast
The host began this podcast to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves, the common man. To add value by sharing experiences to help others avoid life's obstacles by seeking alternate perspective and analysis. I believe if I can be a positive influence on 1 human then I have made a positive contribution to society.    The podcast will discuss topics around:   How to promote opportunities for all Giving the black man a voice How can we create efficient people for an efficient society What can, individuals do to contribute to life, in their immediate surroundings first, family, work, school and then to wider society and world. All efforts count towards the bigger picture The behaviour of economics, money, and why we spend the way we do. One of my favourites!!! Giving a voice to all Investigating societal issues like why Access to information and IT is not available for all in a digital world Discussion around Personal Responsibility and resilience, and how we recover and cope with change Health and welling being gaining positive mental health Transparency and how to overcome the fear of being open To Challenge outdated societal and cultural norms Sex and relationships and taboo conversations around sex Analyse and Change attitudes in the black community through discussions around healing ourselves. Highlighting the damage of the single story   
June 04, 2020
Men Do You!!!! Third circle
Want to find the most attractive version of you.  Young driven, talented or just search males especially black ones need to listen to this. While driving a young entrepreneur to his destination the male shares his 101 tips for any young men on how to find the perfect woman reflected off them, by following this guide. Dave states that men should do what they have to do for themselves and then find a partner.  He categorically states not to do things the other way around.  Make yourself the best version of yourself and you will attract the partner for you.  Dave also offers a few good reads thrown in too.
May 17, 2020
Unchained Lady Part One (Prison and Rehabilitation)
Lady Unchained. This remarkable lady gives an exclusive jaw-dropping interview about her story of imprisonment in the UK. Listen to this uncut 2 part interview of deep honest discussion, a real eye-opener.
May 16, 2020
Project Youth Series Sibling Responsibility or Gone Too Far?
This podcast is aimed at parents.  Are you asking too much of your children, expecting them to live as a live-in baby sitter looking after all the children you decided to have?  Are you doing this at the cost of the elder child’s development and education?  Preparing for GCSE's, but I have 4 siblings to take care of before I start school. 16 year old shares his life looking after siblings to help his working parents out.  This well rounded, intelligent, conscious, obedient teenagers takes us through his daily routine.  This podcast is to challenge parents to look at how responsibility is distributed amongst their children especially around examination time. Are your decision on the size of our family impacting your children positively or negatively?  When does culture or social-economical circumstance become the wrong reasons for how you make decisions? lastly how much responsibility could adults place on children to nurture younger siblings and when to this responsibility too much.
May 16, 2020
Project Black Woman and Working in Britain Sabrina live and direct
This podcast would interest the listener who is researching equality and diversity in the workplace with a focus on black women at work or anyone wanting to hear a personal account of their experience at work.  Sabrina gives her first-hand account from her experience of working in finance (management accounts) for 6 years.  Highlighting the challenges she recalls undermining, indirect racism and on one occasion Sabrina was forced out of a job.  Sabrina shares he foolproof tools of how to manage such situations in the workplace and how to safeguard oneself at work which includes record keeping.  Sabrina highlights the importance of working to your best ability because by doing this your "light will shine" and people will speak out in your defence or come to your defence.  Sabrina recalls one such encounter where she was placed in the "Even" category during a discussion about how opportunities were given out in a company.  Encounters about "black girls and weave".  In a deeply concerning recalls Sabrina recounts doing really well in an appraisal to be told 4 week's later that she was trying to take over her managers role!! highlighting a serious issue of the excellent work black employees do being over shone by non-black employees feeling intimidated or threatened thus creating micro-aggressive atmosphere through accusations of dishonesty, delegating when not authorised.  Not being given the proper training.  This podcast is a personal account of how a black female has been made to feel at work from being place into traps, not given proper training to do a job effectively.  Sabrina shares her strategy to overcome these traps by reaching out to other departments to find colleagues willing to fill in the gaps where she was not trained, often black people have to work twice as hard as a non-white person to do the same job.  The irony, began when Sabrina learned so much about the system that her manager who previously did not train her or support her began to rely on her for help.  This highlights a major issue in many businesses from the Peter Principle to people being in jobs they are unable to fore fill due to nepotism and favouritism who then make life difficult for people that may threaten or do their job better.  Sabrina, recalls the daily anxiety going into work and the panic attack for fear of what would be metered out to her, she stated she would often go to lunch and not want to return.  Through all the pressure Sabrina continued and her hard work paid off by her getting promoted. Sabrina offers great tips for any black employee on how to overcome passive aggression, microaggression, intimidation, sabotage and pressure at work. Imagine having to navigate all of that and still having to complete a full day's work  A story of survival and determination, but why is the UK workplace like this for the black employee?          
May 16, 2020
Financial Literacy 101 Let's talk financial literacy. Student at King's University London, gives a transatlantic exposure to issues facing the African community around financial literacy
Let's talk about financial literacy. Student at King's University London gives a transatlantic exposure to issues facing the African community around financial literacy and together from previous research begins to map out the origins of what has kept the African community bound by poor financial decisions. Nick Whitestad is a student from the USA at the Fisk University in Nashville Tennessee Fisk was the first African-American institution to gain accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)), gives his observations and lived experiences of financial barriers which do not allow a black student to stay in education or even attain further education.  Behaviour economics or financial literacy has been a passion of Nicks since he was a kid as he recounts growing up in Memphis Tennessee there not being many resources or opportunities for his peers to succeed in education.  He gives a candid account of being in a school of only 400 hundred pupils where he was No1 to graduation but saw less than 20% move onto high education and stay was very disheartening for him.  This made Nick want to take a look at the community to identify the causes and effects of this problem that was blocking his peers from having the same educational experience as him.  Nick quickly reflected on his own circumstances and realized that it was his families middle-class status he attributed to him being able to pursue education.  Nick shares he had the financial support that alleviated stress and he did not have to worry about where his next meal was coming from or if she could return home and being able to stay at home.  He adds, he was given financial support to come to be able to come to London on study abroad programs to explore life or pay for tutors so that he could get the best test scores!!, just explore the community.   Reflecting on the black community he states that lack of financial knowledge hurts the community so much.  The lack of knowledge creates stress on the family turning into mental issues, how to cope in an emergency and staying together.  Most black families (and the rest of the world since COVID 19 are) living cheque to cheque.  Nick, evidenced this statement through his work summer job in DC where he worked as a scholar director for a programme called the centre for financial advancement.  The program created by founder and president Marcia Griffins of “ Home for USA” 2 years ago.  To increase the knowledge of wealth in the black community. This was because it became apparent because she noticed the extreme decline in black homeowners post-2008 crash, this was aside from all the policy changes which effected the black community years before.  Nick, describes a Marica’s shock while at a bank board meeting to discuss community housing sales was shocked when Hispanics, Asian and minorities were on the target the bank wanted to attract for future sale. When asked what the bank was going to do about black people… will have to tune in to hear for yourselves.  To change the stereotypes and myths around black people and ownership Marcia Griffiths went to Fisk University and started the centre for financial advancement and since then the school has educated over 400 students on the Key’s they need to be successful and financial literacy and behaviour economics and the things they need to be wealthy homeowners in the US or around the world and outside ones comfort zone.  Nick states he is doing some research for his honours program around the discussion of finance in the black community, however, he states his entire philosophy is trying to find solutions to break the financial barrier that keeps black people from wanting to go get those extra resources, not have to work at such an early age or if parents can pay bills and just focus on education, creativity and a student and a child Nick believes that black community would produce better ci
May 16, 2020
Project Black Youth Two under 18 year old, black British boy's give a raw uncut account of their journey to success.
This podcast would interest any young listeners, especially British born young males under and over 20 for that matter who would like to hear the lived experience of two young professional sportsmen. Alternatively,  anyone interested in black youth excellence or those who question if young black males are achieving, listen to this.   Knick- named prince one and two to protect their professional status. The host chats to the guests about what life was like for them growing up inner London as young black men.  The host was surprised to find she was in the company of two professional sportsmen.  The conversation covered how they came to both be pro sportsmen.   They recalled their parent's input and discipline, learning to make the right choices, profound insights and their gratitude for how they were brought up.  Not wanting to give too much away in the description but this was straight from the horse's mouth formula of what to do to stay focused and on the path to success!!!
May 16, 2020
Youth Project Series Black Male' experience of growing up in the 80's and 90's
This podcast is aimed and listener that has found themselves on the other side of the law and wants to hear other persons experience and their reflections of the circumstances. Or the listener, wanting an insight into a man working his way through a complex life.  Fresh from his way back from community service paying his dues to society this rather open and brilliant king shares his life with the podcast.  From being expelled from South London over Tower Bridge to Hackney to his chilling reflection of what life was like for black males growing up in racist South London.  Showing maturity and wisdom of life this podcast shares a journey of growth and change and hope for a brilliant horizon Just back from community service:  (black male's experience of growing up in the 80's and 90's)Nigger Friday, the candid reflection of a South London man's experiences of life for a black British man growing up in Bermondsey during the '80s and '90s.  
May 16, 2020
Bonnie The Baby Opera Singer
Bonnie, is pursuing a career as an opera singer and she Bonnie is continuing to train to make singing her full-time job by training her voice, trying to find gigs and building her repertoire. Then as she puts it, she has her 9 -5 job so she can pay to live in the world which she holds with the NHS and that was not enough she is a Cabaret and Burlesque dancer.  Bonnie shares what real life is about in London and how expensive life really is. Bonnie candidly, admits how stressful thing can be juggling everything but points out that it is all worth it to accomplish her dream. Bonnies also reflect on how lucky she is to do what she does and to have found a 9-5 that she likes also.  Bonnie openly looks at the benefits and values she is gaining from her job which can be transferred into other areas of her life. Bonnie's closing words to listeners is that "you always learn something in life wherever you go, just take something from it." Straight forward, the reality of what it takes to work at your passion.
May 16, 2020