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LHMPR Radio Podcast Show

LHMPR Radio Podcast Show

By LHMPR Radio
Publisher of Music, Audiobooks, Music Videos, Music Business News Releases and Music Related Press Releases.
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How To Grow Your Podcast Audience
It’s no surprise the question we receive most often from podcasters is, “How do I grow my audience?” You’ve spent time and effort planning and creating your first episodes, or maybe you’ve already built up a solid catalog. But you might be lacking an audience size to match the quality of your podcast. If so, you’re not alone. Putting your podcast out there is a major first step—not to mention a great accomplishment. But word of mouth alone will only get you so far. To get your podcast in the ears of more listeners, you have to take the necessary steps to reach them. That’s why we put together these tips for growing your podcast audience—because whether you’ve had a show for a while or are just starting out, everyone’s story deserves a chance to be heard. Target your specific audience Before you commit to any particular growth strategy, try to narrow down your intended audience. While you may be thinking, “My podcast is for everyone!” keep in mind the key to growing your listeners is to find your niche. Rather than casting a wide net, pinpoint the unique value your podcast brings to the world and consider the audience who is most likely to listen to (and benefit from) your show. The more specific your topic is, the easier it will be to identify and appeal to your audience. For example, the “Growing Up Halal” creators speak to a very specific community that they identify with: young Muslim-American women who feel they don’t have an adequate platform or representation. Similarly, Angela Belt’s podcast, “The Mood Board,” focuses on the “intersection of race, culture, and interior design”—a concept very specific and unique to her interests and identity. If your show switches topics, genres, and tones, you may want to narrow your focus in order to attract consistent listeners. Research your podcast audience In what part of the world do they live? What are their interests? What other podcasts do they listen to? Anchor’s built-in analytics can help you track down demographic data and trends with your current listeners—dig as deep as you can to put yourself in the mind of your audience. Do your own research to find out where your listeners are most active online. Do they use social media platforms? Do they follow particular hashtags or subreddits? Figuring out where your audience already engages will help you learn where and how to reach them. You can start by asking your listeners via an Anchor Q&A or Poll. Connect with your listeners Once you’ve identified your audience, it’s time to connect with them. Some platforms might deserve more attention than others depending on your audience, don’t be shy about where you promote your show. Connecting with your listeners starts with getting the word out on any and all channels where you can reach them. Focus on building a community around your podcast. By creating opportunities for listeners to engage with your podcast and each other, you can foster a sense of community that’s rewarding to be a part of and builds a dedicated following.
June 15, 2022
Elements of Music Submissions with Summer Music by Darrell Thorpe and Funktastic Players along with Cinematic Intro and Outro Music by Ross Bugden
Cinematic Music by Ross Bugden - Intro Music Hot Summer Nights by Darrell Thorpe Summer Winds by Funktastic Players Elements of Music Submissions MusicSubmit Start Your Own Podcast Cinematic Music by Ross Bugden - Last Dawn Music Submission and Distribution Services: Share PRO One Submit Record Union Do you love to Read? Hot Chocolate, Why Are You So Cold? eBook Text-to-Speech Enabled After You Read You Can Lend To A Family Member or Friend For Free Are you an Author or Writer? Contact me or call 917-426-3685 Leave information about your Book via a recorded message you can do yourself here
June 08, 2022
Featured June Music Creators
Summer Has Started and LHMPR Radio Podcast Show Is Kicking Off The Month of June Starting with a Track by Pop/Rock, Singer-Songwriter LeeMaxx and Ending with a Track by LeeMaxx but there are a lot of great tracks from some exceptional Musicians and Artist in Between. This Month LHMPR Radio Podcast Show has some Direct Audio Messages from some of the Featured Musicians and Artists that will Play before their Track Plays. All The Way by LeeMaxx Another Fun Fact by The Mystery Guest Bobby Brown by Extraordinaire Bougie by Conglomerati Charge by Niamke tha Phreaky Lunatic Different by LAKEEM Elements of Music Submissions by Podcast Host Fillmore by COPUS Audio Message Fillmore by COPUS Flowers by Prin$e William Audio Message Flowers by Prin$e William Hot Summer Nights by Darrell Thorpe I Love the Music by Rosalyn Information Overload by Social Robot It by K-otic Audio Message It by K-otic Mama Mama I Can't Breathe by Kerry W Clancy Audio Message Mama Mama I Can't Breathe by Kerry W Clancy Money by With Satellites MusicSubmit Message Smartphones and AI by Mystery Guest Step by Rozay Bella Through The Window by Afreeze Uninvited by Skii We Are Incomplete by Will Stenner With You by LeeMaxx Our Playlist requires a Campaign that includes a Written Review, Press Release, Blog Post, Spot on our Podcast Show and a Video Placement on the YouTube Playlist all which are promoted daily, and listeners are encouraged to add the songs or instrumental tracks to their OWN PERSONAL PLAYLISTS which is our goal. The fee is $120 NOT just for the Playlist which is just ¼ of the deal. If you want to do the campaign deal please click and pay via PayPal or Cash App$LHMPRRADIO if you prefer to receive an Invoice that you can pay via a Debit or Credit Card without being a Member of PayPal or Cash App please email also details about each Monthly Podcast Shows are placed on the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) Website so make sure you send in an Audio Biography or Video Biography you can even go to and leave a one minute message about you and your Music. You can Support LHMPR Radio Podcast Show here thank you in advance for your support.
June 01, 2022
Featured May Music Creators Discovered via MusicSubmit
A Message from Yvonne about being an A&R Death by Jew by Adub Nati Don't Be Lonely by Tom Bright and Christina Arendt Elements of Music Submissions Elephants by Made4victory I Promise by Chris Jasper Litty by Lance Mitchell Loyalty by Mr. Bonnet Music Fun Fact Singing in a Group Boosts Mood MusicSubmit Opposite Directions by Seth Hilary Jackson Party by Dre Bandz ShortWave Love Affair by Hip Culture Steppin by Byzantine Thing After Dark by Torrez Soundz Interview Outside Near a River Thing After Dark by Torrez Soundz With A Little Love by Dan Toth feat. Kristina Lachaga
May 01, 2022
N.I.T.Z. from Torrez Soundz Video Interview
Dubb City , Trilly , & Nitz are three brothers that grew up in a small town called Bridgeton New jersey. Losing their father at a very young age gave them no other alternative, but to stick together and Learn How To become men on there own! Dubb City which is the middle age brother dibbled and dabbled within the industry for over a decade. he started his career performing with his former group 85609. Dubb city Was Given a chance to experience what it was like to be on tour opening up for former Roc-A-Fella Artist Young Steff and this experience pushed him to become a more groomed and more developed artist. Meanwhile his other two brothers N.I.T.Z. and Trilly were learning to become artists themselves by writing and recording at a very low budget home studio that they invested in themselves. Dubb City heard and liked what he was hearing, so he decided to Add his element to they're rough and unpolished, but yet interesting sound. Now keep in my mind that these three never had any intent on becoming a hip hop group until one fateful night magic was a created in the comfort of their own home studio! a record they recorded called wat dey talking bout Feat. Kannon set the stage and forced the three brothers to unite and take this hip hop genre by storm! On this very night Torrez was born. They went from Torrez to Torrez Soundz and now Torrez Soundz Ent. the reason for this is because their talents do not only lie in music alone. they also have the ability to entertain and inspire you in all other creative ways as well. #TorrezSoundzEnt #BornToWin When you step into my world, you step into a world of a man who is nothing like anyone you have ever known nor ever will. This world of mine is like no other and it's a world of grim, gloom, beauty, love, hate and contradiction! Therefore, I truly implore you to be very careful before stepping inside and please understand that when you do step in. You will embark on a journey along with a man who is on an important mission that will be met! Not only will that mission be met, but destiny will also be fulfilled as well. Thing After Dark on Apple Music Official Site N.I.T.Z. Bio Video Interview With 3PN Podcast Welcome To The World Of N.I.T.Z.
April 30, 2022
Old School Legendary Original MC War Flattop aka DJ Flatty Flat Black
Learn more about Old School Legendary Original MC War Flattop aka DJ Flatty Flat Black on Spotify  Born and raised in the Bronx, I have been a Hip-Hop DJ and MC since I was 10 years old. In 1985 I started War Flattop Production Record Label. Twitter - @djflatyflatblac
April 21, 2022
Megalomaniac is a 2022 POP Album by Chris Carvel
About Genre: Pop Record label: Chris Carvel Albums: Megalomaniac
April 16, 2022
Featured April Music Creators Discovered via MusicSubmit
A Music Fun Fact Broken Home by Echo Mirror Butterflies Dance by Kent Holmes Elements of Music Submissions Extra Wild by Ali Angel Fire by The Fabulous Gabriel Hotel Room by clide Insatiable by Draaco Aventura Kaleidoscope by To The Moon Known by Prince Lit Last First Kiss by Michelle Rose Let Me Go by Argonauta Locked Away by Dionne BLAIZE Love Is A Beautiful Thing by Shelia Moore-Piper Music Career information - How to get your Single Reviewed MusicSubmit Runaway by Shawa Spellbound by Aya Ito Summer Winds by Funktastic Players Supastar (They Know Who You Are) by REYN
April 01, 2022
Featured March Music Creators Discovered via MusicSubmit
Every Month we Feature Recording Artists and Musicians we discovered via MusicSubmit, here is our list for March: America by Echo Mirror Be Apart by Francis Jocky In Excellence by Michelle Miller Bell Mellowtopia by Jazzy Rita Shelby Elements of Music Submissions MusicSubmit Step by Rob Young Wain Ellega (Where shall we meet) by Faisal Al Kooheji 
March 01, 2022
Featured February Music Creators Discovered via MusicSubmit
Every Month we Feature Recording Artists and Musicians we discovered via MusicSubmit, here is our list for February: All Ways by Terry Blade Angel in Disguise by Michelle Rose Chitlands by Burn Beno Energy by Word-Xpress Hiphop Music Project Frostbyte by EliasKwola G.O.A.T. by Tha Faction Good Without Ya by Thea Lissi I Need You by Joe Macre I'm Done by Natalie Jean In My Heart by Funktastic Players Kisses by Rationale Rhymes Movie Idol by Hip Culture MusicSubmit Part of My House by The Young Scientists Vision (feat. NearFar) by Carl Adams
February 01, 2022
New Year's Day Featured Music from a Variety of Recording Artists and Musicians
Bridge To My Horizon - featuring Top 'n Bottom by Da Phatfunk Clique Daughter by Katie Belle Dominoes by MATIC MC Feeling Good by Kika Morelan Feeling the Night  by The Como Brothers Heal The World by Russell Thomas I'll Leave The Light On by Karen Wolfe Important Elements When Submitting Music Love From An Earthquake by Tony Sharper Ms. Moni by Mo Nicole MusicSubmit Nighttime Blues by Flip Damon Reaching Higher by Jonathan Sargent Redline by Inf Black Silver and Gold by Michelle Rose (feat. POEM KING) So In Love by Melba Moore Space by Bil Líone Superman by 99Drizzy Through The Night Remix by Darrell Thorpe Time Machine by Hip Culture Trust Issues featuring Benzino by Tjuan Benafactor What I Got Myself Into by Louden Swain What's the Meaning by n.e.r.d. life by D'Vo Who Should I Fear by Jay Smoove
January 01, 2022