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The Vegan Strong Podcast

The Vegan Strong Podcast

By Zach O'Malley-Young
The Vegan Strong Podcast is meant to inspire the movers and the shakers promoting veganism in their unique ways. We're here to help vegans level up in mind, body, and spirit.

The future belongs to the action takers. This podcast will bring you their voices.

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The Vegan Strong Podcast Episode 10, "Why you're not successful yet."
If you're working toward pursuing your vision, there's a secret that you might not be conscious of: knowing what you're no longer willing to accept. ___________________________________________  Interested in one-on-one coaching?  Click the link below!  Join my Discord Community:  Email me:   Send me a DM on instagram: @vegan_strongfit   Follow me on social media: Instagram: @vegan_strongfit Tik Tok: @vegan_strongfit Twitter: @vegan_strongfit    I love getting in touch with you guys!
February 25, 2022
Vegan Strong Podcast Episode 9, with Dan Sheppard
This is the Vegan Strong Podcast Episode 9, with Dan Sheppard  Dan Sheppard is a vegan activist, actor, and all around massive proponent of veganism. He's done documentaries with legends like Joey Carbstrong, and his activism has been seen by thousands all over the world. If you want to learn more about Dan's activism, you can check him out on tiktok by searching grumpyvegangrandad, and on instagram by searching danny_shep. grumpyvegangrandad   If you'd like to check out vegan strongfit, you can find us on tik tok and instagram by searching vegan_strongfit. For coaching, send us some info on our website!
February 22, 2022
The Vegan Strong Podcast, Episode 8 with Adrian Lozano
Welcome back to another episode of the vegan strong podcast. In this episode I'm interviewing my friend and mentor, Adrian Lozano. Adrian is a psychedelic coach who guides people through transformations with the use of psychedelic plant medicines. He guides individuals to discover their true potential through altered states of consciousness and integrate it into their life. He uses other modalities such as meditation, breathwork, micro dosing and sound healing to facilitate breakthroughs and create lasting changes for his clients. In this episode we go deep on what it means to go through the plant medicine journey, and how you can potentially get started if it's something that calls to you. This is a deep episode, hope you enjoy. You can learn more about Adrian on their website, Check them out on Instagram by searching lozano.flows( If you'd like to follow us or pursue your vegan fitness transformation, you can go to or look us up on Instagram at vegan_strong fit.( Much love my friends, see you soon
November 20, 2021
The Vegan Strong Podcast, Episode 7 with Coach David OG
Welcome back to episode 7 of the Vegan Strong Podcast.... strongest podcast on the planet. I'm coach Zach and I'll be your host. Today I'm joined by a fellow vegan fitness trainer, and frankly one of my best clients of all time, David OG. David is a queer fitness coach from northern Arizona with a mission to help others Live Their O.G. Lives. They believe the path to success is by knowing you are worthy of it now, in this moment… and that by teaching you to incorporate healthy self-care routines daily, they can help you LOVE Your O.G. Life too. For those of you ready to transform your mind and body, and start living with self love as an integral part of your day to day..... This podcast is going to be powerful. Live authentically, Live abundantly, live your OG life.  If you'd like to learn more from David, you can follow them on Instagram: If you'd like to follow vegan strongfit: And if you're interested in leveling up your mind and transforming your body, feel free to shoot us a message or check us out at
October 19, 2021
The Vegan Strong Podcast, Episode 6 with Clarence White
Today I'm joined by my friend Clarence White Clarence is a collegiate football player turned vegan fitness trainer. Wellness angel with a message, Clarence has seen first hand the power of changing your diet to change your life. If you're ready for a shift in your health.... but more importantly your sense of purpose.... this podcast is going to be a powerful asset for you. You can follow Clarence on Instagram and TikTok by searching clarence_white32 and be sure to hit him up with your fitness diet and vegan questions. If you want to follow us, we're @vegan_strongfit on TikTok and Instagram. And if you're a vegan ready to take your fitness and personal development journey to the next level.... don't hesitate to shoot us a message.
October 06, 2021
The Vegan Strong Podcast Episode 5 with Bridget DeMarsh
The Vegan Strong Podcast Episode 5 with Bridget DeMarsh! Bridget is a passionate animal rights activist  and current student of holistic nutrition. When she's not doing some form of activism, she's am hanging out with her rescue bunny or taking care of her 40 house plants. In this episode we go deep on Bridget's Journey as an activist, and her perspectives on various forms of outreach. You can follow Bridget on instagram @ bri_forliberation You can follow us on instagram @vegan_strongfit For Fitness and Personal Development Coaching from real life vegans, head over to
September 24, 2021
The Vegan Strong Podcast Episode 4, With Henry Gillette
This is an interview I did with Henry Gillette, regarding his thoughts on the American Healthcare system. We talked about other models around the world... and what kinds of takeaways we could apply here in the US.  We talk about the importance of sleep, and how lifestyle adjustments should be the primary practice of an effective healthcare system.  Henry aspires to take on the US political machine as a local candidate.  Go show him your support!  Find Henry on.... Twitter: @blackveganjesus Instagram: @blackveganjesus You can also find his podcast wherever you're listening to this:  Search "BVJ Podcast"  ___________________________________________ Interested in one-on-one coaching? The difference between those who achieve and those who only scheme? Achievers stand on the shoulders of those who’ve already succeeded.    Send me a DM on instagram: @vegan_strongfit  Follow me on social media:  Instagram: @vegan_strongfit Twitter: @vegan_strongfit Facebook: Vegan StrongFit   I love getting in touch with you guys!   ___________________________________________
April 23, 2020
The Vegan Strong Podcast Episode 3 with Demetres Hunter
Welcome to the 3rd episode of the Earth Movers podcast!   Today I'm joined over webcall with Demetres Hunter!   Demetres is a climate change and animal rights activist, EV educator, mentor and the founding director of Generational Love. His goal in life is to open the hearts and minds every individual he meets to create a brighter future for the next generation. Oh yea... and he's VEGAN!   In this episode, we talk about One Meal a Day, Intermittent Fasting, why variability in physical training is beneficial, the power of a positive spirit, the future of the electric vehicle industry, and so much more.    You can find Demetres on Instagram:  You can find me on any social media: @vegan_strongfit   Interested in working with me as your personal coach?   Apply here:  Thanks for watching :)  Like, subscribe, and share this video with your friends!
April 23, 2020
The Vegan Strong Podcast Episode 2 with Raeshad Jones
Title: The Vegan Strong Podcast Episode 2 with Raeshad Jones  ____________________________________________   This is a recorded interview I did with Raeshad Jones, a producer/clothing designer/self made hustler.   I wanted to get Raeshad on the mic just because of how much he's inspired me over the years.  Even when we were in highschool together, this man was working hard on his passions, not falling into the traps of what OTHERS wanted him to do.   We had some technical difficulties so the recording is a little short, but if you guys give us some good feedback on this, we'll most definitely do it again soon!      Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell!   Peace and much love!  ___________________________________________  Interested in one-on-one coaching?  The difference between those who achieve and those who only scheme?  Achievers stand on the shoulders of those who’ve already succeeded.    Send me a DM on instagram: Follow me on social media: Instagram: Twitter: @vegan_strongfit  I love getting in touch with you guys!   ___________________________________________
April 23, 2020
The Vegan Strong Podcast Episode 1, with Luke Staley
Welcome to the first episode of the The Vegan Strong Podcast!   ___________________________   I’m Zach. I’ll be your host on this joint.    I’m lucky to be joined in this episode by my good friend Luke Staley.  He's an avid life adventurer. He is an amateur mixed martial arts fighter, a poet, and studies English and Political Science at Hood College.   In this recording,  we went DEEP on topics like intrinsic motivation... the variability of personal expression.... and how to keep in good health through the ride of it all(MEANING LIFE)🌊 And somehow barely scratched the surface...  I hope you enjoy the podcast!    ___________________________  Luke on social media:  Luke’s most recent fight: ___________________________  Follow me wherever books are sold:   @vegan_strongfit ___________________________   Training, diet, and lifestyle improvement information: ___________________________   Music credit:
April 22, 2020