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Life Coach Zach

Life Coach Zach

By Zach Rance
Life Coach Zach The Podcast is hosted by Certified Life Coach and Nutritionist Zach Rance. With a social following of 400,000+ I want to bring to my audience extremely powerful leaders of their Industries on each episode who specialize in mental health, high-performance habits, mindfulness practices, productivity hacks, meditation, and much more. If you enjoy what you hear, please consider leaving a review and rating. Thank you
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S3E17: Running Against The Odds with Coach Desmond Dunham
My guest on this episode is Desmond Dunham "Coach Dez". Desmond is a youth sports expert. For the last two decades, Coach Dez has coached youth athletes and teams in cross country, track and field, basketball along with many other sports. He's one of the most decorated high school coaches in the country with national championships and international titles to show for it.  He's written a new book titled "Running Against The Odds". It's a coming-of-age and triumph story about how he overcame odds on and off the track. His turbulent childhood along with his passion for running propelled him to become a premier high school coach. He's here to inspire others. This episode is also available on Youtube Look for Coach Dez online His book "Running Against The Odds" is available on Amazon: Instagram: @coachdezdunham To connect w/ Zach go to Follow Zach on Instagram at @zachrancey
October 22, 2021
NEW on the podcast is Zander Fryer. Best-selling Author, Internationally renowned speaker, and host of the highly-rated podcast "Sh*t you don't learn in college.  27-year-old successful Engineer with Cisco, earning hundreds of thousands per year. Not feeling very successful, in fact, feeling pretty empty, quits his job, with no notice. Heavily in debt. Starts High Impact Coaching company, having never built a company before. Goes from making ZERO to 7 figures in the first 12 months.  Amazing success story and inspiring for those questioning all the beliefs we've been taught about what is considered successful.  Thank you Zander! The video for this episode is also available on Youtube Zanders website:  Pre-order Sh*t You Don't Learn in College  Instagram: @zanderfryer  Podcast: Sh*t You Don't Learn in College Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist  Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit: ​or Instagram: @ZachRancey
October 19, 2021
My next Ironman will be November 21, 2021 Cozumel Mexico. In this first of a four part series I'll be focusing on recovery but I also want to discuss my goals and walk you through some of my training and preparations for the race and what I'll be facing. Cozumel will definitely be different than my last race in Tulsa, OK this past May. For one, it's a completely different environment. It's a tougher course. It'll be hot.... It's an ocean swim, not a lake. And there may be some Jelly fish to dodge. Thanks for listening and please subscribe.   This episode is also available on YouTube. Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist Questions,  Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit:​ or Instagram: @ZachRancey
October 15, 2021
My guest is Esther Blum, integrative dietitian, and best-selling author. We discuss gut health, digestion, and some of the simple things you can do and implement into your life to ensure your digestion and gut health are top-notch. You may not know this and as Esther tells us, your gut is responsible for 90% of the serotonin and dopamine that's produced in your body. So we want to look after our gut!     Esther also has a giveaway for 7 people that are serious and need some assistance. Listen in.  For over 26 years Esther has been coaching clients, healing medical issues, restore balance, and helping them lose weight. She's been featured on the Today show and The Dr. Oz Show.   Visit her website and check her out on Instagram: IG: @gorgeousesther   Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist  Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries  Visit: or Instagram: @ZachRancey
October 12, 2021
My guest is American Entrepreneur and business leader Yan Stavisski aka KINGCREDIT. You may have seen him in Forbes, Entrepreneur or on ABC News. Educated in the financial space Yan educates entrepreneurs on finance, business and credit. He's here today to give you some insight into how YOU can travel the world for FREE utilizing credit.   For more on Yan and the services he offers check him out on IG @kingcredit   Website:  Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist  Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit:​ or Instagram: @ZachRancey
October 8, 2021
S3E12: Be The Bigger Person with Avni Parekh
Avni Parekh is my guest on this podcast. Avni is the Author of the book "Be The Bigger Person Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself". She's been into self-development and awareness since she was young. Our conversation focuses on her book and the principles she believes in. We are all bombarded daily with different situations and scenarios where we have a choice, we can either react and expend energy or preserve our energy for something more worthwhile that's going to better our life. Was awesome to have her on the podcast!  Thank you, Avni. For more on her book and how to get a copy visit and check her out on her socials @avniparekh Watch our conversation on youtube To connect w/ Zach go to  Follow Zach on Instagram at @zachrancey
October 1, 2021
S3E11: DAVID MELTZER - Best Selling Author, Top 100 Business Coach
David Meltzer is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. His mission is to empower over 1 billion people to be happy! It was a privilege to have David on the podcast to learn how he keeps his mental health in tip top shape. David on the web: SOCIAL MEDIA: IG @davidmeltzer Youtube
September 24, 2021
Nathaniel is known for knowing a thing or two about a thing or two. Photography, creative arts, gaming, and business. We have a great discussion about mental health. Nathaniel and his friends and roommates are huge mental health advocates and he shares a really tragic story about a friend and roommate of his who battled with mental illness and ultimately lost his life. Nathaniel is also the founder of a new social media app @wititapp. Thanks for sharing your story on the Life Coach Zach Podcast Nathaniel. For more on Nathaniel check him out on IG @gerdesofearth __________________ Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit: or Instagram: @ZachRancey
September 17, 2021
My guest on this podcast is Trevor Franklin, NYC based certified personal trainer that specializes is one-on-one training along with group fitness training. We crossed paths from both being Ambassadors for Bare Performance Nutrition #BPN. Great to connect with a like-minded individual regarding fitness, body awareness, mindfulness, working hard, and enjoying the journey. For more on Trevor check out his IG @twfrank111 Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist  Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit: LIFECOACHZACH.COM ​or Instagram: @ZachRancey
September 4, 2021
My guest on this podcast is Dr. Lisa Nezneski, board-certified Pharmacist, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and author of "Grounded in Chaos" and "7 Mindful Questions".  We have a cool discussion on mindfulness and meditation and the benefits of both.    For more on Lisa visit her website: Try some FREE guided meditations with Lisa: Guided Meditations  And check out her books on Amazon.   Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist  Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit: or Instagram: @ZachRancey
August 27, 2021
Getting rid of my shit! I've been practicing a minimalists lifestyle for the last couple of years, not super hardcore, but definitely mindful of the possessions that I have, what I have them for, why I'm holding on to them, asking myself the question is this necessary and useful to my life or do I want it.  Lately, within the last few months, I've really been proactive in getting rid of things every week either by throwing them away, giving them away, or donating them. My guest on this podcast is Corey Jones. Corey just began his minimalist journey a couple of years ago and we talk about each of our experiences and the benefits of living with less. #minimalism Corey can be found in IG @MrDapper_ and also on Youtube  @Corey Jones   Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit:​ or Instagram: @ZachRancey
August 2, 2021
S3E6: LaDonna Stone, LCSW Creating Healthy Work Environments One Leader at a Time
My guest today on this podcast is LaDonna Stone, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience in the field working with individuals, leaders, and organizations. Her mission is to help create healthy working environments, one leader at a time equipping them with the skills, tools, & knowledge to lead, inspire, & empower those around them.  She offers multiple services through her website along with free consultations. For more on LaDonna and her company Inspired Beliefs, LLC visit their website: It was a pleasure having LaDonna on the podcast. Please check her out on Instagram: @inspiredbeliefsllc Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach, Certified Nutritionist Instagram: @zachrancey
July 29, 2021
Dennis Berry is Life Mastery Coach who works with clients from all over the world in all areas of their life whether you are dealing with addictions or if you need help in the love and relationships area of your life or maybe it's health and wellness. He covers it all. We have an amazing conversation about mindfulness and talk about some of the foundations you need to put into place to set yourself up so that you can achieve those goals you are working on. Great to have you on the podcast Dennis. (This episode was also filmed and can be seen on my youtube channel). For more information on Dennis and the services he provides, visit his website: And check out his podcast The Funky Brain wherever you listen to podcasts. Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist  Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries  Visit: or Instagram: @ZachRancey
July 23, 2021
S3E4: DARREN HEITNER Sports, Entertainment, & IP Lawyer
Darren Heitner, Esq. is the Founder of Heitner Legal, P.L.L.C., which is a law firm with many practice areas, including sports law and contract law.  One of the leading sports attorneys, and pioneer of the NIL law for college sports, Heitner opens up on the new influencer laws for these collegiate athletes and how they can profit big during their time in university. Darren was a huge piece in making this happen for all college athletes across the nation!  NIL (Name Image and Likeness) allows college athletes to get paid for their likeability! This was a long time coming and I'm proud and honored to call Darren a good friend of mine as we were in the same fraternity at the University of Florida. #GoGators  Follow Darren on IG @darrenheitner  Website: This episode is also available on youtube use hashtag #lifecoachzach or #zachrance to find my channel Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist  Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit: or Instagram: @ZachRancey
July 20, 2021
Multiple NYT Best Selling Author Christy Whitman! Christy is an expert on the Law of Attraction and the quantum world! We discussed proof of why our thoughts control our future and what we can do every day to unlock those great possibilities! What a special conversation about mindfulness and love. Thank you so much Christy for the opportunity and pleasure to have this share this call with you'll!   You can get all of Christy's books on Amazon!  Website:  Instagram: @christywhitman1  Youtube:  @Christy Whitman 
July 16, 2021
S3E2: My friend Michael Paterno. "Let the word be heard"
Michael and I go way back. Friends since we were kids. Grew up in the same area. Michael recently moved to Dallas to be closer to his business partner. We have a great chat and he shares some of the wisdom he has gained and the confidence that was instilled as a result of the hard work and determination he's put in focusing on himself, his life, and path he believes is the right path. There are always struggles along the way but with hope and God by your side, anything is possible.   Thank you for being a guest on the Podcast Michael and best of luck in Dallas! Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit: or Instagram: @ZachRancey
July 8, 2021
In this episode, I sit down with my Ironman Coach Philip. I learn more about Philip and his Ironman journey and also discuss what it took for me to finish my very own Ironman. I could not have accomplished this without the help of a professional triathlete coach and I'm glad that I was able to take advantage of the coaching programs that Philip had to offer. If you're looking to hire an Ironman coach I highly recommend Philip and his coaching services!  For coaching services check out Philip on Instagram @pbillikopf and his business IG: @maunaendurance also his website: **Episode is also available to watch on Youtube Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist  Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit: or  Instagram: @ZachRancey
July 7, 2021
S2E30: SARAH RECHER - Meditation Singing Bowl
Sarah is from France and discovered meditation about 4 years ago following study internship trips to Thailand. While in Thailand working with her tutor she became aware of the energy that surrounds all of us. When she returned to France she lost her father shortly after. To deal with her grief and stress she discovered Sophrology. Sophrology is the science of consciousness in harmony, a practice to slow down the mind. From there she began meditating every day and now looks for new technics to incorporate into meditation to serve her clients. In today's podcast, Sarah explains how Sound Baths using different Sound Bowls, or singing bowls, can be really powerful and help your meditation allowing you to go even deeper. Thank you Sarah for being my guest today! Look for Sarah on Instagram @sarahrecher_ And check out her website
June 23, 2021
S2E29: MAGDALIA - The Money Root - Mental Health and Financial Coach
My guest today is Mental Health Therapist and Financial Coach Migdalia Rodriguez. With over 15 years of experience as a mental health therapist, Migdalia works with individuals, families, and couples helping them heal their relationship with money, and heal their relationship with themselves to improve their current financial situation so they can move forward and have a more prosperous future. Thank you for being my guest Migdalia, it was a pleasure speaking with you. Reach out to Migdalia on IG @themoneyroot and check out her website IG: @ZachRancey
June 23, 2021
S2E28: PAYAL KHANWANI - Life & Wellbeing Coach
Payal Khanwani is a chartered professional coach and holds a Masters in Biomedical Engineering from University of Luebeck, Germany. As an engineer, she has conducted scientific research on Music Meditation and worked in the field of Digital Health and Wellness technology in Switzerland, Canada and Dubai. She has lived and taught yoga and meditation in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Dubai, India and Canada over the past 9 years. Payal offers an array of services on her website from private online sessions for yoga, meditation or coaching, to corporate services to help foster healthy work habits. For more on Payal visit her website: on Instagram: payal.khanwani IG: ZachRancey
June 23, 2021
S2E27: DR. AMY SHAH - Intermittent Fasting
AMY SHAH, MD, is a double board certified medical doctor and nutrition expert with training from Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard Universities. Drawing from her background in internal medicine and allergy/immunology, as well as her own wellness journey, she has dedicated her practice to helping her patients feel better and live healthier through her integrative and holistic approach to wellness. She has appeared regularly on national television shows, podcasts, and in national magazines. Her new book "I'm Effing Tired" was published in March, 2021 and is available on Amazon or wherever you purchase books.  Our conversation centered around Intermittent Fasting. As many of you know I'm a huge proponent of fasting and recommend everyone look into it to give it a try if you can. integrating it into your life may just be what you are looking for to go from always feeling sluggish and not so great with low energy, to feeling fantastic. To learn more about Dr. Shah and the many services she provides, visit her on Instagram at @FastingMD or online at @ZachRancey
June 23, 2021
Noel is an incredible human being and a huge inspiration not only to me but to the over 800K that are following his journey on social media. After struggling with an 8-year addiction to drugs, spending a year in rehab but failing, he decided one day he didn't want to live like that any longer and got clean and sober. During his recovery, he gained weight. Hated the way he looked. Depressed, overweight, and with no aspirations in life, he decided to go for a run around his block in Tulsa, OK. It was hard, but he loved it. Eventually, he was running 60-70 mile weeks. 6 years ago he began his triathlon journey signing up for his first sprint race coming in 3rd. He won his next race a few months later. He's competed in multiple half Ironman races with the Tulsa Ironman being his second full Ironman. He was the first Oklahoman over the finish line in Tulsa. His time was 9:25 and with that time he qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. An amazing accomplishment and life trajectory and a huge inspiration to anyone that may be struggling with an addiction or even just motivation.   Looking for a coach? Noel's your guy! This episode is also available on youtube: Follow Noel on TikTok @Noelmul0  Follow Noel on Instagram @NoelMulkey and  Subscribe to Noel on Instagram: @ZachRancey
June 15, 2021
S2E25: ANTHONY SIMAS - Spinal Cord Injury Survivor
My guest Anthony Simas and I have been online friends now for a while. I was introduced to him through another friend of mine. Anthony broke his neck and damaged his spinal cord while enjoying a weekend at his family cottage in the Toronto area leaving him a quadriplegic. Sharing his story and struggles on social media and the many speaking engagements he's been invited to, he's been able to shine a light on the positive aspects of his life despite his disability helping others realize their full potential even though they face adversity. Anthony has a documentary on his journey so far that should be dropping late this summer so look for that.  Anthony, it was a pleasure to have you on the podcast! Check out Anthony on Instagram @AnthonySimas Check out is website: And also his Youtube channel Please rate and review this podcast. If you have any questions or comments or would like to be a guest on my podcast, visit Instagram: @ZachRancey Youtube: Zach Rance
June 10, 2021
In this Podcast (also a video on Youtube - link below), I describe my entire Ironman journey, how I was able to overcome injuries and how I finish my first IRONMAN race in Tulsa, OK. One of Ironman‘s mottos is “nothing is impossible” and even though a few injuries made my race a little harder there are so many people that accomplish this challenging race with much more hardships than I experienced. I challenge and encourage you to sign up for a Half Marathon, Marathon, Half Ironman, or full Ironman so you can put yourself outside your comfort zone and finish something that you started. The life skills that I’ve learned from training for an Ironman are invaluable including proper nutrition, proper recovery, time management skills, and body awareness.  I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything in the world. Thanks for listening. Zach Youtube Instagram: ZachRancey
June 7, 2021
S2E23: ZOEY PAULSON - Ayahuasca Journey
On today's podcast, I'm joined with my guest Certified Professional Life Coach, Zoey Paulson. Zoey also co-hosts the podcast Modern Psychedelics where they speak with some of the greatest minds in plant-based medicine and psychedelics. Our conversation centers around her journey and her calling to try Ayahuasca and Micro-dosing Psilocybin and the benefits she's been able to gain from the experience. Thank you for being my guest Zoey it was really great speaking with you. For more information on Zoey, check out her website: She is on IG @zoeyarielle  and check her out on youtube ZoeyArielle Instagram: @ZachRancey
June 4, 2021
S2E22: My Take on the Naomi Osaka Situation
With Naomi Osaka's fine and withdrawal from the French Open because she believes it isn't good for her mental health to take part in press conferences before and after each game... all I have to say is bravo! Thank you for standing up for what's right and for what you believe in and for putting yourself first before money, fame, and notoriety. Mental Health is something I'm passionate about and specifically what we can do to prevent mental health issues like anxiety and depression. We all have some form of mental health whether that's thinking about the future and becoming anxious or thinking about what's happened in the past and becoming depressed. Let's focus on the prevention of mental health issues. A number of ways to help us do that are by being aware of our thoughts, living in the moment, and taking the time as often as possible to meditate and focus on the right here right now. If you have any questions about mental health, message me on Instagram @zachrancey or reach out through my website Have a great day!
June 2, 2021
S2E21: NATHAN BYNUM - Set Goals. Get Results
Are you a goal-oriented individual or wish you were more focused on the steps to achieve your goals? Nathan is a certified Goal Success Coach and best-selling author of the book "Goal Setting Habits to Achieve Your Goals and Succeed in the Life You Want" (available on Amazon). He's written a straightforward approach in setting goals focusing on the 7 facets of life. He believes simple actionable steps are necessary to achieve the larger goals you have in life and his book lays it out.  Nathan is also providing a FREE 12 MONTH PLANNER to all the Life Coach Zach listeners to get you started on achieving your goals. To pick up your FREE copy head on over to  REACHFUELPOTENTIAL.COM/ZACH  Nathan it was a pleasure having you on the podcast. For more on Nathan, check out his website: Instagram: ZachRancey
June 1, 2021
S2E20: MICHELLE DIAZ - Meditation Coach
My guest on this podcast is Michelle Diaz. Michelle is a meditation coach and energy healer. She's been meditating for about 20 years starting when she was 19. Through meditation, she's been able to overcome a lot of challenges she faced when she was younger and feels that it's a life journey that she will continue to practice for the rest of her life. She works with people 1 on 1 and also does workshops and she's doing something that I think is really important and interesting and that is introducing meditation and mindfulness to young children through workshops in schools and camps, planting the meditation and mindfulness seed early which will truly benefit the kids as they mature and go through life. Huge props for that Michelle!!  Michelle is also the co-author of the new book called "Level Up" which is available on Amazon where she collaborated with 12 other coaches from around the world each providing their own unique perspective. Thank you for being my guest Michelle. For more on Michelle, reach out on Instagram @michellemeditationcoach IG: ZachRancey
May 28, 2021
S2E19: HANNAH DUFFY - Meditation Coach
My guest is Hannah Duffy, conscious design strategist for conscious businesses and meditation coach. After landing her dream job as a UX Researcher and going through bouts of depression and anxiety, Hannah discovered through increased meditation, a shift in mindset and by surrounding herself with intentional relationships, she was able to deal with issues stemming from childhood allowing her to live a more joyful life. She's available to coach you in the same direction with services available through her website Look for Hannah on Instagram: @hanbans193 IG: ZachRancey
May 25, 2021
S2E18: SERGIO CALLEJA - Half Ironman
I met Sergio during the Ironman race in Haines City, Florida a few weeks ago. He noticed me hyping up the runners before the run and then we connected again during the run when he passed me taking a walking break and basically told me to get my ass moving... Sergio has an amazing story on how he ended up competing in endurance races one that I think a lot of people can relate to and find value from hearing. He was able to take the insecurities he had about himself, his body, and the way he looked and completely turn them around building up his confidence to a level that just spread to all other aspects of his life. For his next endurance race he wants to achieve a 100 mile run and with his outlook, training, and mindset I have no doubt he will hit his goal.  Thanks for coming on the podcast Sergio! Look for Sergio on IG @serggcalleja IG: @zachrancey
May 21, 2021
S2E17: RYAN BECKETT - Grand Canyon R2R2R
Ryan Beckett is my guest on this podcast. Ryan is a friend of mine, a successful local Florida Realtor and Brokerage owner. To say he's an adventure seeker is an understatement. He's accomplished some pretty cool things to this point in his life. Ryan believes you don't really grow as a human unless you take yourself out of your comfort zone and he's definitely done that multiple times in his short life. From Triathlons, and Ironman competitions to biking from Florida to California for charity to sailing from New York to Florida, not to mention climbing Mt. Everest to the base camp. His accomplishments are inspiring to say the least. Some of you may remember Ryan from his two seasons on ABC's Bachelorette in 2015 or Bachelor in Paradise in 2016. Our conversation centers around his latest adventure, which is tackling the Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon. It's a 48-mile trek over rough terrain with varying altitudes and weather. This is a two-part podcast. I spoke to Ryan prior to him leaving for Colorado in late April and then again this past week after he had been home and rested up.  I hope this inspires you to take yourself out of your comfort zone. You never know what you can accomplish unless you try. Whether you succeed or fail it's all about the journey and the experience.  If you have any questions for Ryan.... You can reach out to him on IG at @beckett IG: @ZachRancey
May 18, 2021
My guest today is Taren Gesell. Taren is one of the most followed triathlon personalities in the world. He has made triathlon and endurance sports a way of life, having competed in countless sprint, Olympic, half-Ironman, and Ironman races. It’s his passion to bring tips on healthy living and triathlon training to amateur athletes around the world. With my first Ironman race coming up this month, it was really great to speak to someone with his experience who has basically been through everything I'm experiencing right now and going to be experiencing. Thank you Taren! Taren on IG: @Triathlontaren  Website with all kinds of resources for triathletes. Podcast: Triathlon Taren Youtube: Triathlon Taren IG: ZachRancey
May 14, 2021
S2E15: MAXX CHEWNING - Founder of Sour Strips
Maxx Chewning is the founder of Ever Foreward Apparel and Sour Strips Candy which has exploded since its online launch in the fall of 2019. Maxx is an entrepreneur who began his journey on Youtube with fitness.... Launched his clothing brand Ever Foreward Apparel soon after, then in the fall of 2019 launched Sour Strips after realizing all sour candy sucked.  With his huge following on Youtube and other social media sites Maxx was able to maximize the exposure for the Sour Strips launch especially and sold out on the first day he went live with the brand. A year and a half later with constant growth and expansion into the retail market, Sour Strips can now be found in many Target locations in the US as well as Walmart!   Sour Strips is literally the best candy I've ever had!  Thanks for being a guest on my podcast Maxx! Look for Maxx on his social sites and order IG @maxxchewning IG @sourstrips Ever Forward Apparel  Sour Strips Youtube
May 11, 2021
S2E14: PAULIE CALAFIORE - MTV The Challenge | CBS Big Brother
From CBS's Big Brother 18 to multiples seasons of MTV's The Challenge to the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team... Love him or hate him he makes good TV! Need a personal trainer? Paulie's got you... Need to jump-start your motivation? Paulie's got you.... Need to educate yourself on nutrition? Paulie's got you there too.... Visit AWAKETHELION.COM IG @paulcalafiore_ Twitter @PaulCalafiore_ Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit:​ or Instagram: @ZachRancey
May 7, 2021
S2E13: ANISH MITRA - ex Goldman Sachs VP going dumb so you get smart.
My guest is Anish Mitra. Amazing conversation! Based in LA, Anish is an ex Goldman Sachs VP going dumb so you get smart. Our conversation is all about investments and investing, whether that's in bitcoin or traditional blue-collar stocks and his view on what's really going on around us in the investment space. His brand of entertainment is "Wall Street & Silicon Valley made fun & easy" and he delivers.... check it out and check him out on his socials: IG: mitranyc TWITTER: MitraNYC Zach Rance on IG @ZachRancey
May 4, 2021
S2E12: CHRISTMAS ABBOTT - CBS Big Brother 19 and All-Stars
Long before Christmas competed on 2 seasons of the CBS Big Brother Reality Show, most recently on 2020's All-Stars season, Christmas was well established as a top fitness and nutrition professional and influencer. She's a Best Selling Author of the book "Badass Body Diet" and the follow up "Badass Life". Her laundry list of accomplishments is immense and commendable including competing professionally in the CrossFit Games, USA Weightlighting Nationals, and she also made history as the first female pit crew member for NASCAR. She's well established online with her fitness and motivation programs through her website and app at Christmas talks about all the work she's put into herself particularly in the last few years examining past habits, digging deep to uncover past traumas, something that we all have in one way or another, traumas that can have an influence on how we act and react later in our lives. Having a solid sense of self, being aware of our thoughts is really so important to not only help us grow as individuals but to serve those around us. Despite some rough patches along the way, Christmas has persevered to the point where today she's happier than ever. All those hopes and dreams are falling into place. You can't ask for more than that!   I loved this conversation Christmas! Thank you so much for being my guest! Look for Christmas on Instagram: @christmasabbott Her website: or Instagram: @ZachRancey
April 30, 2021
S2E11: RAY HIGDON - From foreclosure to multimillion-dollar success
Ray Higdon is a master at Network Marketing and his aim is to help network marketers scale up their businesses to earn more. He's a best-selling author of the book "Time, Money, Freedom: 10 Simple Rules to Redefine What's Possible and Radically Reshape Your Life" available on Amazon.  An incredible journey Ray's been on over the last decade or so. From building up a sizeable, profitable real estate business to losing it all in the 2008/2009 real estate market crash. His life was a mess as he will tell in our conversation, but with lessons learned and his "take action" attitude, he dove into Network Marketing now running the Higdon Group teaching other how they can grow their teams to create freedom in their life. For more on Ray visit his Instagram page: @RayHigdon Also check out his website:
April 27, 2021
S2E10: DARREN WOODSON - Dallas Cowboys Legend
My guest on this podcast is Dallas Cowboys legend Darren Woodson. Darren played his entire football career for the Dallas Cowboys which stretched from 1992 to 2003. Career highlights: Three-Time Super Bowl Champion (Super Bowl's XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX).  Five-Time Pro Bowl Selection Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor Inductee Texas Sports Hall of Fame Arizona State University Hall of Fame Arizona Sports Hall of Fame Most Registered Career Totals in Cowboys franchise history at the time of retirement (11 sacks, 23 interceptions, and 1,350 tackles) Following his football career, Darren transitioned to TV as an NFL Analyst for ESPN's NFL Live where he spent 14 years. In 2019 he decided to leave his analyst position to spend more time focusing on his growing commercial real estate business ESRP in Texas. We have a great conversation about mental health and meditation and how back when he was playing football in the early 90's Mental Health and Meditation wasn't on the radar at the time. Since being introduced to meditation through yoga in the 2000s Darren talks about all the impacts it has had on his life from his work, his family, and how his focus and time management has improved.  Darren is also the host of The Darren Woodson Show a podcast that interacts with high achievers from all walks of life to discuss topics they feel are relevant to the pursuit of freedom in all aspects of life.  Look for Darren on Instagram: @darrenwoodson28 Podcast IG: @darrenwoodsonshow
April 26, 2021
S2E9: CONNOR TROTT - Love Island Season 2
Catching up with Connor Trott from Love Island season 2. I'm a big fan of the show, watched the season that aired in August and September, 2020. Connor talks about getting back into work in the real world how he's focusing on himself, his work, establishing himself as an online fitness coach looking toward the future, and trying to make every single day count! If you're interested in working with Connor on your fitness, reach out on IG. Thanks for being a guest on the Podcast Connor, it was a pleasure to have you. Look for Connor on IG @connormtrott Website: ConnorTrott _____________________________ IG @ZachRancey IG @LifeCoachZach Youtube: ZachRance
April 23, 2021
I am here to talk to you about the half-ironman triathlon that I just competed in on April 18, 2021 in Haines City, Florida. Took me over seven hours to complete. It was my first crack at the half-ironman after completing a full marathon a month or so ago. My goal is the full ironman in May. Listen in as I tell you about my experience and what motivated me to sign up! IG: @ZachRancey Website:
April 22, 2021
S2E7: BRITTANY GARRISON - Financial Literacy Coach
Brittany is a Financial Literacy Coach and Digital Entrepreneur. She will show you how to make enough money part-time to do whatever you want to do full-time. Brittany has a really interesting life story. In her early 20's fresh out of college with all the degrees, she found herself well-educated, and working as a well-paid government employee in Washington, DC,. That wasn't enough so she uprooted her life, moved to Atlanta where she could surround herself with other entrepreneurs and business leaders in the field she wanted to pursuit. By taking that leap of faith and risking it all, and by investing in herself first, she's now able to take what she has learned to help others do the same. Her best investment that she's ever made was investing in herself. Her current favorite investment at the moment is cryptocurrency. Thank you for listening and Thank you Brittany for coming on the Life Coach Zach podcast. Connect with Brittany on Instagram: @brittanydnelle Life Coach Zach IG: @ZachRancey
April 20, 2021
S2E6: RACHEL REILLY - Big Brother 12 & 13
Rachel Reilly Villagas is my guest on today's podcast. Rachel rose to fame after she competed on two seasons of the CBS reality show Big Brother in 2010 and 2011 (seasons 12 & 13). She won season 13 taking home the half-a-million dollar prize. Since then along with her husband Brendon Villagas, who she met on season 12 of Big Brother, she's appeared on a number of other reality tv shows including 3 seasons of The Amazing Race and Celebrity Fear Factor, which she also won! Her list of accomplishments stemming from Big Brother are endless. We have a great chat about how old school Big Brother compares to new school seasons. We talk about each of our experiences on the show, the good, the bad, the ups and downs. Rachel also throws in a few tips for anyone interested in auditioning for a reality show. She also has some exciting news to share about her new show with her husband Brendon and their two children that will be airing on bspoketv. It's called I Love the Brenchels - Moving On and the concept of the show sounds incredibly fresh and exciting. Filming begins in June. Thanks for listening and a huge thank you to Rachel for taking the time to drop by. For more on Rachel, please check her out on Instagram... Link below. IG @rachelereillyvillegas IG: @ZachRancey
April 16, 2021
S2E5: KHALIL RAFATI - Founder of SunLife Organics / Malibu Yoga and Author
Khalil has an incredibly inspiring life story. He went from working with Hollywood stars and rock musicians to hitting rock bottom at 33. Homeless, addicted to heroin and cocaine, living on the streets of Los Angeles, a high school dropout, and convicted felon. His prospects seemed pretty slim. In 2003 he decided to get sober. A friend of his introduced him to juicing and superfoods and the results for him were instant. He felt life coming back to him and into his body. Wanting more of that, this gave him a purpose, which became his passion.  Fast forward, after being able to travel the world discovering and learning everything he could about the best that nature could offer regarding nutritional ingredients he and his business partner in 2011 opened their first SunLife Organics location in southern California. A place that Khalil could share everything he's learned. Today they have multiple locations throughout the LA area and with another in Austin, TX. He tells his story in his first best-selling book "I Forgot To Die", which is available on Amazon. Khalil proves without a doubt that anything is possible with determination, purpose, passion, and a desire to make your life better than it was before. He's carved out a pretty sweet life for himself and continues to inspire people daily on his Instagram page and through his business accounts. It was my pleasure having Khalil on the podcast.  For more information on Khalil, check his social accts: @khalilrafati @sunlifeorganics @malibubeachyoga
April 13, 2021
S2E4: - HALEIGH BOUCHER - Big Brother 20 & Entrepreneur
Haleigh was on CBS Big Brother Season 20. She also owns the swimwear company Evoke Collection. We get into both of our experiences on Big Brother and what follows. We talk about what she does in terms of self-care being a busy person who is now in Grad school. It was a great conversation just catching up! Thanks Haleigh! Look for Haleigh on IG: haleighbroucher Look for Evoke Collection on IG: evokecollection_ Evoke Collection online:
April 9, 2021
S2E3: KAYCEE CLARK - Big Brother 20 WINNER + MTV's The Challenge
Kaycee Clark was introduced to a majority of the world via CBS Big Brother Season 20 where she competed for the half-million-dollar prize annihilating her competition in the last half of the season, winning the big prize.  This was our first conversation together although we have connected and supported each other through social media in the past - this was our first real conversation. Like myself, Kaycee loves personal development and trying to make every day better than the one before. We talk about what drives her. What are her motivations? How she remains positive in a world that can sometimes challenge you. We also talked about the exciting things she's working on and looking forward to and how she wants to take the knowledge she's gained over the last number of years and share that, helping others live a healthy life.  Really great conversation. Kaycee, thank you so much for being my guest! Kaycee is currently competing on her second season of MTV's The Challenge, so check that out if you haven't already.  Connect with Kaycee on social media: IG: @kcsince1987
April 6, 2021
S2E2: TYLER CRISPEN - CBS Big Brother 20 & Big Brother All Stars
My guest on today's podcast is Tyler Crispen, CBS Big Brother 20 and Big Brother All-Stars contestant - also the co-owner of Naut and Chain, an oceanic-inspired brand of fine jewelry. Great having Tyler on the podcast, we dive into what he's been up to lately, his passion surrounding a plant-based vegan lifestyle, and what each of us can do to help the planet. We also talk a little bit about his future plans with Angela Rummans and what they are looking forward to. Tyler has an announcement to make regarding his company Naut and Chain which sounds really exciting worthwhile.   Places to connect with Tyler: IG @tylercrispen2  IG: @Nautandchain Check out his company Naut and Chain online. Also, check out Angela Rummans Plant Based Kitchen on IG @angelas_plantbasedkitchen
April 2, 2021
My guest on today's podcast is Talwinder Sidhu "Terry" he is a Life Coach and Meditation Coach and Author who has worked with hundreds of adults and children teaching them the practice of meditation. He's also the author of the recently released book "Meditate: Breathe into Meditation and Awaken Your Potential". Our conversation centers around meditation, awareness, consciousness and the benefits meditation can have not only in helping you get to the root of those issues through meditation but help you master your mind to live stress-free and the life you were meant to live. Terry speaks so eloquently about consciousness and awareness in terms that are easy to understand. It was a pleasure speaking with him and I urge you to check out his website and Instagram and also his book which is available on Amazon. IG: meditatethebook IG: lifecoachterry Web: IG: Zachrancey
March 31, 2021
Life Coach Zach Season One Recap
A HUGE thank you to all my amazing guests on this first season of the Life Coach Zach Podcast. Without you taking the time from your busy schedules to share your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise with my audience, it would not have been the success that it is, so I thank you. To you, the listener, thank you so much for tuning in to each of these 60 episodes. I hope you were able to learn, grow and gain something from each of my guests in the same way that I have. Season two coming soon! Subscribe or follow on Apple Podcasts and Spotify IG: ZachRancey Website:
March 20, 2021
E:60 DR. CHRIS LEE - Rewire your mind, rewrite your story
Dr. Chris Lee is a Neuro-Performance Coach who teaches leaders to regulate and rewire the brain. He has an incredibly inspiring life story that's included in it's entirety in the podcast. I hope you enjoy. Connect with Dr. Lee on IG: @DRCHRISLEE Webside: IG: DRCHRISLEE
March 19, 2021
E:59 ANDRÉS PRESCHEL - Exercise Physiologist
Andres Preschel is the founder of Know Your Physio and co-founder of Hambre y Hormonas, an Exercise Physiologist who believes physiological awareness is a human right and is on a mission to make the science of human performance and longevity as accessible as possible. Through his own health journey, he discovered the enhanced state of consciousness between mind, body, and spirit where healthy intentions meet actionable steps and lifestyle change that lasts and we get into all that. Great conversation Andres, thank you for being my guest on the podcast. Social Media:  IG: andrespreschel Twitter: andrespreschel Website:
March 17, 2021
E:58 JOSH MARTINEZ - MTV The Challenge | CBS Big Brother
Josh Martinez, MTV The Challenge (4 seasons) and CBS Big Brother 19 winner, and I have a great conversation about both of our experiences on Reality TV and what follows. A lot of it is great, positive, many perks, but there is the opposite as well and we discuss... or go off LOL. Follow Josh on IG: josh_martinez_
March 12, 2021
Jackson and I have been working together for a little over a month. Jackson's goal is to lose weight. I started by setting him up with my 12-13 page Nutrition Guide outlining all the important food groups that will help him achieve his goals. With daily contact where I was able to provide him with feedback and guidance on his food choices and by encouraging him to incorporate a daily routine of exercise I'm happy to say his first month in has been pretty remarkable. I'm so proud of you Jackson. Your dedication to improving your life inspires me and I'm sure anyone that listens to this podcast will feel the same. Well done!! Jackson  IG @westj16
March 10, 2021
E:56 AUSTIN GOODWIN - Friend | Digital Advertising Creative | Bodybuilder
My guest on today's podcast is my friend Austin Goodwin. Amateur bodybuilder, full-time creative in digital advertising. Our conversation centers around our fitness goals and food intake. Both of us have different goals in mind. Austin shares his knowledge on how he manages what he consumes and we get into a discussion on the cost of food and how it is easy to eat on less and still maintain the micro and macronutrients we both need. There's a challenge involved, check it out. Follow Austin on IG: @austintreygoodwin Follow Austin on Twitter: @austintgoodwin Website:
March 8, 2021
E:55 JM RYERSON - Mindset Coach & Best Selling Author
JM is the co-founder and CEO of Let's Go Win, he's a Mindset Coach, Best Selling Author, and host of the Transcend In Life Podcast. His ultimate goal is to give others the tools that will allow them to transcend their self-limiting beliefs. It was a great conversation with JM we talked about how meditation is foundational in both of our lives. JM talked about how being more aware of our emotions, our thoughts, our beliefs, and triggers can help anyone better respond to those emotions in a positive way vs reacting to them.  For more on JM, check out his website Look for him on IG: letsgowin365 Check out his podcast Transcend In Life 
March 4, 2021
E:54 KAT FROM KAUAI - Entrepreneur
Kat from Kauai is an Entrepreneur interested in self-motivation, self-development, personal growth, and a champion of building a business all remotely using her smartphone. If you are interested in hearing how Kat can help you. DM her on IG for more information. She just launched her new podcast "Life with Kat". Check it out on Spotify and Anchor IG: @katfromkauai Podcast: Life With Kat
March 1, 2021
In this episode of the LCZ podcast Zach gives his opinion and advice on how to be financially responsible: Rule #1 make more money than you spend Rule #2 have 6 months of bills put away in a savings account Rule #3 put 10-20% of your income in a tax-efficient retirement account For more on money or to connect: IG: @zachrancey Web: LinkedIn: Zach Rance
February 26, 2021
My guest on this podcast is Shayla, blogger, podcast host, Author, and all about that bookish lifestyle!  This was fun! Had such an amazing time connecting and speaking about one of my favorite things, books, and their transformational effects.  One of Shayla's goals for 2020 was to read 100 books. She crushed that goal and exceeded it actually reading 104!  Listen in as we share and talk about a bunch of our favorite books and what each has brought to our life plus some of our recommendations. If you love books... This one's for you!  Look for Shayla on IG: @sofineprint
February 24, 2021
E:51 DAVID SUSMAN PhD - Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Advocate, Professor
Great conversation with David Susman. David is a clinical psychologist, mental health advocate and college professor. David's focus is on mental health, wellness, and recovery from mental illness and addiction with a goal to provide proven, science-based information and resources to offer support, hope, and encouragement to persons in recovery and to those who care about them. David has a very popular website and blog that you should check out where he strives to share information that helps others better understand mental health issues and by being informed and more involved we can all make a difference to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Thank you for being my Guest, David. David on Twitter David on Instagram David on Facebook  David on LinkedIn
February 22, 2021
"For those looking to unlock their true potential and reach peak performance levels..." Over the last 2 years, after experimenting with a variety of different breathwork and personal development methods, Joseph Oliver has developed a new approach to self-growth. "The Psychoactive Insight Model" The revolutionary, little-known "Psychoactive Insight" process helping students ELIMINATE the inner *cause* of anxiety, stress and procrastination. Loved speaking with Joseph, I hope you enjoy our chat! Learn More about Joseph and how you can apply to work with him through his website Look for him on IG:  itsjosepholiver
February 19, 2021
E:49 Dr. Shawn Baker - Author “The Carnivore Diet”
Dr. Shawn Baker, Orthopedic Surgeon, Athlete, CEO, Co-Founder of MeatRx, and Author of "The Carnivore Diet" is a huge proponent of the carnivore approach to your diet, a meat-focused way of eating where you reduce or eliminate all plants. Through his MeatRx Community, Dr. Baker has inspired thousands to challenge the nutritional paradigm opting for a carnivorous way of eating. Listen in as we discuss the carnivore lifestyle and its benefits plus some historical information on food consumption that will really make you think.  For more on the carnivore, lifestyle check out "The Carnivore Diet" available on Amazon Websites: and IG shawnbaker1967 MeatRx on Youtube
February 16, 2021
E:48 LUCAS - Life Coaching Client
Lucas and I worked together for a number of months working through his anxiety, working on consciousness and being present, and being aware of those voices in your head. We also worked on implementing good habit practices and getting rid of those habits that were holding him back. I'm happy to say, he's had some incredible breakthroughs that have helped him move forward. I'm available for a FREE 30-minute discovery call if you are looking to up-level your life in every area possible. Self-book an appointment today. Follow me on Instagram @zachrancey
February 15, 2021
E:47 Late-night musings under the stars with Zach Rance
Pondering the universe... Late-night musings laying in my Tesla with the sunroof open looking up towards the sky... My thoughts are running rampant right now thinking about what it would be like to be in the stars LOL. If you enjoyed this... Go to my Instagram @zachrancey and post 5 stars on my most recent post so I know you listened. Thanks!
February 13, 2021
E:46 LAURA SANKO - UFC on ESPN & DWCS Reporter
My guest today is former Pro MMA Fighter and current UFC on ESPN & DWCS Reporter Laura Sanko. We have a conversation about the Law of Attraction which Laura is focusing on this year to attract like-minded individuals as she tackles her goals going forward. We talk about religion and Christian beliefs. We also speak about MMA fighting, what the sport can teach us about life and what it's like to be a reporter for the sport.  Thanks for dropping by the podcast Laura, it was a pleasure to speak with you. IG laura_sanko Twitter: @laura_sanko
February 12, 2021
E:45 Dr. Amy B Killen "Sex & Skin" Anti-aging M.D.
Dr. Killen is an Anti-aging and regenerative medicine physician specializing in sexual optimization, skin regeneration, and hair restoration. She is the Medical Director of BioRestoration Medical, a clinic with a comprehensive, integrative approach to health located in Draper, Utah. She also works at Docere Medical in Park City, Utah with Dr. Harry Adelson, providing cutting edge regenerative medical treatments for a host of different conditions. Interesting conversation about human optimization! Thanks for being on the podcast Dr. Killen! IG: dr.amybkillen Web:
February 10, 2021
E:44 BEN BOWER - Model & Founder of Plant Based Meal "Satia"
My guest Ben Bower is a Model and the Founder of the new Plant Based Meal "Satia". Ben is currently training for an Ironman like myself. Our conversation centers around nutrition, the launch of his new product, and how each of us is searching for the best sources of nutrition to fuel our body when undertaking a vigorous challenge like an Ironman.  For more information on Ben and Satia, check out the links below. IG benkbowers IG satianutrition WEB:
February 8, 2021
E:43 ERIC BIGGER - TV Personality & Personal Trainer
Eric Bigger TV Personality from The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, personal trainer, and Author of the books "TRANS·FOR·MA·TION: Change your Mindset, Change your Energy, Change your Life" and his latest self-help workbook "100 Days Of Wisdom: Wisdom For Life". Great speaking to Eric about transforming your life. Follow him on Instagram for super motivational posts and tips on fitness. IG ericbigger
February 5, 2021
E:42 ALYSSA NOBRIGA - Psychotherapist, Founder of The Institute of Coaching Mastery
Founder + CEO of The Institute of Coaching Mastery, a coaching certification program that helps leaders become masterful facilitators and run successful businesses. Alyssa Nobriga has an incredible story. With 2 master degrees in Psychology, and over 18 years of coaching experience, she helps coaches step into the greatest version of themselves so that they can better serve their clients, building the business of their dreams.  Look for Alyssa on Instagram and check out her programs on her website: IG: alyssanobriga Website:
February 3, 2021
E:41 BEN PATRICK "Knees Over Toes Guy"
Ben Patrick specializes in Knee Ability and is the owner of Athletic Truth Group @athletictruthgroup. The ATG methodology strengthens and restores the muscles, tendons, and ligaments from the ground up and bulletproofs the knees against the intense forces that they are subjected to in sports and in life. The questions I asked Ben were based on my own experience with knee problems and past surgeries and how I can continue to strengthen my legs and knees moving forward. Ben provides a ton of knowledge on knee strength and how to build yourself up so that you aren't in a walker by the time you are older. Great conversation! Look for Ben on Instagram and on the web: IG: @kneesovertoesguy Owner of @athletictruthgroup Website:
February 1, 2021
E:40 TOMMY BRACCO - Broadway Star & Big Brother 21 Alum
Checking in today with my guest Tommy Bracco, Broadway star, Big Brother 21 Alum, and host of the podcast Real Tawk to see what life has been like since leaving the Big Brother house, and what's he's working on now.  IG: @TommyBracco
January 29, 2021
E:39 RENEE BAUER - Award-Winning Divorce Attorney
An amazing conversation with Ms. Renee Bauer! Renee is an award-winning divorce attorney, author, and founder of the family law firm, Bauer Law Group. She's also the host of the podcast Happy Even After with Ms. Renee Bauer.  Renee's is committed to empowering women to help them work through the challenges of divorce and to recognize that even after a divorce, you do deserve happiness, peace, and a sense of purpose and she is here to help make that happen.  Renee offers plenty of value if you or someone you know is going through a divorce.  Check out her D.Course which is linked in her IG bio or on her website. Thank you for being my guest Renee!  Check her out on Instagram @msreneebauer Renee's website: Twitter: @msreneebauer
January 27, 2021
E:38 DR. WILL COLE Leading Functional-Medicine Expert
Dr. Will Cole is a leading functional-medicine expert who was named one of the top 50 functional-medicine and integrative doctors in the nation.  Functional medicine provides a method for re-balancing the body’s underlying physiological systems and addressing lifestyle issues that contribute to illness. Dr. Cole's clinic looks to restore your health, they do not treat individual diseases, they do not prescribe or alter medications, they look for underlying health dysfunctions in the individual patients. Dr. Cole is also a health expert and course instructor for the world’s largest wellness brands such as mindbodygreen and goop.  His new book "Intuitive Fasting" (with forward written by Gwyneth Paltrow) will be released on February 23, 2021 AMAZON Look for Dr. Will on Instagram @drwillcole Website:
January 25, 2021
E:37 MEMPHIS GARRETT - Big Brother All-Stars 2020
It was great to connect with Memphis who just competed in the most recent season of CBS Big Brother in the summer of 2020.  This was an "All-Stars" season. Memphis first competed on Season 10 back in 2008 coming in 2nd.  On "All-Stars" he placed 5th, played a phenomenal game within a season that had some tough competition and a lot of alliances.  Now out of the Big Brother house a couple of months our conversation centered around his transition back to the real world, the challenges you face after being on a reality show, the fans, and how being locked away shut off from the world, everyone and everything you know is a challenge that is hard to understand unless you've gone through it yourself.   Look for Memphis on IG @memphisgarrett
January 22, 2021
E:36 CHRIS DUCKER Leading Authority on Personal Brand Building
Being able to build your personal brand and scale it is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Chris Ducker is my guest on this podcast and he is here with some wise advice, some really helpful insight on a starting point, and some key areas you should be focusing on. It was a privilege to be able to speak with Chris who is a successful entrepreneur, author, business coach and a leading authority on building your brand.  Check out his websites and his latest book "RISE OF THE YOUPRENEUR" available on Amazon Website: and Instagram: @ChrisDucker
January 20, 2021
E:35 ZAKIYA ESHE - Spiritual Life Coach
Zakiya has found her passion and you can hear it in her voice when you listen to this episode.  Zakiya is here to teach people how to do exactly what she did, reprogram their subconscious minds to heal traumas, rid themselves of unwanted habits, and create clear visions to manifest their deepest desires. Spiritual therapy can help individuals reconnect to their lives and establish meaning.  Thank you for being my guest on the podcast Zakiya.  Visit Zakiya's website, check out her services, and download her free affirmation cards.  Web: IG: zakiyaeshe
January 18, 2021
E:34 AFFIRMATIONS - Living in Abundance
Affirmations are very powerful and when used correctly can bring you more than you could ever imagine.  It's important that all of your attention and consciousness is focused on the words I speak and repeating them to yourself.  Listen to this episode every day and repeat these affirmations to yourself and watch the magic happen!
January 16, 2021
E:33 EVAN CARMICHAEL one of the world's top 40 social marketing talents
Forbes named Evan Carmichael one of the world's top 40 social marketing talents. It was a pleasure having him on the podcast and I believe he is someone you need to know! Evan is an author, speaker and believes in entrepreneurs, he began his career by building and selling a biotech software company in his early 20's, went on to raise millions as a venture capitalist and now has an extremely successful youtube channel with millions of subscribers.  He wants to solve the world's biggest problem, people don't believe in themselves enough.  For more on Evan, check out his youtube channel, visit his website and follow him on IG, Twitter or Facebook. Links below. • Instagram • Twitter • Facebook • Website
January 15, 2021
E:32 TIM SHIELDS 2x NY Times Bestselling Editor/Ghostwriter
Tim Shields, author of "A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment" was the editor of my favorite book by Dr. Joe Dispenza "Becoming Supernatural. How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon". Becoming Supernatural has made the biggest impact on my life bar none and Tim is a huge part of that impact so it was an extreme pleasure to have him on the podcast to talk about mindfulness, consciousness, spirituality, and to hear his life journey.  Thank you Tim! Check out his website: A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment - Amazon IG: @therealtimshields Twitter: ShieldsTimothy Website:
January 13, 2021
E:31 JEAN FALLACARA - "The Cyborg" Author, CEO, Scientist, Biohacker
My guest on this episode is Scientist- Eng. Biotechnology, Jean Fallacara, Founder and CEO of Z-SC1 Corp based in Quebec, Canada. Jean is the founder of CYBORGGAINZ, The World’s 1st Human Optimization Program based on Neurosciences.  He is an Athlete, Biohacker, Speaker, Author and is ranked #5 in the TOP 10 MOTIVATIONAL INFLUENCERS 2020 in Canada.  Listen in to our conversation as we speak about neuroplasticity and your ability to biohack your mind to rewire your brain biohacking yourself to bring immeasurable improvements to your quality of life.  A great starting point to get to know Jean would be to check out his Instagram.  His new book NEUROSCIENCE CALISTHENICS: Hijack your Body Clock is available on Amazon IG: cyborggainz Web:
January 11, 2021
In this new episode, the first of a series, I'm reading aloud a lot of positive, good energy, high vibration affirmations that are going to allow you to utilize the Law of Attraction in your favor. Simply put, the Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you. So, if you stay focused on the good and positive things in your life, you will automatically attract more good and positive things into your life.
January 8, 2021
E:29 FESSY SHAFAAT - MTV's The Challenge, CBS Big Brother
My guest today is MTV's The Challenge Star (Season's 35 & 36) and CBS Big Brother 20 Fessy Shafaat!  Fessy and I have a great conversation about finding your purpose, what brings you happiness and how he wants to kick off 2021 by taking the platform he's been blessed with and turning it into something positive, meaningful, and impactful to help others that follow him. Check it out and if you have any feedback for Fessy or for me, we would love to hear from you!  IG: @fessyfitness Twitter: @fessyfitness Cameo: FessyFitness
January 8, 2021
E:28 ANDREW FERRARA - Stand-up comedian
Stand-up comedian Andrew Ferrara voted inweekly’s best comedian on Florida’s gulf coast twice (2017 & 2018), sheds light on the hilarious realities & obstacles of growing up gay in both a big Italian catholic family & one of the most traditionally conservative counties in the southern united states. He performs around the country in festivals from NYC to California, hosts the 'We're Not For Everybody' Podcast, and produces a comedy fest in Pensacola, FL. It was a pleasure to have him as my guest on the podcast. Check out Andrew online: Ig: @instadrooch Web:
January 5, 2021
E:27 JON GORDON - Best-selling American Author and Speaker
Jon Gordon, best-selling American author, and speaker with a mission to inspire people and organizations to work with more vision, passion, positivity, and purpose. His clients include professional sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, corporations, and more. His journey to a more positive mindset and life began in 2002 by taking walks of gratitude and progressed from a small following to now where he has hundreds of thousands of followers. Jon has sold millions of copies of his 23 published books, many of them best-sellers, and continues to teach, speak and inspire people across North America today. Really great insightful conversion. Here is where you can connect with Jon on-line: IG: JonGordon11 Website:
January 2, 2021
E:26 CODY CALAFIORE - Winner of Big Brother All-Stars 2020
My boy Cody Calafiore made it to the top on this years Big Brother All-Stars slicing his way through the CBS Big Brother house earning himself 500K!  Aligned with literally everyone, NEVER on the block and laser focused on the end goal he played a flawless game. Listen in as we reminisce about Big Brother 16 and talk about the differences between this season of All-Stars and his first Big Brother season and the affect maturity and personal growth had on his mindset.  Cody online: IG @codycalafiore
December 16, 2020
E:25 How to be more mindful. Part 1
Conversation with myself about how to create new mindfulness triggers and cues. Mindfulness is one of the building blocks for strong mental health and in this episode I talk about how you can cultivate more mindfulness and ultra presence to vertically scale every part of your life.
December 10, 2020
E:24 DAVE ASPREY - Bulletproof Dieting with Best-selling Science Author
Dave’s mission is to empower the entire globe with information and knowledge that unlocks the Super Human in everyone at any age. He's the founder & Chairman of Bulletproof, creator of the Bulletproof Diet, Bulletproof Coffee, Collagen Protein and other wellness products. He's a three-time New York Times bestselling science author and also hosts the Webby award-winning podcast Bulletproof Radio. Website:, IG @dave.asprey
December 2, 2020
E:23 A Healthy Diet w Dan Churchill
In this episode I have a conversation with the personal chef for the Under Armour team at the Olympics Dan Churchill. Now based in New York, Dan is regularly featured on Good Morning America, on ABC’s The Chew and on The Food Network. As a result he has reached an audience in excess of 10 million people. He is the Chef and Co-Founder of Charley St, a fast casual restaurant in Nolita that serves healthy farm-to-table eats. The restaurant is also home to Dan’s own production kitchen, where he films videos and content with thought leaders in food and wellness. Website: IG: @dan_churchill
November 30, 2020
E:22 Life Principles with Sashin Govender
Sashin Govender, 24 Years Old, born and raised in Durban, South Africa. He was introduced to personal development at a tender age of 8 years old, he declared his mindset is his largest Asset. Sashin was introduced to the business and sales world at 18 years old which makes him an entrepreneur for 7 years. In 2012 he partnered up with a Billion Dollar United States based Travel & Lifestyle company, he broke every record being the Youngest individual Worldwide to achieve each status level. He became a 7 Figure Earner at 21 years old and a 8 Figure Earner at 24 years old. In 2013, at 19 Years Old, Sashin was chosen for Business For Home Entrepreneur of the year Under 30 Years Old. IG: @winwithsashin
November 24, 2020
E:21 Jordan Syatt - Gary Vee’s Personal Trainer
Jordan Syatt, with his years of experience and accomplishments has a straight forward, tell it like it is approach to training and nutrition who has helped hundreds if not thousands of people successfully gain the confidence and knowledge to implement the best possible training and nutrition into their lifestyle. If you are looking to make some changes to your life or your lifestyle, definitely look him up on IG @syattfitness,  Youtube or on his website
November 18, 2020
E:20 Ron Boss Everline - Kevin Hart’s Personal Trainer
Ron "Boss" Everline, Motivator, Celebrity and Professional Fitness Trainer and Entrepreneur who has worked with Fortune 100 CEO's and A-list celebrities including Kevin Hart and Sean 'Diddy' Combs. Through his Just Train brand, he shows the fun aspects of training and health on his platforms. The Just Train mantra "Train Your Mind And Your Body Will Follow". Incredible story and man that grinded his way to the top! I talk with Ron about all things physical and mental health.  Check him out on IG @justtrain and his website:
November 16, 2020
E:19 Kaitlyn Herman - Talk BB, Spirituality, and Coaching
Catching up w Kaitlyn from BB 20 Website:  Quarter Life Crisis IG: @kaitlyn_herman
November 15, 2020
E:18 Guided Meditation- Body Awareness
Guided Meditation Part 2
November 9, 2020
E:17 DERRICK LEVASSEUR - Winner of Big Brother 16
In this episode my guest is one of my really good friends and winner of Big Brother 16, Derrick. We have a great talk about his new book, reminiscing on Big Brother 16 and what Derrick did with all his winnings!!! Website: IG: @derricklevasseur
November 9, 2020
E:16 Psychedelics & Personal Growth w/ Transformation Coach Albert Monachese!
How a psychedelic journey ended a heroin addiction and created a different path with a new addiction to personal growth! We discuss how psychedelics play a critical role in the new awakening of human consciousness. I also get introduced to ceremonial guided journeys with a shaman and how a psychedelic experience paved the way for Alberts transformational shift into his new purpose of changing the world! Featured in this episode: Magic mushrooms, Iowaska, DMT, and Ibogaine! This is not for the weak minded. Enjoy! Website:  Personal Growth Academy IG: @personalgrowthacademy
October 30, 2020
E:15 Shadow Work with Emma Huang!
In this episode, Emma, Transformational Life Coach shows me how I can practice shadow work and be more intentional about not giving my power away to other people and the things around me. IG: @growwithem_
October 20, 2020
E:14 “Jesus Christ Is Now My Boyfriend” w/ WNBA Hall of Famer Chantelle Anderson
In this episode I open up about my relationship with God, my experience attending church, and my future relationship w Jesus Christ. My guest, Chantelle Anderson, Confidence and Faith Coach teaches me how to cultivate a stronger faith and gospel through one of the most famous books ever written, The Bible. You can find her at !  Or on IG: @misschantelle
October 18, 2020
E:13 Mastering Your Thoughts and Self Love with Published Author Traci Propst!
Topics of discussion: Self Love, Consciousness and Mental Health with Published Author of Unapologetic and Certified Life Coach Traci Propst. In this episode we go deep into the relationship that each of us have with our thoughts and how we can be more aware of our emotions, feelings and nourish our self love to step into the best life we could have even imagined. Abundance and infinite possibilities are always right around the corner!!! Website: TraciPropst IG: @tracipropst
October 15, 2020
E:12 What Happens After We Die? with Spiritual Life Coach Amanda Marit!
Amanda Marit is a Spiritual Life and Business Coach, Founder of Soul Mastery coaching certification, and a cubicle survivor turned multiple 6-figure per year Soulpreneur!! In this episode we discuss law of attraction, manifestation, spirituality, and how to step into your purpose on this Earth! We also answer the million dollar question of, “what happens after we die?!” Website:  AmandaMarit IG: @theamandamarit
October 13, 2020
E:11 MADDY JONES - Yoga Teacher and Coach
In this episode Yoga Teacher and Coach Maddy Jones takes us into a deep mindfulness guided meditation, tells us about her journey to becoming a certified Yoga teacher in Thailand and also how we can learn to properly breathe each and every moment!! IG: @coachmaddyjones
October 8, 2020
E:10 Mobility and Wellness with Hayden Voss from Big Brother 16
In this episode my guest is one of my Big Brother brothers, Hayden! Hayden is a personal trainer and mobility coach and focuses on shoulders, knees, and the mind-body connection to help you live your best life physically and mentally!
October 5, 2020
E:09 Mental Health Event w/ Alexa
In this episode Alexa and I discuss the Mental Health event that we are hosting on October 8 at 8 PM! This event is for International Mental Health day, and we are making it our mission to spread awareness around mental health! If you’re interested in coming to the event reach out to myself or Alexa @withlovealexa1
September 30, 2020
E:08 Affirmations and Self Love w/ Jasmine - Habits of a Goddess
In this episode I have the lovely Goddess Jasmine Rasco as my guest! Jasmine is someone who helps women discover their inner power and guides them in areas they are wanting to improve in their life. She also has her own podcast called Habits of A Goddess. Jasmine shares daily affirmations to help with mental health self-care and self-love, and in this episode we talk about her affirmations and how we can utilize self-love to bring our greatest version of ourselves into every single room we walk into.
September 29, 2020
E:07 Zach and Amber - Coaching Call
In this episode with my incredible guest, Best Selling Author and Business Coach Amber Farooqui we go deep into emotional wellness , and mental health. We discuss some of our biggest challenges and our strongest strengths! You can buy Ambers book “Finding your Fit: A Guide to Living Your Best Life” on Amazon now!
September 23, 2020
E:06 Guided Meditation: Body Awareness #1
Guided Meditation #1
September 10, 2020
E:05 My 30th Year on Earth!
On this episode I discuss my 30th birthday and how I plan on living my life differently moving forward.
September 10, 2020
E:04 My Opinion on Coronavirus
In this episode I express my opinion on Coronavirus
September 8, 2020
E:03 Ironman Injuries and Training
In this episode I discuss a lot of the injuries I’ve been dealing with and how my training has been going.
September 8, 2020
E:02 My Real Estate Career
In this episode I discuss how I got into Real Estate, details of my career, what I’ve leaned and how I’m applying it to my life now.
September 3, 2020
E:01 September Goals & Gary V
This episode I discuss my September goals, morning & nighttime routine, my phone call with Gary Vee, and the gnat infestation in my house.
September 2, 2020