Stories behind the Chair !!

Stories behind the hair

An episode of Stories behind the Chair !!

By Zaklina Alex Larriu
Stories behind the chair is about every day life situations gossip women’s beauty tips and just Real Talk
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Stories behind the hair
Workout struggles ! Workout struggles are real ladies ! Like everyone wants a sexy body but nobody wants to workout lol ! Let’s talk pod cast on the Peloton life changing !!! #podcast #podcastbeauty #anchorpod
July 18, 2019
Stories behind the chair !
So excited to share my new podcast I am a salon downtown in West Palm Beach and I am just so excited to share a beauty tips stories and gossip that I hear behind the chair and just share every day stuff so continue to follow me and subscribe to my podcast and I am really really excited to just show you all the secrets and stories that I hear
July 17, 2019
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