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The Zara Show

The Zara Show

By Zara Jayne
Zara Jayne is a performance maker and writer with hidden disabilities. With arts venues closed for most of 2020 and operating at reduced capacity in 2021, Zara decides to team up with the charity Sense to make a podcast. She explores the lives of artists and performers who have disabilities, and talks to them about their work, world views and life coming out of lockdown. With frank conversation, Zara continues her podcast adventures. Written & hosted by Zara Jayne.Direction & music by Sam Frankie Fox.Mixed by Fox&Rocha.Artwork by Channi Dorset.Produced in collaboration with Sense.
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Episode one: ‘Living Creatively’ with Miss Jacqui

The Zara Show

Episode Three: ‘Getting Stuff Done’ with Dr Jessi Parrott
Performer and creative writer Dr Jessi Parrott talks to Zara having recently completed a PhD which centred around research into disability as an employment issue in UK theatre and television. They discuss balancing creative and academic work during the pandemic and how singing in a virtual choir has helped them feel connected to a wider community and been a tonic for feelings of isolation and loneliness. Self-described as a queer disabled artist, Jessi has a lot of enlightening views around representation and inclusion within the arts industry, and celebrates the resourcefulness and openness of the disabled community. As well as shining a light on Jessi’s quick wit and fierce intelligence, the podcast also celebrates Zara and her guest’s passion for myths and fantasy - join them as they agonise over their preference for unicorns or dragons in an entertaining game of ‘would you rather’!
October 22, 2021
Episode two: ‘Reconnecting’ with Raji Gopalakrishnan
Performer Raji Gopalakrishnan is a close friend and collaborator of Zara’s, and the pair share stories of making, baking and exploring together both online and in person on long walks in the countryside. Raji is deafblind and uses tactile British Sign Language - using her hands to feel the signs - and for this episode she is joined by her communicator-guide Sally McNeill, who voices Raji’s interview. This is a buoyant conversation where Raji expresses her appreciation of nature, appetite for travel and how dancing is her ‘happy-place’. She urges listeners to think about inclusion and always try to be equal, and makes an appeal on behalf of all disabled people - “don’t forget about us”. Episode Transcript:
October 15, 2021
Episode one: ‘Living Creatively’ with Miss Jacqui
Spoken word artist, performer, songwriter and poet Miss Jacqui has a conversation with Zara about how she has been working creatively at home during the pandemic. She makes work so that listeners can see the world differently - and as a special treat she performs the first poem she ever wrote, where people with disabilities are described as ‘fireworks in the daytime’! Tune in as they both discuss Jacqui’s creative journeys, her love of animals, prioritisation of kindness and mission to challenge societal perceptions and share what it actually means to be a black woman with a disability. Transcript: Credits Written and hosted by Zara Jayne Direction and music by Sam Frankie Fox Edited & mixed by Fox & Rocha Artwork by Channi Dorset of This podcast is produced in collaboration with the ‘Sense Arts and Wellbeing Team’. Sense is a national disability charity that supports people with complex disabilities including deafblindness. ‘Sense, Connecting Sight, Sound and Life – No one left out of life, no matter what’. Supported by DCMS, #letstalkloneliness #TheZaraShow @zara_jayne87 @sensecharity
October 01, 2021
Episode three: 'Shifting Attitudes' with Clarke Reynolds
Episode 3 transcript available here - Mixed-media artist Clarke Reynolds has not stopped during lockdown! Between showing his art in international online exhibitions, printing bespoke t-shirts and home schooling, Clarke is a man on a mission . This final episode is a fast-paced, dynamic conversation between him and his new friend Zara; they discuss shifting attitudes around how disabled people are perceived, and they have some fun unpicking why Clarke choses to principally place braille at the heart of his art and his world. Written & hosted by Zara Jayne Arnold: @zara_jayne87 Guest artist Clarke Reynolds: @clarke_reynolds (instagram) @3dpointlism (twitter) Direction & music by Sam Frankie Fox Produced in collaboration with Sense
December 18, 2020
Episode two: 'Wellbeing' with Robin Jax
Episode 2 transcript available here - Musician Robin Jax talks to Zara about his music projects and processes, and the story of setting up his neuro-diverse label Tiergarten Records. This episode focuses on wellbeing so as well as sharing his deep love for music, he offers some top tips on keeping mentally healthy. Listen out for some insightful stories about disability rights and inclusivity too. Written & hosted by Zara Jayne Arnold: @zara_jayne87 Guest artist Robin Jax: @robinjaxrpc @Tiergarten_Recs Direction & music by Sam Frankie Fox Produced in collaboration with Sense
December 17, 2020
Episode one: 'Resilience' with Tanya Raabe-Webber
Episode 1 Transcript available here - Visual artist Tanya Raabe-Webber is a “painter of people”. She takes Zara and her listeners on a guided tour of her home studio and let’s them get up close and personal with her artwork - including a piece that is part of a ‘visual manifesto’ she has created for Sense Arts. Their conversation centres around resilience and they both share their individual philosophies on how to power through and find your own voice as an artist. Written & hosted by Zara Jayne Arnold: @zara_jayne87 Guest artist Tanya Raabe-Webber: @tanyaraabe Direction & music by Sam Frankie Fox Produced in collaboration with Sense
December 08, 2020
The Zara Show - Trailer
Introducing The Zara Show, a podcast created in collaboration Sense, the national disability charity. For this pilot series Zara explores the lives of artists and performers who have disabilities, and talks to them about their work, world views and life in lockdown. Written and hosted by Zara Jayne Arnold: @zara_jayne87 Direction and Music by Sam Frankie Fox:  @samfrankiefox Edited & mixed by Fox & Rocha Artworks by Channi Dorset : @cr8wallinc Supported by DCMS #letstalkloneliness : @DCMS In collaboration with Sense Arts: @Sensecharity @StephSenseArts @SunneySenseArts @OliviaSenseArts
December 02, 2020