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No Tougher Duty - No Higher Honor: From Iraq to America, a Healing Journey in Writing!

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By Eric
The Zbooks successful authors' podcast is where Bestselling Author Eric Z talks about Independent Publishing, CHALLENGES, and whatever we feel like, with the BEST Authors in the WORLD!
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The Pillars of Selfpublishing with @ErocZ of Zbooks.co
I've been self-publishing my books for over 5 years now and have a lot of LESSONS LEARNED. Some are COUNTER-INTUITIVE- some are not. Listen in - these are the PILLARS and they will NEVER CHANGE :-) Get my new book at www.Zbooks.co ! Get more of Eric Z here:  https://linktr.ee/eric.zbooks
April 18, 2019
The Number ONE Questions Beginning Authors and Selfpublishers ASK - and the ANSWER!!! By @ErocZ of Zbooks.co
This is the answer to the #1 question I get asked about self-publishing. It is also the MOST IMPORTANT ANSWER. Listen in BEFORE you write your book! And - you can get the presentation here: http://bit.ly/boomtheanswer Get more of Eric Z (like my NEW BOOK!) here: https://linktr.ee/eric.zbooks
April 11, 2019
No Tougher Duty - No Higher Honor: From Iraq to America, a Healing Journey in Writing!
No Tougher Duty - No Higher Honor: From Iraq to America, a Healing Journey in Writing! High explosives could not kill him. On his second tour to Iraq, an IED made from a 120mm high-explosive round blasted him into the "abyss"-- 40 yards away... “After you get blown up, you come really close to death, your invincibility bubble pops.” Now he wants to help others heal! Meet AWARD WINNING Author and retired USMC Gunnery Sergeant Christian Bussler. He did 3 tours to Iraq: Ramadi, Fallujah, and all of the nice respectable places your mother told you NOT to go to when visiting Iraq!  He fought PTSD--and won. He had the most unique job description of any Marine... Mortuary Affairs Marine This is his story, it is AMAZING! Some highlights: The worst part of the war The best part of the war The Bradley fighting vehicle, an aluminum “Death Trap”! Melted bodies in aluminum! Tap testing crash sites for human remains THE BUSSLER FOLD! Preparing yourself to die Journaling as therapy Camp Coyote Camp Iwo-Jima The Blackhawk helicopter crash Burned blood! How do you honor the dead? Combat in Fallujah and Ramadi BJJ - Brazilian Ju Jitsu Go see the full interview and GET his book here! http://bit.ly/2YMsHEe
April 4, 2019
How to DOMINATE the World from your TENT! With Buck Flogging a.k.a. Matt Stone
http://bit.ly/BuckFlogging How to Rule the World from Your Tent!  Because Every Millionaire Has 3+ Streams of Income SEE THE FULL INTERVIEW AND MATERIALS HERE: http://bit.ly/BuckFlogging
March 28, 2019
Zbooks: The Top 5 #WORLDVIEW CHALLENGING Books of 2018 and early 2019: with @ErocZ
Wanna challenge yourself? Wanna get blown away by new ideas...challenging, hard-to-swallow, red-pill ideas?! Then check out these books! The Top 5 books of last year and one from this year: [get the presentation here! bit.ly/topfivebooks] Factfulness - Hans Rosling The 12 Week Year - Brian Moran Life After Google - George Gilder Skin in the Game - Nassim Nicholas Taleb Mastering Amazon Ads - Brian Meeks
March 21, 2019
Story Telling on Steroids! With Kyle Gray of THE STORY ENGINE.CO
Why is storytelling so powerful? Storytelling  is scientifically proven to boost sales! Kyle Gray is THE expert in using stories to sell and OPTIMIZE AND MAXIMIZE your marketing efforts. In this podcast you will learn not only WHY it is awesome and powerful, but HOW TO DO IT! You will also learn about: Public Speaking Content Marketing (hint: it's free!) Kyle's HARVESTING METHOD Kyle's SUPER VALUABLE (I can't believe he gives this away for free!) Content marketing Template Go to the BLOG and get all of the resources! http://bit.ly/2HuCXdX
March 14, 2019
The Machiavelli of Amazon Ads and MORE : Brian Berni!
The man behind the scenes - the MASTERMIND, is from Italy, he worked in the Vatican, and his name is Brian Berni! Brian has teamed up with some real Heavy Hitters: Derek Doepker and Matt Stone - to bring Indie-authors the best advertising or "done for you" books ads on the market. BookAds.co! Through their combined market savvy and insider knowledge they have built an awesome Amazon Ads service that BLOWS AWAY the competition. Brian has also hosted an AWE-SUM Author summit!
March 7, 2019
Running in Silence - Running to Victory: Interview with Rachael Steil!
Rachael had to conquer her personal demons, and they were HEAVY... Eating disorders from A-Z! (Why have only one when you can have them all?) In this interview Rachael talks about the shame, the challenges, AND gives very helpful tips for family members and people suffering from eating disorders! Of course, she has a book too, and is a successful author! Listen in as we talk about her ordeals that have now lead to blossoming speaking and authoring career! See more on www.zbooks.co
February 26, 2019
Writing Killer Thrillers with Mark O'Neill!
Mark O'Neill's Heroin is an utter *****! Join us as we talk about PANTSERS vs OUTLINERS and why female ASSASSINS are awesome!
February 18, 2019
Live with Gregory Diehl! #Sunday #Chat from Cold Germany (Eric Z) to the warm Philippines (Gregory Diehl)
Live with Gregory Diehl! Join us in this #Sunday #Chat from Cold Germany (Eric Z) to the warm Philippines (Gregory Diehl) as we talk about what it takes to be an #INFLUENTIAL #AUTHOR.   Listen in as Gregory goes over his #SEVEN #steps! Get my new book! http://zbooks.gr8.com/
February 18, 2019
Making a Difference with our ELDERS and VERONICA KIRIN!
I had the pleasure to interview VERONICA KIRIN : a serial entrepreneur and an ANTHROPOLOGIST ! She traveled all across the United States and interviewed 100 elders for her new book "Stories of Elders". She also used KickStarter to help launch and finance the book... Listen in for some inspiring goodness! Kickstarter guide:  https://veronicakirin.com/product/kickstarter-guidebook/ FB group:  https://facebook.com/groups/audaciousentrepreneurs Social links:  https://facebook.com/vmkirin https://instagram.com/vmkirin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKvGd5XMJt14fM-9ec7RQog Book:  https://storiesofelders.com
February 8, 2019
Advanced Book Launching Techniques and List Building with Tom Morkes
It's amazing what Tom Morkes has done since he left the military. He has been able to 10X his business in a matter of years. One of the core products of his is BOOKs and BOOK Launches! Listen in as Tom Morkes reveals some of the most EFFECTIVE book marketing strategies on the planet! Go to the blog to get all of the links and materials like the Book Marketing CANVAS! http://bit.ly/2sFd8zc
January 29, 2019
Breakthrough Your Amazon Ads with Derek Doepker and Eric Z of Zbooks
This is a #SUPER #DEEEEEP dive with Derek Doepker on Amazon ads! Derek has helped other big gun Authors like Steve Scott maximize their book sales with Amazon ads... What a RICH episode! Learn about the 4% RULE - profound! The FLOW STATE How to A-B test Your Amazon Ads The ABC's of your Book's Title and Sales-Page on Amazon What is going to Change in the Book World How to Zig when everyone else is Zagging The new CURRENCY How to get peoples attention (Secret Hack!) "When everyone is zigging -- it's easier to zag!" Check out Derek's Amazon Ad training KD SALES MACHINE!
January 23, 2019
The Most Valuable Podcast for Beginning Authors | C.S. Lakin & Eric Z the Narrative Breakdown
In this Episode Eric Z goes on a deep dive with C.S. Lakin about the NARRATIVE breakdown, and why it is so DARNED important to get it right! Also why it is so important for beginner authors to have their book professionally critiqued by and EXPERT in the field. [so you don't waste time, and instead, get started RIGHT!] Why is this the most valuable podcast? #1 - CS Lakin has literally TONS of resources on her website for FREE (not even an email required!) These include TEMPLATES and Outlines and checklists and, and, and! EXACTLY what the beginning author needs to look at and USE FIRST. I mean really...first! Also, if you listen to the end, there is a DISCOUNT code for one of CS Lakin's SUPER VALUABLE course. I wish I would have discovered her website BEFORE I started my book!
January 16, 2019
Zbooks Author Motivational for 2019
Start this year off right :-) ...and finish your book! https://gumroad.com/l/SevenDayChallenge/discount
January 16, 2019
How and Why to Podcast - the Easiest and Quickest way, with @ErocZ from Zbooks.co
In the latest episode of Zbooks Successful Authors Podcast Eric Z explains the how's and why's of podcasting  and... Why you especially need to start a podcast—as an author. The BEST platform— that broadcasts automatically to 11 different BIG platforms like iTunes, GooglePlay, and and and... KILLER tips on the technology and sound recording required. An awesome way to put a book together—FAST! A Mic CHECK - I switch mic's to demonstrate the difference in quality between a good mic and a cheapo mic. And even a killer tip for GENERATING more TRAFFIC to your podcast! Go To http://bit.ly/y2pod for the presentation to this podcast - no email required!
January 13, 2019
How to ACE Historical Fiction with Harald Johnson and Eric Z
I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Harald Johnson, a Historical Fiction MEISTER! Harald has many years of experience in so many topics, it's impossible to cover them here. Listen in as he unfolds the RICH History of New York, and at the same time, how to "do" Historical Fiction right. Harald has a depth of experience that I have rarely encountered before. From Marketing, to Design, and of course writing CAPTIVATING books (!) well...we will have to do another podcast to cover the rest! Topics Covered: · Bookbub ads · Marketing (media director?) · DPI vs Pixel mass/dimensions – Printing industry · The perfect Ebook cover dimensions · KDP select vs “going wide” · Traditional Publishing vs Independent Publishing (Hint: Indie Kicks Trad’s arsch!) · The Concept is NOT the premise · Amazon Ads (AMS: Amazon Marketing Services) · Pay Per Click Advertising · “Trickle” ads with minimum bids · Fiction vs Nonfiction characters · Outlining · Henry Hudson · East India Company vs West India Company · New Amstersdam vs New York · Dutch vs British colonists · Manahatta: The Island of Many Hills · Algonquin speaking Lenape Native American Indians · Jamestown · Beavers J · Swimming the Hudson! · Book promotion · Quora ads · The New World movie with Colin Farrell, Pocahontas (Q'orianka Kilcher) · Stephen King’s “11-22-63” · Split timelines · Ken Follett · Chapter length vs Scenes Enjoy this deep dive into everything from marketing books to Pocahontas!
December 12, 2018
I Met the Muhammad Ali of Ebooks and survived! Most AWE-SUM interview with Steve Scott!
This is The Way of the Successful Author Series: Interview with Steve Scott the Undisputed Champion of Independent Publishing! In this interview you will learn about: The #1 tip for beginning authors The #1 tip for intermediate and advanced authors How to sustain sales How to validate your book idea Amazon Ads - "Sponsored Ads" Accountability Partners vs Mentors Foreign rights and translating your book Steve Scott has over 50+ books on Amazon. He has published 10 books per year and made a CONSISTENT 5 digit monthly income with his book palette. Let that sink in...
December 8, 2018
The Influential Author with Gregory Diehl and Eric Z
How do you become an Influential Author? Gregory Diehl has traveled more countries than Tim Ferriss AND has been dominating the Business Categories of Amazon.com for over 1 year. Listen in as Eric Z gets the full report from our Traveling Influential Author!
December 6, 2018
Zbooks Amazing Insights: Interview with Dr.Bernie Siegel
Dr.Bernie Siegel's resume and life experience is longer than Sigmund Freud's and Carl Jung's combined! It was an honor to interview him and ask him ANY questions I wanted. MIND BLOWING INSIGHTS! One of my favorite, just as an example: At the hospital radiology department, UNBEKNOWNST to the radiologist, the machine was not working. The radio-active element was NOT installed. The radiologist however treated people for ONE MONTH with the "empty" machine. They all improved as if they had been treated with a normal working machine!!! Listen in to this interview for one JAW DROPPER after another! *FAVORITE QUOTE* "Consciousness can be experienced as a universal field that affects us all, and studies by quantum physicists have verified this." *TRANSCRIPT:* http://www.befreud.com/ BOOKS MENTIONED: 1.) The Art of Healing - Dr.Bernie Siegel http://geni.us/ArtofHealing 2.) Life Paints its Own Span - Susan Bach http://geni.us/LifePaints 3.) The Secret World of Drawings - Gregg
September 15, 2018
The Best Way to Get Reviews Zbooks Podcast w/Voracious Readers Only
Since Amazon has "kicked" the 3rd parties from their API, and made it impossible to contact reviewers, the "easy" way to get reviews is GONE. GREAT! The mother of invention comes on cue and a new service fills the void! VORACIOUS READERS ONLY .com Listen in as @ErocZ of Zbooks.co takes a deep dive with Larry Froncek of VoraciousReadersOnly.com on: --Getting reviews --Entreprenuers --Facebook Ads --Building a Business --Book Promotions7 --Validating a product/sercies --Email lists and list building --A-B testing book covers --Book blurbs, log lines, hooks Check it out at www.Zbooks.co !
September 1, 2018
Zbooks + Simon Whistler - The #ZEN Master of Audio Books!
This is the first Zbooks podcast and I was lucky enough to get Simon Whistler for the interview! In case you don't know Simon Whistler, he is the Zen Master of Audio books, those are my own words of course. Listen to the interview for HIS own words! In his Rocking Self Publishing podcasts he has interviewed over 100 successful authors, so if you are interested in super interesting interviews and LEARNING from the most successful authors in the world, I highly recommend you go to his website: http://rockingselfpublishing.com/ and start listening to his interviews! Next week I interview Mike Shreeve and we finally get those Facebook ads right!
August 29, 2018
How to do FACEBOOK ADS right: With Mike Shreeve and Eric Z
This is the best advice I have heard for ALL authors in a long time. In this podcast you will hear some of the best most down to earth advice, and you will notice that Mike really cares about you struggling authors out there. My favorite part is not the absolutely GOLD advice about Facebook ads, but how Mike DEMYSTIFIES everything. Highlites: The Isaac Asimov Business Model for publishing books Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select vs "Going wide" Facebook Ads Done Right! Who the "F" needs a bestseller!? It's not magic! Bonus Resources: http://www.zbooks.co/2015/08/zbooks-dives-deep-with-mike-shreeve.html
August 16, 2018
Indomitable Spirit, Motivational Books, and Charity: Interview with David Bird!
This is a Human Story of Courage David was born with a disfigurement, (I'll leave the details out: listen to the interview!), and had to OVERCOME many challenges in his life. Listen in as we talk about handicaps, charity, overcoming challenges, dealing with bullies, and publishing books too! Check out his book and this episode on Zbooks: http://www.zbooks.co/2018/06/indomitable-spirit-motivational-books.html
August 15, 2018
Another #1 Thanks to KdpRocket : Exactly How I Did It! [VIDEO]
This started out as a book cover A-B-C test and quickly wound up a #1 thanks to KdpRocket! STEPS: Step 1.) Publish Your Book on KDP Step 2.) Search for categories for your book with KDPROCKET Step 3.) Choose the BEST 10 categories for your book Step 4.) Start a help ticket with Amazon/KDP and ask them to add your book to those 10 categories... Step 5.) BOOM! Better rankings guaranteed ;-) *You would be supporting me if you used my affiliate link to BUY KDPROCKET:* You can see the books here: http://geni.us/monsterAliens (remember that -zon updates the ratings HOURLY) About Step 3: Because I made this video very quickly, I want to explain step 3 again...better: I had previously published a book in this series as a PERMA-FREE book. And these 3 books are also FREE. In the spreadsheet from KdpRocket, it shows the "ABSR" = Amazon Book Sales Rank... i.e. the PAID book sales rank. KdpRocket shows you the sales rank of the #1 book in the category, AND the #20 book in the category. The #2
August 11, 2018
How to do Amazon Ads Right - With Brian Meeks and Eric Z
*WHOOA! I got severely #REDPILLED in this interview---AWE-SUM!* Listen in as an *Intermediate* author (myself) gets some hardcore words of wisdom and #REALITY CHECKS from a real pro - BRIAN MEEKS who is the definitive MASTER of #AmazonAds ! Brian really knows his stuff AND has the DATA to back it up -- That -IS- the difference my friends. Remember to get his book FIRST - http://geni.us/meeks --and then join his Facebook group - GOLD! Any QUESTIONS? Post them in the comments here or on my blog: http://www.zbooks.co/
August 5, 2018
Meet Anita Rodgers - Crime and Mystery Author from California!
Go on a deep dive with Zbooks and Anita Rodgers! Successful Crime Series Author - NOT an easy thing to do - listen in as she gives her insider tips and techniques. Goodness Guaranteed!
July 25, 2018
The James Bond of Independent Publishing! Tyler Wagner on the Zbooks Successful Authors Podcast!
Tyler Wagner has 10x ed his Business! It is really fun watching Tyler Scale his business since the last time I interviewed him. FUN AND INSPIRING! Listen in as Tyler reveals his techniques and words of wisdom - enjoy! Remember to get more at http://www.zbooks.co/ and contact Tyler at: authorsunite.com
July 14, 2018
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