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Oh Well!

Oh Well!

By Oh Well with Zeeda Michele
Nothing is off limits! I’ll probably say what you’re thinking but was to scared to say it! So what if they judge me! Oh Well! Only God can judge me!
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Mental Health Check!
I had to ask myself was I ok recently’ only for the answer to be no! I was depressed borderline suicidal , barely eating … sleeping all day and super sad!! I needed help and I cried out for it ! And my pastor and church, and other pastors that loved me came up my aid ! Listen it’s ok … not to be ok! The dangerous thing about not being ok … is being in denial! If you are suffering with depression or just a pattern of sadness reach out for help +1 (877) 993-8354!
May 11, 2022
What the Heck!
You just can’t seem to figure out what is going on in your life or what’s happening around you! One attack after another ! You’re uncomfortable and confused! We know God doesn’t do comfort zone’s! And the devil is the author of confusion! But one thing I’m certain of… is this is the season of unexpected blessing! But you’re going to have to apply pressure! The devil ain’t just letting you walk in! And God is waiting on you to apply pressure! On his word! And have faith! I’m in the fight with you sis! Hold your head down! Down in prayer 1st! Then hold it up! Hold it up high and walk in the Power and Calling of our God!
April 30, 2022
There are somethings you've been praying and asking God for, and he hasn't released them as of yet, because you have not made ready! God can't do a new thing when you are clinging on for dear life to the old! In the multi family or apartment industry there is a term called MAKE READY! In other words someone old  is moving out and some one new is Moving in! MAKE READY SIS!
April 14, 2022
You’ve been a seed to long!
It’s time to come out of that shell and do exactly well God called you to do and what you know you should be doing! I just woke up and I heard the lord say by faith everything you've been believing God for is getting ready to happen!!
March 29, 2022
Alone doesn’t mean your lonely!
Hey sis Valentine’s Day is approaching and I need to prepare you don’t get caught Slippin alone does it mean you’re lonely! 🥰😍😘
February 09, 2022
Don’t curse your crisis
In this season of my life after much reflection and prayer God revealed to me if I don’t curse my crisis and I operate in the wisdom and the word of God that my lessons can become my blessings
January 08, 2022
Don’t sit at that table
In life we have to watch what we allow people up feed us and definitely be careful of the tables we sit at’
November 30, 2021
Identity Crisis
Sometimes we forget who we are and Not just who we are but who we are in God … but today I’m here to remind you that you are amazing!
September 27, 2021
The Rant
There was so much on my mind I didn’t even have a basic title so we call this one the “RANT”!
August 25, 2021
The more you grow the foolishness has to go
Sometimes you just have to GROW up! Everyone may not understand it doesn’t matter push forward!!
June 30, 2021
Pt2 think outside the box!
Pt 2 add on
June 22, 2021
Think outside the box!!
You were created to be great and also make some amazing power moves!! But you can’t be afraid to be great, even when your unsure! God has ordained you to be great!! Now click on to part 2 since this podcast kept being interrupted lol
June 22, 2021
The power of the right man/woman
Can bring you all the way up! Or stagnant you and tear you all the way down!!
June 08, 2021
Unwritten Pt2
Here’s the continuation I hope y’all enjoy this! Leave me a podcast message ! Or send me an email !
May 08, 2021
Unwritten pt 1
Natasha Bedingfield Eason to something! For some reason I lost connection with my signal so there is a part 2!!
May 08, 2021
Enough is enough!
I’m sick of me ...being sick of me and everything that I’ve settled for. No more this is mine and your pushing season! Like a woman giving birth your pain is producing something powerful! Oh well!!
April 30, 2021
Woman you Got this!
Welcome to the midnight edition!! This is just some late night encouragement! Sis you may feel the weight of the world is on shoulders and no one hears or understand you! But I do! Hang in there you got this!
April 16, 2021
Don’t you dare get tired!!
Now more than ever it’s time for you to push pass the hurt the pain and disappointment! This ain’t no pity party !! This is the beginning of celebration no matter where you are get up! You got this sis
April 05, 2021
The Power of Intention!
Welcome to the Second season of “Oh Well” And we start this season off talking about the Power of intention! Not only that also the the Power of Perception and the Power of A seed!! Get ready to be your very best self! Through the Power of the word!
March 29, 2021
Level Up!
Stop blaming everything and everyone around you for your current status in life! Take a look in the mirror address the person staring back ! Tell that person no longer will I be afraid, stagnated or comfortable! I’m moving forward it’s time for me to level up!
November 11, 2020
Repair, Rebuild, Restore or Restart!
Only you know when you’ve come to that fork in the road! Where do you do from here! Life doesn’t end it’s all about where you want to begin again! Here or 3P’s + E = Pray! Plan! Prepare Execute!
October 06, 2020
What is Freedom to you?
Freedom is a state of mind not necessarily a certain situation. Freedom can often be contradicting, because one can be locked up and say I’m free whereas another can be free to move but feel like there in bondage.... locked up! Imprisoned! So I ask you the question... What is Freedom to you? Send me a vocal message here on anchor! Or become a sponsor of my show! Or by me a coffee cash app $zeeda
August 09, 2020
Clarity! Connections ! Compete with yourself !
In this episode Zeeda Michele’ explores various topics on how we should be conscious of God in all we do!
July 31, 2020
Get you a circle sis!
Everyone needs accountability! Get you a circle sis ! And it should be one that covers you! Emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, and mentally. Write down a list of the five people that you are in contact with the most see how there adding or taking away from your life , and if they’re not adding and they are taking away well! it’s time to revise your circle ! welcome to episode eight get you a circle sis! Follow me on Instagram @zeeda_michele to have your credit repaired holler at @daescreditcare
July 16, 2020
She needs security... but can he give it?!
Today the doctor is in! The love doctor! Dr. Rob Nolden gives us a peek in to emotion and mentality of a man! Let’s talk about it! For more information follow him @ love_dr_rob Instagram and pick up his book “He can’t Love you ! For all things zeeda Michele follow me on Instagram @Zeeda_Michele and click the link in my bio to get by books or any information. Subscribe to my podcast and send me a live message here by pressing the message link! To have a question answered on air!
July 08, 2020
Beware and aware of your mental health!
Sometimes it takes someone else shedding light on there struggles in order to battle and defeat yours! I hope this episode helps someone! And as you are out this 4th of July celebrating however you do... remember what this day means for the African American culture... stay woke. Freedom for the U.S but not for our people. Here is the link for the story of the little boy I spoke of in the podcast For all things Zeeda Michele visit my linktree or to buy me a cup of coffee because I’m normally sippin during the podcast cash app $Zeeda thanks for listening! Don’t forget to subscribe
July 04, 2020
If I was your woman! If I was your man!? Then what ? Hmmmm Lol
Often times we create these beautiful dramatic illusions of what Love and Blissful relationships should look like and be like but ....behind closed doors we don’t know the whole story so never judge a book by its cover in this particular podcast where talking very interesting song titles and lyric contents. Which creates a facade on what love should be like. But what is it really? ask yourself! To order my books or to book me for speaking events go to also be on the look out for my new EP “Freedom of Speech “!
July 01, 2020
Freedom of Speech
It’s ok to have your own opinions and P.OV. Make sure your are the Master and not the slave. We have to answer to God for all that we do... do t be affected by human validation or acceptance, be you ! Speak up and Speak out it’s the Freedom Of speech baby!! To support my ministry / movement or just up by me a cup of coffee cash app Zeeda_michele or PayPal
June 23, 2020
It’s time to stop settling for safe. Stop being scared to activate your life! You have the power to recreate your life! And only you can do that!! Ready! Set! Activate!
June 17, 2020
Don’t be scared ! Face it ! you can do it!!
Every now and again I’ll do a Sunday Special! So here it is ! So often in life we allow fear to hold us back!! Don’t be scared! Face it! Go head on with and then conquer it! You can do it!!
June 07, 2020
Keep it A Hundo ! Keep it a thou! Keep it real! Wait !!!! what is real?
Talk to yourself! Be real with yourself! Don’t be swayed by the media, the people around you are the public! You may screw up you may have imperfections but baby ain’t nobody gon love you like God and Y-O-U! #SayHisName #GeorgeFloyd
June 04, 2020
Build a man/woman? Let’s talk relationships or not!
Through a lot of conversation over the week, I’ve encountered talks on instant soulmates, being unequally yoked and evening toxic friendships! So there was much to discuss! Let’s chop it up!
May 25, 2020
A Man works from sun up til sun down! But woman’s work is never done!
Being a woman is a full time job! We want a raise!
May 18, 2020