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Zeenat Noorani podcasts- Inspirational Tip To Wellness!

Zeenat Noorani podcasts- Inspirational Tip To Wellness!

By Zeenat Noorani
Zeenat brings you super insightful tips, tools and strategies to inspire you to take charge of your mental health and wellbeing. These podcasts can be listened to at any time, anywhere whenever you feel that you need that extra boost of inspiration to refocus or re-energise your negative thoughts, emotions, or behaviours, that you may be encountering. If you want to find out more about me and my services as a WEllbeing & Mental Health Coach | Therapist, visit:
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Season 8-Esp 2- How the enviroment we work & live in effects our Mental Health & Wellbeing
Liz Calder Founder and Owner of Biddis Lifestyle Design is not just about pretty cushions and curtains.  It is far more than that!  What makes her uniques is that she takes into account the importance of how the environment affects one's mental health and wellbeing. Here, she shares insights and valuable tips to creating the right working environment but also within people's home environment! Liz Helps businesses achieve desirable workplaces by designing interiors that best represent their brand's core values. | Commercial Interior Design | Workplace Design | Procurement & Project Management. Liz shares the importance of how the environment that we work in can affect one's mental health and wellbeing and that employers need to start to take action in addressing the workplace environment. More so now, due to the COVID Pandemic. With more people working from home it is shown that these issues need to be addressed and for those returning to work. However, this is something that needs to be taken into consideration regardless... The effect of having the wrong type of lighting, tables/desk, chair to colours of the wall can impact the way we work and live, including emotions- your mood and motivation levels to comfort. At Biddis Lifestyle Design, we design spaces with intention. We combine outstanding branding principles with your specific branding or preference to turn any tired space into functional spaces with enduring style – a sweet spot only years of experience can achieve. Through design, we’ll tell your story. If you would like to find out more about how Liz helps businesses create a friendly, safe and motivating environment get in touch with her at: 6 The Bridge | 61 Albemarle Road | Beckenham | London| BR3 5HW 0788 409 5779 | |
March 16, 2021
Season 8 Finding Your Personal Revolution
My Guest Vafa Taleban from Personal Revolution shares an insight into her personal journey from being in the wars of Iran and Iraq and how it led her and her family to move to the United Kingdom to find a better life. She talks about her struggles and challenges and how this eventually led her to the path of how she achieved her personal revolution by exploring her deep limiting beliefs, embracing her own values, and living life congruently to those values. Vafa now supports and inspires others to find their personal revolution.  To find out more visit:
March 01, 2021
Season 7- The Effects of Lockdown on Dating
My Guest Shugi- founder of Made My Date. a dating site that is so more than a singles matchmaking service. Made My Date offer dating tips and advice for singles and couples, whatever the relationship is... A One-Stop-Shop that offers 4 unique services: Bespoke Dates, Singles' Events, Blogs with ideas for inspiration & Coaching. Each service just as important as the next. She believes that many are linked together. Shugi talks about the effect of dating on mental health for singles and couples and feeling of isolation. Also how dating has evolved and the pros and cons.   Finally, she shares great valuable tips and insights on how to keep your relationship hot and spicy, saying "dating is not just for singles but couples too and for everyone plus this should be all the time to maintain a healthy relationship. Read her recent blog:  To follow and find out more about Shugi's services visit: 'The effects of Lockdown on Dating': IG: FB: Web: E:
February 01, 2021
Season 6- Build Your Resilience that'll Empower You!
How do people overcome challenging life events and experiences?  What does it take to bounce back and keep going? The key is Resilience! How resilient are you? Resilience is not a trait that people either have or do not have. It involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions that can be learned and developed by anyone. One way to develop resilience is to draw on one’s learning from similar challenges in the past, to remember what he or she already knows, but may have forgotten. It is important to remember that resilience is also about ensuring that you ensure that your mental health and wellbeing is at the top of the pyramid. Being resilient doesn’t mean that you keep going with the detriment to your mental wellbeing. Resilient is about finding alternative solutions, paths, directions, and resources to help one move forward.
January 01, 2021
Season 5-Are you concerned about going back into the workplace environment in 2021?
Take control of your fears and not the other way round! The  Covid-19 lockdown led to sudden life changes as employees were asked to  stay at home—and work or be furloughed, if at all possible. It was the type of life leap that few would dare to make and yet we have largely adjusted. It has even led to surprising revelations about how different life can be. As workplaces start to reopen and we slowly return to  “normal”, their employees are facing another major upheaval.  What happens if you are wary about going back? Here we consider the reasons why you don’t want to return to the office—and how to ease your fears. Here, in my podcast, I share some quick simple tips to consider to help you get back into the working environment. 
December 16, 2020
Developing your Emotional Intelligence enables Growth
This podcast is about the benefits of developing  Emotional Intelligence to live a better life and to also be more successful in our careers.  I talk about: What is Emotional Intelligence? Why should one develop EQ? The benefits of EQ, What are The Four Pillars, How we our can develop our EQ? By developing Emotional Intelligence it can truly positively impact one's Mental health and Wellbeing, of all. The emotional skills to look at are: self-awareness, self-management, self-regulatios, empathy, social awareness.
November 01, 2020
Old Habits vs Good Habits
How often do you stop and think about how your habits are working for you? Changing and making new intentions and goals can be done at any time of the year. It doesn't have to be a New Year's Resolution! With the current climate of COVID-19, this is no better time to reflect and evaluate how things are working for you as we move forward into a new season 'Autumn'... Make positive changes that will give you success, happiness and growth!
September 02, 2020
ESP 5-How Mindfulness Helps with Anxiety
This is my last episode on this topic. If you have not had a chance to listen to my previous podcasts on this, then do go back a listen to them.  On this final one I add a little more about the importance of a walk in nature, by absorbing the surroundings to clear the mind. I also talk about 'Quite Time' Yes, having that time to yourself is so important and if you don't then I suggest you pop it into your schedule. By taking quite time you can re-energise and focus more to bring about greater productivity and reducing the levels of stress and anxiety. Now, who wouldn't want that?
August 24, 2020
Esp-4 How Mindfulness Helps with Anxiety
Three more simply but truly effective techniques to use when you feel that anxiety creeping in and to also avoid it from deepening... 1. body Scanning 2. Rate the levels of anxiety before and after. 3. Look around and refocus on your beautiful nature- the environment!
August 24, 2020
The Importance of a Positive Attitude- ESP3
The final podcast on 'The Importance of a Positive Attitude'.  This episode is about: Adopting a Positive Attitude and What to expect from having a Positive Attitude. It all starts from wanting to change and having 'self-awareness' of your self and then of others.  You can find out more about what I do by visiting: or follow me on LinkedIn Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube subscribe
August 15, 2020
The Importance of a Positive Attitude- ESP2
Taking control and making a conscious effort is so important if you want to be living a Positive Living Life! It's your attitude towards things in life that will determine your success and happiness but also the fulfillment that you get.  Here I have shared with you 8 simple easy steps that you can begin to take to work on clearing out the negativity and embracing the positive attitude approach.  You will be amazed how powerful this can be but it's important to remember to be consistent with your actions. It doesn't happen overnight. The 8 tips covered in this podcast are: Finding Your Happy Place Indulging in Your Passion- Your Hobby Exercise Affirmations Explore New Things Face Challenges- Don't Walk Away Rules Visualisation
August 08, 2020
The Importance of a Positive Attitude
When it comes to having a 'Positive Attitude' what do we really mean? It's all well and good when people say to you, "Have a positive attitude" 'Think Positive" but the problem is we need to know how to. We need to develop the skills and openness to what it truly is.  Here I've shared some simple insights to get you warmed up. 
August 01, 2020
Eps 3-How Mindfulness Helps with Anxiety
This quick episode is about looking at Mediation and Emotional Awareness. These two work side by side and through the relaxation process, you will become aware more of how your emotions are acting. Once your you have mastered the ability to control your emotions you will no doubt have control over your overwhelm, anxiety or stress.   Trust the Process!
July 22, 2020
Esp 2-How Mindfulness Helps with Anxiety
Here you have two tips to think about that you can implement into creating a Mindful Mindset.  1. Letting Go of Perfection.  2. Opening up Your Heart's Space Believe me, these two things are so powerful when you become self-aware and you truly practice, practice, practice them. 
July 22, 2020
Eps 1-How Mindfulness Helps with Anxiety
Mindfulness is a great tool to help you relax, refocus, and re-energise yourself!  Why not practice and make Mindfulness part of your habitual patterns which will also give you a whole new perspective on life and the way in which you run your life. 
July 22, 2020