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Life In Progress

Life In Progress

By Zeenie Summers
Life in Progress | Aspire | Emulate | Soar : This podcast is where I read, muse, inform and share great values for a fulfilling life and career, through articles books, music, stories and examples. I hope this podcast informs, inspires, ignites and empowers anyone who resonates and finds value in it.

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#EditednAdapted | Personal Influence | LiP S02E1
Hello and welcome to the second series of the Life in Progress Show where we aspire, emulate, and inspire through musings, readings, and creative pursuits that ignite the fire in us. This Series will explore how actively facing challenges can help cultivate & develop the characteristics of courage, personal leadership, and self-efficacy in all areas of life through #editedNadapted readings of Insightful books in and out of Print. Hi, I am Zeenie Summers, your Narrator. I use my work and Art to explore Mastery, Self Efficacy, and Human Excellence, and I share my journey through creative pursuits in the form of music, fashion, and musings on topics that fascinate and inspire me. Today’s episode was edited and adapted from The Majesty of Calmness by William George Jordan, Published in 1898.
October 18, 2020
Life in Progress EP 3 | On Reframing Past Failures
Embrace your experience, use them and learn from them.
April 4, 2020
Ep 2 | On Setbacks & Limitations
In this episode, I narrate my write-up on Setbacks & Limitations. I also share my process for pushing past them. I hope you find something useful 😊.
March 17, 2020
Life in Progress | Introduction | Little Steps | On Challenges and Comfort Zones
This episode is the beginning of what the Life in Progress show could potentially be- a source of information, inspiration and self education through readings, musings, emulating great values and wisdom for progressing towards a fulfilling life. In these segments, I am emulating Mark Manson, the best selling author of The Subtle Act of Not Giving a fugh and Everything is Fughd. He narrated his articles and I enjoyed that style. So I am narrating, with improv, am article I wrote about challenges and facing them. This episode could also serve as an illustration of applying my little step method of facing a challenge. Starting this podcast is a good example in practice.
February 9, 2020