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Zen Rent Investment & Success Podcast

Zen Rent Investment & Success Podcast

By Zen Rent Property Management
Join the Zen Rent Investment and Success Podcast as we learn first hand from successful investors and other professionals about how they achieved success through real estate investing and entrepreneurship. Sponsored by Zen Rent Property Management.
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#10 Carol Blonder - Networking Arizona
I was invited onto the show Networking Arizona with Carol Blonder to discuss property management and the rental market status.  Listened in!
February 24, 2021
#5 Darren Hunter - Inspired Growth Training
On todays episode Darren recaps his "10 points that make a good property manager" outlining things that investors should look for when hiring a property manager.   From Australia and a national and international property management expert, Darren began his reputable career in 1998.  After developing his renowned skills over many year in the field, he worked his way up to becoming a successful property manager trainer flying throughout Australia to train property mangers for many large property management firms, which then transitioned into performing live training seminars both nationally and internationally, to developing Inspired Growth Training the worlds premier property management online training curriculum, and investing in real estate himself.  More information about his services can be found at 
October 13, 2020
#1 Heather Nicely - SavvyBiz
Today I am joined by property management technology expert Heather Nicely.  Heather has an extensive background ranging from the first pm website listing syndications and payment processing, to after-hour maintenance support outsourcing, and just about everything in between.  The best property management businesses couldn't function at a high level without cutting edge technology and so it is only fitting to chat with the authority about all things pm technology to get an insight about where the industry is headed.
October 13, 2020
#9 Erika Lamb - Welcome Home Property Management
Covering the Reno & Lake Tahoe NV investment market, Erika, the owner and broker of Welcome Home Property Management, is a mover and shaker with a passion for innovation and excellence.  Not only does she have an eye for detail in helping her clients purchase the right investment deal, manage the property and sale it on the back end, but she also uses the same winning strategies for clients that she uses for her own investment portfolio.  With a strong IT background and as a Microsoft Excel Pro Erika developed her very own property investment analysis spreadsheet to look at the investment value of over 50 properties at once!  She has an extensive leadership background with service to both the National Association of REALTORS and NARPM on local, state, and national levels.  To connect with Erika go to: or call (775) 200-1331
August 07, 2020
#8 Torger Erickson - Bay Equity Home Loans
Torger is an ASU Alumnus and has been a mortgage lender since 1990.  He is licensed both in AZ and CA.  When I first met Torger I was blown away at how much knowledge he had about the various aspects of real estate investing including tax depreciation strategies, 1031 exchanges, utilizing 15 year amortization schedules, and more.  Today we talked about his investment portfolio and what it takes for investors to buy in the current real estate market climate.  Right now he is locking in interest rates between 2.5% on owner occupied loans and 3.5% on investor loans.  To speak with Torger about your strategy he can be reached at: 480-766-1201,, or
August 06, 2020
#7 Steve Rozenberg - Bigger Pockets
I sat down with Steve Rozenberg recently and got the inside scoop of his all American story on how he got into investment real estate as a full time airline pilot after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 threatened his career and financial future.  Starting with low income housing he and his partner bought many properties but soon learned the hard way of what not to do.  Steve tells us first hand how he transitioned from real estate investor, to building one of the premier award winning property management companies in Houston & Dallas/Fort Worth TX, to his national & international speaking and education career with a radio show, podcasts, & seminars in front of large audiences, and author of “Building an Empire: Failing Our Way to Millions”.  Currently Steve is a highly sought after investor, speaker, consultant, Vice President of Education at a large property management company & contributor at Bigger Pockets.  He has an investor education curriculum coming out soon where he helps investors first hand develop the right investment strategy.  To connect with Steve visit his website: or
July 30, 2020
#6 Mike Stout - National Tenant Network
Today I am joined by tenant screening authority Mike Stout from National Tenant Network (NTN) to discuss the importance of properly screening tenants with accurate data and information.  Mike began his tenant screening career in the mid 1990's after working as a property manager for several years and saw the need for better data gathering and reporting.  He later began buying rental properties and brings a full property manager & landlord perspective.  NTN is the oldest tenant screening company which began in the early 1980's and grew to be one of the only companies that physically goes to court houses throughout the US to manually collect eviction filings.  Mike can be reached at (713) 201-8794,, or
July 29, 2020
#4 Stacey Salyer - Leading Edge Property Management
As the name suggests, Stacey has worked tirelessly to ensure that Leading Edge Property Management utilizes cutting edge technology to keep up with the demands of the ever changing growth of the property management industry.  Listen in on how she transitioned from top level management roles in retail sales, to being "thrown" into property management, and ultimately founding her own company as a premium full service one stop shop for all real estate needs.  Her services encompass Skagit Valley and Snohomish County in Washington just north of Seattle.  Investors take note she can be found at (425) 312-2592 or
July 28, 2020
#3 Ashley Simonelli - Royal Palm Property Management
Ashley and I met through NARPM and various property management online groups.  She fills us in about how she got started in the property management industry as a leasing agent in a large multi-family housing apartment complex, to eventually starting her own single family home property management company, to buying her own investment properties and more.  She offers a great service to landlords & investors in Fort Myers Florida and surrounding communities.  To connect with Ashley and her team she can be reached at or (239) 223-2116
July 22, 2020
#2 Melissa Evans - My Sister
My sister Melissa has been a major source of inspiration for my own real estate investment strategies and career.  Being in the top 10 of her high school graduating class, a continuous strait A student throughout her life and through college, she is currently a nurse practitioner but has a skillful knack for numbers and finance.  With strong determination she bought her first home at age 22 and paid it off by age 27 and subsequently by her mid 30's owned a portfolio of 6 single family homes with half being paid off.  Her buy and hold strategy has made her a very successful real estate investor.  
July 21, 2020
Introducing the Zen Rent Investment and Success Podcast
Hi I'm Russell Hathcock, Owner and Designated Broker of Zen Rent Property Management.  I wanted to create a platform where people who have been successful in real estate can share their thoughts, ideas, trials, and triumphs all in one place.  Most millionaires have built their wealth through real estate. Join me, tell your story, and learn from the best!
July 15, 2020