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Spiritual Audio Journeys With Senator Jaiz

Spiritual Audio Journeys With Senator Jaiz

By Eban Crawford
A look into the spiritual side of life, music, and day to day with vegan ambient and New Age musician Senator Jaiz. AKA Eban Crawford. We may talk meditation, our journeys, or music. I will even open up the curtain on how I create my soundscapes and tunes.
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Episode 6: God, Grace, Your Path, and a Guided Meditation
We all have a direct connection to the higher power, whether you call it God, The Universe, I Am, or Fred. We block that connection in our human lives, but it is always there, ready to reopen. Let’s talk about that. I also have a guided meditation that can help, possibly.  Write or Call ME:  Email:  Phone: 650.248.2774
September 22, 2020
Ep.5: Life Comes At You, Even On Your Journey
First, I need to apologize for the audio in the last episode. It bothers me that I believe the content is good, but it sits on that audio. Second, I had something happen yesterday that I want to talk about. Remember this, you are a perfect spiritual being, that said, we still live in an imperfect human world. Always take care of yourself and your needs, physical, spiritual, and mental. Write or Call ME: Email: Phone: 650.248.2774
September 18, 2020
Ep.4: Life, The Universe, The One, and Ancient Books
Today we talk about the one, the all, the universe, in other words, what is God? Why do so many people have different ideas of God, and how do ancient texts influence this idea of God.  We also have a guided Mantra Meditation to finish off. Sorry about the background music today, I did not realize I had it so high in the mix.   My site and Blog   Write or Call ME:  Email:  Phone: 650.248.2774   Another great site:
September 15, 2020
Zen Audio Journeys Ep.3: Tools For Spiritual Practice
Technical problems really hit in this episode. Still, here it is. In this episode, I talk about some tools I use in my daily spiritual practice.   Email:  Phone: 650.248.2774   Relax Melodies:  and on android: TAQS.IM:  Oak Meditation and Breathing: and on Android:
September 8, 2020
Zen Audio Journeys Ep.2: Spiritual Journey or Going Through the Motions?
Welcome to episode 2. I start off today talking about the ego again and then I branch out into larger ideas. I clarify a statement I made in episode one. Are we truly on a spiritual journey or going through the motions? How to approach anyone no matter race, creed, or anything else, with pure love.  Let's have some fun. Email: Phone comments: 650.248.2774   Vishuddha Das 
September 1, 2020
Zen Audio Journeys With Senator Jaiz Ep. One: Beginnings and Greetings
Welcome to the first episode of Zen Audio Journeys. This series is a bit scary for me as I am talking about things that I have hidden from most. This will be about my music and my spiritual path. It is also a conversation. Hit me with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let's do this. I believe we will have a great time together on our paths.  This episode was a straight stream of consciousness so it was a bit choppy. From now on I will get my points across better.  This was the band-aid that had to be ripped off to get started. Cheers! I do have a show specific email now. It is And you can leave me voice messages at 650.248.2774 Links
August 25, 2020
Zen Audio Journeys with Senator Jaiz Promo
Beginnings, where all things start. Come along on this journey.  Cheers! Senator Jaiz dot Rocks
August 20, 2020