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Third Eye Movement

Third Eye Movement

By Veaire Productions
Here we take thoughts in, break them down, build them up, and play them out! This platform will be a voice for the listeners as a way to get intimate with yourself and dive into a deeper sense of what it means to be who you are, and we will do it all in a casual conversation between me and you.
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Community, Individuality, Forgiveness
This episode was an electric one! Prepare your ears and hearts for an invigorating conversation about the ethereal and how it validates what you experience in your physical life. Joining me this episode is Christian DeMarco, an insanely talented guitarist that focuses on channeling the best of his wisdom into the music that he plays. That wisdom brings with it an intellect which makes up what this episode is about.
May 28, 2021
Power, Decision, and Community
Today we’re talking with Marc Montfleury as he shares his wisdom from the experiences that developed his ideas of what is valuable. Worth and value comes from the experiences that define what you understand as important to you, it’s just a matter of you living like you know it’s true... because it is.
May 11, 2021
Depression Never Lasts, Live For Now
This is my very first podcast episode! To celebrate I invited a friend (Cammy-Kun), and we had a casual conversation about who he is and where he came from, and he is going.
May 6, 2021