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Prostate Cancer Uncensored

Prostate Cancer Uncensored

By ZERO Cancer
Talking sex after prostate cancer, and nothing is sugar-coated. Incontinence? Erectile dysfunction? Lack of sex drive? All questions, comments, and discussion are on the table — no matter how uncomfortable.

Hear from experts in sexual medicine, doctors, researchers, patients and partners who've got personal experience working through problems in the bedroom during and after prostate cancer treatments.

Your host is ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer, the leading national non-profit with a mission to end the disease, inspire action, and support men and families who are facing prostate cancer.
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ODU Coach Jeff Jones: My Prostate Cancer Journey
Old Dominion University men's basketball coach Jeff Jones opens up about his battle with prostate cancer. In this episode of Prostate Cancer Uncensored, Coach Jones talks about how he told his family, how he told his team, and his advice for men battling this disease. ZERO president and CEO Jamie Bearse hosts. 
March 11, 2020
Fake Prostate Cancer News (Guest: Dr. Stacy Loeb)
FAKE NEWS - when it comes to prostate cancer, it's everywhere. From dated statistics to untested treatments, there's bad - and sometimes dangerous - information at every edge of the digital universe. In this podcast, Dr. Stacy Loeb, a Urologic Oncologist, joins host Jamie Bearse to help prostate cancer patients and caregivers navigate the online seas of misinformation. 
January 15, 2020
A Gay Man's Journey with Prostate Cancer (Guest: Chris Hartley)
Is a gay man's experience with prostate cancer different from a heterosexual man's? In this episode of Prostate Cancer Uncensored, ZERO's CEO and President Jamie Bearse speaks with Chris Hartley. Chris is a 45 year old gay man from Austin, Texas. He's a husband, a father, a prostate cancer awareness advocate - and he's a prostate cancer survivor. He's open and honest about his diagnosis, what it took to get his sexual life back on track - and how his life as a gay man shaped his cancer journey.
December 17, 2019
Prostate Cancer and Dating
Just six months after a divorce, Jon Di Gesu was diagnosed with prostate cancer. While navigating his prostate cancer journey, he quickly realized that there was a lack of resources for single men battling this disease. And if that wasn’t enough, he also faced numerous uphill battles in his search to find love again.
November 26, 2019
Sex After Diagnosis (Guest: Dr. Rachel Rubin)
Dr. Rubin is a urologic surgeon who specializes in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in both men and women. In this episode of Prostate Cancer Uncensored, she discusses sexual side effects of prostate cancer surgery as well as the treatments that are available. 
October 25, 2019
Sex After Prostate Cancer (Guest: Glenn Consor)
Glenn Consor is an Emmy-winning NBA analyst and studio host for the Washington Wizards. He's also a prostate cancer survivor and a teller of extremely unfiltered stories. He's a perfect guest for the first episode of Prostate Cancer UNCENSORED, a new podcast from ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer. Join ZERO's President & CEO, Jamie Bearse, for a very candid discussion about sex after prostate cancer. We're not sugar-coating anything here. Incontinence? Erectile dysfunction? Lack of sex drive? All questions, answers, comments, and discussion about sex after prostate cancer are on table, no matter how uncomfortable. Listen in, then head over to for future episodes, where we'll have experts in sexual medicine, patients and survivors, urologists, and others providing their experiences and perspectives. You'll also find details about our guests, and resources for men and their loved ones who are working through side effects of treatment, stress and discomfort getting intimate, and finding mentors to help lead the way.
September 21, 2019