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By Camden Bucey

Zettelcast is an audio Zettelkasten—or “note box.” In each episode, Camden Bucey explores diverse ideas and disciplines in service of cultivating a fruitful life.
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Charles Williams on Dune
Charles Williams on Dune
Today I welcome my friend, Charles Williams, pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Corvallis, Oregon. Charles was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, where he taught high school for several years before attending seminary in Philadelphia, where I got to know him a bit. In 2016, he was ordained as a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He served as an associate pastor at Bethel OPC in Wheaton, Illinois not too far from me. In November 2020, he accepted a call to Westminster OPC in Corvallis. Charles loves church history, film, good music, and all sorts of weird stuff. I always enjoy speaking with him, and I’m delighted to share this conversation with you. Links Westminster OPC, Corvallis Dune IMDB Denis Villeneuve Bladerunner 2049 Arrival Incendies Enemy Prisoners Visit Westminster OPC online at Check out all the links in the episode description. And be sure to subscribe to my email newsletter for new essays, updates, and info on new podcast episodes. You’ll find it all at
December 04, 2021
Family Heritage, Legacy, and the Places Where We Live
Family Heritage, Legacy, and the Places Where We Live
It is Thanksgiving, and just a few days ago I returned from my annual hunting trip to southern Illinois. I head down there a few times per year, but the weekend before Thanksgiving is the opening of firearm deer season.  This time of year, I think quite a bit of family heritage, legacy, and the places where we live. This calls to mind the biblical themes of the people of God, covenant, and inheritance. But these are also themes developed in the works of writers such as Wendell Berry and Aldo Leopold.  In this episode I contemplate what it means to participate in and work to maintain a multi-generational legacy on the land. Wendell Berry, Hannah Coulter Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac
November 25, 2021
Introducing the Zettelcast
Introducing the Zettelcast
This is an audio venue for explore various ideas I encounter. I intend to do this by sharing ideas that I have captured and developed within my personal zettelkasten. But I also intend to host discussions with others. I am a man of wide and varied interests. Some may characterize me as a dilettante. I think the simplest way to say it is that I am extremely curious, and when I encounter something intriguing and mysterious, I want to figure it out—especially if learning about that thing might have utility for me. Not only do I wish to explore ideas, but I also wish to learn about disciplines—skillful practices that might be integrated into other practices. This can no doubt be entertaining at times, but my larger purpose is to learn and improve in service of a fruitful life. I’m thinking of that specifically in light of Genesis 1:28, “… And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.‘’” This is a line of thought I am currently developing in my zettelkasten and as that matures, I plan to pick it up here. Subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already. Follow me on Twitter @camdenbucey, and send me your thoughts and ideas for the program. There is a contact form at I look forward to hearing from you as we seek to learn together.
November 13, 2021