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Psychodrama with Nomad Girl

Psychodrama with Nomad Girl

By Zhansaya Akhmetsadyk
In this podcast you will hear interviews with psychodramatists all over the world who share their experience and ideas. Our aim is to make the psychodrama world closer.

I am, Zhansaya Akhmetsadyk, nomad girl from Kazakhstan and I do this podcast in a collaboration with the Psychodrama Association for Europe

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1.7 AUSTRALIA & AOTEAROA New Zealand with ROBERT BRODIE: “Psychodrama, i have done with my life”
Robert Brodie is a  Psychodramatist, Trainer, Educator and Practitioner from Australia. Former president of the Australia and New Zealand Psychodrama Association. Robert opens a new look at supervision, where he focuses and works on individuality of a supervisee, rather than techniques. Also Robert is deeply grateful to have psychodrama in his life. Share his feelings by listening to the last episode of the first season. 1:26 In supervision since 1973 2:44 Unique approach & social atom in supervision 4:35 Psychodrama is meta method 7:10 Instrument in therapy is self of therapist 9:10 Supervision in training groups 11:07 University is tricky contract 13:06 About association & psychodrama position 16:40 Psychodrama has a bad name in some places 18:30 Annual faculty development 21:24 Blitz Questions Support on For any feedbacks, questions and collaborations Contact me at Contact PAfE at
September 03, 2021
1.6 SOUTH AMERICA with ALBERTO BOARINI: “Psychodrama is my principal method”
Alberto Boarini is a psychodramatist from Brazil working in a unique method - Transgenerational Internal Psychodrama. All you need is some story, we grab it and dramatize internally to solve ancestoric problems, he says. He also has a book of his published recently. Welcome to listen and support his efforts, despite hardships with English. 0:50 Catching up & Introduction 3:40 What is Internal Transgenerational Psychodrama 8:00 Choice of working with death 12:25 Do we always remember our ancestors' history? 16:20 Start in TIP 16:57 Psychodrama in South America 18:57 Blitz Questions Listen here Support on For any feedbacks, questions and collaborations Contact me at Contact PAfE at
August 01, 2021
1.5 AFRICA with HANNAN EL-MAZAHY: “Children psychodrama is playing”
Hannan El-Mazahy is Pediatric Neuropsychiatrist who practices children psychodrama to support kids emotionally as well. Hanna is from Egypt, and in this episode she shared interesting cultural differences that need to be taken into account in doing psychodrama with kids. 1:10 Way from pediatrics to psychodrama 6:10 Children psychodrama 8:10 Cultural differences in children in Egypt 10:05 Challenges, of course covid-19 13:25 Engagement and attention are tricky in online 17:15 Joy of playing and laughing 20:57 Protagonist work is not preferred with children 22:50 Islamic perspective to psychology and psychodrama 29:04 Conferences and Psychodrama in Africa 33:20 Arab mind is close to psychodrama 33:48 Blitz Questions Support on For any feedbacks, questions and collaborations Contact me at Contact PAfE at
June 30, 2021
It is time to meet with a collaborator of the podcast project - Psychodrama Association for Europe. A pioneer Hilde Gott and current chairwoman Jacomien Ilbrink share about past and present situations. In the episode you find about first trainings held in cellars, more topics like: 1:38 Story starts with Ildiko Mavers in Hungary 5:57 Continues with Hilde bringing psychodrama to Romania 9:03 Hardships: duration, language, NGO image 12:04 Structure that is attractive 14:08 A little bit about Morenian Institute in Germany 16:17 Attack on journey 20:25 Working conditions: church cellar and coats 21:27 “We buy cucumbers, not flowers” 25:03 2000s and Holocaust 28:57 Structure - biggest achievement of Hilde at the head 31:52 Jacomien joining PAfE to feel home 34:54 PAfE mission - spreading psychodrama and being parent organization 39:45 Be careful with what you ask: Riding waves in stormy times 41:18 What is PAfE for you
June 01, 2021
1.3 NORTH AMERICA with DANIELA SIMMONS: “Psychodrama is my Happy Place”
Daniela Simmons is founder of Tele’Drama Institute, who offers a new generation of online psychodrama and action methods. In the episode, we talk about her life history, belief in ideas, and the Moreninan view on future psychodrama - which we are living nowadays. 2:50 Greetings & how idea of this podcast came up 4:24 Daniela behind Tele’Drama: life story 8:40 Tele’Drama: online psychodrama before pandemic 12:10 Insight: online psychodrama is future 13:06 International Sociometry - dream of Dr. Moreno 16:25 Connecting worldwide action methods 18:52 Lucky to have smooth warm up to online 21:23 Challenges with being pioneer 23:38 Jacob Moreno about future virtual psychodrama 28:13 Tele’Drama community now: 10’000 30:36 Why called Tele’Drama 33:40 Who can become Tele’Drama Practitioner 39:05 Surely, we miss face to face meetings 40:18 Favourite topics in work for Daniela 41:37 Elderly People Group 42:57 Blitz Questions Support on For any feedbacks, questions and collaborations Contact me at Contact PAfE at
April 30, 2021
1.2 ASIA with SHARMINI WINSLOW: “Psychodrama is my passion”
Sharmini from Singapore, with very bright individuality, shares about power of female groups, meeting with Tian Dayton, about her way to psychodrama. Moreover, Sharmini is the only fully certified psychodramatist in Singapore for now. 1:27 Who I am, why nomad, and what I do now, Zhansaya 2:27 Greetings and catching up 4:08 Psychodrama Singapore: history of establishment 6:57 Apparently it is the only center in Singapore 7:48 Dancing past and psychodrama present 10:27 Power of women groups 14:01 Meeting with Tian Dayton in the US 16:51 Place of psychodrama in Singapore 19:29 Personal Growth Groups 21:10 Blitz Questions Support on For any feedbacks, questions and collaborations Contact me at Contact PAfE at
April 01, 2021
1.1 EUROPE with INA HOGENBOOM: “Psychodrama - balanced way to look at people”
Ina from the Netherlands talks about models like TSM and SAOS to work with traumas and couples. And shares positive feelings about switching to online work. 1:07 Greetings and catching up 2:10 Therapeutic Spiral Model for trauma work 6:44 Everyone gain from one protagonist 7:54 TSM for self compassion 8:36 Enthusiasm about Online Psychodrama 10:50 Future on online work 12:00 Couple Psychodrama: SAOS Model 15:39 Projective Identification in groups 17:08 Simultaneous protagonists in TSM 18:32 PsychodramaQ - company of Ina 19:56 Blitz Questions Support on For any feedbacks, questions and collaborations Contact me at Contact PAfE at
February 28, 2021
Trailer 1st season: 6 CONTINENTS
In the first season you will travel through 6 continents of the psychodrama world with nomad girl. And hear voices from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South and North America. So, wishing you a good journey. Stay tuned! Support on For any feedbacks, questions and collaborations Contact me at Contact PAfE at
February 10, 2021