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That's Rough

That's Rough

By Zinnia Dogra
Navigating your twenties is always a rough time, but throw a global pandemic into the mix and you've got yourself a concoction for chaos. Join Zinnia and Erica for life lessons, advice and unhinged story telling on your new favourite show, That's Rough.
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05: men are stupid and we don't respect them
Happy Valentines Day besties! This ep is for all of you gals and guys who have found themselves questioning the actual audacity of every human they've dated. Join Zinnia and Erica as they reminisce about past dates, red flags, their plans for the SPECIAL day and a side serving of valentines shade. Find us on Instagram and TikTok: @thatsroughpod
February 13, 2022
04: it's quarter life crisis season
Hey besties! Are you having a quarter life crisis? Same. This week, Zinnia and Sara (because Erica is in Miami) discuss running your own business, dwelling in the self-employed life, new year resolutions, travel and all of the fun things that make up the ongoing crisis we are all collectively experiencing ;) Follow us on Instagram & Tiktok! @thatsroughpod
February 08, 2022
03: nigel no mates
It's a mid-summer Saturday evening and you're alone in your room. You find yourself on social media scrolling through your feed, watching everyone living their lives with their friends. The overwhelming emotion you feel concentrates into tears that slowly stream down your face. There's nothing that you desire more than to just have friends. To not be alone. In today's episode, Zinnia and Erica discuss the feeling of loneliness, feeling as though you have no friends in your twenties and their personal experiences on the matter. Remember, no matter how isolated you feel, you are never alone. We hope that our stories help highlight that despite the chaos our world is in right now, everything will get better x Find us on Instagram and Tiktok: @thatsroughpod
January 31, 2022
02: gals on tour: santacon edition
Join us as we stroll down memory lane and relive our Santacon experience with the third member of our lil trio, Nicole! Find us on Instagram: @thatsroughpod
January 19, 2022
01: your guide to LDR's
The first official episode of That's Rough is here! In this ep, your stage 5 clingers Zinnia and Erica discuss their story of meeting overseas and becoming best friends 3 months before a global pandemic. As a consequence their entire friendship for the past 2 years has been virtual, yet somehow, they are THRIVING. If you're looking for all of the juicy tips on how to make a long distance relationship/friendship work, you've come to the right place. Find us on Instagram: @thatsroughpod
January 10, 2022
00: damn, that's rough
Your official sneak peek Instagram: @thatsroughpod & @zinniadogra
January 04, 2022